Barber in the bar

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There’s a popular bar on the outskirts of town. Many people love the bar and know and love the bartender. He is a jolly and insightful man with an unique sense of humor.

One day, patrons found the bar to be closed in the morning. A sign said that the establishment would open up at four o’ clock. The bar opened and the regulars came in punctuality. They were surprised to see a platform inside, adjacent to the bar, a barber chair stood proudly as a man in a white shirt stood attentively with it. When the patrons asked, the bartender said,”Whoever gets drunk will get their head shaved and cut off. Simple rule, don’t you think”

The patrons just shrugged and ignored the chair as they drank and were merry. In the evening, the bartender looked out over the bar and saw a lady staggering around the place with a bottle in her hand. He looked to the man atop the platform, who also was looking at him, and nodded. The white shirt man briskly walked over to the woman and gently slipped the bottle out of her hand, saying sweetly,”Madam, you clearly have had enough to drink. Come with me, please”

She allowed herself to be escorted up onto the platform and sat in the leathery chair. A few people took interest in the scene and watched as the woman had her cheetah-print jacket put up and a creamy-lime cape tossed over her. All prepped, the man in the white shirt combed through his customer’s 70’s light brown shag and prepared his tools as his girl could barely stay awake. A pop awoke her but she quickly got comfortable in the chair as the clippers started to scale her head. Fluffy hair started to rain down so beautifully as the man cleared away the hair on the woman’s head. He gave her a good buzz and then took what was left with a smaller device. The girl was shaved and the man took off the cape. Some patrons came and took the woman to a local hotel to get some rest.

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