Bianca and Debbie

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This was originally posted on Amanda’s Hairstyle Page and is reposted with permission

Bianca and Debbie

by Amanda Robinson


Bianca was in the bathroom. She looked at her reflection in the mirror as she brushed her long hair. Her hair was of reddish colour and wavy. It was so long that it almost reached her hips. She’d had long hair since she was a little girl, and she couldn’t imagine herself with another hairstyle.

Still looking in the mirror she put down the hairbrush. She couldn’t decide what to do with her hair tonight. She usually braided her hair or wore it in a ponytail, but tonight she wanted something different, but she couldn’t decide.

She looked at the clock above the mirror. It was half past seven. Debbie could be here any minute now. She and Debbie had planned to go out tonight. She hadn’t been out since she and Jason broke up six weeks ago, and she still didn’t feel like it, but Debbie had persuaded her to go to a party at a friend’s house with her.

She picked up the brush again and stared into the mirror. Jason had loved her long hair. He had brushed it for her so very often. Although she didn’t want to, she couldn’t help thinking about him. Suddenly she woke up from her dream, as she heard the doorbell. Still holding the hairbrush in her right hand, she went to open the door.

“Are you ready to party?” she heard Debbie say.

“No, not yet,” she answered. “I just can’t decide what to do with my hair.”

She went back to the bathroom and Debbie followed her. “Why don’t you sit down and I’ll braid your hair for you,” Debbie suggested. Bianca looked at her. She and Debbie had been best friends for years now, and they had braided each other’s hair many times before.

“No, I want something different this time,” she said. She hesitated for a moment, then she continued. “I want you to cut my hair short.”

She saw the startled look on Debbie’s face. “You can’t be serious,” Debbie said, visibly shocked, “Your hair’s absolutely gorgeous. Why on earth would you want to cut it off?”

“I have been thinking about this for the past six weeks,” Bianca replied. “My hair reminds me of Jason too much. He adored it and he brushed it so often. Every time I look into the mirror, every time I see my long hair, I have to think of him. If I want to forget him, I’ll have to get rid of my hair. Besides, I believe it’s time for a change anyway. I have had my hair like this for as long as I can remember.”

Debbie was still shocked. “Don’t you think it’s a bit drastic? You could have another hairstyle without going too short. Why don’t you think about it for a while? You might regret this later.”

Bianca was determined. “I am absolutely sure of this.” She opened the door of the bathroom cupboard. She took a towel from one of the shelves. Then she went to the kitchen, and returned with a pair of scissors. Debbie knew it was useless to argue. If Bianca was determined to do something, she would go through with it no matter what.

“OK. If you’re really sure, I’ll do it,” Debbie said as she placed a kitchen chair in front of the bathroom mirror. “Sit down, and we’ll get started.” Bianca sat down on the chair and ran her hands through her long tresses. “I am ready,” she exclaimed.

Debbie draped the towel around Bianca’s neck, and pulled the long hair over the back of the chair. She started brushing the long locks for what would be the last time. “How short do you want to go, Bianca?”

“I want a very short cropped style, about one and a half inches all over,” she said looking at Debbie’s face in the mirror, knowing she would be stunned. For a minute Debbie didn’t know what to say, but then at last she agreed. “If it’s a short crop you want, that’s what you’ll get.”

Debbie took a long tress in her hand and opened the scissors, still feeling a bit uneasy. Then she closed them about one and a half inches from the scalp. “No turning back now,” Bianca heard her say, as she saw the first long tress fall down in her lap. Bianca felt excited. “Go on,” she uttered. Debbie took another lock and closed the scissors again.

Soon Debbie had cut all the hair on top of Bianca’s head to one and a half inches. The hair on the back and the sides was still long. Bianca’s lap was covered by long, reddish, wavy strands of hair. The bathroom floor was also full of long tresses.

Bianca raised her arm and ran her fingers through the short hair on top. She couldn’t believe how curly her hair was. She looked at the reflection of Deb’s face in the mirror and could see that she was obviously enjoying herself.

