Band Mates

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The Streets of Seattle are brutally cold on December nights and the driving rain doesn’t help.

The bus, lights flickering, pulled the the curb. The door swung open and disgorged a single occupant. Stepping out into the cold, wet street she was fixed by the lights of passing cars. A small figure dressed inadequately for the cold. So small, she could have passed for a lost child in spite of being in her twenties.

She shivered as she stepped to the sidewalk.The short miniskirt and tank top she wore were for summer, not the Northwestern winter and the faux fur collared leather jacket didn’t help much either.

Looking around, she didn’t see any other working girls. Too cold, windy and wet even for them.

“Well Jujou” she said quietly, “You’ve officially hit rock bottom.”

The rain picked up and she held a small plastic garbage bag over her beautiful red hair for protection.

There weren’t too many cars on the road in this weather. Hopefully, SOMEBODY would drive by and hit her up.

Shivering in the night she was beginning to realize that this hooker gig was not going to be as easy as she thought.

But, there was no where else she needed to be. Her car had been repossessed last month and she’d returned home only to find she’d been locked out of her apartment by the creepy Super.

“Guess they don’t like it when you’re three months behind on the rent” she mused.

Jujou was flat broke. She’d even had to trade her jeans and nice jacket for the rags she was wearing now. the extra she got for them had been just enough for bus fare to Seatac and a cup of coffee. If things didn’t change real quick, it was going to be a very long cold night…

“I told you it was stupid to go out looking tonight” grumbled Tina. “It’s too wet out there for fish much less working girls!”

Tommy didn’t care, he’d put up with her complaining for 15 years now. He barely even noticed it any more.

As the windshield wipers struggled to keep up the rain, he scanned the sidewalks. He was starting to agree with her.

“OK, one more run and if we don’t find anything we’ll vamoose.”

He expertly swung the heavy SUV around and pointed it for home.Who would have thought it would be so hard to find a whore in the red light district on a Friday night?

They were nearing the end of the Airport district and Tommy was ready to throw in the towel when Tina grabbed his shoulder and violently shook it.

“THERE!” she said loudly.

“Where?” answered Tommy as she tried to restore normal hearing with his pinky finger.

“Right there!” she replied as she stabbed er finger at the opposite side of the road.

Turning to look where she was pointing he beheld a small, bedraggled figure struggling to keep the rain from soaking her hair. And what hair it was! Even across 4 lanes of traffic it glowed in the sodium lights like warm gold.

Shaking his head he said “Nah, I ain’t into kids, you know that.”

“That ain’t no kid!” she screamed. “Turn around you Bonehead!”

Jujou turned at the sound of screeching tires. En enormous looking luxury SUV had turned around and was headed straight for her.

As it got closer, she quickly stuffed the plastic bag into her jacket pocket (might need it later after all) and ran her cold numbed fingers through her hair.

“Try not to look desperate.”she told herself as the SUV pulled up to her.

To her utter surprise, the window dropped to reveal…a woman.

As the SUV neared the lone figure on the sidewalk Tina gave Tommy a playful backhand to the arm.

“See, I TOLD you it wasn’t a kid!”

“She certainly isn’t” replied Tommy with a curious lilt in his speech.

Tina lowered the window and beconed Jujou to come.

“Miss…Miss…” she called “May I speak with you for a moment?”

Playing it cool, she thought of Jamie Lee Curtis in Coming To America and tried to imitate her walk but,a heel caught in a crack and she nearly fell to the pavement.

Recovering, she hobbled to the SUV and in her best cool voice asked “What can I do for You Honey?”

Tina giggled and covered her mouth in a coquettish way before she answered.

“Sweetie, it’s not what can you do for us, it’s what can WE do for YOU!”

Looking askance at them, Jujou replied with a drawn out “Okaaay” and a side eye look.

Tommy rolled his eyes and interrupted. “You look like you’re hungry. How about we head to the nearest diner and discuss our business over a hot meal?”

A Hot Meal…She hadn’t had a good meal all week and the words made her mouth water.

Looking at the plush interior of the SUV and their nice clothes she decided “What the hell” and got in the back seat.

Steak and eggs. Could anything taste so good when you’re starving? Jujou ate slowly. No point in wolfing down the food and looking desperate.Tommy and Tina watched her with curious amusement as they sipped their coffee from over sized mugs. They hadn’t said a word since the food arrived, only smiled and nodded to each other every now and then.

She pushed her empty plate aside and glancing at the slice of chocolate cake in the center of the table, asked “You going to eat that?”

Tommy pushed the plate to her and mouthed “Enjoy” with that enigmatic smile of his. What WAS their deal? A threesome? Cuckhold? BDSM? she just couldn’t read them but, what ever it was, if it paid well, she was up for it. It wasn’t like she had a choice.

Full for the first time in a month, Jujpu pushed the plate aside and leaned back in the booth.

“OK, let’s hear this proposal of yours.” and then she belched.

Tina turned to Tommy and mouthed “Perfect!”

“Come on, out with it” she said with a confidence she didn’t really feel. All she knew was that they wanted something unusual and she was going to charge them up the wazoo for it.

“Well…” began Tommy, “For about a year now, we’ve been looking for somebody special to fill a roll in…

“We want to buy you.” blurted out Tina.

Tommy sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Well,” he said, “That was a bit…blunt but, that’s pretty much it. WE want to buy YOU.

“For the whole night?” ( how could her luck possibly get any better?)

“Um, no.” Answered Tommy. “For ever.”

Jujou was taken aback. “Um…for EVER?”

“Yes, or until we get tired of you. Which ever comes first.”

“I, I don’t understand.”

“It’s really very simple. In return for erasing all of your debts, housing you and feeding and caring for you, you will become out play thing.

“Play thing?” she asked

Tina quickly interjected “Our sex slave!”

“Crude my dear but,essentially true. You satisfy our sexual needs in any way we choose and in return, you’ll never have to work another day in your life.”

She shook her head to make sure she’d heard correctly she stared at Tina and Tommy.

“Are you serious?” was all she could say.

“Dead serious.”

“As a heart attack.”

They spoke late into the night. The deal was simple. In return for complete servitude, they would pay off all of her debts and feed and house her in their mansion in Malibu, CA. Their nice, warm, dry mansion in sunny Southern California, On the FRICKIN’ BEACH!

Of course, it wouldn’t be all caviar and roses. When they were on the road, they expected her to pull her weight and help up with set up and tear down.

Though she’d never heard of their band, they were apparently quite famous and regularly toured Europe and Asia.

“Ok,” said Jujou, “let me see if I have this right. I get all my debts canceled, I don’t have to work again, ever, I get to travel the world, attend concerts and you meet all of my needs. In return, all i have to do is help ste up and break down and meet all of your sexual needs. Is that right?”

“Yes” they answered in unison.

“Well fuck…where do I sign?”

Tommy pulled out a thick contract and turned to the last page. Pointing to a like at the bottom he said “Right here.”

“Do I need to read it?” she asked

“Only if you want to.”

Scanning the first few pages, she found the legalese dense and boring.

“Sheesh, five pages of this and I’ll be asleep”

She signed it and handed it back.

“Shall we begin then?”

“right now?” asked Jujou.

“The contract has been signed”. answered Tommy. “You belong to us so…yes, right now.”

“What he’s tryin’ to tell you honey is…STRIP!”

Startled, Jujou jumped. She hesitated for a moment and began to undress. It didn’t take very long as all she was wearing was the jacket, a tank top and the short skirt. Her underclothes had been part of the thrift store deal though she figured the clerk was adding them to his personal collection rather than selling them. Besides, given what she was planning for the night underwear would just be in the way.

