Babysitting for Miss Joan

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I had been working for Miss Judy for a couple of months and got to know a lot of the women that were regular clients of the beauty parlor. MIss Joan was one of our neighbors and like the other women she was divorced also. She had a 5 year old daughter named Melody that I would babysit for sometimes when Miss Joan had a date or something to do. She was also a regular client at the beauty parlor and sometimes at Miss Judys house. So as you can imagine I got to shampoo her hair from time to time. She was always walking around the neighborhood with blue rollers in her hair or a Gibson style hairdo which I loved.

One night I was babysitting for Melody and she wanted to paint using her water colors. She had shoulder length blond hair that her mother would curl up quite a bit and had taken her to the beauty parlor a few times for a trim. I got to shampoo her hair a couple of times there and she usually had no problems getting her hair washed there. Well as we were painting she had gotten some paint in her hair, mostly on the tips. A little green, purple, red, now days that would be no problem. When she was finished painting we cleaned up the table and put everything away. I told her we need to get that paint out of your hair before your mom gets home. So she ran into the bathroom and got a bottle a shampoo and a towel and brought it to me. I asked her if she wanted me to shampoo her hair and she said yes.

I had her get up on the kitchen counter and lay down with her head backwards in the sink and used the vegetable sprayer to wet her hair. Applied a little shampoo and lathered it in trying to get the paint out. Thank goodness it was water colors. It took two shampoos to get it out. After I rinsed her hair we towel dried it and I had her go get her brush and comb. She came back with her box of pink sponge curlers, comb and brush. She said mommy always puts the curlers in after she washes my hair. So I had her sit down on her little chair while I sat on the couch and then set her hair. She got up on the couch and tried to place a few curlers in my hair, got about five or six then gave up. We just sat and watched a movie until she went to sleep.

When MIss Joan came home she looked at the curlers in my hair, I forgot to take them out. She said I see melody wanted to play hair? So I told her what happened. She went into Melody’s room and came back and asked me, ” did she hold still while you washed her hair?” I told her yes she did and s that she brought me the curlers and sat while I set her. Miss Joan said” Well than I think it is my turn, stay right there.” She went into her bedroom and changed into her robe and got her shampoo and rollers. She reached up and took the curlers out of my hair and said that she was going to fix that for me later. She walked over to the kitchen sink and set everything down on the counter. She leaned forward in the sink and said “I am ready for my shampoo please.” So I turned on the water and got her hair wet with the sprayer. I then applied some shampoo to her hair and began to massage it into a lather. I shampooed her just lightly first then rinsed her hair and then applied more shampoo for a second lathering. As I began to shampoo her she wanted to sit in a chair out on her back porch for a few. She sat down and lit a cigarette and asked me to keep shampooing until she finished it. I love shampooing upright. When she finished her cigarette we went back inside and I rinsed her hair and applied some conditioner/setting lotion and then combed it through her hair. She sat at the kitchen table and handed me her rollers and the comb and she held the clips. As I set her hair she handed me the clips until I had all of her hair rolled up. I placed her blue cotton net over her rollers and she stood up.

Miss Joan went into her bathroom to see my handy work. She said ” you did a great job, you are really learning at Miss Judy’s, Now its your turn. Lets go shampoo you. So we went back out to the kitchen and she had another bottle of shampoo and more blue rollers and clips. She said ” these are yours so whenever you babysit here you can shampoo and set your hair if you want to.” She took me to the sink, wrapped a towel around my shoulders and leaned me forward to wet my hair. She took the bottle of shampoo and applied some to my hair and lathered me up. She did the same for me with a light shampoo first then had me sit down and applied more shampoo and massaged it into a lather while I sat upright> she kept playing with the shampoo and lather for a while then rinsed me. I sat down at the kitchen table and took the box of clips while she combed, sectioned and set my hair in those beautiful blue magnetic rollers. I handed her the clips as she set me up. When she finished setting me she had another net and tied it around my rollers. We then sat on the couch and talked for a while and then polished each others nails. I was getting tired and she said while don’t you just stay here and go home in the morning. She called my mother and told her that I fell asleep on the couch and she was going to leave me there. My mom said ok. Miss Joan the got me a nightgown and we climbed into bed. No girls nothing sexual happened. Just woke up in the morning and all three of us went shopping in our rollers.

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