Barbarians at the Gate

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They appeared out of nowhere.

One day everything was as it should be and the next, the peasants were loading up their measly belongings and streaming out of the gate as if Satan himself was biting at their heels.

Her valiant and handsome betrothed had left some weeks before to destroy the barbarian horde, a thousand mighty knights at his back…and utterly disappeared. Was he dead? Had he and his men lost heart at the sight of the enemy and fled before them? No, certainly not her brave though somewhat boring intended, Boris. Surely then…he was dead.

All hope it seemed was lost. Or was it?

Though of diminutive stature, Princess Jujou had a commanding air. Her stature and beauty belied a devious and manipulative mind. Surely she was more than a match for a crude chieftain from the wastelands.

Slowly her nimble mind formulated a plan…

The next morning she awoke to find her world a changed place. The Horde it seemed had made a forced night march in hopes of catching her keep unprepared. Thousands upon thousands of barbarians now camped upon the flood plain before her fortress. On the parapets her archers stood ready to protect the city and mailed soldiers manned huge cauldrons of boiling oil and molten lead. Yes, her men would defend her and her keep to the last drop of their blood.

But what then? The barbarians had no siege engines, They couldn’t possibly build ladders tall enough to top the walls and the steep road that wound up the rock upon which the keep constructed was a death trap for an attacking force. All the wild tribesmen camped out on the plain had was numbers.

As she watched more and more mean and women streaming out of the boreal forest ans into the camp she divined their strategy. There would be no massive attack, no sudden rush of screaming demons armed with swords to be cut down by the defender’s arrows. No, this would be a war of attrition. the barbarians had only to surround her keep and wait. in a few months the food would run out. Soon after that they’d run out of dogs and horses to eat and resort to rats. By the time winter rolled around even the best fed of the defenders would be living skeletons reduced to eating their own dead. No, there was no way to survive this siege by force.

And so, the Princess fell back upon her most formidable weapon…her own mind.

After all, these were uncouth barbarians, how smart could they be.

Morning and Princess Jujou was up early. During the night the Horde had grown substantially. Yesterday’s massive army had proven to be but the vanguard of a truly frightening mass of tribesmen and their families. What she had thought to be an army was more like a migrating people. their numbers seemed to stretch to the horizon in every direction and the keep she once thought impossibly huge was now just a small island in a surging sea of humanity. How foolish her commanders had been to even think that a thousand knights could stop this.

Time to put her plan into action.

An hour later the gates of the fortress opened. The portcullis rose with a squeal and the drawbridge dropped. There was absolutely no reaction from the Horde.

As she sat atop her caparisoned snow white gelding the Princess took a moment to feel nettled. “How dare they ignore me!” she said. “Am I not the most powerful monarch for many leagues?” The horde took no notice.

She took a deep breath and road forward. As she passed through the gate house her horse’s hooves rang hollow on the pavement. Dressed in a pearl studded gown of purest Eastern silk she shown like the full moon on a clear summer’s night. She was magnificent. Behind her rode an honor guard of 6 knights, their shining armor etched with Hibernian cobalt, long, white capes floating on the wind.

As the company rode toward the bustling camp a lone figure detached itself from the horde and casually strode forward.

It was a dirty slave boy. The kind you could find shoveling shit in any low class livery stable in the city. As they approached he stopped and without even the courtesy of doffing his cap…addressed her.

“My Master bids you come”. he said. No “princess” no M’lady. No expression of deference at all. Just the simple, rude message.

The commander of her guard spurred his horse forward. “Why you little;;;” he began but a motion from his Lady cut short his indignation and he fell back.

Addressing the boy politely (there’d be time enough to have him thrashed later) she asked “Kind young Sir, would you be kind enough yo show us the way?”

“Of course I would silly, Why else would I be here?”

The impertinence stung but Jujou reminded herself to smile. “Stick to the plan” she thought and all will be well.

As the boy led them through the camp and the only attention they got was from warriors and boys who seemed to be more interested in her horse than her.

