Barbershop Bet

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Barbershop Bet

By JimB    ©opyright November 2018



This is a story about four girls: Jessica, Donna, Nikki, and Sally.

They were all sixteen years of age, ripe young teens that all attended the local high school.

Out of all of the girls Jessica was the only one who had a boyfriend, the others were always moving onto other guys with a snap of the fingers.

One night the four friends were at Jessica’s house for a girls’ night.

They watched movies, did each other’s hair and nails were having a good night.

Jessica began speaking of her new boyfriend Ed.

“Oh he’s so gorgeous, I think he is the one for me.”

The other girls were sick of hearing this but thought they had better be supportive.

So, they listened to her and let her be the girl of the night.

Nikki, the brunette with blonde streaked hair, sat in a chair as Sally brushed through her hair.

Jessica was continuing to talk about Ed and Nikki had had enough.

“Jess, you will brake up with him in a month’s time, I bet you,” she said sharply.

There was silence for a few seconds.

Jessica, who was also having her hair attended to by Donna, opened her mouth in awe.

“How can you say that Nik?” Jessica said.

“I really like him and that is just so mean.”

“I can just see it happening again, same as last time”, Nikki told her.

“Sorry but there is no way you will be with him in a month.”

Jess got a tissue from her desk and patted her eyes dry, “That hurts so much.

“I bet we will be still together in a month, you’ll see.”

The mean streak in Nikki was really beginning to show.

The other girls just backed off and let the two sort it out themselves.

“Ok, we will bet then, name anything,” said Nikki.

Jess was really determined to prove a point. She was trying to think of a bet while she was staring at Nikki sitting in the chair having her precious mane stroked.

“You have to get the haircut of my choice… in a barbershop,” said Jess.

Nikki was a bit stunned that Jess had gone this far.

“Very well,” Nikki replied.

“If I win I’ll be seeing you in that barber’s chair.”

The two girls shook hands. The bet was on.

The next day at school Donna and Sally were talking about the bet between themselves. They were both excited because they knew no matter what they were going to witness one of the girls would lose her locks.

Jess, with all her talk about Ed, was annoying them so they didn’t mind if she lost.

But, they also thought Nikki was being a bitch so they didn’t mind if she lost.

A few weeks later nobody was talking about the bet, it had more or less blown over but Jess still knew exactly the date when she would be the winner.

She and Ed were still going out and things were going smoothly.

At the same time Nikki had completely forgotten about the bet, being as stubborn as she was.

The day came.

It was a Friday night, exactly a month from when the bet was made.

Jess was still with Ed.

She had won, however Nikki didn’t know this.

Sally called all the girls over to house once more.

They were up in her room and Nikki was seated in the same chair again, completely oblivious to the reason they all had been invited over.

Jess walked behind hair and handed her a calendar. It had a big red X on today’s date.

Then, the next day was titled, “Nikki’s Haircut”.

She swallowed hard.

“It hasn’t been a month”, Nikki asked frantically counted the weeks.

“Oh my god, it can’t be.”

“I’m afraid so darling, think it’s time for a trip to the barber’s,” Jess giggled.

Nikki couldn’t believe she had lost such a bet.

“How could I have been so stupid…” she cried.

Donna handed her some tissues as she cried her eyes out.

Jess was still behind her and had a bed sheet in her hand. She ruffled it out and draped it over Nikki.

“One crew cut coming up,” Jess said with a snicker.

All the girls laughed, except Nikki of course.

She removed the cape she had made out of a bed sheet.

“Tomorrow morning we are all going down to the barbershop in Main Street to watch your haircut,” Jess told Nikki.

With that the girls all went off to sleep in awe of what tomorrow would bring. It took Nikki hours to get to sleep that night until she convinced herself Jess would only be giving her a trim…

The next morning came.

All the other girls were up bright and early in the kitchen making breakfast.

Nikki woke up, hoping it all was a dream, but she looked over to see the sheet on the arm of the chair like Jessica had left it.

