Beach Barbers Bikini Special

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Married a week ago, Tom and Katie set back off to California, back to a resort they had become fond of having been there before. They were madly in love and were looking forward to another three weeks of happiness together by the sea. The resort was, famously for them, the place Tom had finally persuaded Katie to wear a thong bikini on the beach. Although hesitant at first, Katie had grown to love the feeling of her having her ass out on the beach and the red thong bikini Tom had first bought her was now one of many she had brought with her. Indeed, Katie basically lived in the style now, not owning a bikini which covered more than half her butt cheeks.


Apart from Tom’s bikini fetish that Katie was now all too aware of, he had also told Katie about his fetish for haircuts, the barbers and hair clippers. Katie was slightly weirded out at first but slowly grew to understand this part of him, she didn’t want to let anything stand between their love. Now Katie regularly accompanied him to the barbers when he got his haircut as she knew what a kick he got out of it. Katie even admitted she didn’t mind seeing Tom caped up with the clippers running up the back of his neck.


Katie knew that Tom’s fantasy was to one day get a buzzcut and maybe even let Katie do it herself. As a wedding present to Tom, Katie had bought him a pair of clippers so as they could shave his head whilst on their honeymoon. It was a black pair of cordless clippers Katie had seen being used at the barbers on Tom and they had come with a variety of guards by which she could cut Tom’s hair. Now a near expert on men’s hair, Katie had decided she wanted to try a number three buzzcut on him to which Tom had agreed, a nice compromise for a first time buzzcut: not too long or too short.


Teasing Tom on the plane, Katie whispered in his ear how she was going to shear him like a sheep making Tom instantly incredibly hard. However, saying this, Katie suddenly had a sinking realisation that she had left the clippers at home. Having got them out to charge them up she realised she had left them next to her bed. Her heart dropped as she had been looking forward to using them on Tom. She told Tom what she feared, and Tom unsurprisingly was equally disappointed. Katie told him not to worry and that she was sure they could find a barbers to do the job and promised she would go along to watch, Tom disappointed agreed.


Arriving at the resort they checked in before heading off to their room, the same room which they had so happily stayed in a few years before. Katie threw herself onto the bed flashing her pants under her dress as she did so and exclaimed how happy she was to be back. Tom threw open the balcony door stepping outside in time to see the sun slowly dropping over the horizon. The next thing he knew was Katie holding him from behind and running a hand slowly up his leg. Tom could tell she was naked, and his penis stood to attention immediately. Pulling his clothes off, Katie lead Tom to the shower where he caressed her supple toned body as they showered off the day’s travel together. Tom grabbed her ass thinking of the week ahead of him which Katie would spend entirely in a thong bikini. Katie bent over rubbing her pussy lips into his erection before Tom slowly slid himself inside her.


The days flew past and Tom and Katie got in a regular routine of spending the morning and afternoon on the beach returning to the hotel for meals and an evening dip in the pool. Tom noticed how most of the girls now wore thong bikinis, and he commented so to Katie how they all seemed skimpier compared to last time they were here to which Katie laughed and agreed. Tom was glad he had got her hooked on them, her previous white bikini he had so adored would have looked so out of place now.


Katie’s thong bikini collection had expanded to include one of nearly every colour under the sun, none were like dental floss, but an inch-wide strip of fabric was the most any piece covered her firm behind. However, she was always on the look-out for a new one and considering Tom had got her hooked at this very resort they thought it only fair they returned to the shop.


Katie had actually never been before as Tom had bought both her previous bikinis alone and so they now together hand in hand walked into the shop. The shop itself was nothing particular special but Tom immediately recognised the shop assistant who previously had helped him out. She smiled and introduced herself as Grace and asked if they needed any help to which they replied no. Tom showed Katie the bikinis and she proceeded to browse through them picking out a yellow floral one after much deliberation. They went over to the counter to pay and Grace scanned the bikini and handed it back to Katie. Then catching Tom by surprise Katie asked “do you know if there is a barbers near here? This one really need a haircut!” pointing over at Tom who immediately went red.