At long last they stopped before a tent much larger than the others. Course woolen tapestries depicting warriors on horseback decorated the entry. “It’s quite charming” she thought “…for a tent.”


A man of epic proportions appeared from within. To her civilized eyes he appeared to be almost as wide as he was tall. Arms and thighs corded with muscle spoke to a life lived in the wild places. His tunic was crafted from fine red and gold wool as were his trousers. Fine leather riding boots came up to mid calf and were trimmed in ermine with silver accents. He wore his hair pulled back in a ponytail, held in place with a fine silver clasp. His hair was black streaked with iron as was his short beard.

She had expected a young, wild chieftain she could easily manipulate but the man before her was at least 50 and carried himself with an air of capability. She would have to tread carefully.

“Ah! Princess Jujou! We meet at last” he said with a guttural accent. “Please, feel welcomed in my home.”

She knew the type well. After all, many of her mercenary captains were cut from the same cloth. They put on the airs of polite society but it was imitation rather than true refinement. Like the monkeys that traveling entertainers brought to court.

She felt safe enough and ordered her honor guard to wait outside.

the Chieftain led her to a cushion and indicated she should sit. “So backwards they don”t even have chairs” she noted. “This might be easier than I thought.”

They introduced themselves. It seemed his mane was Eleuthera though he was addressed by countrymen as Elu. The tall and fierce looking woman who sat next to him appeared to be his wife and was called Charax.

Wine was brought and they partook though Charax and the others seemed to prefer a foul smelling concoction that appeared to be rancid milk.

A meal of spicy mutton was served and they ate from a common dish. The barbarians ate heartily, grabbing entire joints of meat with grease dripping down their chins. Jujou by comparison ate like a dainty bird. “No wonder you’re so small!” said Elu with a cuff that nearly spilled her from her pillow. The others laughed at her discomfort.

By sunset, most of the barbarians were drunk beyond anything Jujou had ever seen. Even the was nodding. Deep in their cups Princess Jujou and the warrior chief discussed their situation. Both agreed it would serve no one to sack the city and an amount of ransom was agreed upon.

“Then it is agreed upon” Elu said as he reached out and gently took a lock of Jujou’s golden red hair between his fingers. “seven days hence, we shall enter the city and you will present us with 60 talents of gold, 100 of silver and the weight of my horse in precious stones. In return, we will leave your city unharmed.”

Shaking out her golden hair, Jujou replied “Agreed”. Her stunning mane had proven to be a potent weapon in the past and was once again proving so. Elu couldn’t keep his hands away from it. “And now…” she said rising from her cushion, “I must return to the city.”

“Must you?” he said with a knowing grin. “There’s plenty of room here in my tent and I’m certain I can find you a comfortable place to sleep.”

Jujou considered his unspoken offer. Elu was an attractive man and it had been quite some time… “Thank you for your kind offer” she replied “but, I really must return tonight if I’m to collect your treasure in time.”

He paused and took the time to stroke her crowning glory one last time. “So you must” he said as he escorted her to the tent’s door. “Such is the burden of leadership.”

As she turned her horse to leave, Jujou caught a last glimpse of Elu’s white teeth through his grin. “Yes in deed, he is a very handsome man.”

She never noticed the half veiled eyes that glared at her from the darkened tent.

The Princess was in a panic. Six days had past and still, the ransom hag not been met. She was short a dozen talents of gold and 20 of silver. She knew that Barbarians were people of their word and more importantly, expected others to keep their word…scrupulously. Being even a penny weight short could result in the destruction of her wonderful city and her own death. Surely there was a bit more gold and silver to be wrung from the people.

An exhaustive door to door ransacking however, showed that there wasn’t. The people of the City had been stripped to the bone.

“Well,” she told her Vizier, “there’s nothing else for it, the Gentry will simply have to make up the difference!”

“You could perhaps contribute a bit of your own wealth M’lady…just to show your good faith to the people?”

