Being her bride

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My wife loves me bald in bed but likes to twirl my hair on date nights, she found a way to have her cake and eat it to.

It all started when I was pleasuring her and some of my brunette curls got into her moaning mouth.

She took out the stuff and demanded I stop munching her bush: the mood had been killed.

I profusely apologized but she gave me the silent treatment but clasped my hand to assure me that it wasn’t all my fault.

Early the next day, I was making her breakfast when she sat me down.

”Look”,she said,”That hair must go”

She was up front about her preferences, something I married her for, but I loved my hair: I couldn’t give it up.

She saw what I saying but kept to her proposal: either I went bald or we would become an abstinent couple.

I was given a week to think it over but I told her straight up.

”Fine, I’ll do it. But you owe me”

She agreed and drove me to the barbershop.

The air was nice and cool inside, my wife was friends with the barber: A German named Hans.

”So what are we doing today?”,he asked.

“Give her shave”, smiled my wife.

Hans caped me in a red cape and took up his clippers.

With no guard and shining, he ran them down my scalp and up my sides.

With it all buzzed, Hans lathered my scalp in shaving cream and guided a razor over the layer.

When I was skin bald, I expected to be released from the cape but my wife had other plans.

”Could you shave off her brows”,she requested.

”What?” I was aghast at that moment.

”Babe, you’re gonna look beautiful”,she lulled,”Trust me”

I put my faith in her and allowed my chin to be raised and my brows, shaved off.

My hairless head scared me but my wife loved it so I, in turn, accepted this new look.

She tapped her nails on my head and that roused me.

The next stop she took me to was a wig shop.

”What are we doing here?”,I asked her.

”I would still like to play with some hair of yours”

I smiled sheepishly and we shopped for wigs I would wear.

A replica of my natural brown curls was found and she purchased it for me.

When we got home, my wife told me to dress nice and put on the wig, we were going out.

I did and she drew my brows on.

”I can’t resist”,she kissed me and we smooched each other a dozen times.

Per our agreement, every day, I shaved my scalp; either at home or by Hans.

I was her bald wife.

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