Back in the chair

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Andd that bitch was back.

I loved butching her long waist length hair into a pixie. I was waiting for her to come back but I got to know from her dad she made excuses.

This time her dad dropped her at my salon for her appointment,her hair had grown to her shoulders and I couldn’t wait to hack those off. She nervously entered, I gave her a smile and took her again to my station.

I knew she needed some instructions,I spoke in her ear softly ‘The harder you make it for me to start, The harder it gets for you to get up’. The less fuss you create the easier it gets for us to get rid of that mop of yours.

She told me to not give her a short cut and smirked. I made her sit in the chair. And now it was show time, I turned the chair away from the mirror,I saw her fave turning pale amd whispered you’ll remember this sweetie.

I picked up my shears and spray bottle,she does have beautiful hair silky,shiny,soft.I say what a shame it is to chop all of this . She begs me to not cut her hair and I chuckle.

I started sectioning her hair and saw tears in her eyes, I told her I’ll give her a better reason to cry. I quickly grabbed my scissors held her by chin and started chopping her hair below her right ear. I kept snipping away hair at the ear level. Her tiny ears popped out. I now moved to the left and snipped away all the those locks like the right side.

I then took my clippers,and plunged them at her back I kept shaving her head,higher than the previous cut this time. I could sense the horror in her eyes. I then took my scissors again and took the last long tresses of her hair and cut them very close to her head. She looked like a military recruit, I gave her a very short crew cut. I didn’t like the length at the back so I changed to a smaller guard and shaved her back again. She now had a very short stubble.

I brushed her hair with my hands and said I love it. I turned her to the mirror, she was shocked or maybe terrified, tears couldn’t stop rolling down her face but I told her that if she told someone about it I’d shave her bald.

Her dad came shortly and rubbed his hand on her hand and said sje shoukd maintain this cut I passed a smile to both of them.

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