Barberette’s Choice

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As I ran a hand through my hair for the millionth time that day, I took notice of just how long it had gotten. I had gotten a buzzcut for the first time in my life about 4 months ago, but hadn’t gotten a haircut beyond one small trim in the entire period since then, and my hair had grown out to be close to 3 inches on top and just under 2 inches on the back and sides.

Work had been hell today, and having to stay extra late wasn’t making things any better. I decided that as soon as I left the office, I would treat myself to a haircut. But what would I go for? Should I just get another trim? My stomach flipped as I quickly understood that I was badly in need of another buzzcut. The feeling was just so addictive, and it would be so erotic to have such long clumps of hair buzzed off my head.

As soon as I made this decision, the rest of my work seemed to fly by. Before I knew it, I was sitting in my car in the parking lot trying to decide where to go to get buzzed. Something interesting caught my eye as I searched for shops online: Sarah’s Barbershop. It had excellent reviews and with a name like “Sarah’s”, it was likely staffed by females, which is a must for me. It didn’t take long for me to decide that that’s where I was going, so I dialed up the number and called the shop.

Withing seconds, a female voice picked up the phone. “Sarah’s Barbershop, this is Jessica. How can I help you?”

“Hi, um, my name’s Tom… Do you guys do, uh, buzzcuts?” I stammered. My hands were sweaty, I couldn’t believe I had just asked that.

“Yes we do, sir! Those are typically our favorites,” Jessica said cheerfully.

“Okay, great, thank you,” I said quickly, “I should be over soon then.”

“Great! Hope to see you soon!” Jessica stated excitedly before I hung up the phone.

“No turning back now,” I mumbled to myself as I turned on the car and left the company lot.

After what felt like an hour drive, I arrived in the parking lot of the barbershop. My nervousness was overwhelming at this point.
Next to the door of the shop, a red, white, and blue barber pole was glowing and spinning, illuminating the writing on the glass window that read “Sarah’s Barbershop”.

Running a hand through my hair one last time, the barbershop door beckoned to me as I prepared myself for the impending buzz. I mustered all the strength I could to get out of the car and walk towards the site of my coming shearing.

When I opened the door, a bell above the entrance dinged to signal my arrival. At this time of night, the shop was completely empty save for two barberettes each sitting in their salon chairs. One was tall, slim, and sported a brunette bob while the other was shorter, more curvy, and had beautiful golden hair that reached to her mid back. The brunette stood up and came to the counter to greet me with a smile.

“Hi, I’m Jessica,” she said as she extended her hand.

“Hi, I’m Tom,” I said timidly as I shook her hand.

“Oh, Tom! You must be the gentleman who called a little while ago-” she began before the other barberette suddenly perked up and interrupted her.

“I’ll take care of him Jess!” she exclaimed, just slightly louder than necessary, “You can head on home. He’ll be the last customer of the night.” As she said this, she stood up and I took in every inch of her perfect figure. She wore ripped, black jeans that looked like they were painted on her legs, and a crop top that left next to nothing to the imagination. Her ample chest lifted the crop top more than normal, showing an abundant amount of her exceptionally toned, tanned midriff. As she walked over to me, her 6 inch black heels clicked on the wood floor of the shop. Her gold hoop earrings hung almost to her shoulders and they sparkled under the shop lights beautifully, matching her golden hair. “Hi Tom, I’m Laura,” she said, flashing a brilliant white smile and extending her perfectly manicured hand out to me, showing off her long red nails.

“H-Hi,” I stammered, absolutely in awe at her beauty as I shook her hand.

“You sure Laura? I don’t want to leave you hanging,” Jess said.

“Oh absolutely, it’s no problem!” Laura smiled back.

“Okay then, thanks Laura!” Jess said as she walked out the door, the bell chiming behind her. Laura followed her to the door, and flipped the “Open” sign around so it now said “Closed”. She locked the door and flipped a switch, at which point the barber pole outside was turned off and stopped spinning.

Turning back towards me, Laura flipped her hair over her shoulder and smiled. “Okay Tommy, follow me!” she commanded excitedly. Her heels clicked on the floor as I followed, and she turned her salon chair towards me. My stomach began to flip at the thought of sitting down, being caped up, and having my hair cut by this goddess, and these feelings only intensified when I sat down.

Looking around Laura’s station, I noticed a variety of before-and-after pictures, presumably of Laura’s previous clients, posted around the edges of the mirror. I looked at the transformation photos for a minute before realizing that they all had something in common: the “after” side of the photos all featured men whose hair was shaved brutally short. Every single picture around the mirror showed the man’s freshly exposed scalp to some degree. One that caught my eye in particular showed a man with shoulder length brown curls in the “before” picture, and the “after” picture revealed that he had received a military induction cut, with only tiny amounts of stubble covering his head where his long locks used to be. My breathing became more rapid as I realized the position I was in.