Then Debbie started at the left side of Bianca’s head. She severed another tress, and held it in her hand for a moment. It was almost three feet long. She looked at the tress, and saw Bianca was doing the same.

“It will take years before your hair reaches this length again,” Debbie said softly, and let go of the tress. It fell on Bianca’s breast and slid down into her lap to join the rest of the already cut hair.

“I know,” Bianca replied, “But I am going to keep it short. You’ll have to give me a trim every few weeks.”

Debbie started to cut again, and soon all the hair was short. The long locks covered Bianca’s lap and the tiles on the bathroom floor. Debbie used a spray-can filled with water to wet Bianca’s short hair and then she ran her comb through it and started to even it out, using the scissors again.

Debbie saw that her friend was still excited about what was happening. The smile on her face said more than a thousand words. Debbie suddenly realised she was very excited herself as well. She ran her hands through the short and curly wet hair, and asked where Bianca kept her hairdryer.

Bianca stood up to get it and the long tresses in her lap fell to the floor. She looked at her hair now lying at her feet, but felt no regret whatsoever. She was happy with her short crop. She walked to the bedroom and returned with her hairdryer.

Debbie made her sit down again and switched the hairdryer on. She started blow-drying Bianca’s hair. She liked the humming sound that it made. Soon she was finished and switched it off. She removed the towel from Bianca’s shoulders, and some strands of hair that were still lying on top of the towel dropped to the floor.

Debbie ran her comb through the hair again, and used some hairspray on it. Then Bianca stood up.

“I love it,” she exclaimed. “You’ve done a marvelous job, Debbie. What do you think about it yourself?”

“Short hair suits you, Bianca. I never imagined it would look this good on you. When I started cutting your hair I had some doubts, but now I know I did the right thing. You look gorgeous. You should have cut it years ago!”

Bianca raised her arm and touched Debbie’s shoulder. Then she ran her fingers through Debbie’s almost waist-length, thick and very curly brown hair. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” she asked her.

Debbie was not surprised at all. She had indeed thought about cutting her own hair as well for the last hour. Like Bianca she’d had long hair most of her life, and cutting Bianca’s hair, and seeing how good the short cut looked on her, made her realise she was ready for a change herself.

“Well, I don’t want to go as short as you, but I certainly want my hair cut a lot shorter than it is now. Will you cut it for me?” Debbie requested, as she sat down on the wooden chair and handed the towel to Bianca. “I was thinking of a chin-length bob. Do you think you can do it?”

Bianca smiled and nodded. She put the towel around Deb’s shoulders and started to brush the long, curly hair. With each stroke the hair became shinier.

Then she asked Debbie to stand up, and walk to the sink. She took a bottle of shampoo from the top shelf next to the mirror. “I think I can cut your hair better if it is wet, so let’s wash it first!” Bianca said.

Debbie bent forwards and put her head under the tap. Bianca shampooed Debbie’s long hair and then rinsed it out. She asked Debbie to sit down again, and took a comb. She started combing the wet hair. Because of the weight, the hair was now almost straight. Bianca could see that the hair actually was a few inches below Debbie’s waistline.

“If I cut your hair at chin length, it will actually look much shorter because of the curls,” Bianca pointed out. Debbie replied that she didn’t mind, and Bianca combed the long wet locks once again. She then took a few clips and sectioned the hair. Then she was ready to make the first cut.

“Are you really sure you want to go through with this?” Bianca asked her best friend.

“I can’t wait. Now just start and make the first cut,” was Deb’s answer. Bianca started at the back. She removed the clip and let some hair down. She put the clip back on and combed the lowest section of the hair. Then she took the scissors and started to cut at chin length. “Too late to change your mind now!” Debbie’s wet locks started to fall to the floor, where they joined Bianca’s on the white tiles.

