Autobiography (Part 3) – Schoolmates

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This is part three of my series about my various childhood experiences which contributed into me developing hair fetishism. This was early primary school age, before puberty, meaning boys and girls could have platonic friendships without hormone-drive infatuations. It was definitely long before I realise I had a thing for hair and didn’t think it was abnormal.

This part focuses on memorable hairstyles and haircuts my female schoolmates got which caught my attention. Well, these are mostly before and afters only of course, but one can imagine the process they went through, especially for drastic changes! Back at that age, girls didn’t have freedom to choose what hairstyle they wore. Their hairstyles were dictated by their parents. If it was time for a big chop, it was done and there was nothing the poor girl could do but comply. It was not uncommon for a girl to rock up to school one day with a completely different hairstyle.

The names here are fictitious, and span my primary school years. They are not necessarily all from the same cohort or in chronological order. I just write them as they come to mind.



I was close to this girl Diana. We were playful to each other. Her hair was waist length which she wore in a side part. Her hair was the longest in our class, since most other girls had mid-back length hair or shorter.

One day, as entered the classroom, Diana being her playful self, jumped out in front of me in a scare prank. However, this time I noticed something very different about her. Gone was her waist length locks! Instead, Diana now sported a short lip length box bob with bangs! She thought it was funny to surprise me with her new short haircut.

Me, being my playful self, acted dramatically by pretending to faint and lay motionless on the floor. Diana stood over me and laughed at me being so dramatic. Overnight, she had gone from having the longest hair to the shortest hair among the girls in class!  But she was completely unbothered by her losing so much length, and actually enjoyed the new hairstyle. Back then, Diana’s haircut makeover was the most drastic I have observed.



Another notable girl in my class then was Ivy. She would get her hair cut into a chin length bob with bangs, and then just grow it out long to about bra strap length at the back, with the bangs getting to chin length. Once it reaches this length, she would often wear her hair tied back in a low ponytail, leaving the front long bangs loose framing her face. Once her hair is around that long, her parents would make her get a haircut, and her hair would be cut back into chin length bob with bangs. Ivy’s hair grew very fast, so this cycle went on quite frequent during my primary school years.



Tiffany has that high society aura, being a rich kid in class. She wore her hair mid-back length in a straight blunt cut, with straight blunt bangs to her eyebrows. Her hairstyle is always perfect and constantly the same, meaning she had regular hair trims to retain that look. Tiffany sat next to me across the aisle.



Elizabeth’s hairstyle stood out from everyone else in class because it was atypical for girls her age. She wore a long pixie style, which is more of an adult hairstyle than that of a primary school girl’s hairstyle.



Jasmine had wavy mid-back length hair, until one day, she chopped it off into a lip length bob with bangs. It was similar to what happened to Diana earlier, but it was less impactful to me since I wasn’t as close to her, and was not a fan of her wavy hair.



Wendy was from another class from our year group. I wouldn’t have noticed her if it weren’t for us being fellow school prefects. During school assembly, the prefects would stand on duty at the back of the lines to ensure everyone else behaved. I was assigned to stand next to Wendy. She would have been just another cute girl if it were not for her hairstyle.

Wendy’s hairstyle truly made her stand out from among all the girls, not just in her class, but the whole school. Wendy wore a bowlcut style, a perfect hemisphere level with her eyebrows going all around her head! The hair under this bowlcut is tapered with clippers like that of boy’s hairstyles! Her hair is also of the silky straight shiny type, and bounced as she moved. Wendy’s bowlcut is truly a sight to behold!

After primary school, Wendy gained “hair independence” from her parents, and could grow out her hair into more normal styles. In secondary school, she wore her hair in a layered long style. She went from standing out from everyone else with an unique hairstyle, to blending in wearing the same hairstyle as the majority.



Daisy sat diagonally to the right in front of me in class. She wore her hair mid-back length all one length initially. One day, she developed acne on her forehead. Her friend who sat next to her, advised her to get bangs to cover the acne. Lo and behold, Daisy turned up the next day with bangs over her forehead! Her friend laughed at her, and told her that her comment the day before was not meant to be serious, and couldn’t believe Daisy actually fell for it and actually got bangs cut!

From that moment onwards, Daisy kept the long hair with bangs style, even until today in adulthood.



Hannah lived in the same neighbourhood as me, and we see each other regularly on the school van that picks us up to and from school. She has one of the longest hair in school, and is well-known for her hair. Hannah’s hair was hip length, which she often wore tied in a low ponytail. I have never seen her hair loose, and sometimes wondered how she looked with her hair loose.



Another contender for the longest hair in school was Lina. Her hair was hip length, silky straight. However, unlike Hannah, Lina had thick blunt bangs to her eyebrows, which contrasted with the rest of her super long hair. Like Hannah, she too, also always wore her hair in a low ponytail. Lina was in another class, so I only saw glimpses of her during recess. Once, I saw her undo her low ponytail and let her hair down loose momentarily, before tying it again. It was the only time I ever saw her hair down loose, even for a few seconds. Otherwise, like Hannah, Lina’s hair was always tied in a low ponytail, to manage such long hair.


This is the end of the autobiography series. My secondary school experience wasn’t as interesting in terms of observing my schoolmate’s hairstyle changes. That was because older girls had control over their hairstyle, and no longer had drastic haircut changes imposed on them by their parents. Their hairstyles stayed more or less the same with just minor trims every now and then.


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    1. Secondary / High school age teenagers have “hair independence” and want to look pretty by growing and maintaining their hair long. Or at the very least maintain whatever hairstyle they already have.

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