“That’s so funny you ask but I work as a barber when I’m not here! There’s one down on the beach, it’s part of the hotel!” Grace said in reply.


“Ah great” exclaimed Katie “thanks for the help!”


She turned and smiled at Tom who sheepishly smiled back he knew this wasn’t any old haircut but a rather major one. They set out to try and find the barbers Grace was talking about. Following the steps down to the beach they saw a row of hotel-run boutique shops and services. At the end they could see the classic barber pole turning in the sun. Tom gazed slightly worried at this, knowing that this could be where he lost his hair, but Katie quite persistently dragged him along, she knew what she was doing.


As they got to the end of the shops they could both see “The Beach Barbers” emblazoned on the stone above the shop and stopped at a distance with a good view but not too close so as to seem nosy. Inside were two barber chairs with two men getting their haircut. But what was most unusual and what made Tom instantly get an erection was that the barbers were two young attractive girls wearing nothing but white thong bikinis. He gazed admiringly at their asses as they clippered the hair of the men in front of the them. Katie had to snap Tom out of his trance, but she knew exactly what he was thinking.


“This looks like the perfect place to get you your first buzzcut” Katie said, and Tom couldn’t help but agree. His two biggest fetishes were combined before his eyes. They left not wanting to wait their turn and Katie wanted to hype Tom up properly for the big day regardless. That night Katie rode Tom while whispering what was going to happen to his hair the next day. Needless to say, they both slept quite well.


The next morning, they went down to breakfast as normal together intending to spend the morning on the beach together. Katie was wearing a black thong bikini today and Tom wore his blue trunks which came to mid-way down his thighs. They sunbathed and laughed together while lying on the beach, spending what seemed like hours in the morning sun. At one Katie, sitting up, tossled her hands through Tom’s hair.


“Last time I’m going to get to do this” she laughed and winked at Tom when he turned to look at her, “are you nervous little one?” she asked teasingly. Tom was admittedly aroused but also quite anxious at the same time. He had never had a buzzcut before, let alone the clippers run over the top of his head and so although this was what he wanted it was a big deal for him. He wondered how he would look with such short hair all over… Katie interrupted his thoughts by planting a wet kiss across his lips, he could see down her back to her thong bisecting her increasingly tanned bum cheeks and he smiled momentarily forgetting what awaited him.


They enjoyed a tasty lunch together before Katie smiled at Tom, they both knew what was coming. Katie did not get directly turned on by haircuts in the way Tom did but increasingly over time had begun to enjoy the image of her husband sitting in a barber’s chair and getting his hair cut short. She had never seen Tom with such short hair, and she was intrigued to see what he would look like.


They found their way back to the staircase they had gone down yesterday and down to the row of shops. Tom could feel his heart beating faster as they approached the now familiar letters of “The Beach Barbers”. Katie squeezed his hand as reassurance and Tom knew there was no turning back now. Katie knew her role. She was going to tell the barber what to do and Tom was at her mercy, just how he liked it.


Katie opened the door to the shop, the bell ringing as they entered. Only one barber was working in the shop today and her pert ass was on full view, barely covered by the white thong she was wearing which Tom assumed must just be the dress code. The barber turned to greet them, and Tom was shocked to see that it was Grace from the shop.


“Oh hi, nice to see you again, I’ll be with you in a minute” Grace smilingly said to them. Katie and Tom nodded their thanks before sitting down at the back of the shop. Tom’s heart beated even faster, getting a buzzcut from Grace was going to be even better. He had always thought she was pretty, blonde hair, shorter than Katie but with a toned ass and legs and perky breasts. The white thong which was now pulled up her bum cheeks did nothing but make her even sexier. Katie could see what Tom was looking at and smiled letting him enjoy his moment. She secretly couldn’t wait to see him in the chair surrounded by two sexy girls in thongs.