Tina collected the pathetic pile on the floor and placed them in a trash bag to “be disposed of in the morning”

Not having had access to hot water this month, Jujou’s hygiene had suffered a bit, She hadn’t shaved in weeks and she was pretty ripe. Something that Tina took pains to point out.

They circled her like sharks that smell blood in the water. Every now and then one of them would reach out and poke or prod her body.

“Nice tight ass” said Tommy as he poked it with a sinewy guitarist’s finger.

“Huh, not bad at all.” added Tina as she delivered a sharp slap to Jujou’s right cheek. She paused for a moment and said “Spread your cheeks.”

Embarrassed as hell, Jujou blushed deeply but, reached back and obeyed.

“Whew honey!” said Tommy as he scowled and backed away. “When was the last time you washed your asshole? That STINKS!”

Withdrawing her hands to cover her face, Jujou began to cry.

“Did I tell you to move your hands?” Tina asked sharply.

“No…” Jujou answered meekly as she once again opened her ass cheeks to the cool air of the house..

“That’s better! You stay like that unless one of tells you to move.”

They moved around in front of her and continued their intimate inspection.

Tine reached out and took Jujou’s sensitive, pink nipples between the thumbs and forefingers and proceeded to lift the poor girl’s breasts by those tender nubs and Jujou rose to her tip toes in response.

“Very good!” said Tommy as he made note of her response. “I like you on your tip toes. Stay that way until I tell you to stop.”

Tina remarked upon Jujou’s flat and toned stomach. “Very nice!”she said as she scratched her sharp nails down the poor girl’s abs.

Tommy bounced her boobs up and down and softly slapped them back and forth like the steel balls of an executive pacifier. Tina watched and rolled her eyes.

“Hands at you sides” she suddenly snapped.The tiny redhead complied, just happy to have her unwashed ass cheeks closed once again.

“Squat down” she ordered. Jujou’s feet began to flatten but, Tina snapped at her.

“Did I tell you to do that?”

“No Ma’am.” she replied as she rose again to the balls of her feet and attempted an obscene plie.

“That’s better.” reaching down, she ran her fingers through Jujou’s thick red bush.

“Impressive, a natural redhead….”

Her fingers continued downward and glided through her wet slit.

Bringing her fingers to her nose, she inhaled lightly.

“Yes, a natural red heard…who stinks like fish. Pull your pussy open…now!”

Jujou reached down awkwardly and complied.


She pulled harder, stretching her cunt wide.

“WIDER! Or do I have to get a pair of vice grips and show you how to to it?”

Truly frightened, Jujou pulled for all she was worth. It felt as though she was about to pull her delicate labia right off of her pussy!

“Much better” said Tina as she roughly retracted Jujou’s hood and began to rub her clit to arousal.

Tommy stood back and watched with a grin as his wife expertly manipulated the poor redhead nearer and nearer to orgasm.

“Hold your position!” she warned. “If those heels hit the ground I’ll slap those tits right off your chest and leave you on the edge all night.

Sweat beading on her upper lip, Jujou softly answered “yes Ma’am”

A short time later, Jujou was on the edge of a massive orgasm. Legs quivering with stain, arms aching as they pulled sharply at her pussy lips, skin flushed and sweating. Tina held the poor girl on the edge of paradise for what seemed to her like an hour. All while Tina admonished her not to cum without permission. She did the best she could to stave off the one thing in the world she wanted more than anything else but, she was rapidly losing the battle. Just when Jujou thought she couldn’t last a second longer Tina said those magic words: “Cum NOW!”

The orgasm was positively volcanic and it took everything Jujou had to keep her pussy lips taught and not to fall down. She came harder than she ever had before and then…came again, and again, and again. After what seemed an eternity, Tina stopped and whispered into ear “relax”.

She dropped straight down where she stood as though her bones had turned to water. Spasms of pleasure continued to rip through her belly and she couldn’t even muster the ability to speak much less stand.

At last, the orgasm faded and she went limp.

A sharp slap on the butt brought her back to reality.

“Get up slave, time for a bath!”

The bath was exquisite. Never, Jujou was certain, had hot water felt so good.

She was not even upset when Tina hopped into the capacious tub and ordered her to stand.

She was even more content when Tina soaped up a loofah and began to scrub her begrimed skin until it glowed a healthy pink. Eyes closed, Jujou luxuriated in the attention as weeks of grime and shame disappeared down the bathtub drain and when Tina lathered up her hair with a musky smelling shampoo, Jujou was in heaven.

After the shampooing, Tina soaped her body once again. Of course, as her hands worked their way down to the petite redheads coppery curls, one thing led to another and she was gifted with yet another orgasm.

Tina then pushed Jujou to her kneed and rinsed out her glorious red hair after which, Jujou felt it was only fair that she return the favor.

In a short time, Tina was moaning in ecstasy as she pulled Jujou’s face into her cunt.

Once they were rinsed off, Tina had her new pet comb out and blow dry her hair. Her flowing black locks were magnificent once they were dried and she in turn did the same for Jujou.

And then, Without either knowing, the same thought passed through each of their minds.”This is going to work out GREAT!”

The rest of the night was spent in a furious threesome. Tommy and Tina tag teamed her all night and she couldn’t even remember how many times they’d all cum.

Yup, this was going to work out GREAT for sure.

As the days and nights passed, Tommy and Tina began to introduce her to their “Toys”

It all started on the third night. Tommy and Jujou were already going for it while Tina showered. As he was hitting it doggy style at the foot of the bed, Jujou happened to look and see…Tina coming out of the bathroom wearing the biggest strap on she’d ever seen.

Tina struck a pose as they both paused to look and asked “Well, what do you think?”

Tommy smiled and said “Hell YES!”

The petite red head simply swallowed hard and “Holy shit!”

She spent the rest of the night spit roasted between the two.

On their 1 week anniversary, the ropes and cuffs came out and Jujou was introduced to the exciting world of BDSM. That was also the night she learned that Tina’s huge strap on wasn’t nearly as huge as she had thought it was.

About a month later, Tina informed her that they would be leaving the warm California sun on a National tour. First stop, Miami, Jujou’s old stomping grounds, where she would be introduced to Cody, the head honcho of their roadies and set up/tear down crew chief. Cody, she was told would “show her the ropes” and teach her the tricks of the trade. She was looking forward to it with great anticipation.

There was however, one thing they had to do before they left…

Jujou sat in the SUV and mused. “Where are we going?”

The answer it turned out was Santa Monica. Hot the famous beach part but, rather, the seedy inland part.

As they left the beaches behind, things began to take a darker twist, Trendy restaurants and high end designer boutiques gradually gave way to check cashing joints, sex shops and strip clubs. Gone were the clean streets where tourists gawked at movie stars eating lunch, replaced with a litter of broken screw cam wine bottles, crushed beer cans and cigarette butts.

They came to a stop in front of a nondescript single story building of mid 70s vintage. Its squat windows had been blacked out, leaving the casual passer by no clue to who, or what lay within.

Tommy handed a fifty to an eager looking bum in the doorway of the vacant building next door and told him if he’d keep an eye on the SUV there be another one when they returned.

He returned and opened their doors for them and the incongruous trio walked down the ugly street and entered the ugly building.

The exterior door opened to reveal…a VERY large biker looking guy with a bald head. Tommy nodded to him and said “We have an appointment.”

The biker grunted noncommittally and pulled the door open to reveal…

A tattoo shop.

“What are we doing here?” Jujou asked Tina in a whisper.

Tina gave her one of those annoyed “Are you stupid?” looks and answered “Getting a tattoo. What else would we be doing in a tattoo shop?”

Jujou nodded sheepishly and blushed in embarrassment. Both of her companions were extensively tattooed as befits a Punk rocker. She should have figured it out.

