Binder’s Ponytail

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Hello, my name is Mary and today is the one year anniversary of when I first met my current cleaning lady whos name is Binder. I had placed an ad in the paper for a cleaning lady to come over to my house once a week to clean and Binder was the first person to call. When I answered the phone I could immediately tell by her accent that Binder was an East Indian women which was surprising to me because there are very few East Indian people in the town that I live in. I must say though that it really peaked my interest because I love brushing and playing with long hair and knowing that East Indian women often grow their hair quite long I could hardley wait to meet her. I asked her if she could come over to my place that afternoon at 2:00 so I could show her exactly what I wanted done and she said she would be there at 2:00.

As the clock neared towards 2:00 the anticipation of seeing what her hair looked like was almost to much to bare because I had a feeling she was going to have beautiful long hair. Then at 5 minutes to 2:00 the front door bell rang and I could feel my heart race as I went to answer the door and when I opened up the door I was not prepared for what I saw. Standing in front of me was Binder, and she had her hair tied up into a gigantic bun on top of her head and it was by far the largest, most magnificent bun that I have ever seen before. It looked to be about the size of a cantelope which covered the entire top of her head and was about 6 to 7 inches high and was comprised of many thick shinny coils.I was thinking how much I would enjoy unpinning and uncoiling that huge bun so I could see just how thick and long her ponytail was. I invited her into the kitchen for a cup of tea and as we talked I found my eyes drifting upwards and focusing on her beautiful bun. I then directed the conversation to her hair by commenting on the incredible size of her bun and asking if she always wears it up in a bun. She said that it’s the only way she can wear it because her hair is so thick and heavy that if she wears it in a bun at the back of her head or in a braid or ponytail the weight of it causes her to have headachs but with it piled on top of her head the weight is evenly distributed. I then commented on the number of coils that comprised her bun as well as on how thick each coil was and I asked her just how long and thick her ponytail was. She said that when standing up her ponytail hangs down from the top of her head all the way down to her ankles and that it is so thick she can bareley fit her hand around the base of her ponytail.

