Autumn Breezes

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The autum breeze whirls through the copper hair of Audrey Winters.

Dribbling rain sizzles on the pain of what remains of Audrey Winters.


Audrey slowly pushes open the door and enters. She takes off her long black coat to reveal the long black dress beneath. She silently takes a seat and watches in a haze.

In a red leather chair, a blond woman is getting the last touches on her horseshoe flattop. She’s smiling broadly as she gets out of her chair and gives the barber a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks, Ralph, see you next time”

“Give my regards to Paul”


He looks at Audrey.

“Audrey, I assume?”

She nods affirmatively and gets up.

The woman leaves the shop and opens up her umbrella.


“Are you sure you want to go through with it” the barber inquires.

“Yes, I think it will do me good. I need to clear my head.”

He points to the big chair beckoning.

Audrey slowly moves to take her seat.

“Alright, let’s do it,” the barber smiles enthusiastically, “It’s only hair; it will grow back after all”.

Audrey reflects, and her mind goes maybe I don’t want to.

A big red cape flies over her head; her back hair is lifted as the barber ties up the cape.

Audrey looks straight in the mirror, a face on a big black canvas. Anxiously, she clinches the armrest of the barber’s chair tightly.

The barber softly whistles ‘Whistle while you work’ and starts to cut off the long locks with a scissor’

“Let’s get rid of that”

Audrey sighs silently, she feels her body relax with each snip, each lock cascading down to her lap. Her mind goes blank.

Suddenly, she awakes from her daydream as a loud click announces the next phase of the metamorphosis. Her head is pushed forward, the cold steel makes her head shiver. It slowly moves up. She can hear the rustling of whatever was left.

A tear swells up in her eyes, making the barber halt.

“It’s alright, it’s just the emotion,” she sighs.

The barber continues his work. Moving to the left, than to the right of her head and continues removing short locks of hair.

She looks up and sees the big clippers move over her front, the short strands tickle and, she closes her eyes.

A brush swipes over her face, and she reopens her eyes and sees her head all stubbled.


“Very smooth, and don’t forget the eyebrows”

Our barber complies, and as the shaving cream machines whirs, both of her eyebrows are removed with a small set of clippers.

“There they go, woops, gone”, he smiles.

“Thank you”.

Cream is applied to her head and over her buzzed eyebrows. The straight razor is sharpened. Slowly, he shaves of what’s left of the eyebrows, next he continues paced from the front to then end.

Audrey stares at herself. She feels the pain ebbing away with each stroke.

“Very smooth ?”

“Yes, as smooth as an eel”.

A new coat of shaving cream is applied, but now he uses a three bladed safety razor, going from left to right this time.

Audrey feels empty and emotionless as less hair has become visible.

“Three times is the charm,” the barber declares as he again lathers her up again.

He expertly shaves her once more, this time against the grain.

Audrey smiles, she feels like a new born human.

Once finished, cleans up her head using a soft towel.

Audrey enjoys the rough rubbing.

The barber uses puts a blue gel in the palm of his hand and starts applying it on the shaved part.

“Ouch, that itches”.

“Well, that means it’s doing its work”.

A gleaming head radiates in the mirror. Audrey is satisfied; this is what she needed.

“Can you make it last longer?”

“Sure,” he smiles, he cleans off the aftershave gel with a fresh towel and puts yet another cream on her head.

“Inhibitor, it will keep is bald a little longer”

“Thank you”

He lets it do its work and then cleans her head up. Audrey hadn’t expected she would enjoy the rubbing and wrapping that much and would have asked for something more, but she can’t come up with an excuse.

The barber removes the cape in a big whirl, picks up a soft brush to remove any hair on her dress.

“There you go, beautiful lady, a nice cueball.”

Audrey smiles, looks in the mirror and thinks, I really need to put on my white dress when I get home.

She goes to the counter and pays , “Thank you”.

“Thank you, and feel free to come in for a touch-up”.

She puts on her raincoat and walks to the door, in the reflection she sees a smiling bald girl. “Hello stranger, nice to be you,” she mutters. The barber hasn’t heard anything as he’s brushing up the hair that soils his floor.


The autumn breeze chills the dome that glows on Audrey Winters. The torrential rain steadily remains, but she doesn’t care. Audrey Winters.



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