They walked up to the counter and a tell, thin, androgynous looking person approached. “Tommy! Tina! How’s it hanging?” The voice suggested female but, it was hard to tell with her short dyed hair and extensive facial piercings.

They exchanged hugs and then the odd person turned her gaze upon Jujou. “So! This is the New Meat, eh?” Incensed, The redhead looked away.

“Rather indelicate but…accurate.” answered Tina.

“So, what can I do for you fine folks today? We’re having a sale in septum piercings this week!” she added with a comically broad wink as she pointed to her own thick septum ring.

“No, no,” replied Tommy, “just a tat for today.”

“Cool, what you have in mind?”

Tommy pulled a paper from his jeans pocket and unfolded before pushing it across the counter. Curiosity getting the best of her, Jujou glanced down to see a drawing of twin stylized Ts about 4 inches tall, the band’s Logo.

“Ahhh…” said the tattooist, a T&T logo!, Very nice! Give me a few minutes to draw up a stencil and I’ll be right back. Taking the paper, she disappeared into the back.

“Pig is the best tattooist in LA.” Tina said with a sense of reverence. She’s in great demand so, it’s REALLY hard to get an appointment but, neither Tommy or I will let anyone else touch our skin so, she stays open late for us.”

A short time later, Pig returned. She laid the stencil on the counter and asked “Well, what do ya think?”

They all leaned in and looked. Jujou could immediately see how Pig had taken a very nicely designed logo and, with the addition of a few flourishes and arabesques, created a work of art.

“Oh,,, it’s beautiful!” said Tina. “Perfect!”

Tommy nodded in approval.

Jujou admired too. If she were going to get a tat on her alabaster skin, she’d want it to be this good too.

“Not that I would ever mar my body like that..”.

“So,” asked Pig. “Where do you want it?”

“…After all, tattoos were nice to look at on other people’s skin but…”

“On her ass.” Replied Tina.

“…Not for her. Nope not on my…Wait a minute…wha…On her ass?”

“Right this way…”

Shocked, Jujou let herself be led to one of the chairs at the front of the shop where what appeared to be a past his prime hippie was working on what appeared to be a hooker and her what appeared to be pimp looked on.

She only snapped out of the fugue when Tommy raised her arms and Tina quickly stripped off her tastefully tight little black dress.

Suddenly, Jujou was butt naked in a room full of fully clothed total strangers!

She looked up in surprise to see the hooker smile and wink at her as her pimp stared at her red pubic hair and said “Nice…” under his breath.

“So,on the table, belly down.” ordered Pig.

As Jujou turned to comply, Pig got her first good look at the petite red head and a quick shadow of…something…crossed her face.

Had they met somewhere in the past? Certainly, this creature who called herself? Himself? Pig was completely unfamiliar to her. But still, something about her tickled her memory…

As Tina and Tommy guided the still stunned girl to the table, a strange sense of foreboding came over her and for a moment, she felt like a bird hypnotized by a snake. But, only for a moment. The needle hit Jujou’s skin and her ass was on fire. All other thought left her mind as the tiny, naked girl dug her nails into the vinyl of the table and struggled not to cry out. All she could think was; “Why would anybody do this twice!”

The tattoo took about four hours to complete and when at last it was done she was sure she would never sit again. Pig slathered on an antiseptic ointment that soothed the pain a bit and then guided her to the full length mirror at the front of the store. She handed her a hand mirror and for the first time Jujou saw her new art. The crisp black lines stood out in contrast to Jujou’s pale white skin. Even red and raw, Jujou had to admit, Pig’s artistry was exquisite.

“Well,” she thought, “If you have to have a tattoo, it might as well be a Pig original.”

As she stood there, getting used to the idea that her skin was forever changed.

Pig leaned over her shoulder.

“So, how does it feel to be…”

And then, she realized what it was, WHO Pig was

…Marked as property…Jujou?”

Pig was…Melba.

“What? You guys know each other?” Tina asked in astonishment.

“But, Pig is from Seattle, you’re from Miami…how can that be?”

“I moved here from Seattle but I grew up in Miami.”

“Well then!” said Tommy with a grin, “It’s a reunion!”

Still naked, Jujou laughed nervously and said “Really nice to see you again…” as she hoofed it to the door.

Tommy shot Tina a look of suspicion, something was going on here and he was going to get to the bottom of it.

The cute redhead reached the door and without hesitation, pushed against it but, it was securely locked. As the others continued their conversation, she pushed and pulled on the door, rattling it loudly.

With concern in her voice Tina asked Pig what the problem was.

“Well,” she began, “I was a fat kid in school.and my name was Melba. Melba Horschawitz. From grade school to sophomore year Jujou and her pack of friends teased me mercilessly. I can’t tell you how many times they called me fatty or Melba toast or horse shits. But, I got used to it. You know, sticks and stones…

Tina and Tommy glanced sideways at the naked redhead who was still attempting to spring the locked door and saying “Time to go!” over and over again.

“Anyway, I could have forgiven them that ’cause, in the 11th grade, I just sorta grew out of it. Had a growth spurt and suddenly, I was tall and thin and, I had really nice boobs too. Of course, you’d never know it today cause I wrap ’em up tight. Otherwise, I get guys hittin on my all day long. So, there I was, Tall, thin busty AND…Blond. All of a sudden ALL the guys wanted to be with me. So, of course that got jealous and that one…” she pointed at Jujou who still hadn’t realized she was attempting to escape into the night stark naked, …”started a roomer that my beautiful natural blond hair came out of a bottle. Even took a picture of some poor girl’s bush in the locker room and passed it around the school. Said it was me. One minute I’m being asked out by the Captain of the basketball team, and the next,, the whole school is laughing behind my back because they thing that sorry ass cunt is mine.”

I was so damned embarrassed, I went home and shaved my pussy and cut and dyed my hair green. I never even went back to school. After that, my mom kicked me out of her house and I lived on the street. If I hadn’t learned to sling ink, I’d probably be dead or turning tricks on the strip.”

By now, Jujou had given up on her escape plan. She wondered over as Pig finished up her story and Tommy held up her dress. She reached for it but, he snatched it away before she could grab it. Shaking his head in disappointment, He said “No, no, no…no…No more nice clothes for you. In fact, unless you are actually working at the venue, no more clothes for you period!”

“We are REALLY disappointed in you” added Tina, “How could you treat someone as nice and true as Pig so badly?”

“But, that was so long ago! I was a different person then!I’m not like that anymore.”

“I really don’t believe you” said Tommy. Until you find some way to atone for your past behavior we simply can’t continue on with you.”

“No, no, please…don’t put me out, I don’t have anything. I’ll be homeless!”

Desperate, Jujou turned to Pig and sunk to her knees. “I’m sorry, I’m sooo sorry I treated you so badly. I’m not that person any more, I’ve changed. Really, I have!”

Pig was not impressed.

“JJ” she said, “Apologies are a dime a dozen, They only matter if the cost you something.”

“Please,” replied Jujou who was now crying in earnest. “I’ll do anything to make it up to you!”

Pig looked Tommy and Tina in the eye. They subtly nodded as one.

“OK then…follow me.”

Pig guided them to the back of the store to the back of the shop where the piercings were done. “Have a seat princess”

Pig put on some nitril gloves and began to speak.

“This,” she began, as she pouerd brightly colored potions into a bowl “is our state of the are piercing studio. But, it’s way more than that. It’s the place where we perform body mods. Piercings, dermals, subdermals and even tongue splitting. Itls also where we work on people’s hair. Want purple hair? Got it. Crimson? No problem. Hell, we even do green!” she said, lifting a strand of her own hair.

“Any wild color your mind can imagine. Funny thing about hair color though. Know what you get when you mix all those brilliant colors together? Holding the mixing bowl up for them to see she said “Mousy old brown.”

