Barbara’s Transformation

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Barbara’s Transformation – Part 1


I’ve read so many great stories here, I thought I would give it a try myself. I hope you enjoy it.

I went to the Mitch’s after work for a drink. Just to wind down. As I enter, who do I see but Barbara, the love of my life. We’ve been together for about 9 months now and I think this is serious. I thought she was out of town on business. She must have gotten home early and went for a drink to relax before calling. Wait a minute she’s seems to be hanging with somebody. He’s all in black, he looks like one of those punk or gothic types. Black hair, piercings, tattoos. What’s she doing with him. I sort of hide around the corner to watch what happens. I over hear him call her Barbie and before I know it they leave together. What’s Barbara doing with him. What a pair. He, Mr. Goth and her Miss ‘goody two shows’. She’s so down to earth and clean cut someone you’d take home to mom. A sweet cheerleader type. You know, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 115 pounds, bra strap length straight light blond hair, beautiful green eyes, conservative dresser. Won’t even where a dark shade of lipstick or heels higher than an inch. Where could they be going. I follow them best I can. Then they reach his car and are gone. Gone I tell you. I run to my car, but by the time I get to it they’re out of site. I’m devastated. I’m shocked. The girl who I thought I was going to marry is with someone else.

Next day, Saturday, Barbara calls and tells me she just got in and would be over in a few minutes. She shows up and gives me a kiss, like nothing happened. We sit around for a while, before I confront her with what I saw. I tell her I thought we had something between us. I thought I meant something to her. “What’s going on”, I ask? She starts crying and tells me that it was only a fling. She wants to stay with me and get married. It was just a fling. As for his appearance, it mesmerized her. She couldn’t help it. She couldn’t say no. His look, his look was hypnotizing to her. She was fascinated by it, she says. But, I’m the one she wants. I’m the one she wants to be with… forever. She’ll do anything, anything, she keeps saying.

I think about it for a minute and finally shout “if you want to be someone’s ‘punk bitch’ then you can be MY ‘punk bitch’. Things are going to change. Time you move in here with me where I can keep an eye on you… And… we’re going to have to do something with your looks. I can’t have MY ‘punk bitch’ look like a ‘goody-two-show’ cheerleader.  Now can I?  What do you say, Barbie?”

“Oh, your right, I’ll move in today and do anything, just anything, anything you want” she says through her tears.

Being the weekend, we got her moved in by Sunday night. Things were pretty calm. She treated me like a king. Sex was good and plentiful, much better than before. I was really liking this Barbie bitch thing.

But, `Barbie bitch’ is not ‘punk bitch’ and I’ve got to do something about that. I’ve got to teach her a lesson.  I really didn’t know anything about the ‘punk’ look, so I started to think about what kind of look Barbara needed to have to be MY ‘punk bitch’. Should I have her dye her hair black, pierce her belly button, or maybe have her get another piercing or even two in her ears. That wouldn’t be bad. Maybe a tattoo on her ankle or something. But, the more I thought about it, that would be too easy on her. I decided a better get on the net and do some research. After all, she really hurt me and she was going to have to pay for that pain. I’m not even sure she’s the one anymore.

I searched online, what I saw was eye boggling. Tattoos everywhere, piercings, colored hair, no hair, crazy make-up. Wow, the more I looked the more I was mesmerized by it.  I actually started to like some of it. Monday came and Barbie and I went to work. At lunch I went to a place I looked up on the internet by the university called ‘Purple Haze Hair ETC. Their ad emphasized the total ‘punk’ experience.

As I walk inside I see it’s a small place, sort of dark, with just three chairs.  The receptionist greats me and immediately I say to myself “this is the place”. The first thing I notice about the receptionist is her candy apple red hair, lips to match, dark eyes, piercings in her eyebrows, her lips and even on her face, like dimples.

She greats me “hi I’m Candy, how may I help you”?

I begin to explain about my girlfriend wanting a new look. Fumbling around with what I was saying.  She finally tells me to hold on a second, goes to the back room and brings the owner back. Tabitha was her name. She was rather conservative looking, early thirties, tall, slender, shoulder length brown hair with blond streaks through it. Nothing that would make you think she even worked there.

“How may I help you? Candy says your girlfriend is looking for a new look.”

I start to fumble with a story again, but finally tell her the truth. Tabitha initially wanted no part of it. Then another stylist, who overheard, came in from the back and took Tabitha aside and talked to her. Tabitha came back and said you know this won’t be cheap and she’ll need to sign a release form. I pulled out my wallet and handed Tabitha $500. Tabitha stopped asking questions and asked me how much of a change was I looking for?

“You’re the expert. You heard what she did.  You do whatever you think is best. There’s another $1500 waiting for you when you’re done.”