Grace was giving the man in her chair a short buzzcut and moving around the chair as she worked she gave Katie and Tom a view of all sides of her tanned body. Tom enjoyed how Grace used the clippers, not violently but very forcefully and she had cut the man’s hair quite brutally short. After a few more strokes of the clippers over the top of his head Grace pulled off the man’s cape before showing him to the open-air shower where he could rinse off the clippings. He paid and Grace showed him out the shop.


Tom was left with Grace in her white thong and Katie in her black thong, alone in a barbershop about to get his first buzzcut.


“It’s nice to see you again, I didn’t think I’d be cutting your hair!” said Grace smiling as she spun her chair round to face Tom.


“Neither me” replied Tom as he and Katie rose up together. Wearing only his swimming trunks Tom had at least what could be described as a semi and he was pretty sure Grace had had a quick glance down at his crotch. She looked away quickly though smirking as she grabbed the red and white stripy cape from the side. Tom sat down in the big leather chair making himself comfortable before Grace flung the cape over his body and spun the chair back round to face the mirror.


“So, what can we do today for you” asked Grace smiling at Tom now all caped up in her chair.


“A number 3 buzzcut please Grace” said Katie before Tom had any time to answer.


“Oh so you’re in charge are you?” asked Grace jokingly.


“Yes, I’ve always wanted to see what Tom would look like with a buzzcut, so this is my treat” replied Katie. Tom knew that Katie was playing up to his fetish and he didn’t mind a jot as he sat motionless in the chair taking one last look at his hair.


“Oh so this is a first time buzzcut is it?” asked Grace inquiringly.


“Yes, Tom has never had one before and I’ve always quite wanted him to get one” replied Katie.


“Oh I’m sure you’ll love it” said Grace, now talking to Tom, “it takes getting used to, but short hair looks great on most men.”

“Yeah I hope so” Tom feebly replied.


Grace turned to get her equipment ready and Tom heard the snap of the guard onto the clippers. He had already noticed that Grace was using a pair of fancy cordless clippers which made a satisfying drone why they worked. Tom stole a quick glance at Katie who was standing at his side still and she winked at him, she looked stunning in her black bikini. Looking away, Tom couldn’t help but notice Grace’s supple ass as she bent over, her thong bikini seeming to ride up forever into her bum crack. Suddenly Grace turned, wielding the clippers in her hands.


“Where shall we begin, at the back or right down the middle?” she asked teasingly.


“Hmm, let’s go with straight down the middle first” Katie replied authoritatively. Tom had no option. He would look stupid for a bit, but the worst bit would be over immediately.


“Alright number three buzzcut coming right up” said Grace. Grace flicked on the clippers and the barbershop filled with the sound of their hum. She manoeuvred Tom’s fringe out the way with a comb and ploughed the clippers straight back over Tom’s head. Grace meant business and before Tom knew it he had an ever-widening bald strip down the centre of his head. The clippers made quick work of Tom’s thick hair and Katie watched in amazement as clumps of hair just dropped to the floor. Tom was loving this. The vibration of the clippers felt amazing on his scalp and he was glad the cape was loose enough to cover his throbbing penis. Tom caught Katie’s eye and they exchanged a knowing glance. Katie was enjoying seeing her husband be sheared in front of her and felt the crotch of her thong beginning to moisten a touch.


“Looking good!” exclaimed Grace, “buzzcuts tend to suit most people.” Soon Grace had completely finished the top part of Tom’s of head and somewhat forcefully forced his chin on to his to chest and proceeded to clipper the back and sides. Grace worked quickly, thrusting the clippers efficiently over Tom’s head it was clear she was an experienced barber.


“What do you think Katie?” asked Grace.