Would it be the last time she felt beautiful hair against her face on her pillow, she thought. She cried once again, patting her eyes dry.

After showering she dried her hair, which didn’t take long because it was a hot summer’s day.

She dressed into her boots with jeans and white singlet top and made her way into the kitchen where the other girls were waiting.

“Breakfast?” Jess called.

“I don’t feel like eating,” Nikki told them.

The other girls had eaten.

So, once they put some make up on and they were ready to go.

Dressed in their best designer outfits, the girls walked down the street, turning plenty of heads as always.

Getting more and more excited with each step, Jess couldn’t wait.

None of the girls had been in a barbershop before except Sally.

“Oh, they are so scary,” Sally, told them.

“I used to take my brother there when my mom couldn’t.”

They all laughed, except for Nikki who was petrified.

They continued to walk until they saw the red and white pole spinning in the corner of the street.

They stood outside the shop looking in. It was open.

Jess pushed on the door and they all followed.

As the doorbell chimed everyone’s head in the shop turned to observe the four gorgeous girls.

The barbers must have thought it was Christmas.

It was quite.

Obvious the girls didn’t have a clue to what they were doing there. They were so out of place.

“Take a seat girls, won’t be long,” one of the barbers said.

The girls sat on the plastic waiting chairs, taking it all in. It certainly wasn’t a place for young ladies like them.

“Since, when are you allowed to smoke in a hairdressing salon?” Donna said.

“Donna, this is a barbershop, not a beauty salon,” Jessica told her, as they all giggled.

The shop wasn’t very busy.

There were four chairs but only two barbers. Two chairs were occupied and there was one person in the waiting chairs before them.

The barber closest to them dusted around his client’s neck and removed the massive cape. The man got out of the chair and paid for his cut.

The barber returned, picking up the giant white cape.

“Next!” he yelled.

Nikki’s heart almost skipped a beat as his voice went straight through her.

The man in the waiting room area got up and occupied his chair.

As the man took his place in the chair the girls watched in anticipation as the barber fastened the giant cape around his neck after applying some tissue he got from a dispenser on the wall.

“Why do they put tissue around your neck?

“They don’t do that at our salon?” Jess said.

“I wonder if it’s comfortable,” said Donna.

“We are about to find out from Nikki,” Sally said as the girls giggled again.

Just then the Nikki saw a terrible sight.

The other barber reached for his brush and dusted the man’s neck.

The cape was unbuttoned and he stepped out of the chair.

Her heart raced, she couldn’t believe she was going to let that sleazy old barber cut her glory.

The man paid and the barber walked over to Nikki, she gulped.

“Sorry, I’m on my break now. Someone will be with you any minute,” he told her.

A sigh of relief went through Nikki and a sigh of disappointment went through the other three girls.

Nikki couldn’t keep still as she knew that she would soon be captive in that big red leather chair. About a minute later a tall brunette with gorgeous curly hair walked out into the shop.

She was dressed in black boots, similar to Nikki’s, black skirt and a light blue barber’s shirt.

She walked over to the giant chair that was waiting for Nikki and she picked up the crisp white cape that hung over the arm of the chair.

The barberette grabbed the cape by two ends and wiped it open against the chair, “Next!”

Nikki was paralyzed in the waiting chair.

“Next please,” she called out once more with cape in hand.

Nikki slowly rose and walked over to the vacant chair where her butcher waited for her.

The sound of her boots echoed on the hard floor and made a distinctive sound as they touched the metal footrest. Nikki sat on the edge of the chair.

“I like your boots,” said the barberette. Nikki just nodded her thanks.

She leaned forward, placing a hand on each of Nikki’s shoulders. The barberette pulled her back right into the chair.

“Sit back please,” the barberette command then flicked open the cape and let it settle over Nikki’s whole body.

The chair began to jerk up and down as the barberette pumped the chair.

“My name is Mandy by the way, and you are…?” she said.

