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Jess was nervous as she walked to the sorority house on her first day at college. She had finally been accepted as a pledge by the university’s most exclusive sorority, Beta Gamma. She was eagerly anticipating the experience, but the nervous feeling in her stomach suggested that something unexpected was in store.


When she arrived at the house, she was instructed by the sorority president, Lucy, to follow her down to the basement. All of the senior sorority members were down there, and they told the pledges to strip off all their clothes. All of the pledges, including Jess, complied without hesitation.


But it didn’t stop there. Lucy then instructed everyone to take off their wigs, revealing that all of the Beta Gamma members were bald. Jess was horrified but didn’t dare question the order, and one by one each pledge was taken into a room, where they were handcuffed to a barber chair.


Lucy then took out a pair of clippers and began shaving the female pledges’ heads – Jess’ included. She applied shaving cream and then used a straight razor to finish the job. After they were all bald, Lucy then turned on the hose and hosed the pledges off while they were still nude.


When she finished, Lucy made the pledges sleep on the cold basement floor while still bald and wet. She also made sure that all members of the sorority stayed bald. Of course, the sorority provided wigs for those occasions when it was necessary to cover up the secret baldness.


Two years later, Jess had worked her way up to become the president of the sorority. She made sure the bald tradition was upheld, keeping her own head shaved in the process. Through it all, Jess knew that becoming a part of Beta Gamma was the best decision she had ever made.

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