“Spread those legs princess, the punishment is about to match the crime.”

Jujou began to cry as Pig’s gloved fingers worked the smelly die into her beautiful ginger bush. In seconds it’s lovely fire was dulling. By the minute her pubic hair’s lustrous gold was transforming into muddy brown.

When Pig finally rinsed the excess dye away Jujou’s once burnished bush looked like dead brown grass.


Jujou looked up to see Tina taking photos of her devastated pubes and her hands quickly covered her crotch.

“NO! Please, don’t take pictures of me like this!”

“I’m afraid it’s necessary my dear.” she replied. How else can I share them with all of your school chums?”

“Nooo!” she cried, “they’ll all think I lied about being a natural redhead!”

“Well, that IS the idea, isn’t it?” answered Pig. “You know, do unto others and all that shit?”

For the next hour Pig Tommy and Tina cajoled and badgered Jujou to spread her legs and let them take photos. In the end, Tina got her to agree only after she promised that neither she nor Tommy or Pig would post them.

When the last photo had been shot, Tina handed her camera over to Jujou. To her horror, she say that Tina had written an email to all of her high school friends detailing how she had passed around fake photos of a random girl’s pubes and passed them off as Melba’s. Attached to the message were several photos of her own, now downgraded, pubic hair along with the message that it was actually she who’d been dying her hair and lied about it;s natural color.

“But…but that’s not true!” she stammered as she read the message. I’m a natural red head!”

“Was Pig dying her hair?”

“No” she replied sheepishly.

“Well then, a lie to pay for a lie. It’s only fair.”

“But you promised me you guys would never share those pictures.”

“And I ALWAYS keep my promise,.None of us will share those pictures.

Jujou began to relax.

“You will…”


“Like I said, I always keep my promises. P promised you that we wouldn’t share the photos but, I promised Pig all of your friends would get them. You’re not going to make a liar of me…are you?”

The threat was implied but, obvious. Jujou hit send and then, kind of deflated. This was no longer fun and games,Tina, Tommy and Pig were out to destroy her image with the only people who counted to her.

As she mulled things over Jujou wasn’t paying much attention to the conversation around her. Her thoughts only returned to the world around her when she heard Pig let out a loud “What!”

Pig looked her straight in the face and, grinning ear to ear said “JJ was HOOKING? Oh My God how the mighty have fallen!”

How long before she shared this salacious little tidbit with all of their mutual friends? Her life was ruined, she would never be able to show her face in Miami again.

Tommy tossed the little black dress into Jujou’s lap and said “Get dressed, we’re gonna go get some food and introduce you to the crew”

As they slipped out into the warm California night Jujou wondered “How did it come to this?”

They pulled into the restaurant a little before dawn. A short time later Pig pulled up and they all walked into the trendy little 24 hour LA diner together. The walls were covered with old black and white autographed photos of even older movie stars from the “golden age” of Hollywood. Jujou guessed the diner’s patrons probably couldn’t name any but the most iconic. At the back, a tight knot of men and women sat at three booths, conversing loudly as they chowed down on steak and eggs and pancakes and bacon.Those she thought, must be the roadies The smell of strong coffee pervaded and she wished nothing more than to have a cup.

As they approached, everyone rose and exchanged hugs and kisses like one big happy family. Even Pig was embraced as one of their own. Jujou hovered in the background and the men regarded her with hungry eyes while the women eyed her with suspicion.

Tina, Tommy and Pig took the remaining seats and Jujou was left, standing at the focal point of a semicircle of curious eyes.

As she stood there, blushing with embarrassment, Tommy introduced her to the crew. A young black man called Art offered to get her a chair but Tommy raised a hand and he fell silent.

Over the next ten minutes, Tommy related the story of how they’d met and what her position in their household was. Then, he told them the the exact nature of their relationship and how he expected all of them to show her the ropes of being a roadie.As the story went on, she had no choice but to stand before them as each passed judgement in his or her own mind.

As her eyes scanned their faces, she saw expressions of every human emotion. Some, like Art, looked at her with mild amusement. Others, like a woman called Nicky couldn’t hide their looks of pure contempt.

At length, Tommy finished and Pig told her story. As she described the way JJ had treated her in high school, Jujou could feel the feeling in the room turn against her.

But once Pig began to relate the manner in which she’d taken her revenge, the room filled with laughter and Jujou blushed more deeply than she ever had before.

As the laughter subsided, a pretty and very capable young black woman called Micah said “I gotta see that!”

Tina pulled out her phone, opened the photos and handed it to her. Micah brushed it aside and pointing at Jujou’s crotch said “No…I gotta see THAT.”

The room fell silent and all eyes turned to Tommy and Tina. Tommy shrugged and Tina said “Why not?”

She turned to Jujou and said “Show ’em”

The poor little redhead glanced nervously around the diner which was rapidly filling with early morning customers. Looking back at her owners her eyes pleading she quietly said “Please, no…”

Tina smiled, and as she rose and approached the blushing girl said. “Don’t worry princess, I understand”

Jujou’s shoulders slumped with relief as Tina hugged her from behind. “I wouldn’t want you to be embarrassed by having all of the people in this diner see your cute little naked ass..”

Tina’s hands were all over Jujou’s body as she spoke. She cupped her tits and then ran them down to her creamy white thighs.

Jujou’s eyes closed in pleasure and then suddenly sprang open as Tina yanked up the hem of her dress and exposed her body from the waist down to the crew.

As Jujou looked around in shock, she saw a smartly dressed business man outside the dinner’s window spit out his morning coffee and stare at her open mouthed.

“Well look at him Jujou.” said Tina as she saw him.staring in disbelief. “I do believe he’d like to see more.”

The next thing Jujou knew, Tina had hiked her dress up over her tits and the business man grinned

Tina held her that way for a good thirty seconds. Long enough for Mr Businessman to take in all the details. As she allowed Jujou’s dress to drop, he winked wt Tina and tipped an imaginary hat her way before moving on.

“Wow” said Micah. “That is about the ugliest patch of cunt hair I have ever seen but, how is that a punishment? I mean, Pig has had to live with this for years and it looks to me like it’s affected her to this day. How is a pussy dye job going to make up for that?”

“Nah, it’s OK.” said Pig with a dismissive wave of her hand. It’s all good.”

Shaking her head in disappointment, Micah said “No Pig, It’s not OK, You always do this. Someone fucks up your shit and you let them get away with it. All. The. Time. You have GOT to start standing up for yourself!”

“I’m good though, I got my revenge.”

“Not enough.” chimed in a somewhat butch looking Mexican woman everyone called Gonzales . “Micah’s right Chica, you gotta stop doing this to yourself. Grow some cajones and do what needs to be done.”

“Li…like what?”

“I don know…fuck her up, like she did to you.”

“But…but…” stammered a frightened Jujou.

“Callate pendeja!” snapped Gonzales. “You started this shit bitch.”

Jujou shrunk back in fear.

“I mean, look at her” added Micah, “So you fucked yo her pubic hair for a few weeks…BIG DEAL. She can still slut strut into any bar on the strip and get laid in five minutes flat. Them boys don’t give a fuck what color her pussy fur is, They just wanna get their dicks wet with a pretty girl!”

“But, what else can I do?”

“How about dye the rest of her hair the same color as her pubes?” Suggested one of the guys.

“That’s an idea.” said Gonzales.

“What’s that gonna do? She can just grow it out again or dye it back. We need to come up with something more…more permanent.”

Suddenly, ideas were coming from everywhere.



“A septum ring!”

