Barbered by Eva 3 – Jasmine’s Evolution

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As Time Goes By

Every Sunday, I washed and ironed the clothes that Eva, my barber, had ordered me to wear the next day for my weekly haircut. I would daydream about sitting in Eva’s barber’s chair and allowing her actions and her appearance to arouse me as they always did. However, I longed for the time we could discuss the next steps of our relationship, but she had shown no willingness to do so.

Since Eva had first cut hair my five months earlier, I had been totally under her spell. Every Monday, thoughts of Eva distracted me from my work. I longed for 4.30pm to come around. After changing into my smart uniform, prescribed by Eva, and slipping on my raincoat, I marched into Barbered by Eva half an hour later.

Every Monday evening Eva trimmed my bowlcut, I climaxed in Eva’s chair, and she dismissed me, without discussion, until she permitted me to return the following Monday at 5pm.

I assumed Eva enjoyed her weekly task, but I wondered if she relished it as much as I did. I hoped so, otherwise it seemed unfair to Eva. If only she would enter a conversation with me, then I would ask her if she was happy with the arrangements. However, that opportunity had never arisen.

I surmised that if I did not follow the instructions that Eva had laid down, then she would never invite me back. It was humiliating to feel extorted in that way, but Eva had me wrapped around her finger.

With anyone else and in any other situation, especially at work, I would have easily asserted my authority, being aggressive when needed. Believing myself superior in any situation, I would bludgeon my way through any obstacles to achieve what I wanted. It was frustrating for a confident person such as I to be unable to act in that way with Eva.

Increasingly over the time I had known her, a thought nagged at the back of my mind. A suggestion that under Eva’s strict guidance I may be learning a valuable lesson.

The Next Step

‘Excuse me, Miss,’ I blurted out, standing to attention in my smart uniform as soon as I entered Barbered by Eva. Eva rewarded me with the sternest of expressions, leaving my legs quivering as I anxiously wondered if I had forgotten something.

It was a Monday at 5.01pm as I waited in silence for Eva to respond. For nineteen incredible weeks, Eva had recut my hair into an immaculate bowlcut. She had used a razor to shave the back and sides down to smooth bare skin. I knew it was the perfect haircut for someone who wore dark grey shorts, a tightly buttoned up crisp white shirt, and a nice striped tie. Naturally, I was grateful for everything that Eva had done for me.

A just reward for someone of my appearance and obedience was arousal by someone with greater experience than I. It was a suitable reward, but not one I intended taking for granted. Hence, after twenty weeks, it was a risk to depart from accepted routine with a polite question as soon as I had entered Eva’s shop.

After two minutes of careful consideration, Eva’s stern expression lightened a little. ‘Very well, Jason, what is on your mind?’ she invited, using her masculine derivation of my name rather than jasmine, my true name.

‘The next step, Miss,’ I replied enigmatically. ‘Well, our next step. I wish you to know I am ready for it.’

Whether Eva had a next step in mind was unknown to me. I accepted that she may wish to continue with the existing situation forever. Nevertheless, I had to assume she had something else in mind.

Eva pursed her lips, a smile threatening. ‘Really?’ she asked, stepping forward and gently lifting my chin.

I gulped nervously but nodded enthusiastically.

‘I see,’ Eva drawled, while nodding sagely. ‘Well, I have been quite impressed by the improvement in your overall demeanour since you have been coming to see me. Your air of superiority has all but left you, making you a far more interesting and desirable person.’

‘Desirable?’ I questioned, trying to contain my excitement. I latched on to the word, having learnt that Eva employed words sparingly and carefully. But she meant every word that she uttered.

‘Certainly, Jason,’ she smiled, ‘but instilling a little more discipline in you will not go amiss.’

She indulged in another thoughtful moment. ‘Very well. You will sit in my chair.’

My heart sank. Continuing as we were, was not what I expected to hear. Was I to endure another twenty weeks of pleasurable barbering at the hands of this attractive woman? While disappointed, I accepted that option was better than nothing. But I still felt let down.

I tried to clarify the point I was making about our next step. ‘But I thought -’

Eva cut off my words she grasped my tie and tugged it hard. In combination with the tightly buttoned up collar of my shirt, I could hardly breathe.

A Way Forward

Using my tie in the manner of a dog lead, Eva dragged me towards the back of the barbershop. She pushed open a concealed door and I saw steps leading down to darkness below.

Still holding my tie, Eva confidently strutted down the steps to the basement. She gave me no choice but to follow her, but I remained mindful of my shortage of breath to avoid stumbling. With each step I grew increasingly anxious, attempting to anticipate what I would find at the bottom of the stairs.

