Beach Girl’s Forced Makeover

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“Hey, do you mind if I sit with you” Cheyanne said standing over the gorgeous blondie tanning.

Savanah poked her head up startled then calming down once she saw where the voice came from

“Yea sure thing. I’m Savannah, you can lay your towel down next to me”

“Thanks, by the way you are super pretty I’m so jealous of your hair it’s like the perfect blonde”

“You’re so sweet, you’re gorgeous too. What brings you to the beach today?” Savannah said while flicking her long platinum blonde hair over her shoulders.

“Just trying to get a tan, same as you’re doing. Just figured I’d try to make a new friend” Cheyanne said as her already tan complexion shimmered in the sunlight.

The two girls became friends quickly. Both complimenting each others bikinis and bodies. Both girls were tan and had stunning bodies. Cheyanne had tattoos covering her whole body. A lot of which had floral designs. Her hair settled at the small of her back and was jet black, almost looking blue in the sun. Assuming that’s where the expression ‘so black it’s blue’ came from.

Savannah was a beach girl through and through. She loved her platinum blonde hair which was almost the same length as Cheyanne’s. It was oddly healthy judging by how blonde it was. It was the definition of a perfect platinum color.

Cheyanne was definitely a bit jealous of her hair color but couldn’t stop thinking about trying to make Savannah look like her. She’s had fantasies of trying to convert perfect beach girls into a girl more like her. Dark hair, tattoos and almost a mysterious dark vibe.

Savannah seemed like the perfect girl for Cheyanne to transform. But she knew it would be next to impossible… however she had her ways.

“I just can’t get over how flawless your hair is! Would you mind if I braided it for you?” Cheyanne said innocently.

“I would love that. I absolutely love my hair being played with and especially braided”

“Well alrighty I’ll brush it out, play with it a little bit and braid it into two French braids”

She was always ready for a moment like this. Cheyanne always had a box of permanent jet black dye in her purse. She planned on using it when she found the perfect woman.

Cheyanne sat behind Savannah in order to braid her hair and to insure she wouldn’t be able to see what was going on.

She started by brushing out Savannahs impeccable blonde tresses to work out any knots. Then she slyly pulled out her container of black dye.

Cheyanne squirted a dollop of dye into her hand and began working it through Savannahs doomed blondness. Being extra careful to not get any close to her field of vision. This was a stealth mission.

The directions on the box said to wait atleast 2 hours for the dye to do it’s damage which didn’t seem like a problem as savannah was almost melting like putty with the sensation of getting her hair played with. And once it was in braids Cheyanne wouldn’t have to worry for a while since it’ll be out of savannahs field of vision.

The blonde was already starting to disappear as she continued working in more dye into the unknowing woman’s mane.

Cheyanne then moved onto Savannah’s roots massaging it into her scalp.

“Oh my god that feels so good” savannah said euphorically.

Even if savannah found out what Cheyanne had done, it would be too late. There was no blonde left. Even this early in the process all the blonde started turning black. Soon her beautiful long hair would be turned into a fully ominous black color.

Cheyanne proceeded to braid Savannahs hair and tied it off with black hair ties matching her new hair.

“Hey why don’t we go back to my house for a few drinks and get some air conditioning?” Cheyanne said innocently.

“That sounds great, it’s getting pretty hot out. How far away is it?”

“Not far it’s a mile away from here”

The two women shook out their towels to get any sand off and packed everything up and started walking off the beach.

Cheyanne couldn’t stop looking at savannah while they were walking. She was so proud of herself that her plans are going smoothly. She made a great choice. Savannah rocked black hair and didn’t look like a beachy girl anymore. Savannah was having a great day, of course not with a single clue of what just happened and with no idea what was next, she strode down the sidewalk with confidence. With each step she took, her perfect ass shimmied flawlessly. The two girls smiled, laughed, and had a good time walking to cheyannes house.

When they finally arrived to her house, savannah was slightly impressed. It was a nice two bed two bath house with a gorgeous lawn. Cheyanne took her keys and unlocked the door and welcomed Savannah in to her home.

“Why don’t you take a seat and I’ll make some drinks” Cheyanne asked pointing at the chair that somewhat looked like a salon chair but not quite the same.

Savannah walked over and sat down in the chair. It was a comfortable chair and the leather felt nice against her skin.

“Okay close your eyes I want these drinks to be a surprise” Cheyanne said in her innocent voice.

Savannah closed her eyes and Cheyanne made her way to her with a couple handcuffs. She fastened them quietly and sneakily. Somehow savannah didn’t realize and feel that her arms were just locked into the chair. Cheyanne handed her a Smirnoff.

