Bella’s Bad Hair Day

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Bella’s Bad Hair Day


Bella was your average 10th Grade High-School student. She got good grades. She dated the football team’s quarterback, and she is one of the most popular students in Theodore Roosevelt High School. She had long brunette hair that swept the floor.

However, she had to deal with every girl’s worse nightmare……… Bad Hair Days!!!!


Bella woke up on Saturday from a wonderful night sleep and went to take a shower. Before she entered, she caught a glimpse of herself in the bathroom mirror and….

Her hair was fried, strands poking out in long, jagged ways and directions. Tangles and knots were everywhere in her 15-yearlong mane. Bella decided to take a shower to see if it worked and took a detangling comb, brush and used half a bottle of salon-proven, tangle-free shampoo/conditioner. When she got out, her hair wasn’t tangled anymore; but it was all spiky and it was still pointing in all directions. Bella dried her hair and it looked like she stuck her hand in an electrical socket.

She noticed on her calendar as she got dressed that Prom was tonight!

Bella had one option left: A Haircut!


She usually got trims or coloring done at a salon, but never anything this drastic. She had no choice.

Bella grabbed a hat and told her parents she was going to the salon. Her mom said all the salons were closed, due to renovation.

She was doomed when her mom said that the salons were closed. She said the next salon was at least 30 miles away.

Her father said that she could go to Jimmy’s Unisex Barbershop. Bella froze and thought of the barber as a demon who would give her a buzzcut. However, she didn’t have a choice when she showed her parents her hair.

Her father told her to ask for Antonio, he thinks he could help.

She agreed and 5 minutes later they were on the road.

After they entered the parking lot of the strip mall, they parked in front of the barbershop. She saw the spinning pole and went inside.

It was an old-school barbershop with pictures of men and women on the walls. A poster was on the wall. It said:


Ladies Haircut Options:

#12) Short Neck-Length Bob Cut w/ Undercut. (The “Lucky Girl” Cut)

#11) Cheek-Length Bob w/ Undercut or Shaved Nape (The “1920’s Vintage” Cut)

#10) Razored Pixie/Very Short Mullet. (The “1980’s Mom” Cut)

#9) Regular Pixie Cut. (The “Young Man” Cut)

#8) Slicked-Back Short Pixie w/ Short Sides and Back. (The “Neat an’ Clean” Cut)

#7) The Pix-Bowl. (The “Money-Saver” or “Combo” Cut)

#6) A Bowl Cut w/ Shaved Sides and Nape. (The “Moe” Cut)

#5) Short Fauxhawk w/ Almost Shaved Sides and Back. (The “Spike” Cut)

#4) The Cropped Pixie Cut. (The “Shear-Bliss” Cut)

#3) 1” Flattop w/ Shaved + Tapered Sides and Back. (The “Barber’s Classic” Cut)

#2) ¼” – ½” Brush Cut. (The “Mad Max” Cut)

#1) Smooth Shaven. (The “Induction” Cut)


The walls were blue, and the floor had black-and-white tiled floors. The four chairs were big and bulky with red leather on the white armrests, headrests and seats, while the footrest was completely metal.

The barbers were all men ranging from 20 to almost 60 years of age. They all had someone in their chairs. Twin boys were getting short haircuts for the summer. A man in a business suit was getting a spiked-up haircut with a design on the sides. Even a girl getting a trim.

She felt less scared, despite having possibly the worse hair at the worse time.


After a couple minutes, the barber with his shirt pocket saying “Antonio” on it finished his client and motioned Bella to his chair.

She sat down in his chair and put her arms on the armrests and her feet on the footrest. She took off her hat and told him that her Prom is tonight.

He said he can fix it, but it’ll be very different.

Bella gulped and agreed to whatever Antonio had to do.


Antonio grabbed a clear, eggshell-colored cape and put it around her loosely, then he put a strip of tissue around her neck.

Antonio grabbed a tube of cream and another tube of gel. He used it to make the hair more manageable to work with. He then took out an 8.5” pair of scissors and a comb. Antonio started to brush a bit of her hair upward and cut it about 9” from her scalp, and the long, clumped hair fell before her eyes. Bella’s crosses her legs so they touched and gripped the armrests. Antonio kept using the same method, he made the hair around the crown longer and more angled. Once he finished using the scissors, Bella’s hair was about breast-length and looked a lot better than when she came in, but she didn’t know since she was faced away from the mirror.

Antonio then took a small pair of red clippers and brought Bella’s hair to just below her chin. He had to tilt her head to get the right shape. When Bella saw the clippers go so close to her neck, she got scared. She saw about 85% of her hair on the floor.

Antonio then turned off the clippers and used his straight razor to clean up her neck. For Bella, it was both weird and relaxing.

After Bella tilted her head back to a normal position, Antonio put wax in her hair and used the blow-dryer to dry her new haircut and getting loose hairs off her face.

Antonio then turned the chair and showed Bella her hair.

She thought it was very chic, a little short for her liking; but it looked very cute. Like Pulp Fiction character Mia Wallace, aka Uma Thurman. She saw the poster from before she got a #12, which really made her happy.

Bella said she looked great. She then paid and thanked Antonio for helping her. She said she’ll be back in a month.


Later on, Bella was with her friends at the Prom, and she was voted Prom Queen with her boyfriend and football quarterback as Prom King. They both danced to beautiful songs like Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”, Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One”, Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is”, All-4-One’s “I Swear” and more.


During each song, they both kissed and will happily remember those moments for a long, long time.

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