When there were no more steps, bright lights suddenly illuminated the centre of a room. On the shadowy edges of the large open plan area, I was able to identify areas, each with a distinct purpose. One zone contained a huge bed with a black shiny covering. A modestly sized but well-equipped kitchen occupied another corner. Off to one side I saw a well-appointed bathroom tiled in black with a huge shower cubicle. I assumed this subterranean apartment below her barbershop was where Eva lived. And looking at the spotlit centre of the room, I imagined it was also where she played.

While I was taking in my surroundings, Eva had slunk behind me. She removed my tie, allowing me to breathe more easily. I felt her unfasten my dark grey shorts which slipped to the ground. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt. As she did so, she closely examined the expensive silk and lace underwear, worn for her benefit, that I had prayed she would see one day.

‘Mm, Jazzy, nice outfit,’ she purred, examining every inch of my body.

I moaned with pleasure at Eva’s gentle touch, my reaction heightening as she nuzzled my neck. I ignored her use of yet another new name for me, a diminutive that no one would have ever dared use outside the four walls that held me. “Jazzy” sounded a trashy diminutive, but I did not mind as it mirrored my trashy mood.

My half-closed eyes roamed back to the illuminated centre of the room. A huge barber’s chair – like the one upstairs but somehow appearing far more functional and intimidating – dominated the space. It faced a large mirror covered by a curtain.

Against the wall, beyond the chair, there were shelves, each containing a collection of items. I recognised the function of some objects, while others left me totally mystified, highly intrigued and, in the case of a couple of them, distinctly scared.

Noting that my eyes were examining the items on the wall, Eva gave a deep-throated chuckle. ‘So, Jazzy, do you like my toy cupboard?’

A Time for Change

‘Toys?’ I asked anxiously, looking at a particularly menacing studded leather belt with a large appendage protruding from it.

‘Do not sound so worried,’ Eva purred, licking my ear provocatively as she did so. ‘You will receive full training in their use, and you will gain a great deal of practical experience.’

I remained standing to attention and gulped.

‘But now, Jazzy, you will sit,’ she insisted.

She gently guided me towards the functional, solid-looking metal and leather chair positioned under the spotlights.

‘Er, dressed like this?’ I asked, releasing a nervous giggle.

I waved a hand up and down my body to remind her that I was only wearing my lace underwear.

‘Yes, of course,’ Eva replied as if it was the most normal thing in the world. ‘I promise you that we will not be disturbed down here.’

Reaching the chair, Eva turned me around so that I had my back to it. Then she lightly fingered my breasts until my willpower deserted me and I stumbled back onto the seat.

I squealed sharply when the coldness of the metal and leather touched my warm bare skin. I tried to laugh off my reaction, but my nervousness made me utter another comical high-pitched squeal.

‘Relax,’ Eva urged, gently running her hand along my neck. I did my best to follow her instruction, feeling far from relaxed, but sat back in the chair and closed my eyes.

The sudden icy chill of metal brushing against my left wrist, then encircling it, jolted me back to reality. A resounding metallic click accompanied the sensation. On my right wrist, I experienced the same feeling. Opening my eyes in confusion, I saw that the same had occurred to both my legs. To my consternation, I realised that Eva had pinioned me to the chair by my limbs using substantial leather and metal bracelets.

As I was about to remonstrate with Eva about my treatment, a wide belt unexpectedly encircled my chest so that I could barely move. I was unable to escape from Eva’s firm clutches, even if I had wanted to … but, as my body reacted to the situation with lust, escape was the last thing on my mind.

‘Comfortable, Jazzy?’ Eva enquired, smirking as she checked my bindings and allowed her fingers to dance sensuously over my body.

I gulped. ‘Yes … er, thank you,’ I answered dumbly.

‘Good,’ Eva chuckled, turning to face me with hairclippers in her hand. ‘Now, Jazzy, it is time for you to enjoy one of my toys. One toy with which you are already quite familiar.’

Demonstrating Restraint

In my already heightened state of arousal, I wondered how my body would react to the familiar and exciting trimming of my bowlcut. Despite concern over my restraints, I planned to put that to one side and enjoy all that was to come.

I heard the familiar click of the hairclippers from behind and relaxed a little. However, unexpectedly and without warning, the hairclippers filled my vision. Eva usually began by trimming the back of my head, so I realised that she was doing something different. She lowered the clippers on to my forehead and hauled the blade backwards though my hair from behind.