Bianca was ready to start with the next section. She combed some long hair over the already cut hair, and cut it at the same length. More wet tresses fell down. Debbie looked in the mirror, but she couldn’t yet see how much hair had been cut of, because it was all happening behind her back. Bianca picked up a wet strand from the floor and handed it to Debbie. Debs was pleased to see how much had been cut off: at least two feet. Wow, she thought, go on Bianca.

Within ten minutes Bianca had finished the back, and she could start on the sides. Now Debbie could finally see what was going on, and she enjoyed seeing her long tresses fall on her breast and slide into her lap. She was more exited now than she had been when she had been cutting Bianca’s hair. She felt her heart race.

When the right side had been finished and Bianca wanted to start on the left side, Debbie interrupted her. “Wait a minute. I have a great idea. How about giving me a modern asymmetric hairdo? I want you to cut this side really short, and leave the other side at chin length. That would look really great, won’t you think?” Bianca agreed and started to cut the left side really short.

When all the long hair had fallen in Debbie’s lap, Bianca used the comb and scissors to even out the left side and blend it with the back. Finally she took the hairdryer and started to blow dry Debbie’s hair. By the time she had finished, the left side and the back were so curly that they seemed a lot shorter than before, almost jaw-length, as Bianca had expected.

Debbie stood up and Bianca removed the towel from her shoulders. The long hair that was still in Debbie’s lap and on her shoulders fell to the floor, which was by now almost completely covered with both the girls’ cut-off hair. Debbie looked at the hair at her feet and smiled. So did Bianca.

By now it was almost ten o’clock. “Let’s go to the party and show off our new looks. I’m curious what our friends will say,” exclaimed Debbie, obviously pleased with her new asymmetric short haircut. “We can clean up the mess in the bathroom when we get back.” She smiled at Bianca, and as they left the bathroom she switched off the light.

“Let’s go party!” Bianca said as she run her fingers through her new short haircut. Debbie couldn’t resist doing the same and as they walked past the big mirror in the hall on their way out, they both looked at themselves, pleased with what they saw.

Part 2: Phoebe’s party

It was about eleven o’clock when Bianca and Debbie arrived at the party. It was already very busy and music was playing loud. “Hi, glad you could make it!” they heard a familiar voice say.

“Hi, Phoebe!” Debbie said. “What do you think of our hair?” As she said it she run her fingers through her freshly cut hair, and turned around, showing Phoebe her new cut.

“Wow, I love it. When did you cut it?” Phoebe asked.

Debbie looked at her watch. “About an hour ago, Bianca did it.”

Then Phoebe looked at Bianca. “Hey, you’ve cut your hair as well. You look great, you both do. I wouldn’t have the nerve to cut my hair that short.”

“You would look great with short hair,” Bianca suggested. “Why not go for it? I could cut it for you.”

“No way, and certainly not as short as yours! I love my long hair.” Phoebe touched her long blond plait with her right hand. “There’s no way I’ll ever have it cut.”

“That’s what I said a few hours ago. I’m sure you will change your mind before the party is over,” Debbie said as she took a sip from the glass of wine she held in her hand.

“Not for a million dollars. No way.” Phoebe touched her plait again. Her hair was not as long as Bianca’s had been, but it still came halfway down her back, and was very thick and shiny. She had thought about cutting her hair a few times, but she’d never had the nerve to do it. Seeing both Bianca and Debbie with short cuts, she started playing with the thought again, but was determined not to let it show. “I’m not cutting my hair, and that’s it!”

“Why not, Phoebe?” she heard a familiar voice behind her say. “I’m sure it will look great.” Phoebe turned around and saw Melissa, her little sister, who was three years younger than her, standing beside her.

Melissa was only sixteen, and still in high school. She had blond hair, just like her sister. Her hair came about six inches past her shoulders. She wore her hair one length with bangs, which made her look even younger than sixteen.

Phoebe glanced at her sister and then decided to dare her. “Why don’t you get your own hair cut then?” she asked. That will get her off my back, she thought. But she was wrong. They were all surprised to hear Melissa say, “I’ll cut it if you will!”

