Bang Bang Bang – Part 1

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I have had a fetish now for several years and over the years have developed the courage to express to others, especially to women about my hair fetish.
But of course I wasn’t brave or stupid enough to talk about this to any random women. The women with whom I would talk about my fetish came down to careful choice. They had to fulfil 3 conditions. One that they must be known to me or have some association with me (friend, colleague, neighbour, trainer etc.) Two they must have attractive hair. What can be termed attractive changes person to person. In my eyes, attractive hair can take multiple forms – it can be long silky straight hair or nicely maintained wavy hair or chic bobs as examples. Third and most important condition was to get a sense of acknowledgement or recognition that they don’t mind me sharing and having this fetish and they are happy to talk to me about their hair as well. It has happened so many times that most women look at hair just as a commodity and don’t like talking about it or they find a chat about hair with a non family person is awkward and try to discourage the whole chat. This is something I learnt by experience – often talking to women about their hair in a simple fashion, see how they react and if they like the chat, shift the next gear or kill the discussion down.
Apart from the 3 conditions above what is also important is to find the right opportunity to talk about it. I would never feel comfortable talking about my fetish when in a large group, that is just the way I am. Others might find it more easier to talk in public. I found it easy to talk about hair just after the women have underwent a change. Greater the change, greater the excitement at my end and longer the chat often turns out to be.
Enough about my fetish. Let’s talk about an incident or incidents that I found exciting in my life about hair. Who doesn’t get attracted to long hair. Enter to the scene – a colleague Reshma from work with whom I used to work several years ago when we were unmarried. She is Indian, gorgeous to see, dresses in trousers or denim and shirt most often, about 5’6 a 5’8 and the most telling aspect was her hair. Black silky long cut blunt at the ends and when she wore it loose it would kiss the top of her bums. Her hair has a nice natural shine to it and was attractive to see. 6 out of 10 days she would let her hair loose for work with centre partition or side partition. Other 4 days used to be a mixture of a perfect looking braid or an imperfect bun roughly secured with a jaw clip.
I was fascinated looking at her hair and every single day  my eyes would get drawn to her hair with the hope what would she do different to her hair today ? Would she ? Or Won’t she ? This secret staring was despite of having a girlfriend who like most girl friends do kept an eye on where my eyes were scanning. My girl friends hair was in a messy or multiple layers cut which sometimes in professional speak is called as a feather cut. It was appealing. But in my head Reshma’s hair was far more appealing than my girl friends’.
Years passed, I didn’t have the courage to speak to Reshma about her hair and how much I adore it. In the years that passed, she got married, I got married and the worlds wagon wheel moved on to the extent we had kids. Occasionally I would check how she looked thanks to development of messaging Apps. Her body changed, some extra pounds, bit more maturity of her body, appearance, dressing sense.. But her hair – it was same, it was as it was years ago when she sat next to me at work. Perhaps the length goes 6-8 inches longer or sometimes 6-8 inches shorter but it was there thereabouts.
I did have an occasional chat with her and would jokingly enquire how her hair is and she would reply – still long which would shatter my heart.
More time passed and then finally the day arrived. There was a photo on her profile – one that immediately caught my attention. Was it a big change – No, Was it an exciting change – hell, Yeah. She wore a knee length skirt that day which I was thankful was white that day. And her hair was silky spread around her shoulders and I spotted it was shorter than her usual length which is around the butts. Now though it was in the tantalising length between mid back and the bums or could say waist length which to her standard was a big change. But that was not what caught my eye about her pic. It was the freshly cut blunt bangs just kissing her eyebrows. She looked sexy and I felt as wet just by looking at her picture.
This was no small change considering the number of years i had to wait to witness it. I could no longer resist from contacting her and talk about her hair. I was thrilled and excited. It had been close to year since i last contacted her. I had to wait for a peaceful and private moment. Big gasp of breath, and I messaged her.
Hi Reshma, the profile pic, is that really you ?
Heart beating, the agonising wait to see 2 ticks.. a few minutes later the two ticks appeared. but they weren’t colourful yet. It was 4 in the evening, a working day, spouse working in a different room. Every 5 seconds i would take a peak at the messaging app to see if there was a response. Thankfully, i only had to wait for 20 minutes before i sensed some vibration on the table.
Hellos, yes it is the new me. like it ?
I continued. You bet. Finally you did change your hairstyle. Looks so refreshingly wonderful on you. I absolutely love it. When did you do it?
Not recently, it must be 2-3 months back i think.
cool. What made you go for it ?
Thanks dear. Was so fed up of the same old look for years now. When i was in the salon chair, watched another girl get some fringes and just somehow got the courage and went for it. Glad you liked it.
I was very excited and i continued this chat with her, slowly revealing about my love towards women’s haircuts and going on to reveal that i was a fetish. To my surprise, she didn’t question what is a Fetish. She was one of the clever ones and probably knew the meaning to that word. She smiled and said woww, i don’t believe it in a quiet tone.