Tabitha went over and started talking to the other stylists. After a minute or so, she came back and said “normally we’re closed on Wednesday.  Bring her in then, and Heather, Candy and I will transform her into the punkiest ass bitch you’ve ever seen.  Come in around 7:30 so we can get an early start. If we have to we’ll cancel our clients and finish on Thursday. She’ll be sore for a few days, so if she works you might want her to take the rest of the week off”.

“OK, sounds good. See you Wednesday bright and early” I reply grinning ear to ear.

Monday night after supper I remind Barbara she agreed to be my ‘punk bitch’ and that Wednesday’s the big day. You better take the rest of the week off so that you can get used to your new look. She agrees, but now keeps asking about why a new look.   Why does she have to change her looks?  Finally, I heard enough and shouted. “Don’t you remember what you did?  Don’t you?  A fucking punk.  His looks hypnotized you, remember? Your fascinated by the punk look.  Now you’ll be a little punk too.  But you’ll be MY fucken punk, Barbie, mine.”  She just looked down knowing she shouldn’t have said anything.

I thought Tuesday would never end. I wanted to make sure we had time to enjoy Barbara’s new look so I took off the next two weeks and made sure Barbara did the same. Tabitha called me at work to make sure we we’re still coming in and to tell me everything was all set. She reminded me about having Barbara taking off the rest of the week. I assured her everything was all set. That night I could hardly sleep. Barbara seemed a little nervous, but had no trouble falling asleep.

I thought it might be easier if Barbara was relaxed when we went there in the morning, so I went and got a couple valium from an old prescription I had to sneak her in the morning.

Barbara actually woke up and was ready as I got downstairs. I made her a bagel with cream cheese and coffee for breakfast. I crunched up one of the pills and put it in the cream cheese and dropped the other in her coffee. If I must say, she looked gorgeous. Her blond hair shined over her shoulders, a cowl neck pink sweater and light brown slacks with brown loafers made her look quite professional.

At breakfast she sounded excited about her new look although she couldn’t figure out why the salon insisted she get there so early.  She tells me she knows it going to a punkish type look and asks me if I’m going to be alright if they cut some of her hair?  Not waiting for an answer, she continues that they may even change the color and tells me she’s ok with that as long as I am.

I reassured her I would love her no matter what they did to her.

“You know.  Before they start.  I think I’m going to ask them to lighten the color and add some brown chunks in it… …And re-due my makeup.  Really, I’ve looked pretty much the same since I started college.  I’m ready for something new.

Looking at her and seeing how really fantastic she looking this morning, I say, “that sounds pretty good.  It will be hard to top the way you look this morning, but … … … anyway… It will be interesting to see what you all come up with.”

We rushed through breakfast. She only ate half her bagel, but did gulp her coffee down. I insisted she take the rest of the bagel with her and eat some of it on the way. The salon is about 1/2 hour drive and about 1/2 way there I can see Barbara starting to feel the pills. As we pull in the parking lot Barbara gives me a strange look, “This place sure looks different, are you sure they do hair in there,” she asks as she stumbles out of the car. I assured her they did and helped her walk into the salon.  I think to myself, ‘maybe the valium we’re too much.’

Tabitha greeted us as we entered the salon. “You must be Barbie, Dave told me all about you.

“Barbara” Barbara corrected.

“I hear you want to get a more up to date look.  Maybe a little puckish?”

“Sure, maybe a trim and a little color” Barbara answers.

“OK, before we get started we need your OK” so please sign this” and Tabitha hands her the release form. Barbara looks at me and I tell her it’s OK, it’s so they can color your hair and do your make-up and stuff.” Barbara goes ahead and signs.

Before she could set the pen down Candy and Heather grab an arm and escorts her to the changing room. “Let’s get you into a comfortable gown, Hun. So, we can get to work”, Heather says with a huge grin on her face.

As they walk out, I tell Tabitha I slipped Barbara a couple valium to relax her a little.

“Good thinking.  That was actually a great idea.  It should make our job a little easier with her relaxed.  We serve an herbal tea to some of our customers for that reason too.”

Barbara is in a daze, first she’s sort of out of it with the pills and now people are rushing her around changing her clothes. Tabitha yells to the girls be sure to give Barbie a cup of that special tea they made.

“It’s Barbara, B A R B A R A, Barbara, I hear Barbara shout back.

In a couple minutes I see Heather and Candy helping Barbara back out to the reception area. She’s really not wearing much more than a glorified hospital gown and they are helping her sip more ‘special’ tea. We’ve been at the salon about 1/2 hour now and Tabitha tells the girls to take Barbie to the electrolysis room.

As Barbara is walking to the back I hear her mumble ‘my name is Barbara, why do you insist on calling my Barbie?’