“HA! Me? Contribute MY wealth to these dirty barbarians? The very idea is offensive to me. Imagine that Concubine of his running MY golden combs through her lice ridden hair! No, I simply won’t have it!”

“The Vizier glanced around the room nervously and whispered “Be careful what you say M’lady. These days the walls have ears'”

Within an hour the Royal guardsmen were knocking down the doors of the wealthy and carting away anything of value to the Royal storerooms.

Examining the haul Princess Jujou decided this had not been a bad idea after all. Surely there was enough here to placate the greedy souls of the outlanders AND add a bit to her own wealth. What the others did not know couldn’t hurt them after all.

The day came at last and Elu and Charax entered the city at the head of a triumphal march. They were lead to the City’s arena for an afternoon of gladiatorial games in their honor.

The City’s ransom glittered on a raised dais at the center of the arena floor and the people, especially the despoiled gentry grumbled as they watched the barbarians weigh it out.

Elu and Charax paid it no mind. They and their Chieftains ate heartily and drank fine wine like water. “At this rate” thought the wealthy wine merchant seated near Charax, “I’ll be a pauper by morning!” Still, he smiled and put on a brave face as he ordered more drink be brought up from the cellars. Best not to anger the Princess or the barbarians.

As the meal wound down, the games began.

The first bout was introduced. Princess Jujou didn’t care for blood sport so, she tended to ignore them but, something about the announcer’s voice and the sudden silence you the crowd drew her attention.

There, on the dais to her right stood the announcer…Boris, her betrothed! He was naked form head to toe and had quite obviously been emasculated.

Charax smiled slyly as she saw the flush of anger come over Princess Jujou’s but her fun was cut short as an older barbarian leaned in and whispered into her ear. She in turn leaned over and whispered something to Elu who simply nodded and dismissed her.

The barbarians seemed to truly enjoy the games. They cheered as wild animals rent condemned men and women to death and nodded knowingly as a rich man’s wife was raped to death by a wild bull for adultery but what really held their attention were the gladiatorial contests. They absolutely loved them. It didn’t matter who the combatants were. Salves fighting with cudgels seemed to grip their attention just as much as the contests between fully armored professionals. They would chatter on in their barbarous tongue in deep discussion of this kill or that.

Finally, the food was gone and the contests were over. It was time for the barbarians to take their treasure and go home (where ever that was).

Princess Jujou bid them good bye and got up to leave but before she could turn Elu grasped her arm and held her there.

“One moment Princess” he said. “We have one last thing to discuss…”

“Discuss?” asked the Princess in surprise. “There’s nothing more to discuss. We’ve given you the hospitality and paid your ransom. It’s time for you to take your tribesmen and go.”

“Ah, but you see, that’s the problem, the ransom is short . By half a talent of gold and 3 of silver. You have not met your obligation.”

“But, that’s everything! All we have.”

“Squire!” he shouted. Boris instantly appeared at his side. “Does she tell the truth? Is this all the city has to give?”

“No my lord” he replied.

“It would be a pity if we had to sack your city after the fine reception we’ve been given.” said Elu, his mighty hand squeezing her arm tightly. “Are you sure this is everything?”

“It is all the City has to give!”

Princess Jujou’s mind was racing. Surely it was only a matter of time before one of the recently impoverished Lords glaring at her spoke the truth. There had to be a way out of this situation. Racking her mind Jujou remembered something she had once heard about barbarians and now desperately hopped was true. Barbarians she recalled…could not resist a bet.

“My Lord Elu. I’m so sorry to have disappointed you with the meager rewards of our city but perhaps we can come up with some way to settle our differences?”

Elu grinned broadly and took a golden curl between his fingers. This could be fun he thought. “What did you have in mind?”

“A wager. A contest of champions. If my champion wins, you take your pepole and leave but, the ransom stays.”

“Ha! What’s in it for me? I already have the riches.”

“If your champion prevails you may take anything you want from the City in addition to the treasure you already have.”

