Best Friends

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Thanks a lot for reading. Hope you enjoy my writing. I fucking suck at making titles.

“I’m setting off now, I’ll be outside your house in ten minutes. I can’t wait to see you, girl!” Liz said excitedly.

“Awesome! I can’t wait either, see you soon.” Annabelle said then hung up the phone.
Her and Liz had been best of friends since they could remember. They grew up together and were more like sisters.
They were both now 22 and still as close as ever. The two of them made sure to see each other at least once a week.

Ten minutes later the doorbell rang and Annabelle bounced towards the door happily. She opened the door and was greeted by a very smiley Liz. They hugged and gave each other a kiss on the cheek before going back inside Annabelle’s flat.

The two girls made some snacks together, poured a glass of wine each and chatted as they usually did each week.

They got onto the topic of makeup and Liz started going on about how she had started following videos how to do different looks. Annabelle didn’t know much about make up, she usually went for a natural look, unlike Liz who was more glamorous.

“Oh my God, Anna! You have to let me do your make up!” Liz suggested.

“Um, sure!” Honestly she wasn’t that interested in it but seeing how exited her best friend was about it, she didn’t want to say no. They both went into Annabelle’s bedroom.

“Do you even own any make up? I’ve never really seen you wearing it.”

“I have a make up set my mom bought me last year. I think I used the mascara once then never touched it again.” She laughed, fetching the set out of her closet.

“The set is a little basic but I can work with it!” Liz examined the neutral colors of eyeshadow, lipsticks and eyeliner. Slightly disappointed she couldn’t give her friend a dramatic colorful look.

“OK so sit down and let me make you look even more beautiful!” Liz guided her friend to sit down in front of the full length mirror.

Annabelle looked at her bare face in the mirror and imagined how she was going to look after Liz had finished with her. She was always told by men and women alike that she was attractive and naturally pretty, she had deep brown eyes and long, thick wavy black hair that reached just above her waist.
Liz was very pretty too, with her ocean blue eyes and beautiful, straight light blonde hair that reached her rib cage.

Liz got to work with her make over and applied some brown eyeshadow to Annabelle’s eyelids, gave her long lashes a coating of mascara and chose a subtle rose colored lipstick to finish off.

“All done!”

“Wow! It’s kind of cute.” Annabelle said as she checked out her friends work. She picked up a hairbrush and started brushing through her dark hair, trying to imagine if she could ever get into wearing make up like this more often.

“It’s cute right?” Liz said as She started applying make up to her own face. “We should totally go out like this over the weekend, girl!”

“I’d love to…” Annabelle sighed “But I have nothing to wear and not a lot of money either… I’m sorry, Lizzie, it will be a while until I can go.”

Just then Liz gave a little chuckle. “Well it’s no problem!” She pulled out her phone and started tapping away.

“What do you mean?” Annabelle looked at her confused.

“I found out about this website where you can get paid to go out to parties and dance with guys. They provide you with the travel cost, hotel room and even clothes! The only thing we have to pay for are our own drinks.” Liz explained.

“I don’t know about that, Liz. Sounds a little bit weird. What’s the catch? Do we have to sleep with them too?”

“No! Well I mean you can for extra money but it’s totally optional. It’s basically just for rich guys to be able to raise their status by having a load of beautiful girls at their expensive parties.”

“Oh…” Annabelle mulled it over.

“C’mon Anna! It’s so fun! I went to one last Month it was totally worth it!”

“Did you sleep with any one?”

“Well…” Liz grinned cheekily, flipping her blonde hair back to reveal a gorgeous pair of very expensive looking earrings. “I might have gave a guy a blow job.”

“Oh my God! Lizzie, you slut!” Her friend teased. She couldn’t imagine doing that herself. However the earrings did look amazing and Liz said that doing anything like that was optional.

“Fine. I will go with you.” Annabelle said. Liz squealed with joy. “But I am not having sex with anyone.”

“Yay!” Liz immediately started typing something on her phone. “Okay, they will pick us up at 7:30 tonight.”

“What? You mean today?”

“Anna I promise you will love it!”

She sighed, rather annoyed that Liz didn’t give her chance to even agree to go on such short notice. But it had been a very long time since she had been out to a party and she would get paid for it too. What harm could it do?

Just as promised they were picked up by a chauffeur at 7:30 and they arrived at the hotel where the party was being held.
They were escorted to their hotel room and, my goodness, the room was incredible. It was probably the most expensive hotel the two girls would likely ever stay in throughout their whole lives.

They entered, gasping in awe of the amazing room.