With that I got up from my chair and walked around so I was standing behind her and told her that I was going to uncoil her bun so I could see that ponytail for myself. She seemed a little submissive and didn’t object to what I was going to do which is just what I hoped for. I first cupped my hands around her bun to get a true sence of its’ size and was amazed at the sheer volume of hair that was between my hands and I was also taken back by how silky soft her hair felt on my hands. I then removed the 2 pins that were holding her bun in place and slowly started to uncoil it. I had only uncoiled it about a foot and a half and was amazed at its’ thickness so far down on her ponytail because it looked to be about 1 1/4 inches in diameter when I held it firmly in my hand. And as I continued to uncoil it her hair was releasing a wonderful almost sweet sent that I found quite intoxicating. Now having uncoiled about 3 feet of her ponytail I was under standing what she meant by it being heavy. I have played with and held onto many ponytails over the years but none of them matched the weight of Binders ponytail and I still have alot more ponytail to uncoil. For the last 2 feet of coiled hair I decided to just let it unravel and fall down on it’s own. When I let go of her hair the remaining coils started loosening up and sliding towards the back of her head. Then all of a sudden it all fell down at once and what I had hanging in front of me was the thickest most massive long ponytail I have ever seen. It was a beautiful shinny black color and was so silky soft it gave me goose bumps and her hair was bone straight and hung down in one solid flowing mass. I was looking at the 1 1/2 feet of her ponytail that was lying on the floor and then following it up its’ length to the top of her head I let out a “oh my God” as my eyes became fixated on the base of it. It was so thick round where it was tied with an elastic band that if I hadn’t seen it with my own 2 eyes I would have never believed that a ponytail could be so thick.It looked to be over 2 inches in diameter and the amazing thing is that it maintained good thickness down its” entire length. I then asked her to lean her head back and look up towards the ceiling which she complied with and then I reached out to put my hand around the base of that massive ponytail. She was right when she said that her ponytail was so thick that she could barely get her hand around it because my hand is about the same size as hers and my hand barely made it around that massive tail. I then ran my hand down her ponytail about 2 feet and then lifted it upwards to get a feel of its’ weight and it felt like it must weigh at least 2lbs or more. I told Binder that she had the thickest most beautiful ponytail that I have ever seen and I said that I would hire her as my cleaning lady one one condition and that is whenever she came over to clean that I could undo her bun and I could brush and play with her beautiful long ponytail. She said I could play with it as much as I liked and with that I asked her to come with me into the living room because I wanted to brush her ponytail. When we got into the living I placed a couple of cushins on the seat of my Lazy Boy recliner so when she sat down on the chair the top half of her head would be higher than the back of the chair. I then got in behind her and grabbed a hold of her ponytail and lifted it upwards as I told her to sit down in the chair. As she was sitting down in the chair I lifted her ponytail up over the top of the chair and then dropped it down behind her. I then went to get a brush, measuring tape and my steno chair with wheels and came back and placed them behind her. I then told her to recline the chair backward until she was looking towards the ceiling. Once she was reclined her ponytail was in the perfect position brushing with the base of her ponytail extending out over the top of the chair, it hung free falling straight down in front of me without touching the chair and then lying on the floor about 2 feet. I must say that seeing that massive ponytail hanging in front of me I felt like I had died and gone to ponytail heaven. I must also make a confession that not only do I love brushing and playing with ponytails but I have always wanted to experience want it would be like to cut off a long ponytail and seeing Binders’ ponytail hanging in front of me I knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before I was going to chop off her ponytail. For the next 3 hours I brushed and played with Binders ponytail until my hearts content. I also measured it and it is 5 feet 4 inches in length and the base of it is an incredible 6 inches in circumference. While playing with her ponytail I had asked Binder if she ever thought about getting it cut short and to my delight she said that she has been thinking about getting it cut ever since she moved here from India 2 years ago but was having a hard time making up her mind to do it. I told her that I was going to help her with that decision and that one of these days when she comes over not only was I going to brush and play with her ponytail but I was going to take a pair of sizzors and I was going to cut that ponytail off the top of her head. I also told her that I wanted to keep her ponytail after I cut it off and she quietly said I could have it. She didn’t realize it then but saying that just sealed the fate of her ponytail.

3 months had passed since that first meeting and I’m still over run with excitment on the day that she comes over to clean because I absolutely love her ponytail and all of the pleasures I brings to me. I have also become obsessed with the thought of cutting off her ponytail and I’ve decided that today is going be the day that I fulfill a life long dream of mine.

As binder was cleaning my place she senced that something was up because I was following her around alot more than usual. I couldn’t help myself though because this was going to be the last time that I was going to see that gigantic top knot on top of her head and I wanted to look at it as much as possible. I was also overcome with excitment just looking at her huge bun knowing that I wasn’t going to be long before I uncoiled it for the last time and then lop of her ponytail. I was also wondering what Binders reaction was going to be when I told her that I was going to cut off her ponytail but I did know that I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

