Back to Nicole’s – Johnny Flattop Part 2

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This story is my homage to one of my favorite writers on this page, VS Baldy. And the story Johnny Flattop is one of my favorite stories of all time. This is my imagining of what might have come next after the original story. VS, if you absolutely hate this story, I’m happy to have the site owner take it down.

It had been almost 6 months since the fateful day I had allowed myself to be lured into Nicole’s Barbershop. I had been off my normal route due to construction on the main route. The next exit was Lewiston. It was my intention to take a break from the road, and have a cup of coffee. The coffee would  hopefully perk me up before I headed the rest of the way home.

The Beginning

But instead of getting back on the road after my coffee break I lingered. Nicole’s barber shop had come into my view. In front, one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen was smoking a cigarette. She had long, straight, jet black hair. Her bangs were short and above her eyebrows. She wore a white barber’s smock over tailored black slacks. Red pumps finished the look.

Leading up to watching her finish her cigarette outside her shop, she had also been in line in front of me at the convenience store where I purchased my coffee. She bought 2 packs of Virginia Slims 100’s and was giving the guy behind the counter a hard time about how long his hair had grown and that she better see him in her chair pronto or there would be hell to pay. Upon getting back in my car, I had seen a woman with two young boys being ushered into the barber shop.

I hadn’t realized I’d dozed off in my car until I heard two women laughing. Looking up I saw the woman with the young boys coming out of the barber shop. The barber and the woman shared a cigarette and laughter before the woman went on her way with the two boys. What really caught my attention was the altered appearance of the two boys. They had both entered the shop longish skater style haircuts but now one of them had a barely there crewcut while the other was shaven clean. The one with the crewcut was smiling while the one with the shaved head was visibly upset.

This brings me back to watching the barber finish her cigarette, crush it out beneath the toe of her shoe, and head back into her shop.

Not knowing what spell I had fallen under, I found myself drawn into the shop as if by magic. I sat down in the big red barber chair, was caped by this beautiful barberette, and shorn… I had entered the shop with longish collar length hair and less than 30 minutes later, I exited the shop with the tightest of horseshoe flattops. The sides, back and very top of my head were razor shaved to the skin and shiny with the most perfect 1/8-inch horseshoe shaped ring of hair being all that was left.

When the haircut was finished, Nicole dusted off the shorn hair and used a small vacuum on my head to clean off as many sharp little hairs as possible. To finish the look, she used a waxy pomade to make the short hair stand up perfectly straight.

Exclaiming how much better I looked, she pulled out another cigarette, lit it, took a long drag, and with the smoke circling around her head she said, “see you soon, Johnny Flattop!”

The Aftermath

Getting back in my car, I, of course, had no intention of seeing Nicole again soon, or at any time in the future. Vulnerable, conspicuous, and somewhat violated were some of the emotions I was feeling. And I was embarrassed that I’d let this happen to me and that there was no way to hide it. I was also mystified and mortified that the whole process had given me a raging hard-on.

And my negative feelings only got worse as I drove home. What was I going to say to my girlfriend of 5 years, Amelia? How was this going to go over at my work?

It wouldn’t be long until I found out…

Amelia’s Anger

I tried walking into our house like nothing was any different but when Amelia walked into the living room and saw me, she stopped cold. The only thing she could say (and she said it over and over) was “what the fuck?” I tried to explain what happened, described the shop, the barber, the whole hypnotic experience but when Amelia’s eyes drifted down to the big wet spot south of my beltline, she didn’t want to hear anymore.  I tried to tell her that I had been on the road and by the time I found a rest stop I couldn’t help squirting a little pee before I could get my pants down. She walked over to me, wiped her hand over my crotch and sniffed it. “That’s definitely not pee!” she screamed. “And don’t bother lying I know what REALLY happened.” I would find out much later what she meant by that statement. To make a long story short, I was summarily tossed out that night and only saw Amelia one more time when I went over to get the rest of my things.

That night I managed to find a room at the local Hilton Garden, but I had no idea what I would do after that…

The Job

Unfortunately the humiliation didn’t stop there. The next day at work, I was greeted with merciless taunting about my new haircut and around noon I was called into my boss’ office. His first words shook me to my core. “Sorry to do this, but we’re going to have to let you go.” “Why?” I asked. The boss told me it was a matter of a charge to the company credit card for $200.00 to a place called Nicole’s. He went on to say that the call had come in the day before and the only Nicole’s they had found was an outcall model operation in Lewiston. He called it whoring on the company dime. I had been in such an altered state when I left Nicole’s I could only think that she had made a mistake in charging my card $200.00. I heard steps behind me and when I turned I saw that it was the company’s security guard coming to escort me from the building.