Savannahs eyes went large when she went to take a sip but couldn’t bring her cup up to her mouth.

“Uhm what the fuck are you doing?”

“Oh nothing… just a bit of a transformation. You’re welcome.” Cheyanne said in a snarky voice.

“What the fuck do you mean? What kind of transformation?” Savannah squeeled kicking her legs while Cheyanne tied them to the legs of the chair.

“Well if you must know, for years I’ve fantasized over finding the perfect beach girl to convert into a mysterious goddess like myself”

Savannahs insides turned upside down and her gut wrenched.

“I don’t get it what are you doing to me?” Savannah whined

“Exactly what I said. Turning you into a version of me. Step one is already done.” Cheyanne said while flicking savannahs now black braids over her shoulders.

Savannahs eyes bulged when she looked down and saw that her impeccable blonde hair was no longer blonde but pure jet black.

“What the fuck did you do to my hair? When did you even do that?? Please tell me it’s not permanent!”

“Oh it’s permanent all right. Like I said. I’m turning you in to me and nothing you do can stop it.” Cheyanne said with sassiness.

“This is so fucked up! You already ruined my hair what else is left?” Savannah said in a frantic manner.

“You could figure that out on your own, just take a look at me.”

Savannah almost fell unconscious. The first thing she saw when she looked back up at Cheyanne was her tattoos. She worried that if she said anything about her tattoos that it would give her ideas… that is if she wasn’t already planning on it.

“First things first. We permanently laser off any hair follicles on your legs and arms.”

Savannah replied with a nod. This wasn’t so bad she had already planned on doing this in the future.

Cheyanne pulled out a small machine. In seconds, the laser remover was on and Cheyanne was making quick work of her legs. She then moved on to savannahs pubes, then to her arms. When she was finished, there was no hair on any part of her body except her head.

“Are you ready for the fun part?” Cheyanne said in a naughty tone.

Savannah could see Cheyanne setting something up on the counter but couldn’t see what it was.

“Please don’t do anything else to me!”

Cheyanne turned around wielding a tattoo machine. She had a devious smile as she slowly walked towards savannah.

“Hmmm where should we start?”

“Please no. Please don’t do this to me. I love my body.”

“That wasn’t a very good answer. How about this. I’ll take my clothes off so you can see all my tattoos and then we can decide.”

Cheyanne started to seductively tear off her clothes. Starting at her shirt and bra, revealing a large set of titties. Next she dropped her booty shorts and then her panties.

To Savannah’s horror, almost every part of Cheyannes body was covered in tattoos. Savannah felt horrified at the thought of her perfect beach girl body ruined any more.

“God please no. Please don’t do this.”

“Hmm fine. I guess I’ll have to pick”

Cheyanne kneeled down next to Savannahs legs. She decided to start on her thighs. She dipped her machine in ink and approached her thighs.

“Let’s see where the first thigh tat will be.” Cheyanne maintained eye contact with savannah and touched the needles into the middle of her thigh.

Savannah winced and let out a cry as she felt the needles work it’s ink into her skin.

“I guess that’s our answer.”

Cheyanne started working swiftly. She decided to make both of her thighs into a very large and intricate Celtic-floral pattern wrapping all the way around each of her thighs and wrapping down her shins and ankles with vines.

Savannah cried and cried feeling the strong pain, emotional and physical, spread across her thighs. Each prick of the needles felt like a knife stabbing her repeatedly.

“Is this not enough for you? You’ve ruined my hair and my legs forever…” savannah cried.

“Darling I am not nearly done yet. Besides we are finished with your legs. Shall we do your shoulders next?”

“NO” savannah screamed.

“You can not stop this from happening. Now don’t run. You have to come over and lay on the counter stomach down.”

Cheyanne loosened the straps and handcuffs releasing her arms and legs. Savannah tried to get up but her legs folded and couldn’t walk. There was far too much pain to be able to walk. Cheyanne picked her up off the ground and layed her down on the counter.

“Any guesses on what’s going here?”

Savannah thought hard to remember what was on cheyannes shoulder blades. Then it dawned on her. It was a set of wings sprawled out along her shoulder blades and upper back.

All savannah could do was shake her head.

Cheyanne pressed the tattoo machine to her left shoulder blade. Her body tightened. Savannah whimpered as Cheyanne worked her way across to the middle of her upper back. Though it took time, Cheyanne was fast and highly skilled.

“Why me? What could I have possibly done to you to warrant something like this?”

Cheyanne didn’t reply. She wasn’t suspense to build up.

“Aren’t you just so excited for the new you?” Cheyanne asked sarcastically.