“It’s looking good,” replied Katie “but I’m not sure it’s quite short enough to be honest, I was wanting a more scalped look.” Tom gasped under his breath and Grace flicked the clippers off. Tom couldn’t believe what his wife had just said they had agreed upon a number three many months before and here she was asking the barber to cut if even shorter, it was dramatic enough already he thought. Nevertheless there was no questioning Katie who was in full command of the situation.


“What do you want to do then?” asked Grace, “number two or number one?”. Katie teasingly stroked her hand over Tom’s now spiky hair. Tom was dying to rub his hands over his shorn hair but couldn’t move as the scantily clad girls around him decided upon a plan, his penis was throbbing with arousal and he hadn’t even touched it.


“Let’s go for a number two Grace please, we can always come back another day” replied Katie. Tom was secretly happy he didn’t want to go any shorter and secretly didn’t mind having the clippers going back over his head.


“Sounds good” said Grace. She turned around to find the new guard expertly flicking off the number three one as she did so. Again she gave Tom a great view of her behind as she snapped on the new one making Tom’s penis throb even more. Without asking if Tom was ready this time, Grace made quick work of the top of his head the clippers having no trouble taking off another eight of an inch. Tom could begin to see his bare scalp through his hair now but began to think the buzzcut wasn’t looking too bad on him, something he could get used to he thought. Having run the clippers multiple times over his head, Grace was soon finished with the main cut. She flicked her clippers off and put them back in their charger whilst picking up a small gold edging clipper. She pushed Tom’s head down and neatened up his neck and then ears and sideburns. In no less than ten minutes, Tom had gone from a full head of hair to a short buzzcut.


“Much better” said Grace as she undid the red and white striped cape and whisked it off him, “there’s a shower just over there, you may as well go and rinse off there”. Tom purposely had his two hands resting as naturally looking as possible over his crotch, but he knew that Grace had noticed the raging hard-on he had.


“Thanks” said Tom, moving away quickly so as Grace could see as little as possible, just his swimming trunks covering the tent his penis was making. He made his way over to the shower to rinse of all the loose clippings.


“Thanks Grace he’s looking much better, sorry I changed to a number two, just thought he needed it” said Katie, handing over the cash.


“Oh no worries, I think’s it a great improvement and the number two was definitely a good decision!” replied Grace, “I must say I quite enjoying scalping men, so I didn’t mind at all! Also he definitely enjoyed it!”


“Yes I’m sorry” said Katie apologetically, knowing what Grace was referring to, “I think the two thongs were a bit much for him.”


“Oh that’s so fine, I can understand but you sure he wasn’t enjoying the haircut in particular? Sure a thong is one thing, but he seemed to be enjoying that buzzcut a bit too much!” Grace said back, checking to see Tom was still over in the shower.


“Yeah I must let you into a secret that Tom does quite enjoy haircuts and everything to do with them. I think his first buzzcut was quite an experience for him” said Katie.


“I totally get that don’t worry” replied Grace.


“Oh you do?” replied Katie “I thought it was a bit weird!”


“Yeah you could say but I must admit that running my clippers all over someone’s head and shaving all that hair off them is quite a horny experience. It’s so dominant!” said Grace hushed so Tom couldn’t hear.


“Oh really? You get turned on too?” asked Katie, surprised although not that she hadn’t enjoyed it herself too.


“Yeah and I must admit I haven’t yet clippered a guy who enjoyed it all quite as much as him,” said Grace, “I have an idea. I have always dreamt of something I like to call my Beach Barbers Bikini Special. Basically if you can get Tom to come back we’ll tie him down and then shave his head together, of course with plenty of fun on the side.” Katie was taken aback by the suggestion but in truth it only made her hornier.


“Sounds so perfect I won’t tell him and then I’ll drag him back here on the last night,” said Katie, beginning to get excited by the prospect, “do I need to bring anything?”


“So I think it’d only be right to be wearing thong bikinis, does he have a favourite one?” asked Grace.