Back to the Scene

The next few months were a blur as every attempt I made to find another job failed due to the circumstances for which I was terminated at my previous employment. I bounced from one temp job to another, lived in weekly rentals, could barely afford gas for the car until finally I even had to sell the car.

So as I stepped down from the bus station across from Nicole’s barber shop I could only wonder what I hoped to accomplish by coming here. My clothes were tattered, and my hair had not been cut since the day Nicole made me over as she had wanted.

I walked over to the convenience store where I’d bought a cup of coffee the day my life totally changed. I entered the store, went to the coffee machine, filled a cup, and went to the counter to pay. Standing there waiting my turn, I felt a tap on my shoulder. In mid turn, I heard her voice. “I thought that was you, Johnny Flattop. Where have you been? I was sure you liked your haircut the way you tipped me. I’m not sure anyone’s ever tipped $185.00 on a $15.00 haircut.” At a loss for any intelligent words, I could only say, “Miss Nicole?”

She brushed past me and said to the clerk, “Sammy, his coffee is on me and grab me my two packs of Virginia Slims too.”

“Johnny Flattop, we have some catching up to do.” And with that she took my hand firmly in hers and led me from the store. She pretty much marched me over to her barber shop, waited for me to open the door for her and pulled me inside. I was certainly more lucid than I had been on my previous visit and noticed every detail this time. The only thing that had been completely clear back then was Nicole. She truly was the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen.

“How long since you had a hot shower Johnny Flattop?”  Honestly I couldn’t remember and just replied, “I’m not sure Miss Nicole.” “Well you’re taking one now. There’s a full bathroom behind that door with soap, shampoo, washcloths, and towels, and there are some clean clothes in the chest of drawers that should be a close fit for you. Go clean yourself up, especially that greasy mess on your head. Take your time. I want you squeaky clean when you’re done.”

I thanked her and walked through the door. The bathroom was really nice, with marble tiles on every surface, a large double sink backed by huge mirrors. The light fixtures we bright but shone with an indirect glow that made it seem like light was literally coming from every surface.

Shedding my crummy clothes, I kicked them into the corner. Turning on the shower, I waited for the hot water to come. Stepping into the shower, I began to scrub every inch of myself. I lathered my hair and rinsed it thoroughly. I repeated this process and the scrubbing until I was completely certain I was “squeaky clean.”  There was a safety razor and a shaving mug on the ledge of the shower. I worked up a lather, spread it on my face and began to shave. I checked every spot and when I was sure every millimeter of my face was smooth shaven, I rinsed off, grabbed the towel, and dried myself.

Stepping out of the shower, I noticed that my old clothes were gone. I hadn’t noticed anyone come in to take them, but they were gone, nonetheless. I wasn’t too upset by this turn as I had been pretty absorbed by the shower and besides, they were rags. But I did notice that my shoes were gone too, and that did give me pause.

Sliding open the top drawer in the dresser, I was stunned when I saw that the contents were exactly the same as the contents of my dresser in the home I’d shared with Amelia. But it wasn’t just the top drawer. All the drawers were duplicates of my drawers from “home”, same contents, and all.

I chose underwear, socks, slacks, and a Ralph Lauren pull-over t-shirt. I couldn’t get over how good it felt to have clean clothes touching my freshly washed body. And there were a nice pair of Merrell loafers right by the door. Hmmm… just my size.

Showered and Shaved

I walked out of the bathroom, turning out the lights as I did and there was Nicole lounging in her barber chair with striped silk cape neatly folded in her lap, and a cigarette in her lips, smoke curling up and around her head on its way to the vent overhead.

She took the cigarette from her mouth, gave a wolf whistle, and said, “ You clean up real nice Johnny Flattop.” “Thank you Miss Nicole and thank you for the shower and the clothes and everything.” Standing from the chair she put the cigarette back in her mouth and extended her hand. I thought she was reaching out to shake my hand, but instead she pulled me over to the chair and gently guided me to sit. “Now we have to get this hair on your head cleaned up too. Is there something you’d like to ask me?”

