Bald Bitch Baptism: Youko’s Part Chapter 1

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On a terrace of a house, two high school girls came out from the front door. The first girl has long dyed dark brown hair, she wears a famed high school blazer uniform, her appearance was quite attractive for a high school girl. The second one has long black hair, she wears glasses and a regular public high school sailor uniform, she looks plain.


“Mom, we are leaving!” Said the two girls, waving their hands.


They’re followed by an adult woman who took them to the front door, she has black hair with a braid bun hairstyle, wearing glasses and simple clothes like a regular Japanese housewife, her name is Hagiwara Youko, she is a widowed housewife with two daughters named Natsuki and Natsumi, she loves her daughters very much. Sadly, her husband died 2 years ago, but they had no economic problems and their lives are stable Because of his inheritance.


“Be careful on your way, dear,” she replied, waving her hand to them.


As her daughters disappeared in the distance, Youko entered her house and did her daily chores as a housewife, such as washing clothes and cleaning the house as usual. She was cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner, all of sudden she put her gaze at the clock on the wall.


“It’s only nine o’clock, but I want to do it again,” she thought as she gulped. It seems she couldn’t hold her desire anymore.


“Haah…” Youko took a deep breath, then turned her sight to the computer she uses daily.


She sits in front of the computer and presses the power button right away. The computer screen turned on; her face looked impatient.


After her computer runs properly, she opened her browser and looked for the site’s bookmark, which led her to the porn website she visited daily. She clicked on a video on that website, her gaze focused on the computer screen.


“Aaaahn~ Aaaahn~” A woman’s moan was heard from her computer speakers. In the video, a bald woman is seen having sex with a man.


Her sweat is dripping, her face was flushed as she carefully watched the video. A few minutes into the video, she opens her skirt and inserts her fingers into her pussy.


“Uhn… uhn…” she moaned.


This MILF of two is masturbating, ecstasy shown on her face, she seems to have a good time. After watching the videos, she wiped her pussy with a tissue, there was a pile of tissues under her desk.


“Haaah… in the past few weeks my masturbation frequency has increased, I can’t help it,” Youko muttered with a sigh.


Youko recalled the first time she became addicted to pornography and masturbation.


Several weeks earlier at the Hagiwara residence, Youko was doing her routine of writing a blog, she did it as a hobby and side income.




An email notification from an unknown address popped up in Youko’s inbox.


“From whom?” Youko muttered, she was curious.


The subject of the email reads “Your secret admirer.”


Out of curiosity, Youko opens the e-mail right away, the e-mail contains a link and a message: “Please go to this link, I have prepared a gift for you. -signed, your secret admirer.” Youko pressed the link because she wanted to know what was there.


“Aaaahn~ Aaaahn~~ Aaaahn~.” A woman’s moaning sound was heard from the computer speakers.


“EHHHHH!?” Youko was shocked and panicked, she quickly closed the browser.


“What was that just now?” She said, she was frowning and very confused.


Youko looked at her browser one more time, she wasn’t sure, but she was filled with curiosity. She turned off the volume of the computer speaker and reopened the browser tab she had once closed.


“Aaaahn~ Aaaahn~~ Aaaahn~.” The moaning sound was coming back from the computer’s speakers, but not as loud this time.


The moaning sound came from a video from the link she pressed earlier. The video shows a sexy, naked, long-haired woman masturbating, while behind her sitting an adult man. Youko was very curious; this time she watched the video carefully.


The man started squeezing her chest, then kissing her lips, she looks excited, Youko was stunned, she had never seen anything like it, even in her married life, her husband had never done anything like that.


They stood, she turned and lay down before him. He kneeled, lifted her legs, and inserted his penis into her vagina.


“Aaaahn~ Aaaahn~~ Aaaahn~.” She moaned.


“Gasp!” Youko covered her mouth while holding her breath.


The scene changes, now the man stands, and the woman kneels. She massages and licks his penis, the semen comes out of there, she does a blowjob, after her mouth is full of cum, she takes his penis out and swallows his cum. She wipes and licks her mouth afterward. Youko gulped, her throat felt dry.


He pulled parts of her hair and wrapped them around his penis, the semen came out of it. The liquid fell on her face and hair, she licked the semen in her hair while giving the man a hand job. sweat dripped from Youko’s head.


Another man appeared, this time carrying some equipment, Youko had a serious expression on her face, she was curious about what the man was carrying and what he would do with those things, the second man crouched beside the woman and took out a pair of scissors.




