Cape Her… (Part 2)

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“Wow, her head feels so smooth. She looked pretty with her hair but now she feels so sexy. I want to touch her head so much more…dig my nails onto that baby smooth skin…ahh …why do I feel wet down there?”
These were the thoughts running through N’s head as she sat down on a nearby chair while the barber was removing the cape around J’s neck. He removed the band from the cut ponytail and discarded the locks onto the ground.
“Wow I really got to shave such beautiful hair. It felt so smooth, so thick it felt like a dream. Well, now that it’s over maybe I should have gone a little slower…enjoyed it a bit more. The second girl also has such beautiful hair. I want to cut it so bad, it’s a shame I can’t. It’s wishful thinking…Let’s leave before the feelings intensify”, thought the barber while removing the cape around J. He then took the snap clips and the band which he took from J’s head and gave them to N and said “ She won’t need it for a long time. You have such beautiful hair. You should use them.”
N then took these and put the clips in her own hair where they had come loose from her ponytail and the band in her pocket.
He then asked J “ If that’s all , can I take my leave?”.
Then he heard something he thought could only be his mind playing tricks..
“Cape Her…….” were the words heard through the room
He looked up to see it was indeed true and he wasn’t hearing things when the voice repeated turning towards N
“Cape Her…”
His face showed a little burst of happiness but he hid it very fast so as to not get caught and turned towards N and said
“If you would please sit in the chair, young lady.”
N was still lost in thought about J’s smooth head and how all she wanted to do was run her hands through it while fingering the other’s pussy and at the same time pleasure herself. She got up from her chair and was heading towards the chair where J was sitting just a moment ago.
Slowly a voice was ringing in her mind “ Wait !!!! Why am I going towards that chair !! Why is he inviting me into the chair!! Did I just hear J order him to cape me !! I don’t want to cut my hair!! I like it !!! Stop legs, stop dammit!!!
But it was too late. She was already seated on the chair and looking at her long lustrous mane through the mirror. They were hanging just below her breasts tied up in a high ponytail.
Finally she gathered up her voice and spoke out “ Wait!!! I don’t want to get a hair-“ while getting up from the chair. But she was cut short by J who put her hand on N’s shoulder and pushed her back down onto the chair while saying
“ Oh yes my dear! You are getting a haircut. You shall not leave here without getting a haircut. Let’s see about the style…Hmm… we always had the same hair till now…so why should now be any different….Yes, a smooth head for her also please”, aiming the last sentence at the barber.
N started to plead “ No J..Please not my hair…what did it ever do to you… I really love my mane..Don’t take it away..I don’t want to cut it off. Don’t shave my locks off.Everyon—“. Again she was cut short.
J with a stern face, in a steely voice said “ N, I have seen the changes in your demeanour since I said I was getting a haircut. You were practically squirming when the clippers were running through my head. I know you went wet down there as soon as you rubbed your hand through this smooth head. Today you will embrace this side of yours. Sit still otherwise I will make him not only shave your head but also the rest of the hair on your body….that includes your eyebrows and the hair on your clit. “
Only half of this was true. J had already decided the moment she saw N that morning with her ponytail swinging, heading to the grocery store she wanted her shaved bald. That mass of hair would not be on her head long. She will not leave my house today with even a single strand of hair when she returns. All those long locks, that smooth mane has to go.She quickly thought of an excuse of needing some things for herself and asked N to bring them over. She then called up a barbershop and said that she needed a baber and that there would be only a single lady customer getting a headshave and asked them to bring a pair of scissors, clippers and a straight razor with some shaving foam. Her original plan was for only N to be shaved. She started to prepare the necessary things on her side. While preparing she happened to notice her own reflection in the mirror. She noticed her own mane was long. She pulled it back into a tight ponytail and imagined how she herself would look like shaved. Her fetish started to flare. She dropped her pants and put her hand inside her panties. She slowly started to pleasure herself. She wanted to climax so bad but stopped herself. She would have have plenty of time after she got N and herself shaved smooth.With this she prepared for the haircut.
