Big Jerry finds love

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Jerry was the biggest kid in the eighth grade. Legend has it he was about to graduate to the high school but slept on the finals and thus, had to repeat the eighth grade. Another rumor said that he failed kindergarten eight times and is destined to fail the eighth grade as many times as kindergarten.

All these speculations didn’t really bother the boy as much. He had a supportive grandmother who always encouraged him to try, try, and try again until he succeeded. She also gave him a moral foundation. With it, Big Jerry became a sort of cop in the school. His tall and burly body always put a fear in bullies’ heads, towering over them when they pushed around an underclassman. But there was one thing about Jerry that made the punks burst out laughing. Jerry had a blonde bowl cut that swallowed part of his skull in a perfect circle. His grandma always gave him the haircut when she deemed his hair to be too long. He didn’t really like the haircut but he would never complain to his elder about it.

One day, as Jerry came into math class, he saw a gorgeous girl with long, bushy hair that was down her back and in the most reddest color that Jerry had ever seen. He wanted to go up to her and talk to her but inferiority halted his plans. He took his seat at his desk and reasoned to himself,‘She’ll never go out with me, even if I ask. I way out of her league’

School was out at three-thirty. As Jerry waited for his grandma to come and pick him up, he saw the girl. She was being relentlessly pursued by a flag-football jock named Jack. He was begging for her to go out with him but the girl rejected him many times as they made their way across school grounds. Then, the boy grabbed the girl’s arm. The girl tried to shake him but he held on to her wrist.

”Hey!”Big Jerry cried as he bounded over to the two,”You leave her alone”

”What are you going to do, fatty?”Jack sneered. At that, Jerry lifted the boy up, freeing the girl from his grasp, and shook him. Jerry landed the boy land on his booty and watched him retreat.

”Thanks, Big Jerry was it?”the girl asked shyly.

”Ha-huh”,Jerry blushed and nodded,”Yeah”

Just then, a car horn sounded. Jerry looked to see that his grandmother was at the school. The boy quickly said goodbye and left with his elder.

”Why we’re talking to that girl?”his grandmother grilled him.

Jerry stuttered as he recounted the prior events. His grandmother replied,”I’m proud of you but don’t go catching feelings for her. A good boy like you doesn’t need hussies to tempt you”

Jerry wanted to say something but he didn’t. The next day, as Jerry was eating lunch, the girl he protected came and sat by him. She smiled at him and said,”Hello again. I’m Amelia by the way. I should’ve introduced myself earlier but… you know”

”I’m aware”,Jerry tried to get her away. They ate their respective lunch in silence for a while. But then, Jerry exclaimed,”I’m sorry but I want you to know that I… I like you”

The whole lunchroom erupted in laughter as soon as they heard the words. Jerry’s face reddened and he shielded his face as he left the lunchroom in shame. He was so stupid. She surely would never go out with him now. Jerry then felt a tender hand on his shoulder. Looking at who was touching him, Jerry was surprised to see Amelia standing there.

”Don’t listen to them”,Amelia said to Jerry proudly,”I like you too and heck to them if they can’t see you for who you are”

”Who am I?”Jerry sniffled.

”You’re my hero”,Amelia said.

After that, Jerry and Amelia got to know each other for the rest of the day. They held hands and waited on the school’s grounds for Jerry’s grandma to arrive. When she did, she was not pleased with Jerry for talking, let alone being around, a girl.

”I forbid you from seeing that girl again”,the elder put sternly,”You hear?”

Jerry just nodded as his heart was ripped to pieces by his grandma’s words. That night, as Jerry’s grandma came into his room to say goodnight, Jerry leapt from his bed and declared,”Grandma, I love Amelia! She loves me! We like each other dearly! If you can’t accept that, I pack my bags and leave in the morning!”

His grandma was too stunned to speak. In a good five minutes, she composed herself and said,”Well, I’m glad you feel that way”

”You are?”Jerry replied with confusion.

”Yes”,his grandma went on,”It’s just… I don’t know if she really loves you or if I even trust her around you”

”I don’t understand”,Jerry cocked his head, still in confusion.

”She’s a pretty, young girl”,his grandmother nodded,”But how am I supposed to trust her with your heart? I need security, you see. How about you invite, Amelia was it?, her over. I want to test her to see if she really is obsessed with you as you are with her”

”What should I say to her?”Jerry asked.