Savannah didn’t say anything. Her silence was enough.

Cheyanne finished the wings and began shading them in. Savannahs back burned.

Without saying anything Cheyanne moved down to her lower back. She started tattooing a tramp stamp with ‘welcome to the dark side’ in letters that resembled vines.

She then started on savannahs ass cheeks. Starting from left cheek to right cheek she started tattooing the words ‘spank’ on the left and ‘me’ on the right. Written out in a thick black gothic font.

Cheyanne connected the art with vines and flowers weaving together, encompassing the tramp stamp and the ‘spank me’ from her lower back all the way down her ass.

Every single inch of her ass was tatted. Cheyanne worked viciously. Adding in small dull pops of color into the flowers.

Savannah had non stop tears raining down her face and pooling up on the counter top she lie on. Still unable to speak through the pain she whimpered.

“It’s time to get up. You’re entire back half of you is done. Hope you said bye to having clear clean thighs and booty. But trust me… this looks far better.”

Savannah wailed as more tears ran down her face. Suddenly she felt Cheyanne lifting her up off the counter and walked her towards the bathroom. She layed savannah on the ground near the shower and turned it on.

Cheyanne scrubbed her hair getting all the excess dye off. After a few minutes the water rolling off savannahs hair was not stained black anymore. Ensuring the hair was permanently jet black.

Inside savannahs head, her thoughts raced a million miles per second. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. What would anyone say? How would she get jobs in the future? How could she even hide any of this?

Savannah was carried back to the living room and this time was set down facing up on a recliner. She started to feel like she was falling in and out of consciousness. At one point she wondered if this was a nightmare.

Cheyanne began tattooing her lower stomach. She placed a large star on each side of her abdomen and between them said ‘Property of Cheyanne’ in Celtic gothic font. Reaching across from one star to the other.

Savannah was in an immense amount of pain. Most people have a hard time sitting through a singular tattoo session. But this was remarkable. She was having her whole body tatted at once. She cried and wailed all through it.

Cheyanne found herself up to savannahs chest and started at the center top of her chest. She carefully and methodically tattooed down a dagger. It’s handle sitting right above her breast and the blade running down inbetween her breasts. Along the edge of the dagger blood ran down and appeared to be trickling down a few inches off the tip.

Up next were Savannahs boobs. They were gorgeous. They were thick, perky, and had an amazing shape.

Cheyanne grabbed the right boob and gave her a playful pinch on her nipple. Her nipples went hard. Hard enough to cut diamonds.

She started tattooing rose pedals revolving around her nicely sized nipples forming a gorgeous rose. Followed by a few smaller roses surround the first. Each rose was accompanied by a vine that swirled around and made its way down her sides connecting to the rest of the vines. She repeated the same on the other side.

That was by far the most painful spot savannah was tatted in. But compared to the pain of everything else together at once was no match. She continued to cry and shriek, not saying a word.

Her collar bones were next. Similar to the stars on each side, a black widow spider was added on each collar bone.

“I think it’s time we take care of that pretty little neck you have there”

Savannah muttered the words “please no” but those words held no weight.

Cheyanne started tattooing an intricate spider web circling around savannahs once pure skin, up her neck and stopping just below her jawline. This made her face pop out more. Through this entirety savannahs skin lost color. Her now pale skin made a special contrast against her mostly black tattoos with subtle hints of color in the patterns.

“Let’s save the most fun for the end… arms next. Don’t tense up or it’ll hurt a lot more. It seems like you aren’t taking this well but chin up you’re starting to look sexier than me.”

Savannah knew Cheyanne was hot and extremely sexy, but this wasn’t Savannah at all. She was a beach girl and now is being transformed into something she never would have thought.

She looked up at Cheyanne in the eyes and tears in her eyes glinted in the artificial room lights.

Cheyanne gets started on her right forearm. Tatting a python wrapping around her arm stopping at her wrist. On the other arm she added a tribal pattern stopping at her other wrist.

Savannah grabbed the arm rest extremely tight exposing the white in her knuckles.

“I told you not to tense up. You need to let go.”

And with that, savannah showed a hint of submission as she slowly released her grip.

On both wrists were vines wrapping around them. She moved on to her hands and fingers. Cheyanne spelled ‘FILTHY SLUT’ across her knuckles In a thick calligraphic font.

On her left palm was the sun, on the right, the moon. On the back of her hands were spiderwebs, as gorgeous and gothic as her neck. Savannahs hands trembled through the process.

Cheyanne made strong eye contact with savannah and pulled her lip down revealing another tattoo. Savannah winced again realizing that was next on her body.