Does she know ? (referring to my wife)
Yeah, but she perhaps got too much inspiration from you and wants to grow her hair as long as you usually have (which was true by the way)
I pleaded her to keep this as our own little secret and she obliged. She then asked if i practice my skills on my wife and i took her through some of the cuts i did on her, even sending her a couple of pics to build her confidence.
Wow, i never could have imagined you have this secret interest and really great finish with those cuts. Are you sure you did those 😉 ? she asked jokingly.
When we meet next, you can find out yourself. i said.
Lucky her. she got a home stylist. Look at me, I have to visit salon every month now to have this trimmed. If you were living around here, would have been wonderful to meet, chat and have haircut too at home done by you.., she smiled.
Well, if you really are keen, i can bring my tools next time we meet. i said.
Deal, i trust you 🙂
With that i was totally wet down and my better half made her way to my room and i had to pretend as if i was busy and not on the phone.
Days and weeks passed. i didn’t wanted to push my wife too much about planning a travel to meet her. but thankfully both the ladies caught up and in about 3 months time Reshma’s family were visiting us. I was so excited. Now i get to admire the beautiful women from up so close after several years. Last time i met her we were unmarried. Now both of us are married and have kids. It had been that long. i had to ensure the tools were all in one place – what if i need them ? May be i wont need them as both of our better halves would be around as well.
Heard the doorbell at last and it was them. i could barely hear the hello from her husband as my eyes were all on Reshma. how is she, how’s her hair. how is she going to react. Although born and brought up in India, we have picked up some elements of western culture. One of it which was handy now was a light hug and a cheek kiss. My god, my heart was racing so high.
Reshma was wearing a long skirt, a buttoned sleeveless top, her hair loose, still dense black and shiny to around 6-8 inches past her bra straps. She had some layers in the front which she didn’t have the last time I saw her in a pic. in fact i had never seen her have layers before. The most noticeable change was Bangs. Now Bangs + Layers – I felt she was pushing herself to new levels with her hair.
And finally a stare at her bangs. Part of me wanted it to be beautifully cut, combed down, spread evenly reaching her brows. Part of me was praying for them to be a bit longer. To my liking it was the latter that day. she had partitioned her bangs and brushed them aside on both sides. it looked like they might be just long enough to cover her eyes completely and needing the hugs and kisses of a scissor soon.
Lots of greeting, little hugs, a few jokes later we all we seated in the living area. My wife and Reshma were in the kitchen finishing off the drinks which was then brought to the living room. Kids were busy playing outside. A lot of casual conversation happened before naturally the conversation went to hair. And it wasn’t me who introduced the hair topic, but my wife who was equally excited and perplexed by the big change Reshma has undertaken.
What a lovely haircut. It suits you so much dear, said my wife
Thanks darling. Years and years of old look. Got bored. Even your hair is looking nice, said Reshma
Only a week ago did I trim my wife’s layers and snipped off some long side swept bangs in front which were long till her lips. Ahead of this friends visit, I helped style her hair in the morning – giving a blow dry and ironing helping her set her layers nicely laid over the saree that she was wearing.
Thanks Reshma. Glad you liked it. 
Which salon do you go ? I find the ones I use really expensive.
My wife has a quick stare at me, smiles, almost reluctant to reveal the little secret away and showing some discomfort to lie.
have a home stylist that does my haircuts here, she stuttered trying to find the half way house between revealing the truth and keeping a secret. 
I think I may know who that is, Reshma giggled. 
Both me and my wife stared at each other. My wife unsure if she knows I do the haircuts and I am crazy about hair. And I unsure what could happen if Reshma might reveal about all that secretive chat before.
My wife simply smiled.. how could you possibly know being more than a 100 mile away. 
Well, an educated guess. This is the sort of thing he doesn’t like doing. I do know your hubby is artistic. I bet he did yours especially as we all have been locked down with not much access to salons.
My wife smiled. Very clever. You can ask him yourself, she put me on the spot.
Yeah. I can do some basic stuff, I pulled myself into the game.
Our chats went on to different topics. We had vodka and played cards. Women having more than the men. Time was approaching midnight. All of us in night attire now.
Reshma changed to night pant and a tee. Her hair now in a high pony on the frown with bangs loose. As we were chatting she suddenly opened up the pony and started stroking it before me with her fingers.
Part of her bangs were covering her one eye as they were brushed to a side.
Your bangs has gotten long, Reshma’s husband said.
May be you should just have it cut by him. Will save me a job of taking you to the salon, he giggled.
Is the stylist up for it ? Reshma asked all 6 eyes on me.
Why not.let me get the things.
Why would I let go of such an opportunity. This was a dream for years. Not to do her cut but to watch her in a haircut. But reality went up a notch to something I didn’t even expect.
I brought my kit. Kids sleeping upstairs. We were still in the living room, music playing. Vodka glasses in the hangs. All a bit tipsy. I had to ensure I took considerably less alcohol than others.
