Avery’s Big Change

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Growing up, Avery was very much a tomboy. She enjoyed doing things typically only boys did, much to her mom’s dismay. Once middle school hit, she got teased for being different, so she started dressing like the other girls in her grade, but she knew that it wasn’t her true style. Then one day in 10th grade, after months of contemplation, she decided to come out to her family and friends as lesbian. Her friends were fully supportive, but her family was not. Her mom cried, and her dad just didn’t understand. Thankfully, her older brother Jake was there for her.

As she started exploring her identity, she began dressing more masculine, wearing baggy jeans instead of skinny jeans, and using less makeup. But with that, one part of her appearance still didn’t match how she felt, her hair. Her entire life, despite being a tomboy, it always hung close to her butt. She couldn’t even count the amount of times she thought about just cutting it all off. Everyone complimented her beautiful brown, wavy, hair, but she just didn’t see the appeal.

Knowing if she cut it herself she’d absolutely butcher it, she approached her mom to see if she’d book her a hair appointment. As you might guess, her mom was very much against the idea. At that point, Avery didn’t know what to do anymore. She hated her long hair too much to live with it. Even at night, she couldn’t sleep without it up in a bun, or else it would bother her. She eventually thought, “What would my mom even do if i cut it myself? Glue it back on? Screw it.”

So then the next night, when the house was quiet, she grabbed the scissors from the knife block in the kitchen and snuck into her room. She brushed her long, silky hair one last time and then took four hair ties from her drawer. After half-watching one haircut tutorial on youtube, she was practically ready to go. She divided her hair into four sections, right underneath her collarbones.

She was about to cut more hair off than she would have left! Avery couldn’t believe what she was doing. Finally, she took a deep breath and started chopping off the first section. She quickly realized that because of the waviness of her hair, it ended up wayyyy shorter than expected, but that was fine by her! At last, she felt the euphoric relief. She kept cutting away at her ponytails until there were none left.

Holding four 16-inch ponytails, Avery started in disbelief in her bedroom mirror at the girl in front of her, and finally felt like herself. She now had hair only one inch longer than her shoulders. To some, it might not seem dramatic, but to her it was a whole new world. The new length was such a shock to run her hands through, but in a good way. It was quite uneven, as expected, but she wasn’t focused on that. In that moment, she wasn’t even thinking about the trouble she’d be in in the morning. She was just happy to finally feel good about her appearance.

Part 2 coming soon! It’ll be about the next morning, her families reaction, and some help from her brother jake??

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