Jujou’s mind was reeling in horror as the suggestions flew about the room/

“All good ideas friends but half of LA has piercings and tats. We need something…special. Something that will make her stand out in a crowd”

“What, you mean dread up her pubes or something like that?” asked Art.

“That’s a possibility…” answered Micah.

“Nah,” replied Gonzales, She’d just shave ’em off and look hotter ‘n ev…”

Gonzales’ eyes grew wide. Her jaw dropped.

“Guys…guys…I got it!”

Everybody stopped and waited with anticipation.

Grinning, Gonzales said “Let’s SHAVE her!”

“Ever the slow one, Art said “But didn’t you just say that would make her hotter ‘n …”

Now it was his torn to gawk, mouth open. “Oh. My. God. You mean shave HER.”

“Yup…top to bottom. EVERYTHING comes off!”

If Tina hadn’t been holding her close, Jujou would gave fainted dead away.

Tina turned to Pig who was also dumb struck by the idea.

Pig,” she said.

Coming back ti reality Pig answered “Um…yes?”

“You got the necessary tools and supplies at the shop to take her down to the skin?”

“Um…yeah” she replied with a giggle. She was suddenly down right giddy at the idea of Jujou sans her gorgeous red hair.

“Good” replied Tina as she steered Jujou towards the door. “Let’s go skin this pussy!”

Pig Left her bike at the diner and piled into the SUV with Tommy, Tina and JJ (as they all had begun to call her)

One would have thought that the ride back to the shop would have been somewhat somber but, this was not the case…except of course for JJ.

Fur her, it was pure torture..It was bad enough knowing that by the day’s end she would lose her wonderful red hair but, the joy Pig was taking at her impending de-tressing was terrifying and, it seemed to be spreading!

Suddenly. Tommy, Tina and Pig were discussing various methods for removing her crowning glory AND follow up “treatment”to keep her bald for some time!

“I think we should start with scissors,I just love they sound they make as they chop through nice, thick hair!” Said Tina.

“Nah,” answered Pig, Clippers are definitely the way to go, fst and effective.”

The discussion went on for several minutes until Tommy asked “How about both?”

“You mean at the same time?”

“Hell, I don’t know shit about hair cutting. I just thought you could maybe cut with shears first and follow up with clippers or something.”

“That’s not a bad idea” said Pig as she played with JJ curly locks.

“Hey, What is we do an experiment?”

“What you have in mind?”

Pig continued. “How about I do one side with clippers and you do the other side with Shears? After, we can compare and see which side comes out best!”

“That’s a fantastic idea!”

“Should we buy her a hat of something?” asked Tommy, “Gonna be a bit doughty with no hair!”

“Oh no no, no, no. answered Tina, “I want EVERYONE to see her new look”

Pig reached up and pinched JJ cheek.

“Hear that JJ…you’re getting a new look! You’re gonna be a regular cue ball. Smooth, shiny and hairless.”

The doomed redhead pulled away in horror. This couldn’t be possible. They weren’t REALLY going to shave her bald…were they?

Almost there, Pig had another idea.

“You what know guys…If she’s going bald on top, how about we make the carpet match the drapes while we’re at it?”

Everybody laughed out loud at that one. Well, almost everyone.

Pig continued…

“And if she’s going to be bald all over, I think it only proper that EVERYBODY can see it, don’t you?”

“An excellent idea my dear!”

Tina turned to JJ, her hand out stretched. .”I’ll have that dress now JJ.”

JJ”s jaw dropped. “But, it’s daytime, People will see me naked!”

“Get used to it you sassy little slave. From now on, if you’re not working, you will be naked at all times! No more clothes for you!”

Pig was giddy with delight.

“Ah JJ,” she said when she regained control, How the mighty have fallen. Not so clever now, are you?”

“I’m going to start counting JJ.” aid Tina. “You will stand in front of the store naked for one minute for every number I count off until that dress is in my hand…one,”

JJ struggled to pull the dress over her head but, in her haste, forgot to remove her seat belt. By the time she figured it out and handed the dress to Tina, she’d counted to 12

“That’s 12 minutes you’ll be standing in front of the store…naked.”

They pulled up th the store but, just when JJ thought he’d stop, Tommy continued another block. His friend the bum was there, sitting in the doorway where he’d slept, sipping day old coffee.

Tommy gout out of the car and handed him a crisp new $50.00.

“Keep a sharp eye on my truck Pete and I’ll give you a VERY good tip when I come back.”

“Yes Sir!” he said and snapped a stiff salute.

Tommy Opened the front door and helped Tina out.

“Ma’am” said Pete, touching his fingers to his brow.

Closing the door, Tommy opened the rear door. Pig came bounding out.

“Peter my good man, how you doing on this fine morning?”

“Just peachy Miss Melba” he replied with a grin. “just peachy!”

Pig turned and leaned into the SUV.

“Come on out and meet Pete, JJ”

Pulling a bit hard, Pig extracted the reluctant JJ from the car in all her naked glory.

“Pete, this is my old friend JJ, JJ, Pete.”

“Well, well, well, ain’t you purdy as a pin!” He stood, approached her and bent to kiss her hand.

“JJ’s our new …traveling companion Pete.” said Tina.

“Oh, I just bet she is.”

Shivering in the morning breeze, JJ blushed from head to toe. She tried to cover her womanly assets but, Tina slapped her hands away and gave her a look that said “NO” on no uncertain terms.

For the next twelve minutes JJ stood stark naked on a street corner in a slummy part of LA and traded small talk with Pete the bum.

At last, her penance paid,they said their goodbyes and walked the block and a half to the shop.

They had her walk out front for all to see. Thank god it was early morning on a weekend and not too many people were out and about. Still, every now and then, a lone commuter, coffee in hand would do a double take and rubber neck as he or she passed on by.

At long last, they reached the shop and Pig unlocked the door and let them in.

As JJ entered (last of course) she had a brief urge to run.

“Run!” the thought screamed through her mind. “Run to where?” her rational mind answered. Even if she got away, Where would she go in a city she didn’t know and without even a stitch to cover her naked body.

She passed through the door and into the rest of her life.

JJ’s stomach was rolling. Not only had she not eaten since her latest ordeal began but, the tension of not knowing if Tina,Tommy and Pig were serious about shaving her bald had her intestines twisted into knots. On second thought, she reflected, it was probably a good thing she was empty.

Tommy led her to one of the tattoo chairs and for the first time she noticed that they bore a very strong resemblance to barber chairs. After she was seated, he fiddled around for a moment behind her.

Without warning, the head rest dropped away and her hair was dangling freely down its back.

Tommy took a hair brush from Tina’s purse and slowly ran it through JJ’s magnificent red hair.

“They…they’re not REALLY going to shave my head…are they?” she asked timidly.

“Well JJ,” he replied, “When those two get going together, there’s no telling what they’re going to get up to.”

About that time Pig returned pushing a sheet covered medical trolley in front of her.

She turned and winked at JJ. “No peeking now” she said as she walked away.

A few seconds later Pig and Tina returned with a second trolley which they placed opposite the first.

Pig pressed a peddle at the base of the chair and JJ rose up high enough that everybody would be comfortable while working. She it a second peddle and the back of her chair tilted back until it was horizontal.

Turning to Melba, JJ spoke.

“Um…ah…look Melba, I…I know I was hard on you in high school but, that was sooo long ago. I’ve changed since then, really, I have. I’m not that mean girl anymore.” Pig looked down at her and nodded. “I promise I’m not. An…and, you’ve already gotten me back with that pubic dye job and all. I …I mean that was a good one, a REALLY good one…

Pig and Tina ripped the sheets from their respective trolleys.

On Tina’s trolley were an assortment of scissors and shears, on Pig’s were two pair of rechargeable clippers, one large and one small. Both trays had an assortment of razors, bowls of water, badger brushes and shaving soap.