He began to carefully cut the side part of her hair. Some strands of hair fell to the floor, some were still hanging on the first man’s penis, but she didn’t budge.




He then proceeded to cut some parts of her back hair into a bob, however, she still didn’t budge and continued her hair job even though half her hair was cut off, Youko was still stunned while covering her mouth.




The second man then took out an electric shaver and turned it on.




Then he shaved the front half of her head that still had long hair until half bald, her hair fell all over her body, but she still didn’t budge. Now half of her hair is bob and the other half is bald.




He shaved her head again, this time he shaved the rest of it, her hair fell and scattered on the floor.


The scene changes, that woman is standing in front of the camera, now she is bald, the camera zoom on her head as she rubs her head and her nape. Youko felt hot, then she rubs her neck and hair too. The woman in the video then smiles at the camera as if smiling at Youko while rubbing her head and licking the cum on her finger.


Youko stared at her crotch while gulping, she felt not sure.


“Can I?” She muttered to herself,


Youko opened her panties and inserted her fingertips into her vagina, she masturbated as the woman did in the video, she felt ecstasy, something she hadn’t felt in two years since her husband’s death.


Since then, masturbating and watching pornography has become one of her hobbies, it constantly became an urgency for her, the frequency of her masturbation increased from day to day, which was only a few times a week at first, then became once every day.


She became addicted to masturbation, she often daydreamed when imagining scenes in porn videos or just fantasizing about having sex, these porn video scenes are also carried over into her dreams, which often causes her to have wet dreams, she hides this from her beloved daughters.


Back to the present time at the Hagiwara residence, Youko is busy doing her masturbation routine while watching porn videos.




Suddenly the doorbell rang, Youko was shocked.


“Just a minute!” she shouted, she immediately cleans the remains of her masturbation, then ran to the front door.


She peeked out of the hole in the door; in front of the gate, a man with glasses wearing a neat shirt was standing with a parcel.


“Sorry, did you need something?” She asked from the intercom.


The man bowed and gave a friendly greeting.


“Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Nakagawa Masao, I just moved to the side of the road there,” the man greeted politely.


Youko was stunned to hear his words, then she opened the door without hesitation and went out.


” Nakagawa Masao? Nakagawa-kun!?”


The man was also speechless for a while after seeing Youko.


“Fujino-san?” he said.


Youko and The man before sat in the living room drinking a cup of tea. His name is Masao, he was an old friend of Youko and her husband from high school.


“It is such a coincidence! I never thought that you lived around here,” said Masao, scratching his head.


“You look so different now, I almost didn’t recognize you,” said Youko.


“You also look very different Fujino-san, you now look more mature and refined,” Masao replied.


“Sorry Nakagawa-san, my surname has changed now, I’m using Hagiwara now, besides that, thanks for your compliment.” Youko replied with a friendly expression.

“Oh, I’m sorry then,” said Masao, he took a sip of his tea in a hurry, his expression looks a bit uncomfortable.


“Sorry in advance, by the way, this is a little gift from me as a new neighbour, I gave it to some people around here too,” said Masao while handing a gift, then he put it on the table.


The parcels are beautifully and nicely wrapped. It contains different kinds of health products such as supplements, tonics, herbal medicines, and others that don’t look cheap.


“Ah, don’t bother about it,” said Youko.


“Don’t be embarrassed, think of it as an introductory gift from a new neighbour” Masao replied kindly.


Youko finally accepted the parcel because she felt bad if she rejects his hospitality, then placed it on the side of the room.


“By the way, we haven’t seen each other for a long time since you transferred schools, how are you now?” Ask Youko.


Masao looked at his teacup for a moment, there was a glimpse of mixed feelings in his eyes.

“Good enough, now I got a decent position in a small pharmaceutical company,” Masao replied with a chuckle.


“Then, how are you now Fuji… I mean Hagiwara-san?” Ask Masao.


Youko took a sip of her tea, then smiled kindly at Masao.


“After graduating I married Takaya and have two daughters” Youko replied kindly.


She then closed her eyes for a moment while taking a breath, then stared at the small altar in the corner of the room for a moment, her expression turning a bit gloomy.


“Unfortunately, he died two years ago”


“But no need to worry, my kids and I are doing pretty well now,” said Youko with a gentle smile.


“Oh sorry… I didn’t mean to…” Masao apologized, his expression was a bit uneasy.


“It’s okay, thank you for your concern,” Youko said with a friendly smile.


