Barber Le Femme Pt 3

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I swallowed again, in silence, looking directly back at the caped form that appeared as my reflection.  Stiletto footsteps echoed throughout the room as she walked to the counter to pick up a comb and place some clips on her top. Zoe walked back behind me and began combing through my long lifeless hair. After what seemed like minutes, she broke the silence “You haven’t been able to stop looking at me since you first walked in here” she said quizzically. I averted my gaze and felt my face instantly go bright red, it was true. She continued to comb through my hair, her bangles jingled with each stroke. “So am I right..?” she questioned. I didn’t know how to answer the question, I was dying with embarrassment. “I get a lot of women in here looking at me like that..” she paused and looked at me once again with those piercing eyes.. “most of them just want to fuck me.”she whispered. I swallowed again and felt the tight cape around my neck, my stomach then began to turn inside out.

“I don’t think you want to fuck you?…” she said staring back at me with a promiscuous gaze. “I think you’re fascinated by me. I’m different to most girls you know”. This was also true, back home I had never seen anything like her, all girls dressed exactly the same and looked exactly the same. “I think you like my haircut I think you fantasize about my haircut don’t you??.” She said softly within inches of my ear “I think you fantasize about me giving you this haircut.. in this very chair.wearing this very cape don’t you?” She breathed in my ear and I let out a sigh. In between my legs was a feeling I had never felt before, I squirmed in the chair as my heart raced. I closed my eyes as she pulled my hair back repeatedly in a ponytail. I continued to keep my eyes closed, having her play with my hair was heavenly..The combing then stopped. I slowed my breathing and then felt something I never expected. I didn’t even notice her pick the scissors up, but after 3 swift snips she held my ponytail aloft. I opened my mouth but words couldn’t escape. She held her trophy out for me to behold with a devilish grin. She let it drop to the floor beside me. I looked down at the oak floorboards and saw it lay idle in a pile.

I turned my head from side to side and saw my once long locks barely grazing my shoulders. “Wha..wh…”  I started “ssssssh.” She cut me off softly. “Don’t fight know you want it.embrace it..” I was now panting, almost hyperventilating as she sectioned off the back of my head. She then strolled to the counter and picked up her black and white clippers off the hook. She looked me in the eye, put them to her lips and blew the loose hair off “now we’re going to have some fun with you” she smiled as she selected one of the colored guards lined up on the counter top. It was fixed to the large clippers with a snap. I could not believe I was actually letting this take place. She was right, I had fantasized about this moment but never expected to be sitting in her chair awaiting her clippers.

She stood at my side before placing a firm hand atop my head. With a gentle push, my head bent down so I was staring at my cape covered lap. I still can’t believe I was not refusing this. Then there was a loud click followed by a low hum that filled the room, I swallowed once more. Her hand remained firmly placed on my crown, “welcome to the clubenjoy.” She whispered before I felt the plastic card make contact with the nape of my neck. Vibrations coursed through my body starting at my neckline. I gasped aloud as she passed the clippers up my neck finishing just above that bone that sticks out. With a flick of the wrists a mound of hair fell to the base of the chair. Pass after pass the nape of my neck was soon reduced to stubble, I simply couldn’t describe the feeling, I never wanted it to end. The buzzing continued as the warmth between my legs grew and grew. It became so pleasurable that I couldn’t conceal it. I inadvertently let out a soft moan which Zoe would have heard clearly. I couldn’t help it, my right hand that had been locked onto the armrest wandered under the cape and found its way to the outside of my jeans which were now soaking. I couldn’t believe it but I was on the verge of climaxing right then and there in the barbers chair, receiving a short haircut from a woman. My heart continued to beat faster as I continued press against my crotch. I hadn’t opened my eyes but I was sure that Zoe was smiling seductively and she clipped my nape watching me squirm in her chair. Then it happened, I couldn’t avoid it and I felt myself climax I tried to conceal my pleasure but it was no use ooowww!!!!aaahh!!’ I moaned quietly as my toes curled and my body tensed. Zoe paused, clippers poised and waited for the moment to pass.

The clippers were then shut off as I felt her reposition my head up right. She circled behind the chair before leaning in and blowing the loose hairs away from my neck. I opened my eyes and saw a smiling Zoe staring back with comb and spray bottle in hand “finished?” she giggled. Once again words couldn’t describe my embarrassment, I went beetroot red. “im sorry.. I..” I stumbled. “What for?? Happens all the time sweets, just glad I could give you your first. Now you know why we cut our hair this way?… now lets finish you off,  relax.” she cooed. I felt more relaxed than even before as she misted the rest of my hair down.

The rest of the haircut was a bit of a blur, she worked furiously combing, spraying, snipping. Clumps of hair rained down the cape and around the base of the chair. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the sound of her scissors snipping in between her bangles jingling and the rich sent of her perfume. I never ever wanted this moment to end but was also dying to see the finished result, I felt so liberated.

Finally I opened my eyes and didn’t recognize the young woman staring back. She’d cut my hair into an extremely textured chin length bob that gradually got incredible short in the back. I absolutely loved it and began to smile in amazement which Zoe saw.. “you like it..?” she asked. “Its amazing, I absolutely love it” I stated with excitement turning from side to side. She repositioned my head and began to texturize the top further with a razor. I looked down at the cape which was littered with blonde clippings, I couldn’t believe how much hair had been cut but I felt so free. Zoe’s boots circled around the base of the barbers chair surrounded by my tresses that had now dried into blonde lifeless fluff.

Zoe put down her razor of the bench and proceeded to dry my new bob with her blow dryer. Minutes passed as my cut took shape and began to sit perfectly with a soft shiny gleam. My bangs swept across the corner of my eye which completed the cut perfectly. She busily fingered and style my hair until she was completely satisfied with. The cape was unbuttoned at the neck which had held me captive for the past hour. She removed the long length of tissue that had been around my neck and proceeded to clean strays hairs with it. After my neck was free of clipping she dropped it to the floor with the rest of my cut hair. My neckline was quickly dusted with her neck brush before she expertly peeled the cape from me. I immediately raised my hands to my new bob as the chair began to slowly descend. I looked from side to side and couldn’t not contain my excitement feeling the shortness as my nape, “Thank you soooo much Zoe, I love it!” I exclaimed. She smiled whilst she folded the cape, “you’re welcome, I knew you wouldn’t be disappointed”. She placed the cape on the back of her chair as I stood up, “looks like you’ve got some cleaning to do miss.” She stated as she passed me the broom, I was already thinking about my next haircut.

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