Awakening a fetish

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It was summer and and I was just returning from the grocery store and was visiting my neighbour to return her shopping items. She asked me to buy them for her on the way back since she was busy. Little did I know what was gonna happen next.

(From here the story is in third person)

As soon as N opened the door she saw her neighbour J arranging a chair near the wall mounted mirror in the hall. J was a woman of 26 and was the embodiment of beauty. She had perfect curves, a tight ass and large breasts that were hidden currently under a t-shirt. Presently she was wearing a very short waist length jeans. She saw N come in through and door and welcomed her “Hey N, set down those items on the counter for me please. I’ll take care of them later.” As N set the items down, she didn’t notice J admiring her.

N, a lady of 20, was no less of a beauty either. She was a little short but had perfect breasts that could make her peers feel jealous. She had a firm ass and was dressed in a salwar. Her hair was jet black, same as J’s and she wore it in a high pony. J’s hair was set in a tight ponytail near the occipital bone. J’s hair reached to below her ass and was straight and as silky as one could hope for. N’s , in comparison, reached till below her bra straps, but was the same in quality and would reach the waist level if she wore her pony lower. N setting down the items said, “Big sis I have put the items as you requested”. J lost in thought about N’s hair sharply cut in “How many times have I told you not to call me sis, call me J”.

“Ok J “ said N correcting herself.

N then proceeded to ask what the other was doing to which she said to her “Just wait and see”.

Then came in a man of around 30 and asked “ Who requested for me?”

J identified herself as the one to which the man asked N what she was doing and did she need anything. J replies on her behalf that she was with her and he should proceed with his work.

N was looking on with curiosity when J said to her that the man is a barber and she needed a haircut.

N asked “ Why not go to a salon?” . J gave the answer “ Wait and see.”

The barber invited J over to sit in the chair. J assented and sat in the chair. The barber then proceeded to removed the snap clips present in J’s hair. In between N received a call from her house security that someone came to meet her. Then she excused herself and said she would be back as soon as possible to check out J’s haircut. As she was heading out J stared at the back of N’s head and the ponytail that was swinging and was lost deep in thought. The voice of the barber brought her back to reality.

“She has very nice hair just like you!

J then thought to herself

“Not for long” and smirked.

The barber then asked “ You gonna stay in those clothes for your haircut?”.

J thinking about how the cut strands might cause her discomfort later on said no and proceeded to remove her t-shirt. As she removed her t-shirt her large breasts became visible that were being covered partly by a bra. She then removed her short trousers and was wearing only a panty. She then sat back on the barber chair.

The barber then asked “ Shall I start ?”

She replied “ Yes , but go slow”.

The barber said ok and then reached for his bag. He took out a pair of scissors, electric clippers, a straight razor and a can of shaving cream. Lastly he took out a spraying bottle and filled it with water. He then placed all these on the table nearby.

He then asked “ Do you have something to cover yourself like a cape?”

J pointed toward the stool beside the table. On it was a new white towel. The barber took the towel and proceeded to cape her. The towel was a short one and only covered till her neck area. He then started spraying J’s hair with water. He took care to wet every strand of J’s hair, nearly emptying the bottle due to the sheer volume of her hair. Removing the rubber band that held the ponytail the barber picked up a comb and started combing J’s hair. He felt the silkiness of her hair and started to caress it slowly. He combed every strand from the root to the tip. In between he would pull a little harder on her hair and even massage her head.

A few minutes later N entered the house and asked inquiringly  “Did I miss anything?”J looked at her and replied with a no. After hearing her response she could have sworn she saw relief and excitement for a brief moment on the girl’s face. The barber then picked up the rubber band and set a low ponytail.

He then asked “ So are you sure?”

To which J replied “ Yes, I am.“

“Ok” came the reply and the barber picked up the scissors from the table.

He sliced at the air to check for their sharpness, schnk …. schnk… the metallic blades colliding made the sounds. He then pushed J’s head down with a firm hand and started his job. J’s head, firmly pressed against her chest was looking down and could see the towel and her large breasts which were exposed due to shortness of the towel.

J then felt the cold blade of the scissors on her neck. The scissors sliding into her ponytail, the blades slowly but firmly pressing into her ponytail, severing a couple of strands each time they were closed. The scissors were struggling against the thick ponytail but persevered. Slowly the ponytail was giving away against the cold blades. The ponytail finally submitted to the scissors and was severed from the back of her head. The remaining strands of jet black hair framed J’s face in a shaggy type bob.

Meanwhile N, who was watching was lost in daze due to shock of J cutting her hair so short. Before the barber could cut J’s ponytail completely she asked her

“ What are you doing? Why are you cutting it so short?”

J replied “ I always wanted to cut my hair. It’s something I will explain later.”

“But how short is it gonna be?” asked N who was still in disbelief.

“Wait and see” J said while giving her a wink.

After the barber severed the ponytail off, he took it using both hands feeling the silky texture and the aroma of the shampoo. He then threw the ponytails on J’s lap and said “ Ready for the next ?” J didn’t answer she only nodded while looking at herself through the mirror. She looked sexy in that bob. If it would have been an even cut she would look even more stunning.

The barber then picked up the electric clippers and plugged them in. He then flicked the switch on and removed the guard . The clippers came to life with a roar. They were humming with a ferocious hunger , ready to remove any hair that dared stand in their way.

