bald family

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Jen had spent five long years in the orphanage, waiting for a home where she would be loved and cared for. Finally, the day arrived when she was picked up by her new family, two beautiful mothers. As they drove towards their house, Jen couldn’t contain her excitement. She couldn’t wait to meet her new sister who was her age. When they arrived, Jen’s jaw dropped in awe. The house was enormous, with numerous bedrooms, swimming pools, and even a bowling alley. It was a dream come true. Determined not to let anything ruin this moment, Jen didn’t question the family’s unique appearance – they were all bald. Later, at dinner, the mothers explained the rules. The first rule was that clothes were forbidden inside the house but allowed outside. Jen shrugged it off, comfortable being naked around only girls. Then came the second rule, the one that made Jen’s heart sink. In this house, hair was not allowed, and everyone had to shave their heads. Jen’s mind raced as she thought of losing her waist-length blonde hair, a part of her identity. However, she decided to comply and went to bed. The next morning, her new mother woke her up and led her to the master bathroom. Sitting in the chair, Jen watched her new sister get her head shaved with a straight razor and shaving cream. It was her turn next. The metallic buzz of clippers filled the room as her new mother ran them across her head, shearing off her beautiful hair until only stubble remained. Momentarily disoriented by the loss of her hair, Jen saw her new mother lather shaving cream onto her scalp and expertly shave her completely bald. Her new sister approached and touched her head, telling her how beautiful she looked. An unexpected connection blossomed between them, and they shared a passionate kiss. To Jen’s surprise, their mothers encouraged and supported their love. Over time, the bond between Jen and her adopted sister grew stronger, and three years later, they decided to get married. Standing in the presence of their proud mothers and surrounded by love, they exchanged vows. Both of them still bald but happy, they made a promise to each other. To reaffirm their commitment to being bald, they underwent laser hair removal on their heads, ensuring they would never have hair again. As they stood together, celebrating their love and their unconventional family, Jen and her sister-turned-wife felt an overwhelming sense of belonging. They had found a home where they were accepted for who they were, where love knew no boundaries, and where being bald was their shared identity.

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