Phoebe was amazed. This was the last thing she had expected to hear from her sister. Convinced that Melissa was bluffing, she decided to take her up on her offer. “OK, you’re on. Bianca and Debbie will cut your hair, and then you can give me the same haircut they’ve given you. Let’s go upstairs and get started!”

Melissa wanted to show that she was not bluffing at all. She opened the kitchen drawer and started looking for scissors. When she found them she walked towards the stairs. “What are you waiting for?”

Phoebe followed her sister, trying to convince herself Melissa didn’t have the guts to go through with this, but she started to have doubts about that. She looked over her shoulder and saw that Debbie and Bianca were also following.

Upstairs Melissa went into her parents’ bedroom and took a white bedsheet from the wardrobe. Then she walked into the bathroom to get some other stuff she might need. She opened a drawer and started looking for things she could use: a comb, a hairbrush, some hairclips. Then she turned around and opened the cupboard behind her. She took out a towel, a jar of hair gel, a hairdryer, a spray can filled with water and a can of hairspray.

She handed some of the stuff to Bianca and Debbie, because she couldn’t hold it all herself. Phoebe became more and more convinced that her sister was indeed serious and realised she might lose her long locks.

Melissa was still looking for more things. She opened another drawer and took out a small box. Phoebe recognised it and suddenly turned pale. Bianca and Debbie didn’t have a clue as to what this box might contain and watched Melissa open it. Bianca was exited, but not really surprised to see the contents: electric clippers.

“There’s no way I’m going that short!” Phoebe shouted out.

“A promise is a promise,” Melissa teased, “I have got two witnesses! You’ll get the same haircut as me, sis! Follow me to my bedroom.”

Melissa walked back into the hall and opened the door opposite the bathroom. She walked in and looked over her shoulder as if to make sure her sister was still following her. She put the clippers and the other stuff on her desk. In spite of the loud music downstairs Phoebe could hear her heart beating like mad.

Melissa put a chair in the middle of the room. Then she opened her wardrobe door, so that the mirror on it could be clearly seen from where the chair stood. She sat down on the chair and asked Phoebe to put the sheet around her neck. Phoebe obeyed.

Bianca took the hairbrush and started to comb Melissa’s hair. As she was doing so she asked her if she was really sure she wanted to do this. Phoebe hoped to hear her sister back out at the last moment, so she wouldn’t have to keep her promise.

Melissa looked at her sister and said, “I want to see Phoebe with short hair, so go ahead and cut mine.” She asked Bianca to bend over and whispered something in her ear. Bianca nodded, and thereupon whispered something to Debbie.

Phoebe looked panicky and asked her friends what was going on. “Melissa just told us what she wants done with her hair, but we’re not allowed to tell you. It has to be a surprise.”

Phoebe knew it was no use to ask further, because she knew her sister and her friends well enough to know that they wouldn’t tell her any more. She sat down on the edge of her sister’s bed and decided to watch what was going to happen.

Bianca took the comb and the scissors from the desk and started combing Melissa’s hair. Phoebe watched tensely and touched her thick plait, knowing she would lose it very soon. What have I done? she thought.

She saw Bianca take the scissors into her right hand and suddenly start to cut Mel’s hair across, about an inch above the shoulders. Seven to eight inches of hair fell to the floor and in Melissa’s lap. Phoebe felt her heart beat faster and louder, almost drowning out the music that was still playing, but when she looked at her sister she saw that Melissa was still smiling.

Melissa looked pleased with her new pageboy-cut, and Phoebe stood up saying “OK, let’s get it over and done with. Give me the same haircut and let’s go downstairs again.” She was very disappointed to hear Debbie say: “Sit down again, Phoebe, we’re not finished yet. We’re only just starting.”

Bianca handed the comb and scissors to Debbie, who started to comb Melissa’s hair again. Phoebe watched her take the scissors up and was horrified to see her start cutting just above Melissa’s ear, cutting across at the same length all the way around Melissa’s head. Another five or six inches of blond tresses fell to the bedroom floor.