“Ooh yes he likes my red one a lot” replied Katie.


“Perfect I’ll wear a red one too, but don’t come in clothes we can change for him and surprise him!” said Grace.


“Sounds liked a plan” said Katie and hastily added, seeing Tom coming over, “looking forward to it, I’m sure I’ll see you around the resort before then!”


“All good?” Grace asked Tom as he came back towards them.


“Yes thanks, just trying to get used to having no hair” replied Tom and they all laughed.


“I have my lunch break now but see you guys around” replied Grace as she turned and headed to the back of the shop.


“Beach time?” asked Katie, purposely teasing Tom. She knew he only wanted to fuck her badly and that the beach would have to wait. Tom smiled back and then down to look at the huge bulge in his trunks. They both knew the plan from here. With Tom hiding his penis as best he could, they both headed straight back to their room. Needless to say, a session of hot love making ensued leaving them exhausted. They spent the rest of the day together in their room settling down for the night earlier than usual thanks to their earlier antics.


Their honeymoon flew by with both of them enjoying the beach: Katie in her thong bikinis and Tom with his new buzzcut. Tom joked how they were both now showing off their skin, just in different ways!


It was the morning of their last full day and Katie knew Tom had no idea about what was to come that evening. However, she wanted to keep him extra keen for the evening. She refused Tom’s advances in bed that morning rolling out earlier than usual making sure to stretch her ass in his direction. She picked out her now standard black thong bikini for breakfast and with Tom by her side they headed down to breakfast. The morning past as usual and it was only after lunch Katie began to prepare for the evening. Leaving Tom alone on the beach Katie headed up the windy stairs to the hotel shop where she had arranged to meet Grace.


“Hi Grace” she said as she walked into the shop.


“Oh hi” replied Grace, “all ready for tonight?”


“Yeah I think so, just wanted to check with you exactly what the plan was” said Katie back.


“Oh cool, so I think if you come along at about 8 the shop will be closed by then and the girls working today will be out. There’s a room out the back with its own chair so I’ll set up there I think. Just tell Tom you’ve booked him a Beach Barbers Bikini special as a treat, although no need to give any details. Then what we’ll do is get him in the chair and before he can get away tie him down. We can change into our red thongs and then we can take the evening from there?” replied Grace confidently smiling mischievously back at Katie.


“Sounds perfect” said Katie, “I’ll head back to the beach so Tom doesn’t wonder I am!” She turned to go but to her surprise felt a spank on her bum cheek as she did. She looked to see Grace smiling.


“See you later” Grace said with a wink. Katie didn’t know what to think she was not into girls seriously but had quite enjoyed the spank Grace had just given her and could definitely appreciate her for her prettiness.


The evening came quickly and as the waiter cleared their dinner plates from the table, Katie put a hand across the table on to Tom’s arm.


“I thought we could take a little last night walk along the beach” she said.


“Sounds lovely” replied Tom. Katie smiled thinking just how lovely he would find it in reality. The sun had set by now and the gentle lapping of the waves could be heard as they meandered their way along the shoreline. She squeezed Tom’s hand tight, they had had a lovely time away on their honeymoon and she couldn’t wait to finish it with one last special treat. They both stopped to look back up at the hotel, its amber lights glimmering in the rapidly enclosing darkness. They found their room set high up on the hill side, the restaurant, the shop and down towards the beach the slowly turning red and white barber’s pole.


“Bit late for the barbers to still be open isn’t it?” said Tom. Katie squeezed his hand.


“I may or may not have a surprise lined up for you” she said smiling in reply. Tom opened his lips to reply but she quickly but his hand up to his face to silence him. She smiled cheekily, “we have a date somewhere my friend”. Tom had no choice, he could already feel himself getting hard in his trunks, and all the time Katie slowly guided him in the Beach Barbers direction, he only felt himself growing bigger. The bright white lights of the shop grew larger as they approached and slowly they made out Grace, sweeping the day’s shavings off the floor. Grace looked up and smiled as they stepped out of the darkness of the beach.