“This is so fucking cool!” Liz smiled “They gave us only one double bed but that’s alright for us isn’t it?” Annabelle nodded. They had slept in the same bed many times before.

On the end of the silk sheet bed was a tray of complimentary wine and candies along with a little note that said “Your outfits are in the closet – Love, M.” Annabelle guessed that was from the party host. They both hurried over to the closet and opened it to find two beautiful party dresses. They were both super short, tight fitting with spaghetti straps. One was a stylish black and the other was a sexy dark red. They both had a matching color of very expensive brand stilettos. The girls were pretty much the same size so they could choose between themselves.

Liz chose the red dress and Annabelle opted for the less dramatic black one. Liz touched up both of their make up and fixed up their hair.

“We look incredible!” Liz said, checking herself out in the mirror. The dress revealed a lot of cleavage and hugged her figure perfectly. Annabelle would never usually wear anything like this but she had to admit, she looked hot.

After they finished getting ready they went downstairs to the party. It was absolutely huge and packed full of people. They danced to music, flirted with some handsome looking guys and laughed a lot. They didn’t have a lot to drink as the bar was expensive. But what did it matter. There was no need to get drunk, they were already having the time of their lives.

Two hours into the party Liz got a text on her phone. She read it out to Annabelle.
“We have an offer to the both of you from an anonymous guest. If you accept there will be $1000 deposited into your bank accounts tomorrow morning. All you have to do is go to your hotel room and follow instructions (that will be given to you if you accept) a camera will be set up in your room if you agree, not to worry, this request doesn’t involve doing anything sexual between yourselves or anyone else. – Love M.”

“Are we really going to do it?” Annabelle scoffed “The party isn’t even half way through yet and I’m having fun.”

“Let’s do it, Anna! It’s a thousand dollars! We probably only have to do a strip tease or something then we can quickly get it over with and come back to the party after!” Liz persuaded and Annabelle gave in to her and agreed to do it.

“Great! He said everything will be ready for us in 15 minutes and that we should go to our hotel room then.” It became apparent that Liz had replied saying they agreed to the offer before even waiting for her answer. She was getting a little bit irritated with Liz making these decisions for her. But at least she would get a lot of money out of it so she let it slide.

When the two returned to their room they found a mobile phone on the dressing table. It had nothing on it besides one contact named Q. There was no internet and no way to download any apps. A message appeared on the phone as a no reply text.

“Thank you for accepting the offer girls. A camera has been set up in this room and the bathroom. They will be recording until instructions have been completed. Then be disactivated right away afterwards. And as promised, the money will be sent to you by the morning – Q”

The girls looked around the room for the camera but they couldn’t find it. Must be pretty well hidden.

Another message appeared.

“Start by taking your clothes off. – Q”

“See! What did I tell you. A strip tease.” Liz giggled to herself. “Easy money!”

Liz started undressing and Annabelle followed after her, she felt a bit shy and was amazed at how confident Liz looked. They were instructed to take off their dresses first, then their bras and panties and lastly their stilettos.

“Excellent. Don’t worry, this clip won’t be shared anywhere. It’s for my private collection. Now, go over to the dresser and look inside the top drawer. – Q”

They did as instructed and found a black bag. Liz took it out “It’s probably lingerie.” she winked at her friend. She unzipped the bag and her smile turned into a puzzled expression. “What the heck is this?”

The bag contained a comb, scissors and a pair of clippers. Another message appeared on the screen.

“I don’t think I need to explain what those are for. – Q”

The girls looked at each other in shock. Then Liz started laughing “No fucking way. We’re not cutting our hair. Let’s go back to the party, Anna.”

“You have already accepted the offer. You will not be able to leave the room or get your money until you both shave each other’s heads. – Q”

“That’s ridiculous. I don’t want the money that bad. Do you Anna?”

“Lizzie… The door-” Annabelle said with panic in her voice “it won’t open I think they locked it. Our key won’t work either!”

“That’s so messed up. I’m going to call M and tell him the deal is off.” Liz reached for her phone and tried to make the call but there was no service. She couldn’t get on the internet either. “I can’t get through!”

“Oh my God, what are we going to d-” Before Annabelle could finish talking a message appeared.

“You know what you need to do. – Q”

The girls looked at each other in horror. It became apparent that there really was no way to back out of this. They would have to cut off their hair.

“Annabelle, you go first. – Q”

She reluctantly sat at the dresser. She looked in the mirror at her gorgeous long locks. She had kept her hair long all her life, had never cut it more than an inch and couldn’t imagine herself without her long waves.
Liz took out the comb and stood behind her gently combing her friend’s dark wavy hair. It was so shiny and healthy, Liz felt awful about what she was about to do. She put the comb down and picked up the scissors. Tears started to form in Annabelle’s eyes as the reality of the situation sunk in.

