Barbered by Eva 2 – Jasmine’s Progression

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One week earlier I had been walking past Barbered by Eva on Bridge Lane minding my own business. Admittedly, as I did every evening, I had been walking slowly and peering inside at Eva, the attractive barber, who worked there. Without warning, she had dragged me inside, cut off my long black hair, and watched me leave with a schoolboy’s severe and humiliating bowlcut.

Before I had left, she ordered me to return one week later and told me what I was to wear. In the interim I had ordered the prescribed attire online, not wishing to embarrass myself by shopping in a store. Despite that, it had still felt peculiar to identify each prescribed item, place an order for them, and then trying them for size when the delivery arrived.

The dark grey shorts were noticeably short and hugged my thighs. The crisp white shirt was tight over my breasts and showed my nipples. The collar was tight around my neck, so I left the top button undone and pulled up the striped tie I had purchased to keep it in place.

I still did not understand why Eva required me to dress the way she had prescribed. But I knew it would please Eva. And I needed to do so if I then wished to enjoy her company in a more conventional manner.

On the day of my first Monday appointment, I had worn a designer dress to the office. I had expected a busy day at work, but I had found it difficult to concentrate and did not get a great deal completed.

Finally, it was 4.30pm and I rushed to the executive bathroom with a holdall I had packed before leaving home. I changed into my “uniform” and quickly checked my appearance before anyone else came in the bathroom. Satisfied with my bizarre appearance, I slipped on a long raincoat to prevent anyone from seeing me dressed in that way.


At 4.57pm I entered Bridge Lane, slipped off my raincoat and I marched into Barbered by Eva at the prescribed time. Although no one I had passed knew what I was wearing under my raincoat, it had been a strange and humiliating.

‘Ah, Jason,’ Eva said, using the masculine derivation of my name that she had coined for me. ‘On time, I see … and, hmm, almost presentable …’

My smile faltered, having believed I had done everything she expected. I felt upset that I had given her cause to be disappointed by my appearance.

Eva marched up to me, looking incredibly stern. She loosened my tie, fastened the tight top button of my shirt, and pulled my tie taut. ‘It’s too tight,’ I whined, knowing I sounded like a schoolboy.

‘I beg your pardon?’ Eva demanded indignantly.

‘Nothing, it’s fine,’ I said morosely, looking dejectedly down at my flat lace-up shoes.

‘Good,’ Eva said with a tight humourless smile. ‘Now, Jason, hop into my chair and I will give you your haircut.’

‘Yes, Miss,’ I agreed, not thinking how I should address her. The respectful title I had unconsciously bestowed upon Eva felt natural, given the dynamics between us. I observed a small nod of approval at my deference to her status.

Eva pumped up the chair higher than last time, increasing my feeling of vulnerability.

‘I am pleased that your shirt fits so well,’ said Eva, admiring the tightness of the buttons constraining my breasts. She brushed the material gently. At her touch, my stimulated nipples thrust against the thin cotton of the shirt.

I felt the fluttering of arousal.

‘It is almost a shame to cover you up,’ she sighed. But cover me up, she did.

The ridiculously heavy black cape enveloped me and weighed me down. I knew it was her way of telling me I was not going anywhere. And, as a result, my level of excitement and anticipation grew exponentially.


Once Eva had prepared me, she retrieved her scissors and comb. She trimmed the perimeter of my bowlcut well above my ears and cut my fringe ridiculously high up my forehead. Snippets of hair floated in the air. They seemed longer than could have grown in just a week.

I suddenly realised that, without my permission, Eva was cutting my hair even shorter than last time. Inevitably, I grew warm between my thighs and my fingers squeezed down my tights shorts to satisfy my increasing arousal.

I tried to remain stoic and silent but, inevitably, a moan escaped my lips each time I tried to catch my breath.

‘Please do not worry, Jason,’ Eva crooned provocatively, deliberately misinterpreting sigh. Smirking, she added, ‘I will soon finish you off.’

No doubt, her double meaning was as intentional as it was accurate. I was more turned on by the second, a sensation intensified by the effect of Eva’s fingernails grazing the short bristles at my nape.

‘Your hair does grow quickly, Jason,’ the barber opined, forcing my head down so that my chin touched my breasts. ‘I need to do something about that.’

And she did. Taking her hairclippers, Eva buzzed the back and sides of my head down to smooth skin. The sensation of the cold metal pressing repeatedly against the firm, short bristles was incredible. The blade gliding over bare skin was even more intense.

When Eva had stopped clippering my nape, I felt a twinge of disappointment as could have fed on that sensation all evening.

‘I need to ensure that the back and sides remain clear for as long as possible between your appointments, Jason. Today I will shave you with razor. Absolutely smooth. Your skin will be completely bare,’ she announced provocatively.

Eva confirmed the necessity by gentle caressing the fine stubble on my nape. The effect on me was electric. I likened it having her fingers directly stroking my thighs. Although I was intent on maintaining self-control, I was unsure whether I could having heard what she had in mind.

Feeling her firmly massaging shaving cream into my skin – along my neck and around each ear – was thrilling and stimulating sensation. As was the delicate scraping of an old-fashioned straight razor as she removed the last vestiges of stubble from my skin. As she wiped away the last trace of foam, I had reached the peak of arousal.

Eva stood back and I inspected her work in the mirror. The bowlcut was shorter than before. Stark whiteness replaced the pale dark shadow that had covered the back and sides of my head, contrasting vividly with the tanned skin further down my neck.

To any observer, there would be no doubt that a keen barber had efficiently dispatched my hair, treating me as if I was a schoolboy. That thought, and the uncompromising appearance of my bowlcut, was sufficient to tip me over the edge. My body convulsed and pure pleasure flowed throughout my whole body.

I felt exhausted as I laid back in the chair, I may have even dozed off for a short while.


Following my latest haircut, I had relaxed into a state of bliss. After a period of reflection, I slowly opened my eyes to see a smiling Eva removing the heavy cape from my body and lowering the barber’s chair.

‘Oh, Jason! That was naughty,’ Eva reprimanded, but chuckling as she did so. She was looking down at my shorts and she could see my hand caressing my thighs. ‘Whatever are we going to do with you?’

‘Sorry …’ I drawled, hanging my head in shame.

I had various ideas about what Eva could do with me after yet another sensational experience. Once my heart rate had returned to normal, I was going to suggest we went for a drink and discuss all my suggestions. I could even picture us enjoying a meal and agreeing how we could take our relationship forward.

Firstly, I needed to thank her. It was the right thing to do. ‘Eva, I -’

‘I look forward to seeing you here next Monday at 5pm, Jason,’ Eva stated, talking over me, and preventing me from making my wishes clear. ‘You will be wearing your smart uniform. And you will ensure,’ she said, wagging a finger accusingly at me, ‘the top button of your shirt is fastened securely at all times, otherwise there will be no haircut for you.’

Despite my best endeavours, I was still unable to comprehend the purpose Eva’s requirements. However, I wanted – no, I needed – to continue experiencing the feelings that she instilled within me. So, I knew I had to accept her demands. I did not understand why, but I could not resist her.

‘Yes, Miss,’ I said meekly.


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