Melissa was still smiling as she saw Debbie take up the clippers and plug them in. She was excitedly watching what was going on. “Head down, please,” Debbie said, and Melissa bent her head forward.

Debbie switched the clippers on and placed them at the nape of Mel’s neck, slowly pushing them up, reducing the still shoulder-length hair at the back to about half an inch. Phoebe felt tears welling up in her eyes, devastated by the thought that the same thing was about to happen to her.

Debbie soon had clipped all the hair below the just-above-the-ear-bob to half an inch. Melissa was pleased with the result as far as Phoebe could see. “Now I’ve got my hair exactly like Lecy Goranson used to wear hers when she was playing Becky in ‘Roseanne’.” Melissa absolutely adored ‘Roseanne’ and had talked about cutting her hair like Lecy’s before, but Phoebe never had taken her seriously. Until now… Phoebe realised she would end up with a ‘Lecy-haircut’ as well. Me and my big mouth, she thought.

When Debbie put the clippers down, Bianca removed the sheet, and the hair that had accumulated in Melissa’s lap and on her shoulders fell to the floor. Melissa stood up and walked towards Phoebe. She ran her fingers through her short hair, and said teasingly: “Now it’s your turn, sis! You’ll get the same haircut as me. A promise is a promise!”

She made Phoebe sit down, and put the sheet around her shoulders. Phoebe watched her sister remove the rubber bands and hairpins from her hair, and unbraid it. Because her hair had been braided all day long, it was now wavy, although it was usually very straight.

Melissa took the hairbrush and started to brush Phoebe’s hair. Her sister’s thick, shiny hair was almost six inches longer than her own hair used to be, which meant that Phoebe would have to lose about twenty inches of her hair for a ‘Lecy-cut’. Melissa kept brushing her sister’s hair for a few minutes, giving her sister time to get used to the idea of heaving her long mane cut short.

Then Melissa walked around the chair and stood in front of Phoebe. She looked at her sister and said “Since your hair is all one length we’ll start with bangs.”

She started to comb some of the long locks forward and took the scissors. She hesitated a moment, then resolutely cut them off just beneath the eyebrows.

Phoebe looked at her reflection in the mirror. That didn’t look too bad. Actually bangs suited her, she thought. She looked at the more than twenty inches of hair in her lap. And for the first time since an hour she managed to put a smile on her face. She had thought about cutting her hair short (even shorter than the cut her sister had now) many times before, but she’d never had the guts to go through with it. She always backed out. Now she couldn’t back out any more. She knew she would end up with even shorter hair than her sister and she knew she would like it.

“What do you think, sis?” she heard Mel say. Phoebe thought about what she would say to her sister for a moment. Then she said: “I like it so far, but I…” She hesitated for a moment. “But I want to go even shorter than you! I want the back and the sides clipped to half an inch, just like you, and I want the hair on top cut to one and a half inches.”

For a minute Mel didn’t know what to say, then finally she said: “What the customer wants, she gets! A short crop it is.” She took the spraycan with water and sprayed her sister’s hair. Then she combed the wet hair backwards. She combed a section of hair at the front, took it between her fingers and then cut it of at one and a half inches. Snip! The tress slid along the sheet into Phoebe’s lap. Mel took another strand. Snip! And another. Snip! Snip!

Soon she had cut all the hair on top, and she started to cut the hair at the sides. More and more wet strands of hair tumbled down the sheet, in Phoebe’s lap and on the floor where they joined Melissa’s hair. Phoebe looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She started to like her new look more and more. The tears in her eyes had disappeared.

“Come on, use the clippers on the back and the sides,” she said to her sister. Melissa took the clippers, plugged them in, and switched them on. For the first time tonight Phoebe loved the sound of them. As Melissa asked her to do so, she bent her head, and felt the cold steel of the clippers in her neck. Melissa pushed them up slowly, and the still twenty-inch-long locks started to drop to the floor.