Youko and Masao talked about their school days and the good times they had at school.


RING………! RING………! RING………!


Suddenly, Youko’s house phone rang.


” I’m sorry, I will excuse myself, I think there is a phone call,” said Youko as she got up from her place.


“Ah, sure!” Masao responded kindly.


Youko rushed to the front to pick up the phone, when she left, Masao immediately took a small plastic pack from his pocket, he opened it and mixed it into Youko’s teacup. After a while, Youko returned to the living room and sat down in her place.


“Ah, sorry Nakagawa-san, it looks like the call was on the wrong line,” Youko said with an uneasy expression.


“Oh, it’s okay Hagiwara-san,” replied Masao.


Youko drank her tea right away, it seemed she was a bit thirsty after going back and forth, Masao also drank his tea while hiding his small devilish smile.


“Sorry to bother, it looks like I have run out of my tea, may I have another?” asked Masao.


“Of course, I’ll get it again in a moment,” Youko replied with a friendly smile.


Youko walked towards the kitchen right away, Masao followed her quietly behind her, then waited near the kitchen hallway. Youko put the tray of tea glasses on the table, but suddenly her body felt strange.




Her head felt dizzy, her vision was a bit blurry, there was an unusual familiar sensation.


“W-why all of a sudden…”


Her body felt hotter, her legs felt weaker, her crotch became a bit wet.


“Uhh~! I-I can’t take it anymore.”


Youko fell and sat on the kitchen floor, sweat dripping down from her body. She opened her skirt and rub her pussy with her fingers.


“Ahn~~! Ahn~~!” She moaned while masturbating.


Hearing Youko’s moaning, Masao smiled and crossed his arms. He waited a few minutes, before pretending to rush into the kitchen.


“Hagiwara-san! Are you okay??” Masao shouted, pretending to be panicking.


“Ahn~! Ahn~~! Ahn~!” Youko moaned as if she didn’t care about Masao’s presence.


Masao approached and knelt before her, holding her shoulder. Suddenly Youko hugged Masao tight and kissed him deeply. They do French Kiss.


A few minutes later her consciousness returned, she gasped and then broke the kiss, drooling dripped from their mouths. She backed away a bit, then looked the other way, her face looks very embarrassed.


“I-I’m sorry Nakagawa-san!” Youko said with a panicked face.


“I-I-didn’t mean t-to…s-somehow i-i can’t co-control myself.”


She looked away from him, her face was flushed, she couldn’t hold her shame.


“I-I… I don’t want y-you to see me in this s-state,” he stuttered a bit.


Masao held both of Youko’s hands, he looked at her gently, then hugged her.


“It’s okay Hagiwara-san, it’s okay,” said Masao, he rubbed her back.


“Uuuh… uuh…” Youko moaned, her crotch a bit wet with her cum.


Masao helped Youko to stand up and lean on the table, then he approached her.


“I can help fulfill your wish if you don’t mind You-Ko-Chan,” Masao whispered behind Youko’s ear with a small devilish smile.


“Re-really?” Youko asked.


Masao just replied with a smile.


Youko swallowed her saliva, she looked at Masao uncertainly, as she had never done anything like this before, however, her lust was at its peak, she felt she had no choice.


“Th-then p-please… p-please h-help me,” she said with a stutter, she looked at Masao, hopefully.


“But you have to obey me, You-Ko-Chan,” Masao said while raising her chin.


Youko looked away for a moment, then looked back at Masao and then gave a small nod.


“Alright, it’s decided! Let’s get started, You-Ko-Chan,” said Masao excitedly.


Then Masao went behind Youko and crouching, he lifted her skirt and lowered her panties, Youko was shocked, but she didn’t say anything.


Masao took out a small bottle filled with liquid from his pocket and dipped his fingertip into the liquid. He rubbed Youko’s pussy gently, then inserted his fingertip into her pussy deeply and poked it.


“Uhn~!” Youko gasped in surprise as she covered her mouth, her eyes widen, it seems Masao hit her G-Spot.


“GOTCHA~,” said Masao with a smile.


Masao poked her vagina’s inside with his finger again.


“Ahn~! Ahn~~! Ahn~!” Youko moaned again, her face getting redder.


“Does it feel good, Youko-chan?” ask Masao.


“Uuh… uuh…” Youko replied, nodding.


Masao then poked Youko’s pussy again, but this time it was more intense.


“Ahn~! Ahn~~! Ahn~!”