I placed a chair in the middle and Reshma slowly walked up to it with her hair loose. Her hair and was on her wrist. My wife s Tyler down in the couch with her husband to watch the show. Reshma was sitting facing the couch and she was still chatting as I brushed her hair out.
I had goosebumps, my crotch was starting to get erect, as the feeling of the he comb running through dense silky shiny black long hair was starting to take control of me.
The hair on her back was slightly grown out in a mild U shape and was crying out for a trim. But not wanting to push too hard at first go, I wanted to stick to the job at hand, I wasted no time and picked up the sprayer went around to her front. Touched her jaw and raised it up and combed her outgrown bangs down. Just before I combed her bangs she gave me a drunk and moody look. It was almost as if her eyes were talking with mine saying – “This is what you wanted right ? “Happy?” I smiled and sprayed it wet. Watched her eyes close as I sprayed it wet.
Where did you learn this ? She asked with her eyes shut but still wanting to seem normal in front of the other two.
Don’t ask him. I have no idea how and where. He just learnt it and is so excited to do it, answered my wife for me.
Her bangs section was previously taken with an inverted U shape in the front. With her wet silky straight bangs down, just for the fun of it, I re did her bangs section hairline changing the U to a V shape, redrawing the hair line for her bangs. This meant some new long hair strands joined her bangs now especially near the corner of her eyes crying out at me to chop them. It was my day, as she didn’t say anything about it. May have been because her eyesight was hidden by the outgrown bangs. But the long strands did kiss her bare forearms. But she chose to not complain and I didn’t understand the reason about it on that day (and also didn’t care about it).
As I was combing it down, her large boobs slowly breathing in and out caught my attention. I could see those were relatively bigger for her stature and was thinking to myself – these must have been out to good use by her family. Little did i knew over the past years I could get a glimpse to see her melons from so close. her black bra straps were visible slightly over one shoulder.
Reshma is a rapid talker and she general talks a lot. as i was brushing her wet bangs, i suddenly felt her to be less talkative than usual. May be it was the vodka, or may be the darkness behind her hair or may be she was enjoying this herself. I couldn’t tell. I heard my wife and Reshma’s husband talking, still having glass in their hands, My wife had now changed to shorts and a wide neck tee shirt with her hair loose. She almost looked hot and smokey with her hair nicely done, lip stick and make up prominent, but wearing a short night dress as described.
I picked up the scissor and snipped it a few times in the air.. tension set it. wife and her husband staring with a momentary pause.. i inserted the scissor at the crown of her left cheek just below her eyes and started snipping the long strands from the new hairline i had drawn.. snip snip snip, the scissor tips pointing ever so slightly up towards the bridge of her nose before bending down reaching to the top of her right cheeks. all the long strands settled on her lap. with the comb, i stroked off her bangs, which were still hiding her eyes, slightly lifting and shifting it so i can see her eyes a bit which were closed still.
have you slept dear ? the voice of my wife broke the ice.
A little cough, voice correction, then Reshma said.. Na na, just staying still for your hubby 🙂
As i combed her bangs again, Reshma smiled as her eyes looked up at me. With her wet bangs, now thicker than how it was when she entered this house – meticulously combed down dead straight, lifted her jaw slightly. with her being not so tall and sitting down, i had to bend down to brush her bangs. I chose to kneel down on the floor right before her knees and with my folded knees and straight body, i was almost level with her face. my crotch was erect even more and the cotton home shorts i wore made no effort to hide it down. There was a visible peak on my shorts which had an irresistible urge to press her bent knees.
I held her jaw with left hand and placed the scissor tips just over her left eyebrow corner and followed the shape of her eyebrow.. churrrrrrrp, churrrrrrrrrrp. This time, the scissor blades found more hair between them to cut than before. Churrrrrrp, I was cutting anywhere between 1-3 inches of hair, longer near the corners and shorter near the middle. Riding along the shape of her brows, as her eyebrows dropped towards the bridge of the nose, the scissor blades also took a curve down. the chopped hair was falling over her face, some onto her clevage, and some on to her lap. i could feel that she was excited in the way her legs squirmed a bit as the scissor blades rode along her forehead.
When i finished and pushed all her hair down over her body, i didn’t even realise that my crotch was already pressed hard against her bent knees. she opened her eyes, as i combed her bangs to check if the length was okay.
I had a small mirror which i picked up and showed her. I gave her the comb which she took and brushed it. as she did, her knees widened almost taking my crotch bulge in between as her knees pressed my crotch from side to side and when she did it her eyes looked at me.
Is it nice ? Reshma asked
Yeah, i think it is better than the one you had in salon, uttered her husband.
Yeah, i agree, i think i should visit here every month, joked Reshma. He is a big man with a big heart, she said squeezing my crotch a bit moreYou are really lucky to have him as your husband. Shall we exchange the husbands ? Reshma joked as all of us had a giggle.
Was it the end or did this just begin ? Wait to find out more very soon.

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