At present, turning to the barber she said in an unemotional voice “Hey ! Did you not hear what I said ? I said to cape her. Why are you standing still?”
Though she had a stern face J’s voice was not showing any signs of anger. They were pure cold words without a strain of emotion in them. But in reality she was shaking with excitement from inside. She was gonna get N shaved. Shame she didn’t know how to wield a straight razor otherwise she would herself had taken matters into her own hands. This will soon be rectified, I will learn and the next time I will shave her smooth she thought.
The barber replied “ I can’t caper her with this towel! Your long locks and small clippings are stuck all over this towel. It would ruin her clothes. I need another towel and also she needs to strip because the cut hair would also ruin them.”
J replying said “ Hmm… N strip down like me so he can start cutting your hair.”
The barber then asked J to bring him some water filled in his spray bottle so he could wet N’s hair. N was still sitting full clothed thinking of a way to save her crowning glory. J’s voice bought her back to reality, “I will fill it. If she does not strip within a minute, you can cut off her clothes with the scissors. N be a good girl and start to strip.”
Saying this J went to fill the spray bottle. The barber turning to N said “ Young lady don’t make me cut your clothes. Please take them off.” Reluctantly she got up and started stripping. As her clothes came off, her perfect body came into view. Big breasts held in place with a skimpy bra, pusssy covered with a small panty and a tight ass which was barely covered. In the meanwhile J returned with the filled spray bottle and another bowl full of water. She saw N stripping and said “ See that wasn’t so hard. You are such a good girl. And look as I predicted, your panties are already wet. Looks like someone’s pussy was excited. I’ll go and check if there are any more towels available. Get yourself seated and he will start prepping your hair.”
N not wanting her head to be shaved was still standing to the side after J left. The barber sensing her hesitation called out to her “N…is it okay if I call you that?” N blurted out a faint “Yes”.
“ N please come and sit down on the chair so that I may start.”
N resigning the fate of her hair, acquiesced and slowly sank down into the chair. The barber taking out the snap clips from her hair said “ Looks like you also won’t be needing these for a long time to come.” He then threw them onto the ground. Taking up the bottle of water spray he started to wet N’s hair. The smoothness of N’s hair was on par with J’s, maybe even silkier, if it was possible. She had a thick ponytail emerging from the top of her head. The only thing her mane lost to J’s was in sheer length. The barber could smell a sweet aroma coming out of her hair. N had washed her hair the same day and that was the aroma of her shampoo and conditioner. N who was lost in her thoughts couldn’t see the barber picking up some of her locks and kissing them while also taking in the aroma.
The barber slowly started wetting her hair starting from her forehead slowly continuing onto her crown where her ponytail stood. He took care to wet each strand thoroughly. The hair which were shaken loose when the snap clips were removed sort of formed little bangs on N’s forehead. As the wetting continued small drops of water started to fall from these strands onto her nose down her lips and into her chest’s cleavage. She looked damn sultry and her being almost nude didn’t help. The barber started to slowly wet her ponytail while taking a handful of strands apart each time with his hand. Drops of water also started to fall down her sideburns and cheeks. The same happened at the back. Drops flowed through the ends of her ponytail down her bare back. At first look she looked like a sexy model posing for a photo in semi wet clothes. He then lifted her pony and pushed her head down and wet the hair below her ponytail on the back.
J came back empty handed and said “ You will have to make do with the same towel. There are no spares.” Looking at N she felt the same impression of a semi wet semi-nude model. She went near her ear and whispered “You look damn hot right now. If he weren’t here I would have already stripped you completely and have my way with you until I was satisfied.” The aroma of N’s hair also captivated J who after whispering went and kissed N’s ponytail and on the top her head. N on hearing the words went full blush and her pussy started to again release juices when J kissed her ponytail .
The barber then took the same towel he used on J, which was covered in her hair, and put it around N’s neck. The result was the same. The cape only covered her neck and left her breasts and other body totally bare. N could see all the clippings and locks that were previously J’s on her cape.