“Miss Nicole, will you please give me a nice short horseshoe flattop like you did before?” “Would you like it finished with shaving cream and a straight razor,” she asked. “Oh yes, Miss Nicole, will you please finish my horseshoe flattop with shaving cream and a straight razor?”   “I would love to, Johnny Flattop! Let’s get you looking good again.”

She stretched a strip of white paper around my neck and fastened the silk cape over the paper. She smoothed the cape and spread it out to cover my whole upper body down to my knees. I had started to grow hard underneath the cape and grew even harder as she placed her hands on my shoulders and massaged them while saying, “ you just relax Johnny Flattop and I’ll get started making you perfect again.”

Something about what she said snapped me out of the semi daze I was in, and I spoke. But the only word that came out of my mouth was, “why?”

Nicole’s Story

She loosened her grip on my shoulders and spun me around to face her. I’m not sure why I hadn’t noticed before now, but her eyes were like glowing blue sapphires and shone with a passion and intelligence I’d never seen in another human being. She stared into my eyes and began to speak.

“When I first noticed you all those months ago sleepily pouring coffee at Sammy’s mart, there was just something about you that caught my attention. Of course you were handsome, even in spite of that mess of hair on your head. But there was something else… A kind of sweet confidence tinged with a slightly melancholy vulnerability. I thought to myself that I would love to just sit and chat with you and find out what made you tick. After you left the store, I watched you walk to your car get in and slump down in the seat like you were getting ready to recline the seat and nap. Just about then, Joyce walked up to my shop with her two boys. Glancing in your direction I noticed you perk up a bit, looking toward my shop, looking at me in particular. I followed Joyce and the boys into the shop, and as I closed the door you were still looking my way. I actually let myself smile a little because somehow I knew I’d see more of you.

Joyce had instructed me to give the boys their summer buzzcuts and both boys protested. The older one, Jack, finally acquiesced with no fight and even admitted he liked getting his summer buzz. The younger one, Ray, on the other hand, had a fit, a screaming yelling tantrum. His mother took him into the very bathroom where you just showered and gave him what for. When they came out of the bathroom I had nearly finished Jack’s haircut. He had a big smile on his face and thanked me as he hopped down from the chair. But Ray had tear-stained cheeks, red eyes, and his tail between his legs. Joyce spoke to him and said, “Don’t you want to ask Miss Nicole something?” With a quivery voice he looked at me and asked, “Miss Nicole, will you please shave my head bald?” So that’s just what I did and soon Ray left my chair with a shiny bald head.

Joyce and I had a little bit of a laugh about it as we shared a cigarette before they left. And sure enough, when I looked over across the street, there you were. I’m not even quite sure how conscious you were that you were looking right at me. I took out another cigarette, lit it, and stood by the door watching you watch me.  I lingered for quite a while and really stretched out that smoke, but finally I had to turn around and go back into my shop.

Somehow I knew you couldn’t resist coming over and entering my shop. Somehow I also knew that if I could cut your hair in a way I wanted and get you to agree to it, it would be the start of something special. But then you talked about your girlfriend, your great job, and the life you had back home, and I knew the best I could hope for was to cut your hair just the way I wanted. Although I wanted you to be mine, I knew you wouldn’t voluntarily leave your life behind for me.

I needed you to come to me of your own free will. I needed you to give in to me completely and so I came up with a plan. While you were still in a daze from your haircut experience I “helped” you get your company credit card out of your wallet and while you were distracted feeling your haircut, I charged $200.00 to the card. After you left, I did a bit of internet searching and found pictures of you and your girlfriend. By the way, she’s pretty, but no match for me, right? I was able to find her phone number, called her and told about our torrid little haircut session, with a few added details of course. She was furious. It kinda made me chuckle that this part had gone so well. Then I got your company number from the credit charge, called them, and told them you had left your briefcase here at Miss Nicole’s after our session. Again, they were furious.

And then I waited… six months… and here you are… just like I knew you’d be…”

She turned to the counter, took out a cigarette, lit it, took a long drag, let the smoke come out with her breath and smiled at me.

I could feel anger coming up inside me and wanted to scream at her for how she had ruined my life. But then I realized that my life had not really been that great anyway. And I came to the realization no one had ever gone through this kind of trouble to “have me.” Save for one part below my waist, all of me softened and I smiled back at her.

“So?,” she asked.

“Please, Miss Nicole, will you give me a short, shaved horseshoe flattop?”

Head Down, Johnny Flattop

She smiled even bigger and simply said, “Head down, Johnny Flattop.”

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