“You’re…you’re not really gonna shave me, are you?”

The three of them burst out laughing. They laughed so hard they doubled over and soon, JJ was laughing with them.

“Just as I thought,” she said to herself, “They just wanted to scare me!”

The loud buzzzzzz of the clippers cut the air as Pig flicked them on. At about the same time, Tina lifted a pair of rather shears from her trolley and snicked them open and closed before JJ’s wide open eyes.

Head whipping back and forth between the two, she tried to get up. Tommy reached in and grabbed her by the jaw. leaning in he said, “I’d hold still if I were you. Wouldn’t want to lose an ear.”

She swallowed hard, They were really going to do it. They were going to take her beautiful red hair from her.

Then, without warning, Pig plowed the clippers into the front of JJ’s hairline, just to the right of her part. As golden red hair began to rain down all over her and onto the floor, Tina began her assault on the other side with her shears. In only a few moments they had robbed the front half of her head of years of carefully maintained hair.

Before long, they were working their way to the crown of her head.

Tina and Pig laughed as Tommy said she looked like a skinny friar tuck.

“Male pattern baldness suites you JJ!” Pig said with a giggle as they worked their way over the crown of her head and down the back.

Before long, JJ had a skunk trail of stubble down the middle of her head separating the long res hair that remained on each side.

“JJ”, said Tina, leaning over her face, “You really look a mess!”

“Don’t worry though.” added Pig, “We’ll even it up for ya!”

With that, the two began their assaults on the sides of JJ’s head, Pig on the right, Tina on the left.

Pig, feeling especially cruel as the shearing went on, went so far as to hold onto her hair as she cut lose each hank and then raise it to her nose and breathe in it’s freshly shampooed aroma. As she finished she kissed each silken bundle and unceremoniously, dropped it to the floor.

Twenty minutes later, and JJ’s long red locks were gone. Tina and Pig had a good natured argument over who’s side looked better.

“Mine’s much smoother and even.” claimed PIg.

“Yeah, well my side has an interesting texture.” answered Tina.

They went round and round until Tommy suggested they let a third party decide who’s work looked better.

“Agreed” they said together. Pig spun JJ around to face a mirrored wall and then produced a barber’s mirror so JJ could see the mess that was the back of her hair as well.

And what a mess it was. Neither had been careful in the least. While the clippered side was indeed shorter, it was in no way more even. Pig had just pulled and cut randomly. Some spots were longer than others, there were bald patches and in some places, there were small bundles of hair that appeared to have been missed all together. The only difference JJ could see between the two disasters was that the shears had left cut marks where Tina had gotten close to the skin. Her beautiful red hair was devastated.

“Well? Which side looks better?”

Knowing she must return home with Tina, JJ raised her left hand.

Tina pumped her fist and said “YES!”

Pig glowered at JJ. Was she really pissed or was it an act? JJ had no idea.

“Well ladies,” interjected Tommy. Care to let me have a wack at her?”

“Of course Big Boy!” answered Tina.

“What you got in mind?” inquired Pig.

“Well, if you FINE ladies don’t mind, I’d like to shave her nice and smooth.”

“Be our guest!”

A hot towel came first…really hot. Followed by more heat in the form of lather. Once that had a chance to soak in, Tommy began to straight razor JJ’s head with careful, short strokes.

He began at the top front and followed the same pattern the women had. From Friar tuck, to skunk to the sides. An hour later and JJ was slick bald.

Pig walked over to the bald girl and taking her by the hand, lifted her from the chair.

“Come on sweet cakes, time to model your new look.”

They posed her in a number of positions. Ones that emphasized her bald head and contrasted it to her mousy brown pussy.

“have to get the ugly bush in the picture,” Pig explained. “How else will our friends in Miami going to recognize you?”

Mortified at the ides Pig was going to share these pics, JJ blushed red from head to toe.

“Awww…ain’t you cute in pink?” quipped Pig as the others laughed out loud.

The photos were soon on their way to a few select friends with orders to share them far and wide and…a cryptic request to “stay tuned for more…”

At last, Pig took JJ by the shoulders and pushed her back into the chair.

JJ looked around in confusion.

“Oh sweetie, we ain’t done yet. said Tina

“That’s right JJ,you’re going to get the full ride tonight.”

They pulled the legs apart and Pig slowly spread shaving foam across JJ’s cunt. Once it was covered, she proceeded to carefully and thoroughly remove any hint that the poor girl had ever had that wonderful red bush.

Pig wiped JJ’s now hairless pussy down and giving it a couple of sharp slaps, declared her “As smooth and hairless as the day she was born.”

They had her stand before the window and Pig asked her what she thought of her new look.

“Tears streaming down her face, JJ said “I look horrible! Like a completely hairless freak!”

“Not quite.” said Pig as she reached up and spread a hot gooey substance on JJ’s eyebrows. Tina followed up by pressing paper to the goo. Before JJ could comprehend what they were doing, each reached up and ripped the paper away, taking JJ’s perfect brows with it.

“NOW you look like a hairless freak!” said Tina.

The poor girl just stood there open mouthed. Unable to comprehend that she’d just been robbed of her last vestige of hair. How could this get any worse?

Pig appeared before her and with expert precision, quickly plucked out the hapless girl’s lashes.

“I had to ask.” JJ thought to herself.

Then, before she could even come to terms with her new found baldness. Tina and Pig whisked JJ to the shower at the rear of the shop. Folloowing close behind, Tommy recorded the events to follow as they played out. Quickly stripping, they stepped into the shower and soaped the poor girl up. After a good scrubbing, they rinsed her off and spread a gel cleaner over her entire body from top to bottom.

“Gotta leave it on for 10 minutes to do its job.” Pig whispered into her ear. As JJ stood to one side, Tina and Pig began to wash each other. This, of course, ended up with the two of them on the shower floor, sleek, smooth bodies entwined (neither had any hair below the neck) in sexual embrace.

Once they were satiated, they rinsed off and turned to JJ.

Each took a soft wash cloth and sensually began to wipe the gel from her lithe frame. As they rinsed her off JJ began to notice something…strange.

Where once there were fine golden hairs on her arms, there was now only her alabaster skin. Looking down to her feet, she saw tiny glints of red as the hairs washed down the drain.

“Wha…what did you do to me?” she cried out.

“Don’t worry about it.” answered Tina. “It’s just a hair remover Pig gets from Europe. Keeps our bodies hair free for weeks so there’s no need to shave.”

“You mean I’m going to be bald for weeks?” she cried in panic.

“Well Hehe…funny thing about that,” said Pig. “If you leave it on for 5 minutes, you can go a good four to five weeks without shaving. Leave it on for ten minutes and it’ll last a couple of months.”

JJ was beginning to get a sick feeling about this>

“But, you must have left it on me a good half an hour” she said with a shaky voice. “How soon until my hair starts to grow back?”

“Well…that’s the funny part. You leave it on for more than 20 minutes to remove the hair for good. We just kinda lost track of time while we were…you know…”


Yeah, I’m afraid so…you’re bald FOR GOOD.”

JJ awoke on the floor. Confused, she looked up to see Tommy fanning her and Pig and Tina looking on. She tried to rise but, Tina said “Whoa, whoa” and held her back.

“You fainted dead away JJ.” added Pig. “Almost cracked your skull on the cement floor!”

“Yep, scared the shit out of us!” said Tommy.

“Wha…why did I faint?” asked JJ as she reached up to feel her head.

But, where she expected to find thick red hair, her hand felt only cool, damp skin.

“Noooo!” she cried. “No, no,no…”

Hesitating for a moment, she ran her finger tips over her brows and eye lids and then held her shapely arms out to inspect them. Finally, she sat up and checked between her creamy white thighs. There wasn’t a hair in sight…anywhere! She was completely HAIRLESS!