J could see the barber placing the clippers near her forehead. The buzzing sound turned into something different the moment they touched her scalp. The clippers started to denude her head. Long strands of hair were being severed close to her scalp. The wet strands slowly fell on her face sliding slowly on to the towel. Some big locks fell on her large breasts and some slipped into her cleavage. Most of the long locks fell on her lap and crotch area. The vibrations of the clippers on her scalp sent shivers down her body to her crotch. She was already wet and it was plainly visible through her soaked panties. J was biting her lower lip trying very hard to resist the urge to touch and pleasure herself.

The first pass was right through the middle which sent most of her hair that was there tumbling down. The sensation of the falling wet hair was so intoxicating to J that she was trying very hard not to moan out loud. The barber then took a second pass right next to the first pass sending more of the once silky black hair down onto J’s lap. Pass after pass denuded more of J’s head creating a black fuzz, where once a mane full of black long hair stood in glory. After five to six passes the top of J’s head was a 1/8th inch fuzz.

The barber didn’t stop and continued with his butchering towards the right side. He placed the clippers on the right cheek of J and slid it up slowly into her hairline. The small hair present on the side burns gave away very easily and landed on J’s right breast. He started to make short work of the hair on the right side. Longer locks started tumbling down onto J’s breasts and lap, while some tumbled onto the floor. He pinched her ear and ran the clippers from the front to behind her ear in a semi circular motion. Satisfied with the right side, he moved on the left. He repeated the same process here as well.

After both sides and top of her head were converted into a small fuzz, the barber moved to her back. He pushed her head down and pinned it with his hand on her chest while he ran the clippers from the base of her neck , up her nape till the crown. Long hair started to fall down her shoulder and onto her back and ass. J whose head was pinned could only see one thing: Her glorious mane that once stood proudly on her head now lay lifelessly on her breasts, lap , ground, everywhere. The whole area around her was covered in hair.

When the clippers touched her nape it sent another jolt of vibrations across her body, this one more pleasing and long lasting than the rest. The buzzing sound so close to her ear, was only eclipsed by the sensation the clippers were sending down her neck. She felt like she would explode into an orgasm if it continued. The barber took some more passes at her neck to remove the remaining hair. He then turned the clippers off and set them aside on the table. J took her hand and started touching her head. It felt surreal. She had never felt so light and the feeling was spectacular. She couldn’t stop touching her head.

Throughout this , the spectator N couldn’t utter a sound. She was so flabbergasted she forgot that J was the one sitting on the chair and not her. After the buzzing stopped she put her hand to her head, she realised she was not the one being sheared. Snapping back to reality she couldn’t believe what J had done. As she was about to protest J guessed what was going on in her mind and said

“Wait and see.”

N who was getting tired of the phrase said “ what’s there to see? You are completely bald right now. You hair is lying on the floor. What’s left? The fuzz on top?”

J replied with a single word to this rant “ Exactly.”

N resigning herself said “ Uh! I don’t care anymore. I am just gonna wait here silently.”

J said to her “ Come here “. Then she took the other’s hand and placed it on her head. N slowly moved her hand along J’s head. She was feeling something unknown, something she liked.

She then said slowly “It feels different”. J who knew all too well what was happening didn’t press the matter.

The barber went to the bathroom and brought back with him a hot towel. He spread it on J’s head and waited for a few moments. He then took a generous amount of shaving cream from the can and spread it on J’s head. The cool foam contrasted the hot towel and felt soothing to J. He took the straight razor which was set on the table and scraped it against the towel to check for the blades sharpness.

J whose head was bent soon after, felt the scraping of the blade near her crown and it was slowly sliding to down her neck.

The sensuality of the razor was completely different from the clippers. It felt more intimate and close to her head. The scraping sensation continued as the back of her head was being shaved. The barber then moved towards the front and placed the razor on her right side. He then slowly shaved it down her right sideburn area. J who was watching in the mirror could see that the black fuzz was being replaced by pale white skin where the razor was being run. She wanted to take her hand and feel it right away but decided to wait till she was fully bald.

After finishing the right side the barber moved to the left side and continued to shave her. Finally he came to the top and shaved from the crown to the forehead. He wiped the excess shaving cream with the towel. J took her hand and started feeling her head. She felt the skin was really sensitive after the shave. She could feel sensual pleasure building up from touching her naked head. But there was still a problem.

Though she was bald she felt the skin was a bit rough. She asked the barber about it making it smooth who readily accepted. He spread shaving cream again all over J’s head. He took the straight razor but this time he shaved against the grain. After a few minutes J’s head was not only bald but also very smooth. She then touched her head and felt very satisfied at its smoothness.

She then said “ Hey, N come over! Check it out.”

N slowly came and started to feel the smooth scalp of the freshly shaved woman. The feeling was something she couldn’t really explain but felt really good. She then scratched J’s head using her nails. This sent shivers down the patters body. She unwittingly let out a moan which was unexpectedly loud. N smirked to herself and continued to run her nails through the other’s head. J stopped N in between and said to the barber to remover the cape.

N sat on another chair which was to a side while the barber removed the towel and sent some of J’s previous locks onto the floor. J then stood up and tried to shake off the hair strands but they were everywhere. Her whole body was covered in hair ranging from small clippings to shoulder length strands that were stuck in her cleavage or stuck to her body.

The barber asked “ If that’s all , can I take my leave?”

J who still admiring her bald head turned around and said “ Not quite” and then turned around to N and said

“Cape Her……….“

To be continued.

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