Laura quickly unfolded a cape and draped it over my shoulders, snapping it tight around my neck. Positioning herself behind me, she began to run her fingers through my hair from the nape of my neck all the way up to my crown, occasionally allowing her nails to gently scrape against my scalp. “So, I heard you were asking about a buzzcut earlier, right Tommy?” she asked with a slightly seductive and dominant tone in her voice.

“Um, y-yeah, that’s right,” I said, nervous about the idea of having my hair buzzed short.

“Perfect! I love using my clippers, as I’m sure you can probably tell by the pictures,” she giggled, gesturing towards her mirror, “I love when guys show a little scalp.” She paused for a moment, glancing around at her previous handiwork. I began to worry that she was drawing inspiration for my impending haircut.

Walking around me to her station, Laura retrieved a pair of red clippers from the drawer. I recognized them instantly as Wahl Balding clippers.

*Snap* “Bzzzzzzzz,” the clippers began to hum, the buzzing noise filling the entire shop. Laura ran her nails from the base of my neck and up into my hair. I felt her give a slight tug as if trying to assert dominance over me before simply asking, “How short?”

I was overcome by the moment. The thought of being shorn like the victims on Laura’s mirror was terrifying to me. What would I tell people? But on the other hand, I had been waiting almost my entire life for something like this to happen to me. I began to imagine the feeling of her clippers running all over my head, and the excitement I would feel while being shaved shorter than ever before. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to know what it would feel like to be completely at her mercy, so I said the one thing I never expected myself to say: “Surprise me.”

Immediately, Laura grinned from ear to ear. Turning the chair away from the mirror, she grabbed the hair on top of my head and shoved my chin down so it was pressed against the cape. Leaning in close enough for me to smell her perfume, Laura whispered in my ear, “You’re in for quite the haircut, handsome.” Without hesitation, I felt Laura run the vibrating clippers up the back of my neck and into my hairline. My anxiety increased as she slowly inched them higher and higher, before finally pulling them away just before the crown of my head. I hadn’t seen what guard she had on the clippers, but I could feel cold air on the strip that she had just completed, so I could tell she was buzzing me down far shorter than I was used to.

Laura continued shearing up the back of my head path by path, occasionally running her slick nails over the back of my neck and head, giving me the sense that I had very little hair left there. As she moved on to the left side of my head, forcefully running the clippers around my ear and dropping huge chunks of hair on the cape, she said, “Y’know Tommy, it’s a good thing you decided to stop in here tonight. That mop on your head really wasn’t doing you any favors. Guys look sooo much better with short hair, so I’m giving you my favorite haircut! It’s gonna look so hot on you.” Her words intensified every second of the experience, from the buzzing of the clippers, to the clumps of hair raining down my neck and shoulders, to the clicking of her heels on the floor as she danced around me and shaved my hair off.

Not being able to see my haircut in the mirror was torture. How short was she going? What guard will she use for the top? As these thoughts were going through my mind, Laura was running the clippers all over the back and sides of my head once more to ensure that not a single hair had escaped her clippers.

Shutting them off, Laura ran her hand all over the shorn back and sides, checking for evenness and attempting to find any longer hairs. The sensation of her hand so close to my scalp gave more evidence to the fact that I had very little hair left there, if any. As I soaked up the relaxing sensation against my scalp, she said, “That’s muuuch better, all that long hair shaved off and on the floor.” She gantly ran her nails over the back of my head once just to tease me before turning the clippers back on. “Now let’s get the top,” she said aggressively as she positioned the clippers at my forehead without changing guards.

I prepared to feel the clippers buzzing over the crown of my head, but Laura hesitated before shutting the clippers off and pulling them back from my hairline. She turned the chair back towards the mirror, stating, “No, you need to see this.” She grabbed a fistful of hair on the top of my head, holding me firmly in place as she started her clippers again. I watched in the mirror as she raised them to my hairline without hesitation and ran them straight down the middle of my forehead, leaving nothing but a pale strip of skin in their wake.

The clippers left absolutely nothing behind. I was in complete and utter shock. The realization that I was being shaved completely bald hit me like a ton of bricks, and I immediately became aroused. I stopped caring what people would say when they saw me, and decided instead to enjoy every second of my first ever headshave.

Laura took the fistful of hair that she had just shaved off and dumped it into my lap in front of my face, giggling as the strands fell from her fingers and scattered on the cape, which I was slowly turning into a tent. “That’s right boyfriend, you’re getting shaved bald! My chair, my rules,” Laura gloated as she stroked the shaved path down the middle of my head. She then began to shave the top of my head from back to front to allow the shorn hair to fall in front of my face and into my lap, making the process as torturous as possible. “It’s always such a treat when I get to do a headshave,” Laura continued, “Just look at all this hair coming off!” Just then a large clump fell and landed on my nose. Laura watched me struggle to blow it off my nose for a second before picking up a neck duster and brushing it across my face, removing the clump.

Laura continued buzzing the top of my head down to nothing, and I closed my eyes to enjoy the vibrations over my naked scalp. Although I hadn’t planned on being shaved this short, it was a euphoric experience being shaved bald by such a beautiful barberette. After a few final passes over the entirety of my head, Laura shut the clippers off and set them back down on the counter. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in the mirror, I looked like a completely different person!