“I’m Nikki,” she replied with muffled voice.

The chair continued to ascend until it was at the desired level for Mandy to work from. The cape still loosely lay over Nikki.

Mandy walked forward and pulled a roll of tissue from a dispenser. She got a hair tie and put it in Nikki’s hair so it would be out of the way.

She folded the tissue into two and placed it tightly around Nikki’s neck, and fastened the cape.

Her hair was let out and spilled over the cape.

“We are ready to go,” she said as she ran her fingers though Nikki’s streaked locks.

The girls sat back and laughed as they saw their friend in a barber’s about to receive a haircut, they thought would never happen.

Jess heard the barberette ask her what she wanted done. Jess got to her feet and walked over to the chair.

She introduced herself and told Mandy the whole story.

They decided on a style and Jess sat back down.

Mandy turned Nikki to face her friends.

Nikki almost died when she saw Mandy reach for the clippers.

She had seen them used on her brother in the summer and knew very well what they were capable of doing.

Mandy fitted a number two attachment and with a loud pop, the clippers came to life and began to hum.

The three girls couldn’t believe their eyes!

Tears began to trickle from Nikki’s eyes as Mandy pushed her head forward and ran the clippers up her neck about as high as possible.

“It’s only a haircut sweetheart, I wont hurt you,” said Mandy.

Pass after pass, more and more hair spilled down the cape into Nikki’s lap and off her shoulder onto the white titled floor.

Mandy placed her hand on top of Nikki’s head and made several more passes until the back of her neck was reduced to an inch and a half in length.

Next, her head was pushed to the side and the clippers were brought up over her ear and past her temple. More and more brunette hair painted the bright white cape.

Piles of hair mounted up next to Mandy’s feet as she continued to clip Nikki.

The girls loving every second of this haircut and couldn’t contain their laughter.

For the first time Nikki’s ears were fully exposed. They stuck out with their golden hoop earrings.

After both the back and sides were clippered as high as possible Mandy consulted Jess.

“You want me just to bring them back over the top as well, give her a Crew Cut?”

“Um, no, because people might think she has a disease or something and they will be sympathetic,” Jess replied.

“I think just cut it short, about finger length all over the top so it looks like more of a style.”

Mandy nodded and hung up the clippers on the hook. It was a relief for Nikki to see them put away.

Nikki couldn’t see her reflection but judging by the amount of hair that fell in front of her eyes and how light her head felt she knew she had been shorn.

Mandy sprayed Nikki’s hair with some water and began to come through it. She began to comb her hair vertically and placed it between her index and middle fingers.

Snip, snip, snip, three quick cuts and more freshly cut hair began to fall down in front of her.

She proceeded to comb and cut: snip, snip, snip… snip, snip.

Hair was pilling up, being reduced to a very short crop in no time.

Snip, snip, more hair fell away from Mandy’s fingers as she continued to slice through the highlights.

Soon, the hair cutting was complete.

Mandy put her scissors on the counter and studied her client.

The clippers sprung back to life just to touch up Nikki’s haircut.

All Nikki’s effort of styling, coloring, conditioning had gone to waste.

It was lying in front of her.

Mandy picked up a big pink brush and dusted off Nikki’s head and neck.

The cape was unbuttoned and the tissue was removed. Mandy turned the chair around to face the mirror.

Nikki began to sob.

Mandy handed her some tissues.

She continued to dust the girl’s neck before the cape was drawn away in one quick action, careful not to spill any hair over Nikki.

Nikki got up from the chair and walked over to Jess, “I’m so sorry.”

Jess hugged her and smiled at her friends rubbing Nikki’s freshly cut hair,


Without saying a word Jessica sat in the barber chair and told Mandy, “ALL of it.”

The other girls looked at her, wondering what she meant by “ALL of it”.

Nikki walked to the chair, “What’s going on Jess?”

Jessica looked at, then the other girls. Her eyes starting to swell and tears began flowing.

