Birthday Gift (Part 1)

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“Sweetheart? There is something I’d like for my birthday from you but it’s a bit unusual and also demanding for you.”

“What is it, Jan?”

“I want you to get a haircut.”

“A haircut?”


“Well, that is a bit unusual and unexpected but not that bad…. I mean I could use a trim anyway and I’ve had this style for years, too.”

“It wouldn’t be your everyday haircut, babe… I want it to be a surprise makeover for you.”

“Oh… I see… but why surprise?”

“I think it would be more fun for both of us and you won’t be able to chicken out.”

“Well, I’ll have to think about this a bit, babe… I’m up for a new style but having no idea which is a bit different.”

“Sure, honey, think as much as you need to. It’s more than I ever hoped for!” Jan says and plant her a kiss.

Jan and Veronika have been dating for almost three years now. They were university classmates, both doing a musical academy. They sat together on the first day and never sat apart since. He always wore his hair cropped close while she maintained her long with her trademark bangs. Her parents have them cut when she was six and she never let them grow out, except in between her haircuts. She would have them cut to her brows, a bit shorter a couple of times, and let them grow until her next haircut. The rest has been oscillating between armpit and midback length, except once when she let it grow down to her waist and then have it cut by an overly enthusiast stylist who apparently misunderstood half an inch for half a foot and took her hair back to breast length. Currently, her hair was hanging a bit below her breasts and her bangs were rather face framing layers as she hasn’t been to her hairdresser for good half a year.

Jan has always been fond of girls with short hair. In fact, Veronika was the first girl with hair reaching below her shoulders he ever took interest in. Perhaps it was helped by Veronika deciding to get the shortest haircut of her life just before starting her first year at the university.

It wasn’t long after the incident with the overly eager hairstylist who got her rid of that waist length hair which happened not long before the end of her last year of high school. After few months of growing her hair out again, an idea crystalized in her mind. Now that she lost her longest hair ever, she might as well try something short for a change. Now one must keep in mind that for her anything above her breasts was short. She realized that starting a new life as a university student was the perfect opportunity for a major makeover and made up her mind to cut her hair up to her shoulders. Nevertheless, as the day of the appointment grew closer she started to lose her courage. In the end, she got the shortest haircut of her life but it was nowhere near her shoulders – merely just above her breasts. She was rather pissed at herself for chickening out but in the end she never cut her hair that short again.

Jan was never a huge fan of her long hair but as she maintained it in very good condition he got used to it and enjoyed playing with it at times. Needless to say, he wasn’t very happy with the course the length of her hair took. Now after half a year without a haircut her hair was the longest he experienced in person and he started to wander how to make her cut it shorter. When his birthday drew nearer, he got an idea…

“Jan?” she asked.

“Yes, honey?”

“You remember how you asked me to get my hair cut?” A moment of silence accompanied with a sudden increase in attention and heart rate on Jan’s side. “I decided to do it.”

She sat in the chair, brushing her long hair with her fingers for what was likely to be the last time in the near – and perhaps even distant – future. He refused to tell her what was in store for her, she had no idea. He only promised he won’t make her cut her hair really short. Her mind was racing, her heart was racing. She was thinking about the day three years ago. She wanted to do something like this but her courage failed. Will she chicken out again? Would Jan let her?

When Jan asked her, she was quite shocked and couldn’t imagine doing it but as she started to think about it she remembered the haircut and started to grow into this crazy idea. Eventually, she realized, she even stared to look forward to it!

A stylist, man in his thirties, put a large cape over her and fastened it around her neck. Few moments ago he gave her one of the best head massages in her life as he washed the long hair for the last time and she got quite relaxed about him. She saw him for the first time barely ten minutes ago when she entered this salon. Jan picked the style and Jan picked the salon. He introduced himself as Pete but he wasn’t very talkative.

He started brushing her hair. He took great care so as not to cause any discomfort to her by pulling her hair which she appreciated. After a while he gently pushed her head forward and started combing her hair backwards. She realized he was putting her hair into a ponytail.

Her heart missed a beat or two as suddenly, out of the blue, she felt and heard scissors cutting her hair right at the top of her neck.