Crying as they lifted her to her feet Pig said “Look on the bright side JJ, you’ll be very unique looking …for the rest of your life!”

The ex red head’s leg gave out beneath her as she realized that it hadn’t been a dream, she was permanently bald.

“No, not bald,” she thought, “HAIRLESS”

Never again would she run her fingers through her beautiful, thick red hair. Never again would a passionate lover pull the hair at the back of her head as she writhed in ecstasy. Never again would she comb her fingers through her thick pubic hair.

She had been robbed of her beauty and even lamented the loss of such mundane tasks as trimming her pubic hair, shaving her legs and armpits or even shaping her lovely brows.

Gone…ALL gone…FOREVER.

They took her to the back where there was a small break room equipped with a cot and laid her down to rest.

As she drifted off JJ over heard Tina say “I know it’s a shock but, you’ll get used to it with time.”

JJ woke from her sleep and lay still. The night’s activities playing in her mind. Was it even possible to remove a person’s hair permanently? Surly Tina, Pig and Tommy were putting her on. “That MUST be it! They’re gas-lighting me, trying to make me believe I’ll never have hair again.”

She resolved to play along, Act the part while she kept an eye out for the slightest hint of regrowth.

Rising to her feet, JJ wrapped a blanket around herself and walked to the front of the shop.

“Morning sleepy head.” said Pig as JJ entered the main room of the shop.

“JJ!” said Tina. “Have we got a surprise for you!”

The poor girl was not sure she was ready for anymore surprises.

“We got you a job! Right here in Pig’s shop!”

JJ stiffened in dread anticipation.

“YOU…are going to be the new receptionist. At least when you’re not on the road with us.

“I…I am?”

“You are indeed!” replied Tina. “But first, you must be identified.”

“Identified? What do you mean?”

“You belong to us so, we can’t just leave you here without letting anyone know you’re taken!”

Pig came up behind JJ and gently removed the blanket she’d covered herself with before guiding her to the chair where she’d been denuded the night before. Her bare feet shuffled through the dead remains of her once glorious hair as she was taken to be seated.

Once again, the chair was tilted back but, this time, her legs were lifted over the arm rests, leaving her bare cunt completely exposed while Pig busied herself at a small, nearby table.

The poor girl’s confusion was ended as Pig ran a cold alcohol wipe across her still tender mound. JJ tried to sit up but, Tommy gently pushed her back.

“No peaking” he said while wagging his finger at her.

The first jab took JJ by surprise.

“Oh my God!” she cried out. “Are you tattooing my mound?”

“You bet I am…now hold still!”

An hour later, Pig ran a gel covered hand over JJ’s sore mound and proclaimed her “Done!”

They sat JJ up and she bent to look at her now adorned mound.

On it she saw a bar code. As she watched, Tina ran a bar code reader over JJ’s mound. The machine beeped once and the words “salve j” appeared on the readout.

“Perfect!” exclaimed Tina. “Now, let’s do the same on the back of her head.”

“Nooo!” cried JJ.

“Now, now JJ, we have to mark you as our property, we already explained that to you. Besides, it’s necessary to keep track of our expenses”.


“Of course! Each time you get pierced of tattooed Pig will scan your bar code and send us an invoice for slave j.

“Each time?”

“Of course! How else do you expect to pay Pig back for your job?”

“I, I don’t know if it’s really me.” said the young customer. “I mean, I like it but, maybe just not on me…”

“Well,” replied Pig, “why don’t you have a seat and I’ll give you an idea of what it will look like on you.”

A look of amazement crossed her face.

“You can do that?”

“Of course we can, silly!”

“Like with an app or a computer program of something?”

“Not at all! I can show you in real life!”


“JUJOU!” she yelled out.

A moment later the strange little hairless receptionist appeared in the doorway

“Yes Ma’am?” she addressed the tattooist with downcast eyes.

“Strip.” Was all she said.

Without hesitation Jujou shucked off her smock, revealing that she wore absolutely nothing beneath it. Not even pubic hair.

The young customer gasped is surprise as the now naked girl approached. Try as she might, the girl could not pull hes gaze from JJ’s completely hairless body.

“Now then,” said Pig, “Where were you thinking you wanted that tattoo?”

They spent the next few minutes placing a mock up of the girl’s tattoo, i lovely sunflower, in various places on JJ’s body.

At long last, the girl decided she would like to see what it would look like centered on her nipple.

Pig had JJ lay on the chair and, much to the girl’s surprise, began to tattoo a beautiful sunflower over her left nipple.

About an hour later, the girl decided she really liked it but, felt that having only one tit done might be unbalanced and, in short order, JJ’s other nipple was similarly adorned

As JJ stood before them, tits cupped to display her new tattoos.

The girl leaned in to take a better look. She turned to Pig and sheepishly asked, “Can I touch them?”

“Of course you can!”

She’d never been attracted to girls but, the combination of JJ’s complete hairlessness and newly tattooed nipples had made her really wet.

She reached out tentatively and gently touched JJ’s offered tits.

The salt on her fingers stung but, JJ had become used to it. In the weeks since her hair had been taken from her, she’d acquired many tattoos, mostly on her back but, some on other places. She was certain there would be more to come.

As the girl continued to caress JJ’s breasts, the ex red head knew what was coming next.

“Her skin…it’s so soft” she began, How often does she have to shave?”

“Shave?, JJ doesn’t have to shave! She’s had all of her hair permanently removed.”

“You mean, she’s bald…forever?”

“Oh no, not bald, she’s TOTALLY hairless. Go on, rub her anywhere you want, She’s baby’s butt soft all over!”

The girl reached up and gently rubbed JJ’s bald head, It was soft and slick. Eventually, just as JJ knew it would, the girl’s hand worked its way to her permanently denuded pussy. The poor girl was so horny JJ could smell her pussy in the air.

Pig noticed it too.

Turning to the ex redhead, Pig said “JJ, our customer seems a bit…tense. Why don’t you relax her while I get things ready for her tattoos?”

“There you go my dear!” said Pig as she covered the girl’s nipples with sterile gauze.

“Your boy friend’s going to love them.”

Smiling, the girl pulled up her top and said “I don’t know, I may just switch to girls!” reaching out, she gave JJ’s hairless head a final caress.

“I’ll tell you one thing though, if I ever do get a girlfriend…I’m shaving her bald all over!”

The both laughed loudly as Pig escorted the girl to the cash register. Once there, Pig rang up the girl’s tattoo. then turned to JJ.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she called out to the still nude ex redhead.

Rising, eyes down, JJ walked slowly to Pig. Facing her, the hairless girl put her hands on her hips and thrust her mound forward. Looking on with curiosity, the customer watched as Pig picked up a hand held laser scanner and pointed it at the bar code tattoo above JJ’s unadorned slit. It beeped twice and recorded the sale. Pig ran her card, she signed it and took her receipt. Walikng to the door, she read it and paused in mid stride.

Turning around, the girl looked up and said “Wait, this has to be a mistake!”

“A mistake?” JJ looked mortified.

“Yes, it says here that the 2 practice tattoos were only $2.00 each, surely that can’t be right!”

Turning to JJ, Pig said “Tell her.”

Not daring to look up, JJ replied, ‘I’m a worthless cunt, you were only charged for the ink.”

The young girl gasped, one hand covered her open mouth. The other unconsciously reached down to her suddenly wet pussy.

Can you book me for another next Tuesday?”

“Sure thing! What would you like to get and where?”

“A Butterfly or two. We’ll figure out where when I get here.”