Nervously, Liz lifted a lock of dark hair from the front of her head and hovered the scissors there for a minute before cutting it off about half a centimeter away from her scalp.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

Annabelle burst into tears. She watched the hair fall down past her naked breast and onto to her lap as Liz cut off another lock. Then another and another. Soon a pile of hair formed around her and she looked in the mirror to see that half of her hair had been cut off. She grabbed a bunch of her own fallen hair and squeezed it tightly in her fist.

“I’m… So sorry Anna…” Liz apologized. Anna didn’t reply, only sat there sobbing as Liz finished cutting the rest of her once gorgeous hair off.
By the time Liz was finished with the scissors, Annabelle’s hair was cut into a patchy uneven mess. Her hands trembled as she reached up to feel her ruined mane. It was so short. She looked horrible. Yet she knew the worst was yet to come. It would take forever to grow all her hair back to the length it was.

“Now the clippers – Q.”

Liz picked up the cordless blades and turned them on. Annabelle jumped at the loud growling sound they made. She squealed as Liz held them at the side of her head and slowly pushed them through the remainder of her hair.
She started to cry uncontrollably as she watched in the mirror, strip after strip of hair being shaved away from her head.
Liz felt her stomach roll, feeling terrible for her friend who’s head was now almost completely buzzed. She gulped, knowing it was her turn soon.

The last bits of hair were buzzed from Annabelle’s head. She looked at herself in the mirror again and met a dreadful sight. Her once long hair was now nothing but a dark stubble covering her head. Make up smudged on her face, mascara running down her cheeks. Her eyes red from crying.

“Good. Now Liz, take a seat – Q”

Annabelle brushed the cut hair off her lap and stood up. Liz took her place. She stood behind her, looking at her friend’s long natural blonde hair. She started combing it and as she did so thought to herself how it was Liz’ fault they were in this mess for being so damn pushy. That if she wouldn’t have talked her into this she would still have her hair right now.

On that thought she wasted no more time. Annabelle grabbed the scissors off the dresser and started to hack into the long blonde locks. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Liz watched her friend cutting off all her precious hair. The other girl chopped away at her hair until the length was gone. Leaving it now a blonde chopped up mess on her head. Some parts were about 3 centimeters and other parts had been cut down close to the scalp.

Annabelle said nothing, grabbed the clippers and pushed Liz’ head forward then forced the clippers up the nape of her neck all the way up to the crown. The clippers left patch after patch of fine blonde stubble behind as they ate through her hair. Liz cried as she watched the short bits of blonde hair fall down to the floor, landing on top of the long piles. Annabelle moved the clippers over her head over and over again. Making sure she had shaved it all off. Then the humming clippers stopped.

Slowly Liz lifted her head up. She saw her reflection and cried harder. “Oh my God.” She whimpered, running her hand over her shorn head. The light blonde stubble made her look bald.

“There. Done. Are you happy now?” Liz asked, wiping tears from her face.
A new message appeared.

“Well done girls. You’re almost done. Go take a shower then you’ll be given your last set of instructions after that. – Q”

“Fine. You go in first Anna. I’ll wait here.” Liz sighed.

“Together – Q”

The two girls shared a look then headed to the bathroom in silence.

In the shower they didn’t say a word to each other. It wasn’t weird for them to be showering together. They had done before on vacation before. They were simply lost for words.

They stood under the warm water, letting it rinse any cut pieces of hair off of their bodies. Annabelle noticed how different the sensation of the water felt on her shaved head compared to before when she had a thick mass of hair covering it. The girls washed their bodies with soap and cleaned the smudged make up off their faces.
The shower was fast. Usually they would spend an extra 10 minutes shampooing and conditioning their hair.

After the shower they dried themselves off with a towel and went back to sit at the dressing table. Just as they did so another text came through.

“Amazing. Now you are ready for your last request. Check the second drawer down. – Q”

Annabelle nervously pulled open the drawer. In there she found two razors, a can of shaving cream, a bowl, two cloths and some moisturizing oil.

“You’re fucking kidding me.” Liz squeaked “We have to shave it bald?”

“This is the last instruction. We want you both bald. After you have completed it, the cameras will be deactivated and the money will be ready to be deposited into your accounts. – Q”

“What the fuck!” Annabelle’s eyes got watery again. As if it wasn’t already bad enough having her hair buzzed off, now she had to shave it too?

By now they both knew there was no point in protesting. Liz filled the bowl with water and sat down at the dresser.
“I will go first this time.” She offered. She felt bad about having put them in this situation in the first place.

