Beware of your neighbors!

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(This story is based on true events. Names were changed to protect the privacy of those imvolved.)


It had been about six months since I moved into this new neighborhood. It was a great opportunity to rent a nice house for a reasonable price.

Most houses in my street were bigger and more luxurious  and owned by the people living there. So was the house right next to me. Two young professionals in their mid-thirties. Arnold and Annabel. Arnold was a really tall guy, considering his age early natural bald with some shades of hair. Annabel was a good looking woman, dressed conventional – long skirts and such – and pinned a few of her very long tresses on the top of her head to keep it from falling in her face.

From the first day on Arnold appeared to be a very friendly guy. Annabel however, e.g. when parking her car, gave me a certain kind of look as if she was not pleased with me as her new neighbor.

Over the months though she also started greeting me and giving me a smile.

Having finish most of the things that have to do with moving in, I got the idea to ask them over to have a drink and make further acquaintance. It’s better to have a good neighbor than a distant friend. I know that from experience.

I asked what wine they preferred and did some shopping to serve delicious tapas. Arnold and Annabel early in the evening and mostly we did chat about the our houses, jobs, the neighborhood and things alike. Until Annabel said: ‘Can I ask you something personal? ‘

‘Ask you can always do. But don’t mind if you not get an answer’ I replied with a smile.

‘How come you wear your hair that long?’

‘Well that happened by accident. After changing jobs and my lifestyle it felt better somehow. And my hairstylist said maybe let it grow, first a bit then more as she started cutting less on each visit to her. But why do you ask?’

‘Please forgive me saying, you got quite a bald spot on your crown and your hair is very thin. If I was your hairstylist I would had given you not such an advise. I’d give you a far better look for sure.’

‘So, what would that be ..?’

‘Look at Arnold, he looks much younger and vibrant not taking a detour, trying to have a full head of hair which he hadn’t. Only one disadvantage, I have to beware of other women flirting maybe a bit too much with him now.’ Annabel laughed and caressed Arnold’s head.

I looked at Arnold; ‘You look good that’s true. When did you decide to take the plunge?’

Arnold smiled. ‘Frankly, it was not one hundred percent my decision. Just imagine Annabel coming home with a complete kit of hairdressing tools? No honestly … just a pair of professional clippers. Charging the battery for a few hours and reading the manual. Then putting a kitchen chair in the middle of the room and beckoning me to sit down. It first was not clear what her intentions were, but I soon found out. Glad she took the initiative.’


‘I could do yours too, even right now if you want?’ Annabel said.

‘Are you serious?’ I replied.

‘Why not, I’m always serious by the way.’

‘This comes very unexpected for me. I must admit I have given it thought over the last few months. Let me sleep on it. Maybe another day …’

Annabel knew that pushing me at that moment would make little sense or getting her way. ‘Okay, we’ll give it a rest.’

We changed subject and had a nice evening together the three of us.

The day after.

As I was preparing my late breakfast, glancing through my kitchen window I noticed Annabel walking to her car parked in front of her house. Taking something out of the trunk and walking back. Guess she got a day of or was working from home as a lot of folks do that. She didn’t notice me watching.

Making a cup of tea to go with my breakfast, the doorbell rang. I am not yet used to it being so load so it does startle me every time. A visitor that early, maybe a delivery service?

To my surprise I saw Annabel at my door. I opened and said ‘hallo’.

She said ‘About last night …’

‘Do come in …’

She followed me to the kitchen. ‘Ah a proper breakfast I see, to start another day.’

‘Yeah sure, wanna cup of tea ….?’ I asked her.

‘No thanks, just had breakfast on my own. You do know it’s ANOTHER day.’ Her eyes wide open staring into mine while putting this question. ‘Did you have a good night’s sleep? ‘

‘Yes thank you.’ Not having a clue what she was talking about or why she rang my doorbell.

With asking she got hold of a kitchen chair and put it in the center of the space. ‘I mean this THE other day, not just another day.’ It suddenly became clear to me, what she was up to.