“Ahn~! AGAIN! AGAIN!” Youko said with a moan.


She tried to cover his mouth, suppressing her voice.


“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she shouted, her cum pouring out.


“Do you want more, Youko-chan?” asked Masao.


“Haah… haah… please, I want more,” Youko replied, slightly panting, and she seemed to be a little weak.


“OK!” Masao replied in a cheerful tone.


Masao then took off his pants and pulled out his dick.


“I’m going in, ” Masao whispered softly into Youko’s ear.


Masao lifted Youko’s ass, after that he put his dick into her pussy, Youko flinched, but she felt very aroused.


“UUH!!!” He moaned as she covered her mouth.


They took a Doggy-style position on the table; Masao repeatedly penetrates her.


“Ahn~! Ahn~~! Ahn~!”


“Ahn~! Ahn~~! Ahn~!”


“MORE! MORE!! MORE!!” Youko said with a moan, her body getting hotter and hotter.


“Ahn~~~~!” Youko moan long, cum pouring out of her pussy


Masao paused for a moment, and pulled his penis, he turned her body and sat her on the table. He took off her glasses and put them on another place, after that he raised Youko’s lips and looked at her with a gentle smile.


“Youko-chan, did you know that your face is very pretty? Such a waste, not many people know about it,” Masao said softly.


“T-thank you Na-Nakagawa-kun,” Youko replied, trying to avert her eyes, her face is blushing with embarrassment, but it seems she feels happy about it.


“Don’t be so formal, just call me Masao,” he said while kissing Youko’s neck.


They then did a French Kiss again, their tongues danced, the kiss was very passionate. A few moments later they broke the kiss, Masao wiped his mouth, then gently wiped her wet mouth. Youko wiped the sweat off her face, she seemed to feel quite hot, Youko unpinned her hair bun, her long hair flowing beautifully. Masao lifted Youko’s legs and took a missionary position, then put his dick into her pussy and fucked her again.


“Ahn~! Ahn~~! Ahn~!” Youko moaned.


“PLEASE DON’T STOP!” she shouted while covering her mouth,


“Ahn~! Ahn~~! Ahn~!”


Youko looked up while closing her eyes, she was so excited, her sweat was pouring out.




Youko hugged Masao tighter.


“Ahn~~! Ahn~~! Ahn~~~~!” Ahn~~!” He moaned loudly


Masao paused for a moment and pulled his dick, after that he lifted some of Youko’s hair and kissed it.


“Youko-chan, you have such beautiful hair,” he said.


But this time Youko didn’t respond because her mind was blank, Masao took the teacup that was nearby and drank it down to half, then he mixed it with his semen, Youko’s cum, and the rest of the medicine he mixed in Youko’s drink earlier.


“They say semen is good for hair health,” he said, spilling the liquid over her head, and washing her hair.


Youko’s hair was filled with the liquid, but she still didn’t budge because she was still half-conscious, he pulled and played with her hair.


“Youko-chan do you still want to continue?” Masao whispered.


“Uuh…uuh…” Youko replied with a small nod, half-consciously.


Then Masao took out a small bottle from his other pocket and drank it afterward.


“Let’s do it to the climax”


Their sex is getting more intense.


“Ahn~! Ahn~~! Ahn~!”


Youko’s moan is getting louder and louder


“AHN~~~~~~~~~~~~! AHN~~~~~~~~~~~! AHN~~~~~~~~~~~~!”


Youko moaned loudly, they had reached their climax.




In front of the Hagiwara residence, Youko was taking Masao to the door.


“Masao-kun, thanks for your help,” Youko said, she looks happy.


“Ah, it’s nothing Youko-chan,” Masao replied with a friendly face.


At the same time, Natsuki and Natsumi came home from school and saw Masao come out of their house door. When they got home, they approached their mother.


“Mom, did you go to the hair salon? It looks like your hair is shinier and smells good too,” Natsuki asked, tilting her body in front of her.


Youko was smiling.


“No, it’s just your feelings my dear,” Youko replied, caressing Natsuki’s head gently.


“Mom, did we have guests?” Natsumi asked, she holds the parcel from Masao.


“Oh yes, it’s just mom’s old friend,” Youko replied with a big smile on her face


“Okay, then, I’ll go to my room first,” said Natsuki.


“Oh, mom, I’m also going to my room,” said Natsumi, following her sister.


They both rushed to their respective rooms, but without them knowing, the semen is still dripping from their mother’s pussy.


To Be Continued…

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