“In a few moments my hair is going to share the same fate. They will be ruthlessly cut down while I can only sit and watch.” were the words in N’s head.
J while standing beside N said “Say goodbye to your mane N. It will be a long time before it grows back. Feel it one last time with your hands and then he can start on your new hairstyle.” N raised her hands and pulled her ponytail to the front. She patted and slowly and was caressing it gently. Oh how wished that this was all a dream and she would wake up any instant now. While she was lost in dreamland J pulled the barber to a side and started whispering something in his ear.” When she was done she had a mischievous grin on her face. She then went near N and put her hand on her hair and said “ We are starting. You will be like me , smooth and hairless in a few minutes.”
The barber took up his scissors and started snipping in the air close to N’s ear, teasing her of her manes impending doom. He pulled the ponytail back into its position and inserted the scissors in the ponytail. But he did not place them on her hair but instead placed the band that was holding the ponytail in between the scissors. With a snap he cut through the band. N’s hair now cascaded through her back and reached her waist. N who was expecting her hair to start falling from her head stared in disbelief at the mirror. She couldn’t believe her emotions. It was like she wanted her hair to be cut. J seeing her perplexity said “ Don’t rejoice yet. As I said you are not leaving my house with that mop. You are getting cleaned up. Just that the method will be different from mine.”
The barber picked up his straight razor and inserted a new blade into it. He then took water in his hand from the bowl and started pouring it onto N’s head while rubbing his hands through her hair. The sensation of rough hands going through her hair pouring water and wetting her head were new to N. She was becoming wetter down there due to the sensations. The barber then took a comb and started combing N’s hair. He created a rough side part to the left side of N’s head and evened out her hair so as to not have any tangles. To his surprise there were none. The hair was still silky smooth and wet. Her bra and panty were fully wet by this point, her bra due to the water falling from her hair and her panty due to the water and her pussy. N was oblivious to how she would be shaved. As the barber took out his straight razor from his pocket realisation dawned on her. She wasn’t going to be bald in stages but was gonna loose her mane directly from the get go.
As the barber prepared to start his shave J interjected “ Wait one minute ! N move forward. Sit only on half the chair and spread your legs.” As N complied J went and sat between N’s legs and said “ I want to feel your hair falling before they hit the ground. You may begin.”
The barber inserted his razor to just right of the parting in N’s hair which he created , about two inches from her forehead. He then said “ N. J wants you to look in the mirror and see the first white patch as your hair comes off.” N complied and started looking into the mirror. She saw the razor on her head waiting to separate her long locks from her scalp, sending down years of growth. The barber observing that N was looking and ready started the shave.
He gave short little strokes at first that were imperceptible. As the strokes started reaching a reasonable length a white patch started appearing on N’s head, where previously jet black locks stood. The strands started hovering over N’s eyes and started falling onto her nose and lips as the razor reached her forehead. Black locks tumbled down from her lips and onto her breasts. The first swipe took away 2cm width of hair from the parting. Only white patch remained where once stood her crowning glory, her black long mane.
Soon as the razor started scraping her head N felt what J had felt. An intimate feeling with an intense need to pleasure herself. Unlike J she didn’t have the self control to suppress her moans. Small soft moans could be heard as the razor was clearing the first strip of hair from N’s head. The blade slowly cutting her hair so close to the scalp while she was watching was too much for N. She herself couldn’t explain what was happening, but her primal side wanted her to badly start fingering her pussy. As she was inserting her finger into her panties, J took her hand and stopped it. She made N lower her head and whispered “Not now…You will have plenty of time after your mop is on the ground with mine.” The barber pulled back N’s head. He combed her hair and made it so that it would fall backwards while giving a small appearance of a puff.
