Avalon’s Goddess of hair pt 2

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Avalon’s Goddess of hair pt 2


This is the continuing story of two novices in the temple of the Goddess of hair.

Lila and Aria discover the real power of the cut off ponytails.


Shaving of the remaining locks

After two shearing sessions, followed another two. Four ponytails, different colors on a plate. The goddess would be pleased they chanted together.

Time for the next part of the rite…

Marlene the high priestess invited both Aria and Lila to come with her.

She wanted to shave both those girls in one joint session, and taste their juices, instead of the normal ritual of one after the other. Doing things a bit different from time to time enhanced her lust, as she had experienced.

She represented the goddess and was therefore the law… So nobody found this strange, as this had to the goddess her will.

The other two novices had to wait until Marlene was satisfied with, and by, Aria and Lila.


Discovering the Secret

While the official story of the ponytail cutting was one of devotion and transformation, there was a secret aspect to the rite that Lila had discovered. As she had worked alongside the other young novices in the temple, she had noticed that the discarded ponytails seemed to have a strange, almost erotic power.

At first, Lila couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was about the ponytails that made her feel so aroused. But as she examined them more closely, she realized that they seemed to hold a kind of energy, a sense of the young women’s youthful vitality and sexuality.

As she secretly experimented with the ponytails on her naked body, Lila discovered that they could be used in a variety of ways to enhance pleasure and arousal. She found that by rubbing them against her skin or stroking her pussy, she could bring herself to orgasm. She also thought that by using them to tease and tantalize her partners, she could drive them wild with desire.


A conspirator

Lila kept her discovery a secret, knowing that the other young women would likely be shocked and offended if they found out what she was doing. But she couldn’t resist the allure of the ponytails, and as the days went on, she found herself increasingly obsessed with using them to explore her own desires.

At times she wondered if this was why the high priestesses always was masturbating, while the novices their ponytails were cut? Several days she contemplated on this idea and decided to initiate Aria in her secrets.


A useful toy

Then one day as Aria she lay in Lila’s bed, she was subject of something wild that her lover decided to share with her. Lila used a ponytail she had confiscated earlier, and with it she pleasured Aria for the first time.

Aria seemed to respond particularly well to the ponytails, as Lila used it to bring her to new heights of pleasure. Lila run the ponytail from her head (and specially the lips of Aria) to toe, stroking the sensitive area’s of her body with the soft hair she held in her hands. She used both ends of the ponytail to stroke Aria, the larger end giving the most pleasure as it fluttered over bare skin. The shorter end she used to stroke the inner parts of Aria, the wet lips and her mount were suited for this kind of sensations. Sometimes she even tried to shove this part of a ponytail inside Aria, just for the fun it gave them.

Aria’s eyes would roll back in her head and she would moan with delight. Which didn’t loose its effect on Lila, who experienced several orgasms on this kind of nights. The ponytails they used in these sessions were afterwards soaked with their juices and sweat, not so presentable any more.

To prevent discovery they washed the ponytails before returning them. For Aria this was another erotic experience, as she got turned on at washing of long soft locks…

Enjoying a taboo

As the two women continued to explored their bodies and their desires, the ponytails became secret toys for them, used to provoke a pleasure that only they shared. And as they gave in to their lust and abandoned themselves to the goddess, they knew that they were doing something that was both taboo and deeply satisfying.

Taboo because what would happen if the high priestesses noticed the disappeared ponytails? What if she started to ask questions?

The idea of being caught in the act, enhanced nevertheless the erotic pleasure they experienced while using the long cut off hair.

Among themselves they discussed the idea of what use the high priestesses would have with these ponytails. And Lila remembered that her own lustrous long ponytail had not been laid on the altar, but after the cutting ceremony had been transferred to the private quarters of the high priestesses…  Why else would that be done, as to honor the goddess in a special, still secret, way.  

Remember! The high priestesses represents the goddess in this temple, so this was for them a completely acceptable use.

They only had discovered it, and saw no real harm in experimenting with the ponytails between themselves. They thought of honouring the goddess in this way, what would surely be acceptable for her. As long as the hair was not damaged or lost, the offers still were used in a way She must like. Otherwise Lila wouldn’t have discovered the erotic power these offers contained.  Nevertheless they kept their secret between them.


Dreaming of the future

One hot night after making love to her, Lila promised Aria that one day she would become high priestess. Thus profiting more from freshly shorn ponytails, and the erotic power they contained. She convinced Aria that she as her first love, would share in those sessions.

Together they dreamed already of forming a secret circle of young novices. They would work and make love to them, before cutting their ponytails in their own ceremonial rites.

That would be a bit complicated, as it was obvious that a once cut ponytail wouldn’t grow back again next morning. This needed more reflection upon.

Talking about this subject was a real turn on for Lila and Aria. The combination of stroking with a freshly shorn ponytail on their naked bodies, and talking about cutting hair, brought them always on the brink of ecstasy. Both young priestesses enjoyed their work and the secret they kept. It gave them the opportunity to lay their eyes on young novices with lustrous long locks. Dreaming what would be possible if they had those locks for their own?

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