“I lied,” she told Nikki and the others. “Ed broke up with me three days ago.

“I was so hurt by it, I just kept hoping it was not true.

“And, I did not want to lose the bet, to you Nikki.”

“But, what do you mean by ALL of it,” inquired Sally.

CLICK ….. Hummmm …..

Mandy knew what she meant and she was willing to give her the hair cut.

“If you ladies will have a seat,” Mandy began, holding the singing clippers for them to see. “This hair cut will take a little longer than Nikki’s Crew cut.”

Mandy watched the girls slowly back up to the waiting chairs and taking a seat.

Before sitting, Nikki said, “Don’t do it, Jess.”

Jessica smiled at Nikki, “I have too.

“I could have told you before we came here.

“I could have stopped Mandy.

“NO, I did not. I wanted to see you get the crew cut.

“Why I do not know!

“Maybe it was the way Ed end your relationship!”

Jess looked a Mandy, “Nice and smooth!”

Mandy smiled and shook her head “yes”, as she stepped behind the barber chair.

She pushed Jess’ head down and began to slowly move the clippers up the back of her head.

With the second movement starting the other girls began to cry. Nikki wanted to say something.

But, Jess realized it and told her, “NO, Nikki.”

True to her words, Mandy was making this hair cut long and slow.

To teach Jessica a lesson!


She stepped to the left of the barber chair and began pushing the clippers over Nikki’s head from the back, sending ten, twelve, inches of her dark brown hair floating into her caped lap.

Jessica took a deep breath as the clippers were pulled off her forehead, only to feeling beginning another slow movement from the back of her head pushing another full pile of her hair.

Sally and Donna could not watch, their heads were looking down to the floor.

Nikki was still crying but se had to watch. She really did not want Jessica to do this, even though she lied to them.

As she walked around the back of the barber chair Mandy slowly brushed her fingertips of Jessica’s buzzing head.

Standing on the right side of the chair she brushed the back of Jessica’s head and smiled, “Nice buzz cut.

“But, soon, very soon it will be nice and smooth.

“I will make it extremely smooth by shaving your head twice.

“First, with my sharp straight razor ….

“Then, with a sharp five blade safety razor.”

She placed the clippers and slowly began moving it over Jessica’s head, pushing another pile of her dark brown hair into her caped lap with the others.

Two more movements over her head, Mandy again brushed her fingertips over Jessica’s head.

“YES,” she said. “NOW to make it extremely smooth.

“First, with my sharp straight razor ….

“Then, with a sharp five blade safety razor.”

She turned the clippers off and hung it under the shelf with the other two clippers.

Taking two large towel from the pile, she tossed both into the running water in the sink.

Taking another large towel she tucked into Jessica’s blouse and spread it over her shoulders.

She let the water get extremely warm then removed one. Ringing it out some she turned and stepped to the back of her barber chair.

Without a word, without a warranting she slowly wrapped it around Jessica’s head.

She felt the hot warmth and her body, her head, rose. Her eyes closed with the hotness.

Mandy began pressing it around her head.

When it was a little cool, Mandy began rubbing Jessica’s head causing it to rock around.

She took hold of a mug, an old fashion shaving mug, which had a small brush in it.

She let some hot water flow into it and worked the brush around.

Standing behind Jessica, she began to roughly lather her head. Rubbing the hot lather between each buzzed hair.

With her head fully lathered, Mandy took the other extremely hot towel and wrapped it around Jessica’s head.

While it cooled, she worked up more shaving lather in the shaving mug.

Again, standing behind the barber chair, she slowly removed the, somewhat, cool towel and tossed it on the floor under the shelf.

Then, she began roughly re-lather her head.

Walking to the right side of the barber chair, Mandy commented, “Hummm …..

“Still needs some sharping.”

She held it up so Jessica and the other girls could see it, as she took hold of the lather strap handing from the right arm of the barber chair and began to sharpen it.

Slowly she moved the blade of the leather strap, commenting, “Getting sharper with each movement.”