N was intently seeing as to when he would make the second pass. Her Nipples were hard, her pussy wet and in between her spread legs was a smooth head rubbing against her thighs . Oh, how she wanted him to shave her more. The wet locks on her breasts and lips only fuelled her passion. At last the barber came in for the second strip of hair. He placed the razor right next to where he had started and started harvesting the locks till the middle of her forehead. The razor was sliding through her hair like a knife on butter, maybe even smoother. Maybe it was due to the new blade in the razor but the silkiness of N’s hair didn’t help either. More and more locks started to give way under the blade of the razor. They were hanging on top of her eyes slowly waiting for the razor to remove the few strands that were still holding the rest in place. The temporary elevation or puff the barber had created was slowly disappearing into white skin. N was observing the whole thing and also feeling the sensation of the razor. Unexpectedly she wasn’t sad, there was only more hunger for the razor in her eyes. The locks started to fall again before her eyes. This time they fell with a splat onto J’s head. “ Ahh… this feels so good. These smooth locks… Oh how I wanted to have them. Finally she will be bald. No more swinging ponytail… no more jet black mane being slowly blown by the wind. They shall lie on the ground in a few more minutes.” was the train of thought on J’s mind. The barber again placed the razor to the right of the second strip. This time he gave only a single stroke and removed the hair totally from the forehead to two inches right of the middle of N’s head.
He placed the razor parallel to the parting and this time he slid the razor down the parting. He was shaving the left side of her head. The razor was sliding through her mane satisfying it’s hunger. Meanwhile N was squirming and biting her lips wanting to pleasure herself. The razor slowly slid down and reached the hair on her temples. With one flick they joined the rest of N’s hair which were mostly concentrated on her breasts. Another swipe sent down more hair down. Her cleavage was filled with her shorn locks. The last swipe was near her sideburns which gave way easily. The mass of hair was now slowly tumbling down from her chest due to the weight and landing on J’s body. Moving the razor little deeper into the left side the barber pushed down N’s head to the right. He was shaving extremely slowly though the razor was gliding smoothly through that thick mass of hair. N’s body was starting to get covered in hair. They were raining down from her head and onto her body. Her head was fully wet where she had hair and where the barber had shaved it felt a lot drier. This contrast was being felt by N and she wanted to touch the shaved scalp. Turning around to look at herself in the mirror N could see that the barber was done with the left side. There was a huge contrast to the white patch on the left and the long jet black mane on the right.
The barber again placed his hand on N’s head and bent her body down. Placing the razor directly on her crown, he shaved the hair directly onto J’s breasts. He was really getting into the groove. Shaving two long maned ladies that were in their prime, sitting almost nude was his prime fantasy. He was fulfilling it slowly and taking pleasure in doing so. With three strokes he completely denuded the top of N’s head.
N was mesmerised by the rough hands that were moving her head around and shaving her hair down to nothing. The razor next came to the right side. Slow, definite and smooth strokes made the same fate of the right side hair. The barber bent N’s head down and pulled all her hair to the front. He then started shaving against the growth in the back. The mane was still thick even with 3/4th of it lying on N’s and J’s body. Though it tried to provide resistance it was futile under the razor’s new sharp balde. They slowly started being dislodged and being shaved upwards. The final stroke sent N’s rest of the hair right down J’s cleavage. Removing his hand he finally allowed his client to inspect his handiwork. N ran her hand through her newly shorn scalp. It was sensitive as hell from all the shearing but also felt good. The barber brought back another hot towel. Without warning he placed it on N’s scalp.
“Ouch, that stings” , yelped N.
“Bear with it for a few moments N” said J.
After a few moments he removed the hot towel and spread shaving cream throughout N’s scalp. The contrast could not be any wider. The shaving cream felt cool and soothing. The barber again took out his shaving razor and started shaving against the grain. A single stroke from the forehead cleared all stubble in a straight path till her crown. In a few passes he had re-shaved N’s head against the grain. He again applied shaving cream and shaved N’s head all over. He then wiped off the excess cream with the towel.
Slowly J got up from the ground. As she stood up heaps of black locks started falling on the ground. She then placed her hands on N’s head and started rubbing them sensually. The sensitive scalp and the sensual rubbing were a great combination for N as her pussy started releasing more and more juices. She then started rubbing her nails so as to return the favour N had done for her a while ago. N was moaning, her breathing was hard, and desire was piling up in her eyes.