“I’ve been expecting you” she said as she opened the door for them, “come in!” The shop was empty with music playing in the background softly, Grace turned to Katie and said “so what have you told him?”


“Oh absolutely nothing, just as you wished” she replied smiling purposely turning teasingly towards Tom. Tom felt helpless he was surrounded in the barbers by two stunning girls, albeit more clothed than previously, with no idea as to what was about to happen.


“Can someone please tell me what’s going on” he muttered rather feebly.


“You’ll see soon enough” Grace replied firmly. “Come with me, we have a nice room at the back of the shop.” She turned and Katie dragged Tom after her. Grace opened a door neither of them had noticed before at the back of the shop revealing a large room with a single chair at one of the sides. Tom admired the huge leather armrests and seat and the shiny metal base, just as a traditional barber’s chair should be. In front of the chair a huge mirror stretched across the wall. Tom was normally used to a more moderately sized mirror when he was at the barbers, but this stretched from floor to ceiling and he would soon find out why. Furthermore, there was no space for any tools either, the reason for which he was also discover soon enough. Grace quickly snapped Tom out of his trance, “chop chop, sit down please sir, your wife has asked me to clean up your buzzcut a bit before you go back home” she snapped. This actually relaxed Tom, he had got used to the shorter hair and decided he wouldn’t mind a quick clean up before they returned home. Letting go of Katie’s hand he headed towards the chair, settling himself in its comfy black leather lining. The huge mirror allowed Tom to quite easily see both Grace and Katie stood behind him, he smiled to himself looking forward to a last treat.


“So another number 2 buzz then?” inquired Grace as she walked towards him.


“Yes please” replied Tom confidently. Katie smiled to herself knowing that Tom had no idea what was coming. Before Tom could do anything both of the girls were stood at his side. He watched helplessly as they pulled out concealed straps from the armrests, pinning his hands down. Tom panicked.


“What’s happening?” he said nervously, frantically looking towards Katie for reassurance.


“You’re just getting a little haircut” she replied teasing him and she looked towards Grace laughing as she did. Grace, stood by the door, reached out and turned the lights off. The room plunged into darkness. Tom could see Katie and Grace leave the room laughing together as they did and closing the door behind them. Tom was now sat tied down, alone in a dark room. He knew this wasn’t just going to be a simple tidy up but something much more. He was sure the huge mirror was for to heighten his fear and hopefully pleasure in what was about to happen. Only one tool was coming back into the room, hence the lack of any storage space, a big powerful set of clippers. His thoughts were interrupted by an all too familiar whirring noise coming from next door. He could hear Katie and Grace laughing as they tested out the clippers before suddenly all fell silent. The door into the main shop creaked open again and Tom could see two silhouettes outlined in the doorway. The door shut again and Tom could sense the two girls coming towards him.


The lights coming on again temporarily blinded Tom but as his eyes adjusted, before him in the mirror stood Katie and Grace resplendent in red bikinis and in their hands an ominous pair of black hair clippers. Although worried about what was about to happen, Tom immediately felt himself get hard and not having a free hand to manoeuvre anything around, everything stood straight up to attention.


“What’s happened down there?” asked Grace as she moved in front of Tom looking purposely closely at his crotch. Tom went a bright shade of red and Grace and Katie both laughed.


“Already excited are you?” teased Katie. Knowing about the lack of barbering tools in the room Tom became increasingly worried about the lack of any guard on the clippers. The angry matt black blade was all that stood between his hair and the whirring of the motor.


“Hold my clippers for a sec please” said Grace as she handed them over towards Katie, “just gonna tie this boy down a bit more”. Tom didn’t bother to struggle with his hands already tied down and Grace calmly strapped his ankles to the back of the barber chair. Tom now had all four of his limbs tied down. “So Tom, I’ve been speaking to your wife and we decided as a treat that we’d give you the Beach Barbers Bikini Special. I won’t say any more but sadly your hair is at our mercy now!” Grace explained smiling, “Katie is in command”.