”Tell her that I want to meet her”,his grandmother said,”And that I also want to give her a hair makeover”

Jerry felt uneasy about the last part of his grandma’s sentence. He thought Amelia would run for the hills when he said to her that his grandmother would like to cut her luscious tresses, presumably short. But maybe his grandmother had a point. Did Amelia love her hair more than him.

Meeting up with Amelia the following day, Jerry said,”My grandma would like to meet you. She wants you to come over to our house so that she can get to know you”

”Well, that’s great”,Amelia beamed.

”But…”Jerry paused.

”What is it, Jerry?”Amelia asked with concern.

”She-“,Jerry didn’t want to say,”She wants to give you a haircut…”

”Oh”,Amelia said. Jerry feared the worst. Then, Amelia added,”I’ll have to ask my parents if it’s alright but if it’s alright with them, I’ll surely come over”

Jerry went home that day, anxious about everything. The next sunrise was on Saturday. Jerry paced the living room floor, wondering if Amelia would show. His heart pounded wildly in his chest. He had made the worst mistake in his life. When a crisp knock came to the door, Jerry nearly jumped out of his skin. He rushed to the front door but his grandmother was there first. She opened the door, and, sure enough, there stood Amelia. She wore a white, long-sleeved shirt with a powder blue dress over top. Her red hair was in long twin tails that dangled behind her back.

”Amelia is it?”Jerry’s grandma asked.

”Yes, ma’am”,Amelia replied politely,”I asked my parents and they said it was okay for you to cut my hair”

”Well, I’m happy to hear that”,the elder smiled,”Won’t you please come in”

Jerry watched as Amelia entered the house. Her twin tails swayed in the light draft in the air as she followed Jerry’s grandma. Jerry himself trailed behind the two as they both entered the kitchen. His grandmother pulled a stool away from the island in the center of the kitchen. She seated Amelia on that stool and said,”I’m really happy that you and my grandson are friends, maybe more in the future”. At that, she giggled and continued,”You guys seem to really like each other”

”Yes”,Amelia agreed heartily,”Jerry is a great guy”

”I’m sure he is”,the elder woman grabbed a blue cape from off the counter,”This matches your dress, hun. Don’t ya think?”

Amelia nodded as the cape was tossed around her. Jerry watched on from a distance as his grandmother swept aside the twin tails to secure the cape. When it was secured, his grandmother picked up her scissors, and she started to cut off a braid. One and then the other was gone in five minutes. Grandma wiped the sweat from her brow and said,”Well, I’m glad that’s done. You have such thick hair, missy”. Amelia nodded as she played with her ruggedly-cut, bobbed hair.

Jerry came up to Amelia and smiled at her and she smiled at him. They held hands as Jerry’s grandmother rummaged through a cabinet and brought out a bowl. A lump began to form in Jerry’s throat as his grandmother put the bowl on Amelia’s head. With the scissors, the elder started to cut around the bowl. Amelia sat still for the outline. Jerry’s grandma removed the bowl. A faint line could be seen around Amelia’s head. Jerry then watched as his grandmother spread Amelia’s hair evenly over her scalp.

“Alrighty”,Jerry’s elder grabbed the clippers off the countertop. She had them already plugged in. With a flick of the wrist, the clippers came alive. The blades started to cut the hair off straight across as the elder woman went around Amelia’s head. She dragged the clippers down when they reached the skin. They left about zero stubble in their wake. Jerry felt his hand being squeezed, and so he kissed Amelia’s hand to try and calm her. She seemed to be calmed as the clippers seemed to finish up.

“Here we are”,Grandma turned off the clippers. Amelia felt up the backside of her head. She looked at Jerry for reassurance. He smiled back at  her. Jerry looked at his grandmother. She had a straight razor in her hand. The razor was used to clean around the girl’s ears and clean up her neckline.

Finally, the cape was loosened. Grandma shook the cut, red hairs off the cape as Amelia looked around the stool.

”That’s a lot of hair”,Amelia remarked,”But I’m glad I did it. Hey, we’re twins now”,she chuckled.

Jerry and Amelia went back to school the following Monday. Everyone was laughing at Amelia for her haircut but were quick to apologize when Jerry was around. Over the course of their educational years, Jerry and Amelia fell deeper and deeper in love. Every now and then, Amelia would come over to Jerry’s place for a haircut from his grandmother. The old bat even convinced her to go shorter sometimes. Jerry came home one time to be surprised by his girl. She was completely bald and Jerry knew who to blame.

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