Laura came back behind me with her neck duster and began brushing it over my head, teasing me with the feeling of the soft bristles over my newly exposed scalp. Soon, Laura had finished with the duster and had picked up edging clippers hanging from a hook at her station. Firing them up, Laura began the shear off the hairs on the back of my neck and around my ears, ensuring that nothing remained.

Much to my surprise, Laura suddenly placed the edgers at my forehead and ran them over the top of my head, reducing what little stubble was left to an even shorter length. “Sit back and relax Tommy, we’re not done just yet! We gotta get you shaved ALL the way down,” Laura explained with an evil smirk on her face. After every few passes with the edgers, Laura would run a hand over my head to ensure she had buzzed the stubble down evenly. Her hands on my scalp felt incredible, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

All too soon, Laura had finished with her edgers and put them back on their hook. I didn’t want this experience to end, I wanted her to keep buzzing and shaving me to her heart’s content. Thankfully, Laura had much more in store for me. As soon as she had set down the edgers, Laura grabbed an electric shaver and turned it on with a loud buzz. “This’ll really get you down to the skin, boy toy,” Laura said, “and trust me, bald looks amazing on you.” She ran her hand slowly from the front of my head all the way to the nape of my neck, emphasizing how much she loved the shaved look and also giving me some of the most intense sensations I had ever felt. Laura then firmly grabbed the back of my neck and began running the shaver over my nearly bald scalp.

As Laura ran the shaver back and forth over the entirety of my head, I began to sport a full tent beneath the cape. Laura definitely noticed this. After she was satisfied with the smoothness of my scalp, she started to run the shaver over my face, much to my surprise. The feeling of having a woman as beautiful as Laura shaving me was amazing, and I closed my eyes to simply enjoy the vibrations as she did whatever she wanted to me.

As soon as she was done shaving me down she slowly, forcefully, and seductively began running her hands and nails over my naked scalp. “Y’know, sometimes I can’t tell who enjoys these induction cuts more: me, or the guy in my chair,” she purred as she winked at me in the mirror. She ran a single fingernail from the front of my shaved dome all the way to the back of my buzzed neck, sending violent shivers down my spine and causing me to jolt in the chair.

“C’mon, let’s get this noggin shampooed,” Luara said with the same evil smirk as before, “This is gonna feel so amazing.” Laura walked over to the shampoo station, and I watched her incredible ass sway back and forth as I followed behind her and listened to her heels clicking on the floor. She turned around to look at me, and caught me staring. We made eye contact for a brief, awkward moment before she looked down at the tent I was still sporting and gently bit her bottom lip.

As soon as I had gotten to her shampoo station, she pushed me forcefully into the chair. Gripping my shaved head like a basketball, she carefully but firmly tipped it back so it was in the wash basin. She turned the water on and began to let warm water wash over my bald head. Suddenly, Laura climbed on top of me and straddled me as she ran her hands over my scalp with the warm water running over it. She began to grind into me as she pumped shampoo in her hand and ran it over my head, creating a tingling sensation on my scalp before washing it off.

Laura continued to grind against me until, inevitably, I came right then and there. I hadn’t expected this haircut to turn out this way at all, but it was something out of my wildest fantasies, and I knew better than to fight against such a once-in-a-lifetime experience. “I knew you’d like getting shampooed, baldy,” Laura teased me as she dismounted me and placed a towel on my head. “C’mon stud, we’re almost done,” she said, pulling me out of the shampoo chair and leading me by the hand back to her station.

Laura sat me back in her chair and removed the towel. I could see the droplets that still populated my scalp, but Laura didn’t use the towel to try them off. Instead, she picked up a hair dryer and began to blow my head dry. The feeling of the now cold water droplets contrasting with the hot air was, once again, unlike anything I had ever felt.

Finally, Laura turned off the hair dryer and removed the cape. “There we go handsome, one full headshave!” she exclaimed as she took this final opportunity to tease my scalp with her nails, “You really do look so much better completely peeled.” As I stood up and took out my wallet, Laura gently placed her hand on mine to stop me. “This one’s on the house, boyfriend,” she smiled. “Trust me, I had just as much fun as you did.” Smiling, I thanked her for the incredible experience, and turned to leave the shop.

As I unlocked the door, Laura piped up one more time, “There’s just one condition…”

“And what’s that?” I asked, curious what Laura wanted from me after having already taken all of my hair.

“I expect to see you back here in two weeks to keep that look up,” Laura explained with her perfect, ear-to-ear grin, “The shaved look is just way too sexy on you. I’m not gonna let you grow it out at all.”

I promised I’d be back in two weeks time. I opened the door, the bell chiming above my head as I stepped into the cool night air and ran a hand over my freshly shaved scalp, enjoying the littany of sensations I was feeling, and looking forward to feeling them again in just two short weeks.

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  1. I’ve always wondered how many other guys have gone fishing for clipper happy barberettes. I used to do exactly what happens at the start of this story all the time. Sadly, very few of those random girls took my bait.

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