Debbie and Bianca sat on the bed and watched what was happening involvedly. They looked at Phoebe and agreed that she looked much better with short hair. When Melissa was finished with the clippers she put them down, unplugged them, and plugged the hairdryer in.

She took the hair gel and put some in Phoebe’s hair. She took the brush and the dryer and started to blow-dry the short hair. She ran her fingers through it a few times and felt exited. She had done a good job, even if she said so herself.

Phoebe looked pleased at her new self in the mirror as Melissa removed the sheet. She looked at the long tresses that fell from the cape to her feet. She had lost more then twenty inches of her hair. It would take at least five years to grow back to its original length, but she didn’t mind. She intended to keep it short.

“You’ll have to give me a trim every few weeks,” she told Melissa.

“I’ll be happy to do it, if you do the same for me,” was her sister’s answer.

Suddenly they were interrupted by Debbie. “I want to go shorter as well,” she said, “A few hours ago I still had to get used to the idea of short hair, so I didn’t want to go too short, but now I want the same cut as Phoebe. I know it will look different on me because of the curls, but that’s all right. I don’t want to look exactly the same as Phoebe.”

She sat down and without asking any questions Phoebe took the clippers, while Bianca put the sheet around Deb’s neck. Phoebe switched on the clippers and clipped the back and sides of Deb’s head, reducing the asymmetric bob to half-inch-long hairs.

Then she took the scissors to cut the hair on top, and Deb’s curls fell down in her lap. Phoebe finished it off with some hair gel and removed the sheet. The girls looked at each other, smiling.

They cleaned up the hair from the floor very quickly, using a vacuum cleaner. They put all the stuff back where it belonged, and then went back downstairs to the party. Phoebe was still holding the scissors in her hand, intending to put them back in the kitchen drawer.

Part 3: The bet

When Debbie came downstairs, the party was still going on. The music was still playing, had been for the last two hours, but she hadn’t paid any attention to it. While the haircutting had been going on she had forgotten all about the party.

She walked into the kitchen and took a bottle of wine from the table. She opened the cupboard above the sink, looking for a glass, when she heard voices behind her. “Hey Debs, can you pour us a glass of wine too?”

Debbie looked around and saw Hannah and Danielle standing in the doorway. She put the empty glass on the table and tried to open the bottle. She pulled the corkscrew, but the cork seemed to be stuck.

“No way, sis! You’re far too young. Mum and Dad will kill me if I let you drink. You’re still a child.”

Hannah started protesting: “I am already fourteen. I’m not a child anymore, and neither is Danielle. We can have a glass of wine if we like. By the way, I love your new haircut.”

She stretched out her arm and ran her little fingers through her sister’s freshly shorn hair. “Wow, it has never been this curly before. It really suits you.”

“Yes,” Danielle agreed. “You look great!”

Debbie was still struggling with the wine bottle, trying to open it. “Oh, flattery will get you anywhere. You can have your glass of wine, as long as you can open this stupid bottle for me”

Hannah took the bottle from her sister, and turned to her friend. “Here, Danielle, hold this bottle for me while I try to pull out the cork.”

Hannah took the corkscrew in both hands and pulled as hard as she could. With a loud plop the cork gave way, and Hannah had to struggle to keep her balance. For a moment she thought she would fall flat on her face, making a complete fool of herself, but to her own astonishment she managed to keep standing erect.

“Well, you’re not allowed to drink more than one glass,” Debbie uttered, but she had a feeling that her sister wouldn’t listen to her. As always she tried to be the sensible older sister, trying to keep her sister in line, but in the end Hannah could usually talk her into anything.

“Oh no, Deb, I’m gonna drink the whole bottle!” Hannah said, trying to take it from Danielle who was still holding it in both hands.

“No way, this one’s mine,” Danielle shouted, holding on to the bottle as well as she could.

