Billy’s toy gone

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Liz was in her late 20s, dancing around her big mansion. The documents were done and confirmed that her 90-year-old husband passed away from natural death. Liz was a natural-born gold digger; she has been pleasing him for the last 10 years, and finally her husband Billy is gone. She knew that when the time was up for him, Liz would get his assets.

Liz was a beautiful lady with long blonde floor length hair. The couple month have be rough, going through the court to get part of the Billy assets. Eventually, she won the case 60% of it and the rest goes to his children. The multi-dollar mansion was given to Liz because the old man bought for her, and his children couldn’t do anything about it.

One day, the bank called Liz that the money has been wired to her accounted. The money made her extremely happy, and she’s a millionaire just like that. In the evening, Liz was brushing her hair and suddenly her boyfriend Mark surprised her.

Liz: Geez… you scared me Mark!

Mark: How’s everything going my loved. (kissing her forehead).

Liz (hugging Mark): Its a long journey but its worth it.

Mark: So… so what are we gonna now, since we got what we wanted?

10 years ago 

Billy stared at Liz who was working in a café that time. The café was famous for its cakes and coffee, and was packed with people during rash hour. Billy would stay there for hours and looking at Liz golden braided butt length-hair swinging as she hurried to serve the customers. The café was doing so well, he eventually bought the café with cold hard cash to the owner. Liz was impressed the offer Billy made to the owner, without thinking twice he accepted the offer.

As soon Billy bought the café, he introduce himself to Liz. After a couple of months, Billy and Liz got married.

Billy had a long hair fetish and loves Liz hair, thick, fresh and silky smooth. The salon Liz goes to offers treatment, shampoo, and trims to keep her hair in a high quality shape. The salon was also bought by Billy just for Liz because they did a great job on her hair.

When it comes to sex, Billy doesn’t need it. He only wants to play, smell, and cum on Liz hair. Almost everyday, Liz had to give Billy a hairjob, and sometimes he would jerk off by himself using her long hair. Even though she found it disgusting, she bear with it knowing one day it will end soon.

Mark was a gardener who took an interest in Liz and she found him to be attractive. Mark had a remarkable body with six packs, Liz couldn’t stop looking at him through the widow while working on the plants. When Mark found out Liz has an interest in him. Both of them hook up when Billy wasn’t at home.


In the mansion, Liz and Mark was chilling in the living room watching Netflix. Mark was playing with Liz long hair twirling his finger around her hair while watching a movie. And Liz stroking her floor-length hair with brush and enjoying the movie. After the movie, she checked the ends of her hair and realized she need to something about her hair.

Liz: Mark… I wanna cut this hair cut off

Mark: What? Why would you cut off such beautiful thing

Liz: Its heavy, super long, and disgusting

Mark: What’s disgusting about your hair? (He inspect Liz hair and smell it) Well, its cleaned and smell amazing.

Liz: You don’t get it do you? For 10 years my long hair has been a toy to Billy. 10 year of hairjob, and 10 years of cum in my hair from him.

Mark: Sorry my dear… (He hugged her understand Liz feelings)

Liz: I know you like long hair too, but current hair is grossing me out! I hope you’re fine with me having short hair (She toss her hair to the side over her shoulder)

Mark: Liz… you look good in any hairstyle, even if your shave your head you’ll look 101% sexier. (giving her encouragement)

Liz: Mark! That’s a great idea! I’ll shave my head!

Mark: What?! I was just …. (confused)

Liz (She kissed him on the lips): Why didn’t I though of it! I always wanted to know what being bald feels like!

Mark (trying to tell her something): Liz, I was just trying to …

Liz (excited, she carry her floor-length hair on her arms and ran up stairs to the room): MARK! GO AND GET THE CLIPPERS, SCISSOR, AND RAZOR AT THE SALON! I’LL CALLED THEM NOW TO PREPARE IT! (she shouted)

Mark was left dumfounded, but he went to the salon to get the haircutting stuff command by Liz. The haircutting equipment was quickly prepared by the stuff. When Mark arrived he just grab it and left the salon.


In the room, Liz couldn’t wait to get her head shaved smooth. In the cabinet, she was gathering all the expensive hats and putting them on to see which look good on her. When Mark arrived he had all the tools needed for her head shave.

Liz: You’re back! where the haircutting tools?

Mark: Liz… I really like your hair… why don’t you just cut it up to your chin? I think its cute on you. (He tried his luck)

Liz (touching Mark chin and look at him in the eyes): I know my love, that’s why you’re shaving me bald.

Mark (thought about something): Well… Liz at least let me experience hairjob like you did to Billy before I have it off. It will be a wasted if I don’t experience your floor-length hair.

Liz (smiling): Sure, that will be fun (touching his dick), What kind of hairjob do your want? A bun, loose hair, ponytail, pigtails, or braids? I suggest ponytail. (She got a band and tie her hair)

Mark: Ok whatever you choose, I’ll enjoy

Liz bend to her knees and took off Mark’s pants. Slowly she wrap his penis with her ponytail until she couldn’t see it.

Liz: How is it? (moving her hands)

Mark: Woooow…. really good

Liz: Do you want to fuck me with my hair?

Mark: Yesssss… (moaning)

Liz pushed Mark to the bed and insert her pussy into Mark penis with all of her hair in it. Mark couldn’t believe how good it felt.

Mark (moaning): No wonder Billy loves your hair!! its incredible!

Liz: This hair got me my money! (she moaned)

Both of them enjoy their hair play sex. For about 10 mins, Mark was about the explode but Liz stop it.

Liz (who is on top on Mark): Hey, not yet you still need to shave my hair off (her ponytail is still wrap around Marks dick and inside her pussy)

Mark: Now? you don’t wanna sit on a chair?

Liz (moaning): Yeah now, my feeling very horny (she took the scissors and gave it to Mark). Cut off my ponytail, place it as high as you possibly you can reach down there.

Mark extended his arm and place the scissor above her shoulders. Slowly he began to cut through her thick floor length hair while Liz was enjoy his dick in her pussy.

Liz (Moaning in high level): Yessss (SCHHIINKKK” “SCHHIINKK” “SCHHIINKK”) Cut off that hair (SCHHIINKKK” “SCHHIINKK” “SCHHIINKK”)

Mark (cutting through her hair): Woooow… this feel great Liz !!! (SCHHIINKKK” “SCHHIINKK” “SCHHIINKK”)

Finally the Mark cut off 4 1/2 feet of Liz golden ponytail. Liz then took the clippers and gave it to Mark.

Liz: You not done yet!! Buzz me off before you cum on me!

Mark feeling the intense pleasure, quickly run through the clipper in the middle of her head. Pile of hair were falling on Mark chest and face, it was so thick that he can barely see where he’s buzzing her head. When he feels he completely finishing buzz her head, he released his cum from pleasure.

Mark (breathing heavy): wow… Liz couldn’t control it anymore, I had to do it.

Liz (got down and lie beside Mark): I think you did good, only a few long strand left (she swipe her hair off Mark’s face)

Mark: You ponytail act as a good condom (he said jokingly)

Liz: That’s all of jizz stuck in there! lol… quickly get up, you need to used the razor and shave me smooth.

Mark quickly got up and spray shaving cream on Liz’s head, and shaved her smooth. After Mark was finished, Liz grab her gather all her hair on the floor and brought it to the chimmy. She lift a fire and throw all her into the fire.

Mark: That’s a lot of hair my love (passing her ponytail to her)

Liz: Good riddance! I won’t miss it too! (she threw her ponytail into fire) finally… all of Billy toys are destroyed! (Liz and Mark kissed each other passionately)



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