bathtub head shave

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ben was big guy. he had a bald head, but a big black bushy beard. from his neck down was covered in thick black fur. his shoulders, arms, chest, back, and legs were super hairy. he was a massive bear and he loved to cuddle. i, on the other hand, was not as big as him with very little body hair and a lot thinner.

one night i was watching tv when ben came in and asked me if i could shave his head. this is a usual weekly thing i’ll do for him. his head hair is very thick so he had a good amount of stubble on his head, like a #1 buzz cut. “can you shave my head quick?” “sure” i said, happy to be able to do it. we go to the bathroom and he has a stool and clippers set up already. he takes off his shirt to reveal his furry chest and back as i face behind him in the mirror. “i can’t wait to get this hair off” he says while rubbing his thick stubbly head. it’s really been about two weeks since his last head shaving. i flick the clippers on and begin running them all over his head. the bare clippers hum as it whirs through his short hair leaving a bald scalp behind. the little stubble falls into his shoulder and chest hair. i take the chance to wipe it off for him and run my fingers through all that fur. once i finish up i lather up his head and cover it in shaving cream. i then shave his whole head clean. “all done” i say as i towel off his shiny bald head. “feels great” ben says as he lifts his hairy paw up to feel his smooth head.

after we clean up, i’m about to leave when he grabs me and says “hey, i wanna try something new” i  reluctantly agree without even knowing what he had planned. he instructs me to take my shirt and pants off and come cuddle with him in the bathtub. i thought it was different but i love laying on his big furry belly. he lays in the tub and tells me to lay in front of him. i do so as he pulls me back and my back is laying up against his chest. he tells me to relax as he runs his fingers through my hair. i am surrounded by this hairy bear and it feels awesome. i’m laying there with my eyes closed when suddenly i hear the whir of the clippers turn on. i open my eyes to see ben about to shave my head bald. before i can do anything he puts me in a head lock with his big hairy arms and runs the clippers down the middle of my head. my heart races as i feel the hair falling off my head. “i decided i want you to be bald to” he says as i start asking him why he’s doing this. i tried to break free but realized he’s too strong of a bear for me to break free. and besides i’m kind of liking it. i can feel his hairy embrace as this big bear shaves me bald like him. he forcefully leans my head to the side as he shaves the sides of my head bald. i can feel his big beard on my now bald head it was a strange feeling. he then turned me around to shave the back of my head. i was cuddled face first in his hairy chest as i can feel the clippers buzz against the back of my head. he continued running the clippers all over my head until there was nothing left. all of my hair was all over him and his hairy body. he then reaches over to grab the can of shaving cream. “we aren’t done yet” he says as he shakes the bottle up. he holds the bottle out in front of me as he squirts half the bottle in the palm of his big bear hands. with both hands he smothers my head with shaving cream. he ended up covering my entire head and face with the cream. it was getting everywhere and all over his chest hair. i laid back on his as he shaved my entire scalp til there was nothing but a bald scalp. he then turned the water on as we decided to take a shower to wash off all the excess hair. i used the shampoo to cover all of his thick fur and wash it all. i lathered up his entire hairy body with shampoo. i was sure to scrub his furry back and chest. the hair was so thick when running my fingers through it it felt like head hair. i lathered up his beard until he was covered in soap. he then used his hairy body as a wash cloth on my body to wash me. he used his hairy chest to wash me and it felt so amazing to feel all that fur rub against my hairless body. afterwards we rinsed each over off and got some towels. i got to dry him off as i got to rub the towel all over his back, chest and legs to dry all of that fur on the 6’4 stocky bear before me.

we then cuddled in bed as i laid my freshly bald head in his hairy chest. he rubbed my head until i fell asleep.

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