“Hahaha! My champion? I am my own champion! No one fights in my stead! Choose your man!”

I choose my Captain of the Guard, Sir Janus!.

Sir Janus stood forward, his gilded armor flashing in the afternoon sunlight. “You honor me my Princess” he said with a formal bow.

“An armored knight eh? That hardly seems fair. I say let’s make it four against one.”

“Four barbarians against one knight? That hardly seems fair!” replied the Princess.

Elu grinned and answered “You misunderstand me Princess. I meant four knights against me! Meet me on the field when you are ready”

With that the mighty barbarian hopped over the balcony, landing catlike on the ground. Moments later four armored knights joined him on the arena floor.

All eyes were glued to them. The knights thought to surround Elu and attack as one but, he was ready for them. A quick lick of his wicked sword and the first knight fell to the ground, his head neatly severed from his body.

Cautious now, the knights circled the barbarian, each feinting attack and then falling back. Suddenly one charged forward, his sword seeking Elu’s heart while he defended himself for another. The knight’s slash opened a gash on the barbarian’s shoulder but, cost him his right arm.

Two left.

Sir Janus and his remaining companion now fought side by side, their blades flashing in and out. The guardsman darted in but was too slow and Elu’s point found a home in his right eye. He grasped the barbarian’s blade as he fell and Sir Janus saw an opening. As his point darted towards Elu’s heart the barbarian twisted and took the edge along his ribs. Elu dropped his own sword and caught the guardsman’s blade before it hit the ground. Gripping it by the blade he thrust it knife like into Sir Janus’ throat and out the back of his neck. Sir Janus was dead before he hit the ground.

The crowd sat in stunned silence and moments later Elu was back on the balcony before the Princess.

“Time to claim my prize Princess…”

The attack was so sudden that Jujou had no time to react. In the blink of an eye Elu had ripped away her beautiful dress and under garments. Before she realized what was happening he’d lifted her from her feet and bent her over the table. Then and there, in front of her Lords and Ladies, in front of the unwashed peasants he took her. She tried to resist him, tried to push herself up from the table but Charax was suddenly holding her by her beautiful red locks. She thrust her face into Jujou’s ans through tightly clenched teeth said “You are his property now. Do not resist.” and deep inside her, she knew the barbarian’s consort was right. She knew that she had wanted him from their first meeting. She was his to do with as he pleased.

It didn’t take long for her passion to rise to his. In moments she was pushing back against his thrusts. As she climaxed she looked up and into the eyes of her intended.

Boris stared back at her with unrestrained hate.”How dare she enjoy this barbarian after what he did to me!” he mumbled under his breath.

In time, Elu was satisfied. He grabbed Princess Jujou by the hair and shoved her into Charax’ waiting arms. “Looks like we’ll be staying for a while. Take her to the Palace and clean her up.”

Jujou hung her head in shame as the barbarian women drove her naked and disheveled through the City’s streets, Elu’s cum dripping down her thighs. Her once loyal subjects now jeered and threw offal at her. Her theft of their wealth still fresh in their minds. Those Lords and Ladies who witnessed her passing smirked or threw their noses into the air. For them, she was getting her just desserts.

After what seemed a lifetime they reached her palace and to jujou’s chagrin, it was filled with dirty barbarians refiling through every chest and drawer. She saw priceless silks and gowns draped around the necks of massive and dirty men as scarves. Barbarian women dawned her finest furs and jewels only to drop them to the floor as another shiny object caught their attention. All of her wealth was being squandered on uncouth tribesman who had no idea of its value. At length, they reached her audience chamber. the seat of her power. Here, water was unceremoniously dumped over her head as barbarian crones scrubbed her clean. They laughed at her petite and feminine body. How did she expect to give birth to strong boys with such narrow hips they asked. They squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples as they wondered how such small tits could possibly sustain a runty wolf cub much less a warrior’s son. The only thing about her they praised was her beautiful red hair which they constantly stroked and smelled.