She released the leather strap and took hold of the end of the larger towel, which was tucked into Jessica’s blouse and spread over her shoulders, she held the end up as she slowly ran the sharp blade of her straight razor through it, slicing into it about an inch.

Rough fully she pushed Jessica’s head to the left and raised the sharp blade and began to take slowly short shaving movements.

After the first movement, Mandy looked at the girls, “Have to take it slow …..

“You wouldn’t want me to cut your friends head, WOULD YOU?”

They watched as she slowly shave stroke after stroke. Slowly Jessica’s head began to expose her whitish skin.

Jessica could not hold it any linger, she burst out in tears.

“TOO, late Jessica Schmidt,” she said.

Jessica tried to raise her head but Mandy just rough fully pushed it down so she was looking at her lap, still with the cape and all her hair.

With the last shaving stroke taken with the straight razor, Mandy wrapped another extremely warm towel around her head.

Again Jessica tried to look but the extremely warmth of the towel, on her exposed scalp, caused her to cringe with some pain.

This time Mandy flowed shaving lather, warm shaving lather from the shaving cream dispenser.

Turning and standing behind the barber chair, she again slowly and rough fully lather Jessica’s head.

Taking the five, sharp five bladed safety razor Mandy began shaving her head.

After every few strokes she would brush her fingertips over the shaving to make sure it was extremely smooth.

She rough fully moved her head when she want to start shaving another place.

What seemed like an hour, Mandy brushed her fingertips over Jessica’s head and said, “There ……

“Nice and smooth as I told you.”

Wiping her head of the excess shaving lather, Mandy removed the towel, the cape.

She dusted Jessica head with the hair duster as she lowered the barber chair.

When it came to a stop, Jessica stood and stepped from it.

Donna, Nikki, and Sally got up and, with tears in their eyes, walked to her and put their arms around her.

“You didn’t have to do it,” Nikki told her.

The other girls told her the same thing.

“I had to,” she told them. “I lied to you Nikki …..

“I lied to you Donna, Sally ….”

“Well, “Miss Jessica Schmidt” …..

“The next time to tell on someone’s brother,” Mandy began telling Jessica. “You better check who you ask to do you a favor.”

The girls looked at each other, then at Mandy.

“Who is Jessica Schmidt?” asked Sally.

“She is,” Mandy told her as she pointed to Jessica.

“NO ….. I am NOT Jessica Schmidt,” Jessica told her.

“Her name is Jessica SMITH ….. S M I T H,” Nikki yield to Mandy.

Mandy stood there, her eyes wide open. Her mouth wide open.

All she could say was, “BUT …. But, I thought you said your name was Jessica Schmidt!”

She tried to apologize to Jessica, to Nikki, the girls.

Jessica wanted to hit her, to tell her …..

“Come on Jess,” Donna told her. “In a way you deserved the hair cut, like you said.

“You lied to Nikki.

“You lied to us.

“You even told MANDY “ALL OF IT”, “nice and smooth”.

“You are right,” Jessica said. “I did deserve the head shaving. I lied to my friends.

“And, I will never be trusted by you.”

“You know what,” Nikki spoke up. “I think this crew cut looks great one me.

“I might keep it for awhile …..

“If I can find another BARBER!”

“Yes, it does,” Donna said as they walked out the barber shop.

“I kind of like your shaved head, Jessica,” Nikki said.

“Maybe I’ll get mine shaved when I find a GREAT BARBER.”

“Count us in,” Sally said, as Donna and Jessica agreed.

“NOW,” Jessica said. “All I have to do is convince my parents I wanted to shave my head and did not want them telling me, “YOU CAN’T DO IT.”

“Me to, come to think of it,” Nikki chimed in.



End            By JimB    ©opyright November 2018


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    1. I did write this story years ago but never posted it to any web site about hair. It was saved on an old computer’s hard drive. When I found out I had not posted it any where, I reviewed it and made some changes and posted it here.

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