Tabitha tells me, Heather and Candy are some of the best at tattoos and piercings in the state and that I should leave and she’ll call me when Barbie’s ready. I tell her I want to stick around a while.

”OK, but wait out there and don’t worry if you hear a moan or grown, some of the piercings may pinch a little, but she’ll be fine. With that she goes in the back room with the other of the girls.

“Hey, nothing too crazy, right.  She’s looking pretty good this morning.”

“Dave, if you recall you left it to me.  We’ve got it all planned out what we’re going to do and when you see her I can promise you she’s going to be one hot puck bitch.  Your punk bitch, if I recall.” Tabitha reiterates our conversation.

“You’re right.  Go for it.”  I reply thinking piercings, tattoos, damn she’s serious.  Hope it’s not too much.

I can over hear a little of what the girls are talking, “Barbie, what are we going to do first. We heard Dave would like you to be a punk, a ‘punk bitch’, his punk bitch to be exact.”

“Oh—–, he told you that, I don’t know.” I hear a babbling Barbara mumble. He’s just mad at me.  Give me a trim and some color.  That should satisfy him.”

I get up and sneak to door of the room. The doors closed but it didn’t close tightly. I push it open just a crack. I really can’t see much of anything. I can tell Barbara’s laying on a red leather table and the girls a leaning over her. Heather and Candy by her head and Tabitha down by her crotch.

Tabitha pulls the girls aside and softly say something like ‘Girls time to get started, look at how thick her ‘bush; is and those brows’.

Wow those are heavy enough for two people” Heather adds.

And virgin ears, so plain only one pierce. Maybe we should have Reggie help with those.” Candy quickly injects.

As they move back to the table Tabitha says, “Barbie the first thing we’re going to do is get rid of those shapeless brows and give you some real bitchen ones. Is that alright Hun?”

“Huh”, is all I hear from Barbara. She is really out of it by now.

‘Girls you take care of the brows and I’ll clean up her ‘sex’ and oh yeah, one of you call Reggie and tell him we’ll need him in a couple hours for those ears.’ Tabitha orders.

I really can’t see anything. The girls all are holding wands of some sort. Occasionally I hear moan or ‘ouch’ or even a short scream, but that’s about it. I stand there a while and then go back and sit down, after another hour or two of the same I push the door open a little and asked Tabitha how things are going. She was surprised that I was still there and came over to talk to me.

As she opened the door to come out I got a better look at Barbara. Still laying on the leather table. Most of her covered with a sheet with her legs spread and Heather leaning over her head. As we walk back to the reception area. The door opens. A big guy with tattoos, piercings and big holes in his ears enters.
Tabitha excuses herself as she walks him to the back room. As they’re walking back I hear her say something like – ‘virgin ears… blank canvass… at least 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch … stainless steel tunnels… whatever you want’. He replies with something like this should be fun, but I’ll have to see what I’ve got to work with. Then the door closes again.

A minute later Tabitha comes back out to me. “Dave this is really going to take longer than we thought. You should really just leave and wait for me to call. Actually, I’m thinking this transformation will go well into tomorrow or even Friday. I’ve got Candy rescheduling tomorrow’s appointments as we speak. So, really you should just go. Barbie’s in good hands. Reggie, the man that just came in, is the absolute best in the tri-state area with ears. He’s excited about helping us. She is going to look soooooo awesome when we’re done. Actually, maybe you should get a stud in your ears. What do you think?…. But really, she’s in good hands, she’ll be fine, a little sore for a week or so, but fine.”

What’d she say, pierce my ears… “No, no, no piercing for me. OK, I’ll leave. You’ve got my number, call me if there’s anything, anything, you need from me.” With that, I get up and as I’m about to get in my car, Tabitha yells she’ll call me tonight and give me an update.

As I’m driving off. All sorts of thoughts are going through my mind. What have I done? What are they doing to Barbara? Transformation? Tunnels? Another day or two? My ears pierced? And what was Barbara doing with her legs spread on that table? My head is spinning.

I check my watch to see just what time is it. Where has the time gone, it’s midafternoon. I drive to Mitch’s for something to eat and have a drink or two. I leave about seven feeling pretty good and still wondering what’s is going on.
On the way home I drive by Tabitha’s place to see if anyone was still there. Sure enough the lights were still on and Reggie’s car is still in the parking lot. Just as I get home my cell rings, it’s Tabitha. She sounds excited. She tells me things are going great. Better than even she imagined. They were just finishing up for the day and Barbie’s just doing fine. She’s thinking they won’t finish until late tomorrow night at best so don’t plan on picking Barbie up until Friday. She say’s she’ll call tomorrow with an update and with that she hangs up.

Again, my head’s spinning. Better than she imagined?… not ready to pick up until Friday?… Barbie?.


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