By the time they were done her alabaster skin was raw and red. She asked for clothing but, the women either ignored her of laughed. Cold and naked, she stood and watched as Charax and her fellow concubines whispered among themselves while gesturing in her direction.

At long last, Elu returned. Still dirty from the arena and his subsequent activities he stripped off his breeks and turning to his captive said “Slave! Clean me!”

Jujou had no idea what to do! She’s never even cleaned herself! That’s what slaves were for and she was certainly no slave!

“Do not make your Master ask again.” warned Charax from the other side of the room.

Jujou moved to Elu and taking the wet sponge began to his thighs. The barbarian shook his head in disgust and said “Wife! Show this slave what to do.”

The barbarian woman rose with an evil smile on her lips and said “Gladly”.

Grabbing jujou by a handful of her beautiful red hair she forced the poor slave’s head toward her Master’s cock. “Start cleaning here.” The ex princess raised the sponge but Charax slapped her hand away. “With your mouth slave. OPEN!”

Jujou opened her mouth and Charax shoved her head forward, impaling the poor girl’s face on Elu’s waiting cock. “Now suck the mess you left off of it!” she said angrily as she pushed and pulled the young girl’s head up and down on Elu’s stiffening cock. At last Elu came with a massive gush. His seed filled her mouth and ran down her throat.

“Swallow it. All of it. It is a gift from your Master. Do not spill a drop!”

Though she wanted to gag, jujou obeyed. Somehow she felt that crossing Charax would be far more dangerous than angering Elu. The barbarian woman scared her like nothing else.

Weeks passed and Elu used jujou in any way he wished. He used her in every way she could have imagined and then some. Some brought intense pleasures, some brought pain. The first time he took her ass was the worst. She hurt for days but, with time even that became tolerable. Most of all, she enjoyed servicing him with her mouth. She began to crave the feeling of his thick cock filling her mouth and the heat of his cum as it shot down her throat. Sometimes she would crawl naked to him as he sat on her throne and beg to taste his seed. She began to treat his cock like a cherished pet. Stroking and petting it while whispering it’s praises. He seemed to enjoy this too, stroking her lovely red locks as she ran her surprisingly talented tongue up and down his thick shaft.

Of course, not everybody was happy with Elu’s infatuation for the ex princess. The Ladies of his sergalio began to feel ignored, especially Charax.

One day, on a rare occasion when Elu had chosen Charax over his newest toy she happened to mention that the City had given up all of its riches. There wasn’t a thing of value left to take and and the men were getting restless and soft. It was time to be moving on.

Elu agreed and asked her a question. “I have given great gifts to all of our people but you…have asked for nothing. Ask for anything we have taken and it shall be yours.”

“Thank you my Lord. Before we leave the City I will tell you what prize I wish to have.”

“So be it!” ha said with a laugh before returning to their love making.

The Horde was on the move. The wealth of the City had been distributed among the people and packed away. Not a mote of gold dust ir a sliver of silver remained. every jewel had been taken, even the ones pried from the holy statues in the of the Gods. The once mighty City was now a beggar. As Elu packed for the long ride ahead Charax approached.

“My Lord, I have decided what I want form the City’s riches.”

“And what might that be?” he inquired with a smile.

“That!” she exclaimed, pointing at the former princess.

“The girl?” he asked confused. “You can choose from any of these riches and you choose a worthless slave?”

“I do.” was her only response.

“Will I still have access to her?” he asked.

“Any time you wish My Lord.”

“Very well, she is yours. Do with her what you will.”

The barbarian woman grinned. Nodding to her fellow concubines they cornered the girl and escorted her to the palace basements.

“Wh…what are you going to do with me? jujou asked with a shaky voice. “Please, I want to go back upstairs with Elu.”

” Ha! You no longer belong to Elu. He gave you to me as my prize. You are mine to do with as I please.”

“Do…please don’t kill me or hurt me. I never did anything to you…”

“Dear slave, I have no intentions of hurting or killing you.” said Charax as she played with jujou’s hair. ” I simply want Elu to stop paying you so much attention. After all we are his wives while you are nothing more than a slave.”

