Barbara’s Transformation – Part 2

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Barbara’s Transformation – Part 2


I can’t sleep. Everything is going through my mind. “Barbie, what’s with this Barbie stuff? What’s with this Reggie guy, best doing ears in the tri-state area? I keep wondering about Barbara, her nice blond hair, even her ‘bush’ was blond, green eyes, perfect complexion, velvety smooth skin. Wow, I’m definitely in love. I know what she did to me, but I really do love everything about her.

Thursday comes and goes, the longest day I’ve ever had. I couldn’t find anything to do. I must have driven by Tabitha’s salon about 5 times hoping to get a glimpse of someone. Around 8 Tabitha calls. She tells me things went real real well and all they have to do is her hair tomorrow. She suggests I meet them at Mitch’s around 7 tomorrow night. That way they can go shopping and get Barbie some proper cloths to go with her new look. She also asked me if I thought about my ears getting pierced again. I asked her why does she keep calling Barbara, Barbie, and why should I get my ears pierced. She told me Barbara is gone for good and it wouldn’t hurt me to update my look a little too. I just ignored that and told her I’d see them at Mitch’s tomorrow.

As long as Thursday went, Friday was even longer. I got to Mitch’s around 6, I couldn’t wait. 7 comes and goes. I keep looking at the entrance not to miss anyone coming in. Finally, around 7:30 Tabitha walks in alone. She comes right up to me and asks me if I was ready to meet Barbie.

As that was being said, I felt someone put their hands over my eyes from the back. Then they started kissed my neck and worked around to give me one of the best kisses of my life. My eyes were still closed and as she was ‘French’ kissing me it felt like a small marble in my mouth. My god this is good. Instantly my dick became hard. As she finishes the kiss and pulls away, I opened my eyes. That’s not Barbara, is it? “Hi Davy” she mumbled. My dick almost popped my zipper and Tabitha must have noticed as she said. So, Dave, it looks like you approve of transformation. Let me introduce you to Barbie.

My god, what have they done. “Barbara?”

“No Davy, Barbie,” Tabitha interjects. Here you can read it here on her neck.”

Sure enough right above the dark blue spiked collar was the name ‘Barbie’ in cursive. I couldn’t help but stare, my dick throbbing. Her long blond hair, died almost black. Cut at an angle from a little below her chin, to her just below her earlobes to about an inch or two above her hairline in the back. Short, very short, bangs. The back of her hair appeared to be buzzed with about an inch peeking out below the blunt cut hair in the back. Both the bangs and buzzed nape were died a deep red. Her thick eyebrows were gone. Replaced with pencil thin arched eyebrows. She’s wearing thick black mascara on her eyes. Deep red lipstick. A diamond stud in left side of her nose. Two rings in her lower lip. A ‘beauty mark’ stud just above her lip on the right. She was wearing a low cut cropped black top, a super short black and white striped skirt and red high, high wedged heals. The top was low enough to allow me to see two birds tattooed just below her coiler bone. Enough midriff showed to see a small butterfly tattoo below her diamond studded belly button. The skirt showed enough leg to see a vine of some sort tattooed from her right ankle wrapping around her leg all the way up the skirt. And let’s not forget the back of her neck she had a large product code label tattoo.

As I continued giving Barbie the once over, Tabitha starts to describe Barbie’s new look. She starts with how those bushy eyebrows had to go and were permanently removed by electrolysis, only to be replaced with perfectly shaped tattooed ones. “We’ve eliminated hair other places too, but that’s for you to discover in private. The product code on the neck is unique just for you and is coded meaning that Barbie is your product. The birds were added just above her chest and the butterflies on her front and small of her back were added because Candy thought they would look cute. Candy has a few other ideas, but we decided to add those at another sitting.”

She went on and explained the nose stud, monroe, and the snake bites. Then she had Barbie stick out her tongue and show me that her tongue was double pierced. Once she gets used to them, she should be able to speak plain again, she adds. “Aren’t those eyebrows awesome? Those tats are as good as I’ve ever seen and obviously she needed her makeup updated too. Oh, I almost forgot, Barbie show Davy what Reggie did.”

Barbie immediately tucks her hair behind her ears showing them off. She had at least 1/2 inch holes in her earlobes, long hoop earrings hanging from the holes. At least five studs and a couple of rings lined up the ears, and rings actually in the ears. Oh my god!

Tabitha continues to say how Reggie punched out 5/8 inch holes and inserted stainless steel tunnels and how they can be stretched, if we want, after they heal. And more studs or rings can be added too, but she needs to have everything heal before we do anymore and those rings in the middle of her ear are called a tragus. “So, what do ya think of your punk bitch, Davy?”

Before I can answer, she tells me that we should head home and explore some more private areas. Who knows what you might find. You be sure to bring her back next Wednesday so we can see how the healings going and maybe tweak a few things. With that Tabitha leaves and I’m there starring at Barbara…. ah Barbie.

I chug the rest of my drink and we walk out together, Barbara… …… Ah, Barbie hanging on my arm. Driving home seemed to take forever. We really didn’t talk. I couldn’t wait to get her in bed with me. As we were driving I kept stealing looks of her.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.  When we arrive home we both walked straight to the bedroom. There Barbara… Barbie removes her skirt. She’s got a pair of crotch-less panties on revealing a hairless crotch with a red heart tattoo surrounding it and the word ‘Davy’ in it. As she removes her top I see the vine, with rose buds on it continues to wrap around her butt up her side and loops on each of her breasts making her nipples look like a rose. Her nipples have bars through them almost making them look a bee on a rose. Her back has large angle wings tattooed on it and her right shoulder appeared to have a small tattoo of me on it.

I couldn’t believe what they’ve done to her. I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on. I couldn’t believe Barbara is now … Barbie. Barbie looked at me very seriously with a small tear in her eye, unable to truly talk she mumbled “what do you think, Davy?  Am I your punk bitch now?”. I just grabbed her, gently laid her in the bed and we proceeded to experience the best sex possible. We didn’t get out of bed all day Saturday. I feel like I died and went to heaven.

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