Beehive or buzzcut

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There is a lively beauty salon on the corner of North and West Street. The place boomed with fashionable, young ladies who desired a specific hairstyle. Hair wrapped around their heads, forming a tower of tresses. But the beehive wasn’t the hairstyle available at the parlor. No one dare request it.

One day, a new girl came into the salon. She was lengthy and sheepish. A hairdresser greeted the girl warmly and took her back to an open chair. That woman dressed the girl in a powder blue cape that surrounded her neck in frills. Dirty blonde hair was then let down to resume its position on the girl’s shoulders.

”What are you feeling today, hun”,the hairdresser smoothly took her client’s spectacles of her face. Nobody anticipated the new comer’s answer.

”I guess I’ll take a buzz cut, please”,the girl chirped. Everyone looked at the girl. She was so confident. Would she actually do it?

Smiling, the hairdresser made no fuss as she dusted off the clippers that had never been used. Since this was an unusual occurrence, the girls getting beehives covered their ears as the clippers started whirring. The blades went in and started cutting down the stalks of hair. More and more hair went raining down as each second passed.

“There we are, hun”,the hairdresser killed the clippers. All girls marveled at the sight. Whatever hair lie on the cape was removed with a fine brush. As the hairdresser removed the cape and gave the girl back her glasses, the girl started to run her hands over the short stubble covering her head.

”I love it”,the girl smiled, turning to the girls,”You guys should try this”

There was a consensus of horrified and intrigued looks on the other girl’s faces. They all watched as the new girl dismounted the chair, pay for her haircut, and walk out of the shop as the happiest girl on earth.

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