Debbie looked at the two girls fighting over the bottle. Then suddenly she had an idea. “I’m going to teach those two a lesson,” she thought, “a lesson they won’t forget in a hurry.”

“Stop it right now!” The girls looked up, still struggling over the bottle. “You can both have a whole bottle of your own. We’ll make it a contest. See who can empty her bottle first.”

Hannah’s eyes started to twinkle. “That’s a marvellous idea. I’m sure I’m gonna win this. I can empty this bottle within a few minutes. Let’s make a deal, Danielle. The winner…” She hesitated for a moment, trying to think of a prize. Then she looked at her sister’s short crop and she suddenly got an idea. The winner… can give the loser a haircut!”

Danielle saw Hannah and Debbie looking at her beautiful auburn hair that reached her butt. She realised she had more to lose than Hannah, because Hannah’s hair was only about eight inches past her shoulders, but she was confident that she would win this contest, so she agreed to it. “I am gonna beat you, Hannah, you are gonna regret this!”

Meanwhile a lot of partygoers had gathered in the kitchen, including Bianca, Phoebe and Melissa. None of them wanted to miss this big spectacle that was about to take place.

Bianca took another bottle of wine from the fridge and handed it to Hannah, who had let go of the first bottle.

Phoebe, who was still holding the scissors, said: “Okay, Bianca and I will be the referees. The rules are as follows: When I say so you can start drinking. The first girl to empty her bottle is the winner and can give the other any haircut she chooses. But… you have to do it within 5 minutes, otherwise you both lose. Is that clear?

Danielle and Hannah both nodded. They looked at each other. Hannah wore her voluminous curly hair in a ponytail, and Danielle wore her beautiful long hair loose. It was very thick and full and she was very proud of it. She was not the least bit worried to lose her hair, because she was confident she would win this bet. Anyway, she and Hannah had been best friend for ages, so even if she lost, Hannah wouldn’t cut off more than a few inches. She needed a trim anyhow, so that would save her a trip to the hairdresser’s.

“Ready, steady, go!” Bianca yelled, and both girls placed the bottles to their mouths. Neither of the girls had ever drank wine before, but neither of them had wanted to admit that. Danielle took a few sips from the bottle, as did Hannah.

Suddenly both girls realised that they couldn’t drink all of this bitter tasting liquid within five minutes. They were both losing this bet.

“Two minutes left!” someone said. Hannah took another sip and looked at her bottle. It was still three quarters full. She started to feel dizzy, but knew she had to keep on drinking.

Danielle started to feel nauseous, but didn’t want to stop drinking. Her hair was the most important thing now. She didn’t mind if she had to throw up, nor did she fear a hangover tomorrow morning.

“One minute left!” Hannah felt so dizzy now she had to sit down. Danielle was still standing, but stumbling. Her bottle was still two thirds full. She looked at Hannah’s bottle. Hannah was almost halfway. Danielle put the bottle to her mouth again.

“Time’s up!” Phoebe said, “It seems like you’ve both lost this bet. You will have to cut each other’s hair. As Danielle’s bottle is still the fuller, she’ll have to have her hair cut first.”

Hannah smiled. She didn’t have as much to lose as her friend. She looked at Danielle’s waist length hair and at the scissors in Phoebe’s hand. She put a kitchen chair in front of the table and asked Danielle to take a seat.

Danielle was very reluctant, but she knew she didn’t have a choice. She sat down and waited for what was going to happen. Meanwhile Melissa had gathered some things the girls might need. The white sheet, the hair gel, a comb, a brush, the spray bottle filled with water and… the box which contained the clippers.

Neither Hannah nor Danielle knew what was in this box. Hannah was the first to look at the contents. She was surprised and excited at the same time. She wanted to take the clippers out of the box and use them on Danielle, but she realised that Danielle then might use them on her. She hesitated for a moment, then decided to go for the scissors.

She took the sheet from Melissa and draped it around Danielle’s shoulders. Then she took the hairbrush and started brushing her friend’s hair. With each brushstroke the hair became fuller and shinier. After about five minutes she put the brush down.