First Annabelle dampened the cloth then wet her friend’s head with it. Then she shook the can in her hand and emptied some shaving cream onto the top of Liz’s head. She carefully spread it around, making sure to cover every bit of blonde fuzz.

Liz stared blankly at her reflection as she watched her friend take the razor to her head. She tried to hold a strong expression whilst Annabelle scraped away any of what was left of her hair.

A few minutes later there was no trace of her pretty blonde hair left. Annabelle wiped away the remains of shaving cream from her head with the cloth, leaving behind nothing but smooth bald scalp on display. Liz couldn’t keep up her strong facade. She sobbed quietly as the other girl rubbed the oil all over her bald head. It felt so alien having a pair of hands rubbing against her bare scalp.

The girls switched places. Annabelle sat with her head down, avoiding her reflection as Liz wet her head. She flinched to the feeling of the cold shaving cream touch her head. After Liz finished covering the black stubble with cream, she picked up the razor and got to work.

Scrape. Scrape. Scrape.

Annabelle shuddered. The sound of the razor scraping so close to her ear was terrifying. Her skin tingled in the places the razor had touched. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

Liz shaved off the last bit of stubble then cleaned her head with the cloth. Then she squeezed a few drops of oil into her palms and rubbed her hands together. Gently, Liz lifted Annabelle’s head upright, though, she kept her eyes squeezed shut. Not yet ready to see herself in the mirror. If ever.
She whimpered when Liz started massaging the oil into her scalp. It was a weird, although not unpleasant, feeling but at least it soothed the irritation from having her head shaved with the razor.

Liz smoothed her hand over Annabelle’s bald head one last time. She wiped her oily hands on the cloth and stood in silence awaiting a new message to arrive.

“Well done. You have completed our requests. The cameras will be deactivated and the $1000 will be available in your bank accounts by the morning. The doors have now be unlocked. Feel free to enjoy the rest of the party. – Q”

Immediately after they had finished reading the text, they heard a beeping, presumably the camera shutting off. A click from the lock on the door and the phone suddenly switched off and lost all power.

It was over.

The girls sat in silence at the dressing table. Naked and bald. Surrounded by piles of their luscious locks on the floor.

Annabelle, opened her eyes. The silence was broken only by her sobbing. She didn’t recognize the bald girl in the mirror. She had loved her long hair so much and now it was all gone.
Legs trembling, she stood up and walked over to the bed. Not able to bare the sight of herself any longer. She crawled on top of the sheets and lay down on her side, knees curled, covering her face with her hands. All she could do was cry.

Liz approached her friend. “Hey, Anna…” There was no response. She laid beside her on the bed.

“Annabelle…” she reached out her arms to hug her but she was quickly shoved away.

“Leave me alone!” the other girl snapped. Still facing away from Liz. She continued to cry.

Liz paused for a second then put her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “Anna… Please.”

Annabelle jerked away from the touch and sat upright on the bed. She looked at Liz, face red, eyes stinging with tears.
“I didn’t want to agree to this in the first place. And now I’m fucking bald!”

“I’m so sorry! Really I am sorry. I swear. I had no idea something like this would happen. I was just trying to get us some easy money…. ” Liz looked at her friend’s smooth head and hung her head in shame. After all, it was her fault. She knew Annabelle didn’t really want to take up the offer and she had been a terrible friend for accepting it even before waiting for her permission.

” Please forgive me, Anna.”

Annabelle listened to Liz apologizing. She felt the pain in her best friend’s voice and knew she was sincere. Deep down she knew Liz would never do anything to purposely hurt her.

She looked at Liz, who was also now bald, and placed her hand on her arm. They had both lost something tonight.
Liz smiled through watery eyes and pulled her best friend into a hug.

They clung to each other tightly. Annabelle felt Liz’s fingers gently stroking the back of her shaven nape.
“You still look so beautiful. Even without your hair” Liz spoke softly in her ear.


“Yeah. I’ve always been jealous of your looks.” Liz replied.

Annabelle let out a tiny giggle. She knew Liz was probably only saying it to try make her feel better but it was funny to hear her say it non the less.

“Let’s get some sleep here tonight…” Said Liz.

Annabelle nodded in agreement. They both crawled under the covers and laid cuddled up next to each other. Taking comfort in one and other’s embrace.

“We can call a taxi tomorrow when the money is in our accounts. Then go back to my place and try to chill out?” Liz suggested, carefully stroking her friend’s smooth head.

“Mmm hmm” Annabelle hummed. Then they shortly drifted off to sleep. They were both exhausted.

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