Tom’s new wife walked slowly round in front of Tom and bent down to kiss him tenderly on the lips.


“You’re in good hands”, she whispered. Standing back up right Tom now had a wonderful view of Katie’s whole body: her toned abs, flowing hair and pretty face whilst in the mirror her peachy bum in its fully glory albeit for her red thong bikini bottom bisecting her cheeks. But most worringly for Tom she held a menacing pair of cordless clippers in her right hand. “So baby today you’re gonna go bald” she said gently, almost as if she felt sorry for Tom, leaning in and slowly stroking his cheek. Tom was frozen, he was still rock hard down below and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as his girlfriend stood before him, her amazing body on full display but about to completely lose his hair. Grace stood on the other side of Tom, watching on happily, her arms crossed and her hands firmly on her clippers.


Buzzing suddenly filled the room and Tom lurched as Katie had flicked the clippers on and brought the down towards him forehead. Making sure Tom could still see the back of her thong in the mirror she bent over teasingly, wobbling her bum in the mirror and smiled as she pushed her clippers straight back over Tom’s scalp. Tom gasped, all his fetishes were coming at once: he was tied down in a barbershop, surrounded by two girls in thong bikinis whilst his girlfriend shaved him bald. His bare scalp was now present in a strip straight down the middle of his head. Katie stood back to admire her work, and looking in the middle smiled at Tom, she was going to enjoy making her husband bald. Three more times Katie dragged the clippers teeth across the top of Tom’s head and before long it had been made completely devoid of hair. Tom had only recently got to feel what the clippers felt like over the top of his head but now got to experience what the cold bare blade of the whirring machine felt like. His scalp tingled as Katie denuded him of hair, chunks falling to the floor all around him.


“Come join the party” said Katie to Grace. Grace didn’t need another invitation and before long Tom was watching two bikini clad girls shave his increasingly bald head.


“I’ve got the shortest blades on I have”, said Grace to Katie “so let’s see how short we can get him,” almost ignoring the fact that Tom could hear her. For nearly 5 minutes Grace and Katie worked their way round Tom shaving him as short as they could and of course allowing Tom to view it all in the mirror. Both girls knew how to handle the clippers. Grace clearly had plenty of experience as a barber and clearly it was something that came naturally enough to Katie. They firmly but not roughly moved his head around, getting every last inch of hair from his scalp onto the floor, making sure to go over everything at least a good three times and to help prolong the experience.

Sadly, it was all over before it had started. Tom sat tied down with an almost shiny bald head. The girls stood around admiring their work and Katie planted a large kiss on top of his head. The previously already short number 2 buzzcut had been replaced with what could only be described as the shortest head shave possible with a pair of clippers. Tom had only just begun to get used to what his buzz looked like, but this was something else. Secretly though he rather liked what he saw in the mirror.


“You look great Tom”, said Grace, “I’m glad I was of use. Let me know if you ever drop by again.” She winked and turned to go, Tom taking one last glance of the perky bum which had just shaved him said his thanks. “Enjoy yourselves!” she said teasingly as she closed the door behind her.


“I think she deserves a bit more thanks” said Katie to Tom and ran after Grace smiling as she did.


“Come back”, Katie called after Grace, “come enjoy yourself too”. Grace smiled and turned.


“With pleasure”, she said winking.


Both girls came to stand in front of Tom and Katie looked at Tom cheekily. Tom knew what was to come. Grace ripped off Tom’s shirt while Katie pulled down his trunks. Then both girls, almost synchronously, proceeded to strip from their bikinis. Tied down naked in the barber chair, the two girls proceeded to show Tom what the Beach Barbers Bikini Special was really all about…

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