It seemed like it took forever but binder finally finished cleaning. As usual she came into the living room and sat down on the Easy Boy chair so I could play with her ponytail. I told her not to recline just yet because I went shoping the day before and I wanted to show what I purchased. Thats when I reached into the bag that I was holding and pulled out a very large pair of dress making shears. They were the largest and most heavy duty pair of sizzors that I could find and they should be up to the task of cutting through that massively thick ponytail. The look on Binders face told me that she knew exactly what I wanted to use them for but before she had a chance to say anything I said That the time has come for her makeover and I was going to use my new pair of sizzors to cut off her ponytail. Binder responded in her usual quiet voice that she didn’t think she was ready yet but I just told her that you can never be ready for such a big change and sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and go for it. I also said that you know how much I like your ponytail and that I want it so I can pull it out and play with it whenever I want to instead of just once a week not to mention the fact that that for the last 3 months I’ve been so looking forward to cutting it off. I then said the she might not realize it now but I’m going to be doing her a big favor by cutting off her ponytail. Binder tried to say something else but I interuped her by saying that I didn’t want to hear another word because I’m going to cut off your ponytail and that is all there is to it. With that I reached down to grab ahold of chairs handle and I pulled it up to recline her. I then sat down behind her and placed my shears on the TV tray that I had set up beside me along side of the brush, kitchen scale and 3 large elastic bands that I had placed there earlier. I lifted up my hand and it was actually shaking a little but it wasn’t from fear, it was from the pure excitment of finally fufilling a dream. I told Binder that I wasn’t going to brush and play with ponytail as much as usual because I felt for her sake that the sooner I cut it off the better. With that I reached up and removed the pins from her bun and I let it cascade To the floor by its’ self. Every time that I have uncoiled her bun I still am utterly amazed at what a gorgious ponytail that she has. For the next few minutes I played with her ponytail by stroking it hand over hand, lifting it up from different positions along its’ lenght to experience its’ weight and by swinging it around because I love to see the movement of that massive tail. I also like holding it high up in the air so I can drop it and hear the loud thud as that heavy ponytail of hers hits the ground. I then took my brush and started brushing her ponytail starting at the tip and working my way up to the base of it like I usually do. It’s hard to describe what it is like to brush such a magnificent,massivly thick, 64 inch ponytail but I can assure you that it has been an experience I’ll never forget. Once it was fully brushed out I grabbed it with my left hand about 3 inches from the base of it and held it straight out horizontally. Then taking one of the elastic bands I tied I around her ponytail as tight as I could 2 inches from the base of it. I wanted to make sure that it was securely bound at what was soon to be the cut end so I took the 2 other elastic bands and wrapped them around her tail beside the other elastic that I just put on. I then took the brush and brushed it one last time so it was totaly smoothed out and ready for cutting. I then told Binder that I was ready to cut it off and it would over in just a few minutes. Binder did not say a word, I think she was in a state of shock knowing that she was about to lose her ponytail. With that I once again grabbed a hold of her ponytail with my left hand just on the downward side of the 3 elastics that I had put on a few minutes earlier and then reached over and picked up my shears. I then told her that I was going to pull back on her ponytail which I thought would make it easier to cut through so I pulled back so it was good and taunt. I then held my sizzors up to her ponytail right in between the base of her ponytail and the three elastic bands. Even though the shears that I bought were very large and heavy duty they almost looked small in comparison to that massive tail. Well the time has finally arrived so I took a big breath and closed down the sizzors on her tail. Since I had a ferm grip on her ponytail I could feel Binder tensing up as I started cutting and I must say I did enjoy that. As I continued to cut through her ponytail I was having an almost out of body experience. Not only did I enjoy seeing the shears working their way through her tail but to hear that wonderful sound of the shears cutting their way through all of that hair was an experience I wouldn’t have missed for the world. I was almost all the way through her tail when I made the final snip and her ponytail was completly severed from the top of her head. I then stould up and held her ponytail up in front of me and for the fist time I got to feel what its’ true weight really was. I then wrapped it around my hand and then placed it on my kitchen scale and it weighed an unbelievible 2.5lbs. I wanted Binder to see her severed ponytail so I picked it up from the cut end and came around to the front of the chair and held it up so see could see its’ full lenght. Even though I could see a little tearing in her eyes I could also see a bit of relef in her face that it was finally over. I asked her if she wanted to hold onto it but she said that she just wanted to get to the hair salon so they could finish her makeover. Binder then got up and left leaving me with her beautiful long ponytail. I couldn’t take my hands off of her ponytail for the rest of the day, I just wanted to take in all of the pleasures that her massivly thick long ponytail had to offer.

I still look forward to binders weekly visits because once she has finished cleaning I like to pull out her ponytail and I get her to hold onto the cut end so I can brush and play with it like I used to do. Last week Binder informed me that her sister and 3 children are going to be moving here from India and I can hardly wait to meet them if you know what I mean!!! Ponytales

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