The curtain still covered the mirror in front of me, so panic rose up inside as I attempted to understand what Eva was doing to me. Snippets of hair trickled past my eyes before Eva moved the hairclippers for another pass over the top of my head. Surely, I kept trying to convince myself, she was not shaving me bald!

Six months earlier, before I had entered Eva’s world, I would have reacted very differently to a situation such as this. I would have strongly and angrily fought back if someone had tried to do something so serious to me against my will. However, Eva had treated me forcibly in the past.

Eva had conditioned me to accept her treatment without question and enjoy it if I wished, leaving me to tackle any consequences. But on this occasion, I had no choice. I had to comply with her desires she had firmly restrained me in her chair. Regularly tugging at my bindings confirmed there was no escape.

The incessant passage of the hairclippers over my head and my inability to move, inevitably and quickly brought me to the peak of arousal. I quivered in excitement. Even without my usual dextrous manipulation between my thighs, I shuddered violently against my restraints, then climaxed long and hard.

After a brief pause, with my senses still heightened, Eva clippered the back and sides of my head once again. She drove the blade much higher than previously, confirming my impression that the bowlcut was gone. But what she was doing, I could not determine. The itch of not knowing what Eva was doing was intoxicating.

Eva returned to clippering the hair on my crown, suggesting that I was not completely bald. The incessant clattering of the clippers against a plastic comb indicated a refinement to the final length of my hair.

Finally, the clippers were silent, so I anticipated her updating me on my appearance or removing the curtain from the mirror. However, reality suddenly struck when I felt Eva smearing shaving cream on the back and sides of my head. A familiar sensation but I detected she was taking it much higher than previously. As I contemplated how much – or, rather, how little – hair I might have left – the delicious rasping sound of the razor filled my ears. The scraping of the sharp blade against resistant stubble assaulted by senses.

Despite my earlier pounding climax, another was building deep within me. It was agony not being able to help myself along, but my physical restraints certainly added to delicious pleasure I was experiencing.

Eva wiped away the excess shaving cream and, when satisfied, she strutted in front of me, smirking as she looked at me. She stood by the curtain covering the mirror and swished it away.


On seeing my transformed reflection, I gasped. I looked completely different. Gone, was the “schoolboy” bowlcut that was almost acceptable in polite society as a fashionable short bob. Now I sported an uncompromising short style. One that was suitable for a man. A brave man, given it was so short.

Eva had shaved the wide expanse of skin above each ear, high up the sides of my head, leaving it completely bald as if no hair had ever grown there. I imagined it looked equally bare at the back of my head. What remained of my black hair on the crown looked like a stiff brush. No single hair was more than two centimetres in length. Every strand stood perfectly erect, each trimmed to the same height, creating a perfectly level surface.

As I took in my drastically altered appearance, I experienced another uncontrollable and shuddering climax.

Giving me longer to recover this time, Eva moved behind me. My restraints remained in place. She leaned over, and wrapped her arms loosely around my neck, head looking over my shoulder allowing our eyes to lock in the mirror.

I rewarded her with a contented smile, and she smiled back.

‘Over recent months, Jazzy, I have humiliated you to remove your sense of superiority. Disciplined you to act more maturely. And I have trained you to relish your own body.’

‘Thank you,’ I purred with undisguised gratitude.

‘I decided it was necessary for you to have a more appropriate haircut as I take your training to the next level. You now have an uncompromising flattop haircut whose severity would meet the approval of the military.’

I gasped on hearing her graphic description. My body ached as it reacted to Eva’s emotive words. She was relentless and I was totally under her spell.

I had no idea how I would reconcile my drastically changed appearance with my role at work. I imagined that Carla, my colleague, would have a great deal to say about the matter. However, I did not care. I was living for the moment. And enjoying each moment immensely.

‘You will return every Monday at 5pm, Jazzy, to have your smart flattop haircut returned to its pristine state,’ Eva purred in my ear.

‘Yes, Eva,’ I agreed.

‘When you arrive, you will wear pretty, silk and lace underwear. You will cover it with only a short white dress, buttoned up the front. I will remove your dress before you sit in my chair. Is that all completely understood?’

‘Yes, Eva,’ I accepted breathlessly, excited but nervous.

‘When you are seated, you will, of course, be restrained,’ she added pointedly.

‘Thank you, Eva,’ I acknowledged. Looking coyly to one side, I added, ‘And will we be playing with some of your toys?’

‘In due course, Jazzy,’ Eva nodded sagely, with a hint of a smile. ‘At the appropriate juncture,’ she purred, and I quivered excitedly. ‘In the fullness of time.’


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