The tour bus ride had been long and hot. For 5 days Tommy and Tina’s crew had trekked across the US of A on their way from LA to Miami, FLA. Of course, Tommy, Tina and their special VIP friend Pig had flown there in a few hours and were partying their ass off.

Normally, JJ would not have minded the trip. The bus was capacious, the beds very comfortable and the food quite nice. However, Right before they left LA Tina had made a “special announcement” to the crew.

She let it be known that their newest member would not only be helping out with set up and tear down. Oh no, no, no…she was also to be the roadie teams new “Morale Officer” with strict instructions to service all members of the crew when ever and, how ever, they required it.

The only stipulation was that, under no circumstances was JJ aloud to cum.

And so, for the last four and a half days, JJ had been fucked by and had sucked all manner of body parts and various inanimate objects without once being allowed release.

By the time the bus pulled into Miami her pussy was sore, swollen, red and throbbing to cum. It didn’t help that Mary-Anne, a cute little brunette no larger than JJ herself, insisted that when not in use, JJ’s nipples and cunt be subjected to continuous suction. The result was that her nipples were constantly engorged well beyond anything she had ever experiences and her pussy lips, all of them were swelled up like a clown;s balloon animal.

She was so sensitive that when she stepped off the bus all she could wear was a light shift. It hid her ridiculously swollen pussy lips from the casual observer but, did nothing to hide her massively engorged nipples.

She arrived at her room and made a bee line for the bathroom. Stripping off her shift, she took stock of her body. The sunflowers tattooed around her normally pert little nipples now bloomed to an enormous size and a translucent liquid leaked from their tips. Glancing down at her grotesquely swollen pussy lips she couldn’t help but notice how the twin butterflies Pig had tattooed on either side of her slit were almost life sized now.

“Damn” she said softly, “I sure hope the swelling goes down by the time we start setting up!”

As a rigger and grip, it would be her job to climb up into the rafters and set the lights the others sent her way and didn’t relish the idea of doing the job in her thin shift with her pussy swollen up like a baboon’s ass. Of course, the alternative, wearing her cutoff bib overalls with her crotch as big as a pair of Polish sausages wasn’t much more appealing.

She hopped into the hot shower and the miles seemed to drift away with the dirt of the road. Just when she was finally relaxing, she was startled as the shower curtain was ripped back. Turning in surprise, she saw Mary-Anne standing naked behind her.

“Hiya roomie!” she said with a brilliant white Hollywood smile’

“Brought ya a present!”

In one hand Mary-Anne held up the suction gun JJ had so come to hate. In the other, the plastic bells she’d used on her during their cross country sojourn along with two larger cups.

She flashed her brightest smile and added, “Bet ya an’t guess where these new ones go!”

The drive back to LA was as eventful as the drive out to Miami. There were what seemed like endless stops on the tour and JJ got to see many cities she never thought she’d ever visit.

In many ways, it was the trip of a lifetime. In many ways, it was hell.

The work itself was strenuous and exhausting. Each night she wanted nothing more than to go to sleep and each morning, she wanted to stay in bed.

Her crew mates however, never seemed to sleep. After each show they insisted she accompany them to the “After Party”. That first night she was excited by the prospect of rubbing elbows with the VIPs in the crowd but, she was disappointed to find that the crew wasn’t invited to THAT after party.

Instead, after break down, the crew got together with the locals and partied well into the morning. Once it was realized that she was a Tommy and Tina’s personal sex toy and to be shared by any and everybody on the crew, er fate was sealed. She was loaned out so often on this first tour that Mary-Anne and the crew began calling her “The Party Favor”.

But, like all things, the tour finally came to an end. As they pulled up to the house, JJ could think of only two things. First, that tonight, she would be sleeping in her own bed and second, that Mary-Anne and the gang would also be heading home and she would FINALLY get away from the horrible suction devise she’d been subjected to for weeks.

Her poor “cunt”, as she had begun to think of it, would finally be allowed to return to its normal, petite self.

That night, she was treated to a lovely surprise. As a reward for her hard work, both Tommy and Tina gave her the most luxurious bath. Together they washes away the dirt of the road as well as the aches of hard work. After her bath, they massaged her with scented oils and made love to her together.

The only thing that was missing was Pig. Where was she?

The poor hairless girl was informed that Pig wasn’t coming back to LA. She’d sold her shop and was returning to their home town for good.

The news made JJ sad as she had become quite attached to Pig.

“Don’t worry JJ” they aid, “You’ll see her whenever we visit Miami.”

And so, they continued until, one day, Tommy and Tina sat her down to talk.

They had been together now for 3 years. She’d traveled with them on three tours and become “part of the family” on the tour bus. She assumed they just wanted to talk about this year’s coming tour. She was wrong.

They were, it turned out, heading off for an extended two year international tour but, her excitement at the idea of seeing exotic locals was dashed when they told her she wouldn’t be coming. It seemed that when on foreign tours they used a different crew in each country and they would be moving around so much, the would have very little time to spend with her.

She was devastated but, as Tommy wiped away her tears, Tina tried to be encouraging.

“Don’t worry JJ” she said, “You know that we would never leave you without making arrangements to care for you.”,

“Yes,” added Tommy, “We found you a perfect position for you AND…it’s in your home town!”



Three Months Later…

The nails groaned as they were pried form the wooden crate. For two days and nights the petite ex-redhead had been in complete sensory deprivation. She’d had a wonderful good bye dinner with Tommy and Tina and the last thing she remembered before waking up in the crate was sharing a final glass of wine with them.

She was completely cut off from the world. Utter darkness, no sound, no smalls, no taste. Even her sense of touch was blunted by the thick padding she’d been packed in. Air was supplied by a canula, her waste carried away by appropriately placed tubes.

For what seemed to her like weeks, her only sensation was that of movement.

Now, she was being “unpacked”.

The top was removed from the crate and for the first time since her ordeal began, there was something other than darkness. As the stiff foam that had held her motionless was removed, the light flooded in. Moving for the first time in days, JJ blinked as her yes adjusted to the now unfamiliar light and saw a gorgeous blond looking down at her.

“Wake up sleepyhead!” said a strangely familiar voice. Who was this stunning woman?

The two men who opened the crate helped JJ from the to her feet. As they remover her “life support” JJ studied the strangely familiar woman She wore a lovely red dress of crimson that beautifully complimented her clear, creamy white skin and golden blond hair and displayed a confidence JJ had rarely seen in anybody.

The woman coyly looked back, s slight smile on her full red lips.

“What’s the matter JJ? Cat got your tongue?” she said as the men took away the crate and left the room.

“I…do I know you?” JJ asked

The mysterious blond took a seat in the room’s only chair. She beckoned JJ forward and slowly hiked up her skirt exposing a neatly trimmed blond bush.

The bald girl understood what was expected of her and dropped to her knees. As JJ began to service the beautiful women, she began to speak.

“You know, I really hatted you for years but, I really have to thank you. If you hadn’t treated me like shit in high school I never would have become the woman I am today.”

All those years, hating myself over the insults of someone like you. The colored hair, the weird cuts, and the tattoos! All that just to reinforce YOUR view of me! Oh yeah, that feels really good…It took me taking away your beauty…No, your ability to be beautiful to make me understand that YOU were jealous of me. That’s why you treated me like shit all those years ago.”

Melba reached down and took JJ’s slick, bald head between her hands, pressing her face deep into her pussy.

“Once I realized that, I let my hair grow out and began to laser off all my old tats. Worked great too! ”

“Oh yeah…that feels great…I gotta get you a tongue barbel…”

“In fact, I only have one tattoo now.”

Slipping the red dress off of her shoulders, Melba shrugged it down, exposing her beautiful, now creamy white breasts. .

Glancing up, JJ saw a single line of script. It red “Jujou’s owner”

The end

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