Behaviour change

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This is a story of my childhood friend Amisha, Girl from the middle class family with attractive looks. Her mother was a teacher in some school and believed in discipline. Amisha used to have jet black hair up to midback length with curvy figure. Half of the class used to have a crush on her. We were quite close friends at that time.

A new girl came to our class in 6th standard. She was very quite and introvert. Amisha used to make fun of her all the time. After diwali vacation that year when school reopened , the new girl came to the class with the bald head!!! Everyone was surprised but not Alisha. She started spreading rumors about that girl having affairs with many boys and so her parents punished her with bald head and more. That girl was teased by the whole class and soon stopped coming to school.

Principal when knew about the incident, called up Amisha’s parents to tell them about their daughter’s behaviour. When her mom knew the real reason behind the new GiGirl bald head she felt ashamed of her morals and decided to teach Amisha a lesson.

It was already time for Amisha to get her hair done just like every six months. Her mom took the opportunity and accompanied her to the parlor this time. After completing the previous appointment, parlor girl Deny called up the Amisha to the chair. Her mom told the Deny to make her hair short. It was a radical change for a girl who used to have feather cut midback hair. After initial arguments Amisha agreed to her mom to have it till shoulders and not more. Deny reinforced the fact that it’s very hot outside and she is in good hands. Deny turned Amisha away from the mirror as she prepared her equipments. Amisha didn’t know what was to follow. Deny tied her pony back and in smooth motion “scchhh” cut it right across with the scissors. It was already shoulder length when her mom ordered”Go shorter”. Deny asked how much . Mother replied so short enough that she remembers for her life. Alisha didn’t understand why her mother was making her do that but she didn’t have a choice. Deny put the scissors back on the counter and picked up clippers hanging by the drawer. She removed the guard, bent Amisha’s head down and started from behind. Amisha thought she might be getting pixie cut but she started to shiver as clippers started climbing higher and higher and cool breeze started to feel on the nape. She started sobbing but in vein because ship was already sailed. She watched the massacre as her hair started falling in her lap. When she had sobbed enough than only her mother told her that the girl she was making fun of was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and she was already depressed when you ruined her life with comments.

Amisha didn’t know how to react and said sorry to her mom. She also agreed to visit that girl and ask for forgiveness. Deny on the other side cleaned up stubble left on her head to complete zero headshave. When Amisha saw herself in the mirror she realized how hard it is to accept such a head shave. But finally she walked out of the parlor without being sad with her mother and she did come to the school without covering her head in support of the new girl.



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