Bare top Betsy

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Every summer, no school meant going to her Uncle’s sheep farm.Betsy loved to go to farm even though he put her to work as soon as she arrived on his doorstep. She loved his herd too much to protest.They we’re cute things in thick layers of wool.

The first week of her stay,Betsy got a front row seat to witness the shearing of the sheep.Her eyes couldn’t get enough of the clippers going over the back and sides of the animals.It was truly a magical spectacle.

But she dare not ask her uncle for a shearing herself.Even though she desperately wanted to be shorn like a sheep, she kept her mouth shut on the matter.The only one who heard this confession of hers was the neighbor boy, Raleigh.

He had a crush on the girl and wanted to impress her so he figured that he could fulfill her dream.Raleigh’s mom was also a sheep shearer and in the dead of night, he held open the door to the shearing place open for Betsy who secretly bounded over.The place was dimly lit as to not draw attention.

The boy had gestured to a place on the floor and told her to remove her dress as to not get any blonde curls it.With it off, Betsy gave a sudden shiver at the drop of temperature as her boy hung up the dress nearby.She did get some warmth as Raleigh rounded her body in a tarp.

Betsy stood at attention for the procedure.Her friend grabbed the shearing device and went behind his girlfriend.He buried one hand into the thick swirls of curls and with the other, the switch was clicked to start of the blades.

Blonde curls that covered Betsy’s head began to fall as the clippers near the crown and zoomed over it, cascading its load down to the straw-sheeted floor.Again and again, the tool took her curls away and gave them a new home on the ground.Raleigh rubbed her shorn scalp for spots he missed and did his work dutifully for her love.

She wanted to look at herself but no mirror or pool of water was available so all she could do was feel how short her hair was as she put her dress back on.Her boy swept up her tresses and moved them outside for the birds to take care of as Betsy was ready to take her leave.He looked at her for a kiss for his hard work but she only smiled,”Thank you for the shearing, Raleigh.You’re a good friend”

Those words gave blush to his cheeks as Betsy ran back to her Uncle’s.Instead of going to bed as she should, she ran into the bathroom and turned on the light.There she was, no blonde curl covered her face.He had done a really fine job, she loved her bare scalp and couldn’t stop stroking it.Even as she tucked herself into bed, she ran her hand down her scalp and stroked it gingerly.

One thing is for certain, she sure gave her Uncle a shock in the morning.

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