“Oh god please no. Anything but that” savannah pleaded.

Cheyanne reached for and grabbed her bottom lip. She grabbed savannahs hands and placed them on her opened lips saying

“hold your lip steady. Wouldn’t want to mess this up now would we?”

As savannah held her lip open, Cheyanne speedfully tatted the words ‘bite me’ on her inner lip, same as her own.

Cheyanne turned off the tattoo machine and set it down. She walked to the kitchen and grabbed savannah a water and some food.

“Wouldn’t want you to go hungry during this makeover now would we?”

Savannah showed the first sign of a smile as she gulped down her water. Maybe savannah was starting to come around to this or maybe she was just happy the additive pain was over. She scarfed down her food and looked up towards Cheyanne.

“What’s next?” Savannah asked

“Did you just ask me that? Seems like the last several hours you’ve been non stop crying.”

“No. This is a nightmare.”

Cheyanne smirked and went to the bathroom to grab another device. Savannah had seen this tool before in a salon but never seen it in action. She knew what this machine could cause.

Cheyanne walked up to savannah twirling the plug around her fingers then plugging it in.

Looking into savannahs blood shot-tear filled eyes, she gingerly grabbed her chin and pulled down and popped the clippers on.

The sound roared through the silent house. Savannahs mind started spinning.

“What the fuck are those for?” Savannah said trembling.

“Won’t be needing those eyebrows anymore. Such a shame… they were shaped perfectly.

Cheyanne pushed the clippers up to her left eyebrow and without hesitation ran them across both brows sending tiny clippings of hair dancing down Savannah’s tear soaked face. The clippers blades made easy work.

“I look like a monster!”

“You haven’t even seen yourself yet.”

“I don’t need to. You ruined me.”

“I would argue I’m vastly improving you.”

Cheyanne brushed her eyebrow-less face off and reached for the tattoo machine.

“Oops I almost forgot” Cheyanne said setting down the tattoo machine and picking up the laser hair remover.

Moving it along where her eyebrows used to reside ensured two things. One being that she could never have real eyebrows again and two being that she couldn’t hide her face anymore.

Finishing that, she picked up the tattoo gun again and approached savannahs face.

“Keep your eyes closed darling”

Cheyanne started adding her new permanent eye brows. They were thin and in a gothic-dark shape with a perfect arch. They looked sexy.

As Cheyanne set down her tattoo gun, Savannah started to feel a small sense of relief. She assumed the tattooing and pain was done. Yet she was wrong.

“So honey, how are you liking your makeover so far?”

Savannah was in a lot of pain so speaking was a little difficult for her.

“I’m okay.”

“We’ll this next one’s might be coming as a surprise to you-“ as she talks she puts her silky jet black hair up in a bun and turns around.

To savannahs horror, Cheyanne had a medium sized triangular undercut on her nape. She couldn’t tell what was written in ink, but there was a triangle tattooed with words on the inside.

“You are not buzzing any hair off off my head!” Savannah said sternly.

“I’m afraid you have no choice. But it’s okay, I’ll be nice. I won’t laser remove it. Just means I’ll have the privilege of shaving it every couple of days”

“What do you mean every couple of days? I’m gone after this.”

“Oh yea? Where are you going to go? You can’t go back to your friends. They’ll repulse you. You can’t get a job. They certainly won’t hire you. You have no other options but to stay with me. I’ll give you an allowance, you can go out and do what you want but you can’t live anywhere else. Besides look at your belly.”

Upon hearing that savannah grew week and neauseous and looked down. She looked at the words written between the two stars saying ‘Property of Cheyanne’

She nearly puked reading that. How could she be someone else’s property? How could any of this have happened in the first place?

Savannah looked up at Cheyanne with a single tear running down her stained face. She knew Cheyanne was right. She had no where to go, no friends anymore, no job. This was going to be her life now.

With tears in her eyes, savannah gathered her hair up in a ponytail, secured with her right hand, she turned around so Cheyanne could face her nape.

“See now this isn’t that bad at all savannah. Think of it as a new life. A new body”

Those words echoed through savannahs skull.

“Just get it over with”

“Someone’s antsy to get their nape shaved” Cheyanne said sarcastically with a smirk.

Cheyanne started sectioning out a triangle the same size as her own undercut with a comb. She looked over the section making sure it was neat and even. Because why wouldn’t she? It’s her brand being placed there.

She picked up the clippers, brushing off the remanents of her eyebrows off and popped them on. The soft hum reverberated though the room.

“Are you ready? I’m willing to bet this will turn you on.”

“What do you mean? How could that possibly make me horny?” Savannah questioned.