“Now Ladies…how shall we accomplish that?”

“She’s too pretty, maybe we can knock out her teeth?”

How about a few scars? That’ll ugly her up a bit” said another.

Poor naked jujou shook with fear as another suggested “let’s cut off her tits.”

“They’re so small it wouldn’t matter ” added a fourth to the laughter of the others.

“Now ladies said Charax, “while these are all excellent suggestions I did promise not to hurt her and I always keep my promises.”

They circled around the shivering girl. Poking and prodding her as they did. “What shall we do…”

“I simply don’t understand what Elu sees in this skinny little slave.” said Elu’s second wife was called Amarna as she ran her fingers through jujou’s silky red hair.

“I know,” replied his dark haired Scythian wife Seline. “I mean, how is she to bear him strong sons with those narrow hips? A good Scythian baby, even a girl would split her in half!”

More laughter followed that!

They continued to circle her, like wolves circling a lost and shivering sheep. Every now and them one of them would reach out and pass a lock of jujou’s hair between her fingers. They seemed to be fascinated by its golden red shimmer.

I mean REALLY…how can Elu be so smitten with this pale, weak little girl when he has strapping wenches like us to play with?”

“He’s blinded by her red hair.” answered Amarna.”There are stories among my people about red haired women. It is said they are witches who enchant men’s hearts and turn them from mighty warriors into slaves.”

“Ah! That’s it! I’ve got it!” said Charax. She whipped out her razor sharp knife and thrust it at jujou’s throat. Certain she was about to die the ex princess swallowed hard and waited for the searing pain…

Nothing happened. Opening her eyes, jujou took the breath she never expected to come and looked around. The concubines were staring at her and nodding. “That’s it!” said one. “Perfect” said another. She thought they’d all gone crazy until she looked to her feet. There, on the ground lay a single lock of her beautiful red hair.

Suddenly it dawned upon her what hey were planing. She tried to run but, she was no match for the rugged barbarian women. they took turns. One would hold her while the others cut the curls from her head with their razor sharp knives. All the time laughing and jeering at her. “HA! I wonder how our husband will like her…BALD!” said one. “She’ll look like a priest!” said another Quickly the pool of golden hair formed around jujou’s feet. Now she was shorn like a young boy, moments later she had the close cropped hair of an old soldier.

Stepping back, the ladies examined the devastation they’d wrought upon jujou’s once lovely mane of gold. “Not good enough” Seline. “Let’s taker her down to skin.”

Someone brought a pail of could water. They wet her down and together scraped away the remnants of her crowning glory.

As jujou stood crying in the midst of her shorn mane someone said “might as well take it all.” they lifted her from her feet and laid her across a stone bench her mound thrust high and vulnerable.

Circling her hips they all leaned in and examined her womanhood closely.

“It’s so soft!” said Amarna as she pet jujou’s fiery bush. “Like a pet ermine I had as a child.”

They each took a turn, stroking her fur softly and even plucking a few hairs for closed inspection.

Charax however was a bit less delicate. She boldly stroked the ex princess’ slit, only pausing occasionally to pinch her now somewhat engorged clit. As the others played with jujou’s red bush Charax slid her fingers into her pussy and slowly began pumping in and out.

“Ha! No wonder Elu likes this red haired bitch. She’s tighter than a new leather vest!”

“Hahaha!” laughed Seline. “Give him a few more weeks. He’ll stretch her out!”

All this time Charax was pumping in and out. By now jujou’s body was responding. Her breath was coming in gasps not, her skin flushed red and she was sweating profusely. Just as jujou was about to pass the point of no return Charax pulled her hand away. “Not yet little one. From now on you’re going to have to earn your pleasure. Besides, we still have work to do.”

Though uncomfortable jujou said nothing as Elu’s wives attacked her flame red bush. In no time their keen blades had rendered her as smooth and hairless as the day she was born.

