Bald Slave

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Nancy and me was a best friend before i sign the contract. she is a beautiful and cool girl. she always help and protect me. But today when she know i need money for my debt, she give me the contract. The contract say she will give me $50000 if i become her slave for 3 month. I’m afraid but Nancy say everything will be okay as long im being good. so i believe her and sign the contract. Now she is my mistress and i’m her slave.

After i sign the contract nancy take me to another room. We standing in front off a very big mirror.

“We need to make you remember your position, slave.” she said. “Put off your clothes and bow down.”

I do as her command. I putt off all of my cloth and bow down. Nancy smile, she is sattisfied.

“Look at the mirror”, i do it and i see myself naked, bow near nancy’s feet. “That is your position slave, remember it.” i nod.

“However, something is wrong here.” she say it slowly as she pat my head. She start playing with my hair. “You are too pretty to be a slave , Clara. And i don’t like it when my slave is prettier than me.” im confused now, what she mean?

“I can’t do anything about your pretty face and body, but i guess we should get rid of your beautiful hair.”

“You will cut my hair nancy?” i ask her. I really don’t want to get a haircut.  I love my long brunnete hair.

“Better than that Clara. I will shave it. I want your to see your head clean and smooth. It will suit you better, i guess.” she smirk and laugh.

“Noo nancy, no! Please don’t shave me bald! It won’t suit me! I will look so ugly without hair! Please! Please! Please!” i beg her. i’m really panicked now.

PLAAK! Nancy slap my face and pull my hair.

“Shut the fuck off, slave! You already sign the contract. You are just a slave now. Your mistress decide you will be bald and you should just accept it!” she scold me while she take something from the drawer.

“This tools,” she show me a scissor, clipper, and razor. “will help us get rid of your hair. yes, offcourse it will make you ugly, and weird, and hideous. But that it is the point, slave. I want to transform you from that pretty Clara to hideous hairless slave. Do you understand?”

“yes mistress…” i know nothing i can do now. i should just accept it.

“do you think slave deserve to have hair, Clara?”

“no, mistress.”

“so what should i do with this?” she grabbed and pull my hair so hard. it’s very hurt.

“please shave it… bald, mistress.”

“hahaha!” Nancy laugh so hard, “okay slave, lets do it!” i nod.

I sit in the chair and nancy brush my hair. she stroke my hair slowly and softly. Then she kiss the top of my head “I love your hair.  It’s so soft and it’s smell so nice Ciara. It’s a shame to lose it. But i need to do it so you can be a good slave. Do you understand?” “yes mistress”

Then she turn on the electric clipper. BZzzz bzzzz the sound make me jump. i’m afraid and panicked. Nancy did it. she shaved from my forehead. my head become light and all of my hair is on the floor. again again again, till there is nothing but stubble.

Then nancy start using the razor and shaving cream. scrapp scrapp scrapp… she do it three time, make sure there is nothing left behind. After that, she also shave my eyebrow and pluck all of my eyelashes.


Nancy bring me back to mirror and i can see myself. Bald. Hairless. I’m really ugly and freak. I feel very naked and humiliated. Nancy stand before me. She is really beautifull compared to ugly slave like me. Her long thick black hair gorgeous as always. I know my position. Even before she says anything i bowdown in her feet.

”What a good slave” nancy says while she start touch and rub my head. “i really like your bald head,slave…” I was sad to lost all my hair, but somehow i’m proud my mistress sattisfied.

“Thank you mistress, now how can i serve you?”

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