She opened her mouth but never said a word. She felt a rush of adrenalin and, to her surprise, of excitement. She didn’t expect to get a few inches cut but neither did she expect her hair to be cut so short and without a word of warning. Yet, she found herself thrilled by the unexpected course of action. She hoped Jan would keep his word and her final style wouldn’t be much shorter but there was a little warm of doubt. And, as she realized when she saw her ponytail being laid down on the counter in front of her, a glimmer of hope which she found rather disturbing and a bit scary.

She looked at Pete in the mirror searching for a hint, look of sympathy or pretty much anything, but he never even looked at her. Whether he was too focused of just following Jan’s orders, she was not sure. He was combing her hair onto individual sections and pinning them up. She lowered her eyes and starter thinking about the fact that she has just lost most of her hair and the rest was by far the shortest she ever had.

An unfamiliar sound pulled her out of her dreamy state. Suddenly she felt vibrations on her neck, moving up. She froze in terror as the sound changed. She felt the clippers move up her nape, up to her occipital bone. As the clippers reached the top of the section and detached from her head, the terror started to turn into excitement. She started to wander how short and high was her head being buzzed. She focused on the next sweep of the clippers and started to get an idea about the height but she knew the exact length would remain unknown until the end of her haircut. It felt crazy short, though.

He was running the clippers up her nape for a while and then he put the clippers down and picked up his comb and scissors. She watched him silently as he released another section of her hair, now in a shape of outgrown a-line bob, and chopped another two or three inches. A muffled gasp escaped her as the hair tumbled down her cape and she saw the rest barely covered her ear. This was getting pretty short and exciting.

Pete worked around her head cutting more and more hair off, shaping a lovely short bob. He made sure Veronika won’t be able to hide the buzzed hair for a while as he cut the hair in the back a good inch above the hairline. He cut the other side just like the first – exposing the earlobe and ending up at the lips. He finished the bob by slightly layering the ends, especially in the back, to slightly thin out the excessively thick hair a bit more and to add more texture.

Finally, Veronika had to close her eyes as he combed her still untouched overgrown bangs over her face in order to cut them and finish the style. She expected the scissors at her brows. She bit her lips as the cold steel lightly touched her forehead well above her left eyebrow. With a loud scrunching noise she felt a lock of hair being cut, slide down her face and land into her lap. Despite her nervousness, she was really enjoying it.

She realized she is sorry it is over when Pete put down the comb and started to blow dry and style her, now significantly shorter, hair into the final shape. She hasn’t opened her eyes, yet, as she was building the suspension till it was all done. Only then she would take a look at her new short style as a whole. After several minutes Pete placed his tools on the counter and started to take the cape off Veronika. The time has come…

“We are done, miss,” he said almost coldly, not showing any emotion. Nevertheless, he really enjoyed this haircut and was quite excited.

She opened her eyes and saw her new image. Instead of a plain girl, a sheep in a herd, that she used to be – as her hair never was in good enough shape to make her stand out of the crowd with the plain style she used to have – she saw a girl that will make many heads turn. She felt her self-confidence grow with every second she looked at herself in the mirror. Gone were her fears of how would she look with short hair. She looked great and she knew it. It was daring and she loved it. Then she raised her hand and ran it up the buzzed nape…

Only now she realized how short her nape really was. There was only the shortest bristle at the very bottom. Her heart missed a beat when she touched it. As she moved her hand up the hair grew longer and longer but even at the top of the buzzed part, she was barely able to hold the hair between her fingers. She guessed it couldn’t be much more than ¼ inch. Even with her newly gained self-confidence and attitude, she was a bit worried about how it looked, almost shaved. In spite of that, she was hooked to the feel of it. It was only after her return home, long and wild lovemaking with her boyfriend and a shower that she could take a look at the back of her head.

Needless to say Jan was delighted with the result. He was out of control when Veronika walked into the living room with her new hair. He knew what was in store for her but the result exceeded his expectations by far. He didn’t go with Veronika deliberately as he wanted to see only the result. He arranged it with Pete so that he could place a hidden camera that filmed all the action for him to review later. He loved the whole haircut, its shortness and slight extravagancy, but most of all he loved to run his hand up the buzzed nape and Veronika loved him doing it.

To be continued…

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