As she lay in shock Charax’ face came into view. Without saying a word her knife robbed the poor girl of the last remnant of of her golden hair…her eyebrows.

The stood her up and took a look.

“Guess Elu won’t find her so pretty now.”

“Yeah maybe now we can get a little too!”

“At least” said Charax, “we have a new toy to play with. By this time next month she’ll be an expert pussy eater!”

Charax slipped a belt around jujou’s graceful neck and tugged. “Come on slave, time to see what Elu thinks of your new look!”

As they entered the audience chamber Elu glanced up and saw what his wives had done to his former slave. He gave a little laugh and turning to the man at his side said “Ha! Women!”

An hour later, the City’s populace gathered to bid farewell to the barbarian horde. Though broke, they had their lives and that was more than others could say. They watched in amazement and jeered loudly as their former princess was lead out by the neck, naked and hairless. Though she had tried to save her own wealth from he barbarians, in the end they had taken all of her gold.


When they told her she’d be servicing the Ladies of Elu’s sergalio jujou had no idea what they meant. In her mind she’d imagined herself draped in barbarian furs serving wine in golden goblets to his 5 wives. Oh, how wrong she’d been.

In the months after they’d left the city the Horde had tracked south towards their homeland. Now, they were in the sultry southern lands where the horde was raiding rich towns and caravans.

Riches were flowing in and the members of the tribe clanked with gold and silver. Jeweled rings the likes of which she’d never seen studded grubby fingers in every tent.

But through it all, jujou remained a naked slave. The lowest of the low she had even lost her name. The only time she talked was when asked a question and hard work was a daily grind.

She usually awoke before dawn and prepared food for her Mistresses. Sometimes, if she performed well, they’d let her have the leftovers but more often than not those choice morsels went to the camp dogs. Hunger was her constant companion.

On rare occasions Elu would visit and every now and then he’d fuck her raw. She lived for those days but they were becoming few and far between.

For the first few weeks the Ladies had shaved her daily but, one day a shaman came to visit and rubbed a strange mud all over her. By the end of the next week every hair on her body had fallen out. Even her lashes were gone now and there were no signs of any regrowth. The poor bald slave suspected, and rightfully so, that she would be hairless for the rest of her days.

But by far the worst part for her was “servicing” Elu’s wives. Every day was filled with hours of time spent with her face between their strong thighs and it was even worse when Elu was on campaign.

The first time Charax shoved the little slave’s head between her muscular thighs she had no idea what to do. As a princess she’d never even entertained the thought of something so debauched. Now, she was expertly bringing 5 women to orgasm ten? twenty? times a day!

She could fall no further. Or so she thought.

the slave knew something was afoot when the Shaman showed up in the morning.

“Slave!” called Seline. “Get over here now!”.

Not wishing to incur the wrath of Elu’s most frightening wife the slave dropped what she was doing and approached her Mistresses.

“Yes M’Lady” she said as she dropped to her knees.

Charax spoke. “We have noticed of late that you are not so aggressive in your service. This is unacceptable. You exist for our pleasure and no other purpose. What good are you to us if you can’t even do that correctly?”

“To that end we have consulted a number of people as to how best to motivate you. The consensus is that there are two. The first, as proposed by the sergalio’s eunuch is to cut away that which gives you pleasure so that you may always remember that our pleasure is paramount and yours is of no consequence.This, my Shaman has assured me is a very good method of training for one in your position.”

The poor slave shrank back in terror. Were these brutal women going to cut away the one pleasure she had left in life?

“We have also noticed of late that although you are no longer possessed of your former beauty and gorgeous red hair, Elu insists upon using you. Maybe it’s your unusual new look that draws him to you? This is of course unacceptable but, I did promise him that he would have access to at any time he wishes and I ALWAYS keep my promises. We believe however that we have come up with a plan to solve both problems.”

Before she could react the women seized her and laid her spread eagle on the floor. The Shaman approached, something metallic gleaming in her gnarled hand.