Cheyanne replied with a google residing into a smirk.

“Oh you’ll see”

Cheyanne plunged the clippers into savannahs nape, drawing them up and stopped at the edge of the triangle.

It only took a second for savannah to understand what Cheyanne meant. The vibrations spreading through her body made her moan. Savannah couldn’t believe she moaned after going through all of this. Cheyanne was right. It did turn her on. Savannah thought for a second ‘this feeling every other day? I could get used to this’

Cheyanne paused when she heard savannah moan. She walked around the chair in front of savannah. She eyed her up and down then planted a soft kiss on savannahs lips.

This was savannahs first time being kissed by a woman. It made her feel different. It almost seemed like something was being awoken deep inside of her.

Cheyanne went pass after pass being careful to stay inside of the lines. Each pass sent strands of hair raining down savannahs back and plopping onto the floor.

Cheyanne then pulled out shaving cream, and lathered it up on savannahs newly bare nape. Scraping through the hair with a razor made a noise savannah had never heard before.

Once her nape was bare to the skin, Cheyanne leaned down and softly blew cold air onto her skin. That alone was enough to make savannah moan again.

“I think someone is starting to like this new version of her self.”

Savannah couldn’t believe how she was feeling and why she was even feeling this way. She knew she was horribly upset and mad but something continued to wake up inside of her. Maybe Cheyanne was right. Maybe it was the start of a new sexier beginning.

Still holding her hair up, savannah trembled faintly as she felt the fast moving needles run across her skin.

Cheyanne was quick and had major talent tattooing. She started outlining the undercut with a triangle made up of thorny vines.

Savannah could feel every time the needle changed directions. She could feel every needle boring into her skin.

Cheyanne moved into the center of the triangle, marking it with a ‘POC’ (Property of Cheyanne) in a triangular shape with the days date ‘09-12-22’ in between the letters. Halfway through the date, savannah let out another moan, this time a little louder.

Cheyanne had turned off the machine and set it down. With a swift motion she swung savannahs chair 180 degrees so they could face eachothet.

“You’re mine. Permanently now. Not only are you branded on your stomach, you are branded on your head. No way to hide it even if you tried. From now on, any change I make to my appearance, is added to yours.”

“Do the previous rules still apply?” Savannah said is an odd worried-aroused voice.

“Yes darling they do. You may go anywhere you want, you’ll have an allowance, and much more. This is your new life now. No way of escaping it.”

Savannah nodded while slightly blushing.

“Seems like someone’s starting to like the transformation. Get used to it.”

“Only slightly” savannah grinned as she struggled to walk to the bathroom mirror. Moving her body especially in excruciating pain was difficult but something told her she needed to see herself. Hell, she hadn’t even seen herself with black hair. The last time she saw herself was in the morning before she went to the beach.

As she glared at the unfimiliar body in the mirror, she couldn’t help but explore her new self. Spinning in the mirror, lifting appendages to see the art surrounding her full body, she started to love herself just a little more.

Cheyanne saw savannah in the mirror admiring herself. She walked over and stood beside savannah wrapping her arm around her waist with her hand resting on her ass cheek.

Savannah should’ve shuttered in pain with Cheyanne resting in her but that wasn’t the case.

As savannah looked at both of them standing next to eachother in the mirror, she could see an extreme resemblance. Extremely similar tattoos if not the same. All delicately layed out across their bodies. Both their ominous jet black hair reaching the small of the backs, their matching tatted eyebrows, all the way to their undercuts.

Savannah woke up that morning as a platinum blonde beach girl with smooth tan skin. And now she stood next to her new life long “partner” looking identical. They were twins.

As savannah kept exploring her new body, she couldn’t help but feel extremely sexy. Sexier than she’d ever feel as a blonde.

Both girls turned to eachother and looked into their eyes. All Cheyanne could see was a sexy goddess still with a tear stained face. She leaned in for a kiss. Savannah pulled Cheyanne in all the way and embraced her.

Cheyanne then grabbed savannahs hand and led her to her bedroom. There was several articles of bondage gear hanging from the walls. But more importantly there was a second dresser.

“This dresser has all of you’re new clothes in it…” cheyannes voice trailed off as savannah started looking through her new wardrobe. The majority of it was jet black, much of it was very revealing and accentuating. There was also a large variety of accessories. Such as leather bondage belts and clothing, numerous pairs of combat boots, chokers, and anything else you could imagine.

“Why don’t you get some rest and tomorrow we will wear very similar very revealing outfits and show the world my new twin…” Cheyanne said in a very seductive voice.

To be Continued…

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