The barber removed the cape from N’s body and dusted away the locks. Most of the locks can be tumbling onto the ground J paid the barber who then took his instruments and was leaving. N was still sitting in the chair in a daze and looking at her freshly shorn head through the mirror. There was only smooth skin where black locks stood in the morning. When the barber left, J locked the door behind him and was saying “N, you can shower here, there are still hair sticki-“. But before she could complete the sentence someone groped her both breasts from behind and squeezed them tightly.
“ Ahhhh” screamed J in pleasure. Turning around she saw that it was N and she had a denifite passion in her eyes.
“ You have been a very bad girl J. You shaved my head and now you shall receive punishment.” ,said N in a slow sultry voice while still squeezing the others breasts even harder.
“ Ahhh … Yes .. Ahh… I have been a bad bad girl. Please punish me. Ahhh… You can have … ahh.. your way with me.” squealed out J.
“ Oh that I totally intend to do.” Saying so N pushed the chair out their way and made J slowly lie down on the heaps of hair that adorned the ladies heads till recently.
She slowly inserted her two fingers into J’s panties and lowered them down. She made her way into her pussy all while still squeezing a breast with the other hand. Fingering the pussy with one hand and squeezing the breast with the other N was slowly kissing around J’s body. She then pulled up J half way and opened the bra. J responded in the same way unhooking N’s bra. Both women’s nipples were tight and pussies wet. N taking the initiative started to kiss J’s breasts. Reaching the nipples she took a soft bite. J was moaning very loudly. “This woman knows how to kindle someone’s fire” she thought all the while moaning loudly in pleasure. But she wasn’t going to be beat by someone younger. She then took her left hand while lowering N onto the ground and inserted them with a thrust into the other’s pussy.
“Aaaaahhhhh” ,started moaning N. Pulling down N’s pants she could see that N didn’t shave down there. We will rectify this later she thought to herself. She then started licking N’s pussy.
Both women started kissing and pleasuring the other. They were also rubbing their hands on the smooth heads of their partner. Both were having very passionate sex.
J was the first to reach climax. As soon as she was near she pulled N’s head between her legs. Then she came all over the others bald head. N who was holding it in now could no longer. She pulled the panting head of J and inserted it between her spread legs and came all over. Both women had climaxed on the others bald head.
Panting slowly both women lay on the ground cuddling each other. Their sweaty bodies were covered in hair that was previously on their heads. But they didn’t mind. Regaining their composure they went for 2 more rounds before sleeping due to exhaustion. The floor was full of locks from both manes, their sweaty bodies covered in hair from head to toe, and both had the most intense sex of their lives. Some time later both got up and cleaned themselves. J took a straight razor and shaved N’s pussy clean. She made it smooth just like hers. Both ladies commented about how the only hair they had were their eyebrows and laughed. J also explained the fetish both women shared to N. N spent the whole night in J’s house having fun.
Both women started to practice how to cut hair. They always kept their hair short for the next 4 months. The longest N’s hair ever was a 2 inch cropped pixie. J mostly kept N’s hair very short with scissors that resembled a buzzcut to a #1. She didn’t use clippers as she wanted N to experience them like her, when she was being shaved from a long crop. J on the other hand was mostly shaved smooth by N. The longest J’s hair was a 1 inch flattop with the sides and back shaved smooth. Both women had a very fast rate of hair growth. After 4 months both decided to grow their manes. Nearly a year after both got first shaved, N’s hair had grown down to between her shoulders and her bra strap. J’s on the other hand was only 2-3 inches shorter. Both women again got shaved on the anniversary of their first shearing. N this time with scissors, clippers and razor and J directly shaved like N the last time round. Though this time they did the others hair rather than have a barber present.

(Story returns to N’s perspective)
Ahh.. that was nearly a year and half ago. Our manes have returned to their previous lengths. I can’t wait to shear J again while also getting shaved down to the bone.

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