Squeezing her eyes shut, the slave prepared herself for searing pain and once again…none came. Instead, she felt a light touch on her eyelids and warm liquid dripping onto her most intimate places.

The warm sensation spread. It slowly crept into every fold and crevasse of her womanhood. It was a pleasurable feeling. One that grew with time. At first a pleasant warming,. From there it became a need. Moments later it was an unquenchable need. The sensation grew and grew until she thought she’d die without release.

Charax reached out and flicked the slave’s clit lightly.

Her orgasm was like an explosion. The need retreated for a moment but soon began go grow again.

Here is how this will work. Each time you satisfy one of us you will be rewarded. You are not to touch yourself unless given permission. Do you understand this?”

Charax flicked her again. The orgasm was every bit as strong as the last.

“yes Mistress, I…I…I understand. ”

Charax rewarded her again.

“Good but understand, if We catch you pleasuring yourself we will employ Boris’ method. And I am assured that the removal of your ability to cum will have no effect upon the action’s of the Shaman’s potion. ”

the slave desperately wished to service herself but she knew her Mistress meant every word of what she said. The thought of enduring this unbridled desire with no avenue of release was enough to insure she obeyed…for now.

All the while the light brushing on her face had continued. From her eyes and cheeks it moved to her nose and then on to her cupid’s bow lips.Though she desperately wanted to know what was being done to her face her mind was constantly occupied by her intense need to cum.

“Any questions slave?”

“Yes M’Lady.” the slave managed to whisper in a quavering voice. ” How will I ever satisfy this desire if there are only five of you?”

A giggle went round the room.

Smiling, Charax answered. “Have no fear of that slave. We are simply Elu’s favorites. When we arrive tomorrow you will have all 150 of his wives to play with.


The next morning the Horde was on the move again . The morrow would see them arriving in the barbarian’s home camp on the windswept steppes.

Elu’s wives were busy getting everyone organized for the day’s trek and for the moment, the former princess was alone. After making sure she was alone she entered the women’s quarters (she slept in the antechamber as Elu’s wives no longer considered her a woman). She unveiled the mirror that hung above Charax’ corner table to survey the shaman’s work from the previous night.

Her face had been painted with some kind of thick mud. It was black as pitch and had dried to a cracked texture. The sockets of her eyes had been colored in as had her nose. The painting on her lips was a perfect rendition of teeth. They had painted her face and hairless head to look like a skull! In a panic, the ex redhead poured water from a pitcher into the fine bowl on the table (she recognized them both from her own bedchamber in the castle) and began to furiously wash her face. The cracked mud stained the water inky black and she once again looked in the mirror. To her abject horror, she saw that while the mud had washed away, the mask of death remained stark and black. As she washed again the need for another orgasm built within her. She picked up the rag Elu and Charax had used the night before to wash away the residue of their love making and scrubbed and scrubbed but the sent of their love on the rag only heightened her need for release.

Scrub as she might, the stain would not come off. She was still scrubbing when Charax and her co wives silently entered the room. They laughed silently as they watched the poor girl scrub and scrub only to be distracted by the burning desire between her legs.

Finally, her need to cum overcame even the horror of her decorated face and she gave into it. The orgasm was astounding. Like nothing she had ever experienced before. Even Elu’s wives were impressed by the way her body quaked with release. Once it was done, she single mindedly returned to scrubbing her poor defiled face.

She did not even notice that Elu’s wives were in the room until Seline’s hand took her arm in its iron grasp.

“It’s no use washing little slave,Your skin will come off before those marks do.”

Turning to the others she said, “Someone get the Shaman, we have a little job for her to do”

Reaching between jujou’s legs she quickly brought the hairless slave girl to orgasm.

“While you’re at it,” she added, “Bring the eunuch as well. I believe he will want to watch.”

Another massive orgasm washed over the slave girl as her knees gave out in fear.

“Enjoy it while you can girl” said Charax with a smile. “and remember, I always keep my promises.”

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