Then Phoebe handed her the scissors. She hesitated for a moment and then decided to tease Danielle a bit. She took the scissors and cut off two inches.

Danielle was relieved that only a little bit was cut off, but then she heard Hannah say: “Two inches is not enough, is it? I think I’ll have to cut off more, a lot more. How about another two inches? No that’s not enough. Let’s make it ten inches!”

Danielle was shocked. She turned her head, but Hannah told her to keep still. Hannah took the scissors again, but when she was about to cut she put them down again.

“I can cut your hair better when it’s wet,” she said and she took the spray-bottle. She wet Danielle’s hair and started to comb it. “You’ve got such lovely long hair. What a shame it has to be cut,” she said and before Danielle could say anything she cut off another 10 inches of the beautiful auburn hair. Snip! Snip! The long tresses fell to the floor.

Although about 12 inches had already been cut off, Danielle’s hair was still longer than Hannah’s. The crowd started to cheer: “More! More! Cut off more!”

For a moment Hannah was tempted to use the clippers, but then decided on something different: a knife. She had seen that on TV once, a knife being used for cutting hair. Perfect for a feathered cut. She opened the kitchen drawer and found a big butcher’s knife.

“Okay, I have decided. I’m gonna give you a short haircut. Very short on top, about one and a half inches, and a bit longer in the neck, about three inches.

Danielle turned pale, but realised she did have no choice. Because there was no mirror in the kitchen she could not see exactly what was happening, but she felt Hannah combing her hair again and then starting to cut it.

She saw a long tress falling into her lap, and then another one, and another one. She heard the knife cutting through her hair. She saw long, wet locks flying around and littering the sheet and the kitchen floor.

“Okay, the cut is finished. Now I need a hairdryer to blow-dry your hair. It’s not too short I think. It is still touching your shoulders.

Hannah took the dryer and the brush and started to blow-dry and style Danielle’s hair. When she was finished she put the hairdryer down, and removed the sheet from Danielle’s shoulders. The wet and sticky strands fell to the floor.

Danielle looked at the hair on the floor and run her fingers through her short hair. It felt very strange and very short compared to the waist-long tresses she’d had half an hour ago. She went to the bathroom to look in the mirror.

She was surprised at what she saw. The new cut looked good on her. Short on top and a bit longer on the sides. She loved it.

“Okay, Hannah, now it’s your turn. Please take a seat. Hannah sat down and Danielle hung the sheet around her shoulders. Danielle took the silver hairclip out of Hannah’s hair and handed it to her. “You won’t be needing this for a while,” she said.

Although Danielle liked her own new haircut better than she expected, she still wanted revenge for what her friend had done to her. Then she saw the box containing the clippers. She took them out of the box, plugged them in and put the 1/4-inch guard on. Then she placed them on the floor where Hannah couldn’t see them. She took the brush and started brushing Hannah’s voluminous, curly hair.

She put the brush down again and took up the clippers. Hannah still hadn’t got the faintest idea of what was going on. Then it was too late. Danielle placed the clippers at the hairline at the front of Hannah’s head, switched them on and run them straight down the middle, leaving only stubble.

Hannah was horrified. She brought her hand to her head and felt the stubble. She almost started crying. Danielle run the clippers over Hannah’s head once again, this time in the opposite direction, so that Hannah saw her lovely long curls tumbling down

Within a few minutes the sheet and the floor were covered with long curly locks, and all the hair on Hannah’s head was reduced to 1/4 inch. She stood up and, with the sheet still wrapped around her, ran to the mirror to check it out.

She was about to start crying when someone put a hand on her shoulder. It was Billy, the boy she was secretly in love with. She wanted to run away, feeling like a fool, but Billy stopped her.

“I love your new haircut,” he said, “it makes you look so grown up. Those long curls made you look childish. This is a big improvement.”

Then he kissed her tenderly on the mouth, and Hannah started to smile through her tears.

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