Billies Haircut

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Billie was my girlfriend in 1966. Billie had grown her Boycut style out longer since 1964.The problem was Billie had extra curly hair, this ment she could not have the straight smooth hair style like so many girls were trying to achieve by ironing their hair daily for some. Billies hair was super as curly hair went, the mass of curls now reaching bra length, thick, full curls that many adored, except Billie. Her Boy cut of 2” long, now had grown to Billie’s ribs. Billie hated her curly locks. She had grown her hair out as a way to say to me, I am doing this because you love long hair. I was in agreement, the thick curls were fun to run my fingers through as we made love. The curls I carressed, would uncurl to her waist by my hand running through them,, then they would bounce back with a springing bounce to a nice long curl. This pleased me but; Billie was frustrated with the hair, she could not stand it..

We were watching tv one evening, curled up in the basement on the couch, holding each other, watching the events of the Vietnam War. Billie worked at the Local Movie Theatre and stated that Rosemary’s Baby was showing next week. We attended the opening on Wednesday night. After the show we went home sat on the couch in the basement, Billie looked at me then said; “OC I want you to cut my hair short, like Mia Farrows hair maybe shorter like I had it before I grew this ugly curly hair out for you, I want my 2” Pixie Cut or Boy cut what ever back OC, Please say you will cut it tonight Pease Lover. I hate this long curly hair I have and want it short again OC, OK?” I looked at Billie and said “OK if this is what you want to do, lets do it cut it to a nice short 2” pixie cut like you had before all these curls, OK, cut the mass of curls off to a nice wave cut at 2”, lets do it.” Billie jumped up from the couch yelling YES YES YES, Billie went into her bedroom bringing back a sheet, comb, scissors, toilet tissue, a chair, a baby diaper pin, then she looked at me smiled saying READY OC I AM REALLY READY TO HAVE THIS CURLY MANE CUT SHORT.

I sat Billie down in the chair, caped her up, pulled the curly hair to the back, what a thick mass of hair it was, soon to be cut off to a short 2” Pixie cut combed back with a light wave to it, yes I thought this is going to be fun to do, I did love the long curls; but; the thought of cutting the curly hair very short now occupied my mind as I visioned the cutting off taking place, no more curls, only a short sexy 2” Pixi cut.. I put the toilet paper around her neck then brought the cape over the nape and pinned it tigh with the Baby Pin, pulling the hair from under the cape, to fall down the back of the cape, what a beautiful head of massive curls. I took a tape measure, pulled the hair straight down, measured it at 31”, then let the spire of hair spring back to a nice curl. I measure the curl at 261/2”, either way, the hair was just amazing to feel, see it in its magestic curl, how it said to one touch me, play with me please. but; now I was going to cut the mane of curls very short again. I do not know who was getting more please out of the cutting to take place, me or Billie or probably both of us..

Billie was estatic about me cutting her hair short again, Billie was saying, “Come on OC cut this ugly long curly hair off please OC do it now Please OC now.” I looked at Billie and bent over, gave her a kiss saying, “Your wish be granted love,” I put a rubber band around the massive hair making a thick 7” ponytail. I then grabbed the scissors,in my right hand, the ponytail in my left hand, then raised the scissors to the ponytail. I started to snip away the hair right at the nape, very close, since we were going to a very short 2” cutting overall. .Snip after snip cut away the ponytail leaving a short style at the nape of 2” with each cutting the ponytail was severed from the head of hair at the nape, each snipping broughtr a 2” cut at the nape, loosening the ponytail in my left hand to start falling over my hand., what a feeling of long hair brushing against my hand I felt, I looked at the curls in my left haid as each snip brought more curls of my hand, what a feeling, what a sight long hair in one hand and a short 2” of hair at the nape.. After 33 snips, the ponytail fell limp on my hand, I handed the mass of curls to Billie who was ballistic about the sheering, she held the curls, then carressed them saying; “Never again, these are the last curls I will grow for sure OC, no more long hair for me, never again will I torture my mind with long hair NEVER AGAIN, I love you OC but; NO MORE CURLS OK OC ? ”

I then started shaping the short 2” Pixie Cut Billie wanted by taking the hair between my left ring finger and my middle finger letting the hair fall over the middle finger at 2” exactly, then snipping it off, making a small pile of curls that were 4 to 6” all over the cape and floor as I worked around the head. After 15 min, I had completed the sheering of the curls to a perfect 2” Pixie Cut.. I undid the cape and toilet tissue around Billies neck, Billie stood up running to the mirror in her bedroom. There was a silence, then Billie came running out, grabbed me passionately, kissing me and saying; “OC thank you so much love. Now every month you have to keep my style short at 2”, I love this cut so much, thank you love for doing this for me, my lover.” With that we made love all night as I thought of the metamorphasis of Billie for years to come.

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