‘It would be so easier if you sat down you know …’

And so I did sit down.  She put her bag on the kitchen table and began unpacking it. I was afraid to look, almost sure about what was in that bag. Annabel then looked at my hair that was still wet from showering.

‘Have to dry it first.’ She plugged in a hairdryer and set it for maximum speed, messing up my hair with her hand. Her touching me and coming so close to me – I could smell her perfume – did bring me erotic feelings. Shouldn’t allow those, well I tried to stop them …

It seemed she was back to the look she gave me a few months ago. Not a smile on her face.

After my hair was dry, she started brushing it. Not taking care of it being tangled a bit. I couldn’t help but saying ‘ouch’ at one time. On which she reacted with ‘sorry, but that’s the problem with long hair.’

She walked to the kitchen table once more and approached me with a pair of shining red Wahl cordless clippers. ‘Got them charged all night. So they are ready for duty. Are you?’

‘Listen, I will not force you’.  She stepped over my lap with one leg and sat on my lap, facing me. ‘But in case you back out, this way I got you. Believe me you need this. You trust me?’

‘Does that matter? If I trust I you?’

‘No not really’. She pulled my head forward, leaning against her breasts. I heard a loud click and buzzing noise. Without consent or delay she moved the clippers from my neck up to my crown. It immediately felt cold. As I in a reflex tried to move my head up, she more firmly held it down and made more passes with the clippers. Not able to see, I did know for sure my back became very short as it felt like a breeze coming over it.

For a brief moment she let me rise my head. She turned off the clippers and removed the small guard that was on them. Again pushing my head towards her and starting over from my neck upwards. She was not kidding I can tell you. The steal of the clippers froze my skin.

She tilted my head, turned off the clippers and with one finger first, then with het flat hand she went from the lowest point in my neck up to the crown. Repeatedly. It made me shiver and it made me horny.

She stood up and closed the blinds of the kitchen window.

‘A bit dark don’t you think, can you see what you’re doing ..?’

‘Don’t worry I can see that grey locks of yours with half an eye. But you on the other hand …’ She gently removed my glasses.

Though I could not see very clear, I saw her heads moving under her long skirt and .. oh … she put out het panties. She kneeled down and loosened my belt. ‘Up just a little’ she commanded me. So I rose a few inches from the seat of the chair while she pulled my trousers down. She again lifted one leg and came sitting on me, grabbing firmly my …. directing it inside her. She let a long sigh as if relieved.

Slowly she began moving her thighs and ‘click’ the clippers went on again. ‘Always wanted to do this’. She began heavily breathing. ‘Just sensed last night you’d be a great victim’.

She pushed the clippers over my sideburns and the sides of head. Both left and right. She buzzed them completely to the skin. Here moves got more intense, faster. As a result I felt going deeper into her. ‘Don’t come yet please.’ This wasn’t easy for me.

Annabel screamed and I felt her fluids coming out of her, the same moment she pushed the clippers right down the middle of my forehead. I came like never before. Our mutual fluids and the loose hair made quite a messy seat and floor even.

For a moment she held still and took a few deep breaths. Then moving on with shaving the parts that were untouched. This went on and on. Till the clippers stopped. Empty battery.

Annabel raised herself, took my heads and pulled me to follow her upstairs to the bathroom. She started undressing me and with some hesitation I followed her. Taking all her clothing off. Meanwhile she had looked around the bathroom and had discovered razorblades an instant shaving cream. She turned on the shower, stood in front of me and pushed my head down. ‘Eat me.’ And so I did. While she was moaning she covered me head with shaving cream and slowly made me head completely bald.

‘You think I am finished with you? ‘ said Annabel. I was wondering, having not a single hair or stubble left on my head. Annabel took me to the bedroom and we furiously made love the rest of that morning.

‘Got to get to work now.’ It was almost twelve when she left. We silently agreed never to speak of this. So you’re in luck me sharing this story with you 😉

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