Birthday gift (part 2)

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It has been almost a year since Jan’s birthday and the day, that she let an unknown stylist cut her long hair into an unknown style which turned out to be a rather short bob with a clearly visible undercut to please her boyfriend and his weird desires connected with short hair and haircutting. It was a shock at first but she quickly started to get used to it and to what it did with Jan… She kept the undercut for about half a year but she immediately let the rest of her hair grow back again. At first because she wanted to grow it to a slightly longer bob and then for a wholly other reason.

Currently her hair was in a shoulder-length bob with the former undercut almost blended in. As far as her bangs are concerned, she let them grow, too. Once they started to fall into her eyes she would start sweeping them to the side and later she asked her stylist to shape them into a face-framing layers which worked great with her long bob with the shortest strands ending just below her cheekbones and the longest reaching just below her chin.

Two weeks before Jan’s birthday she gathered her courage and called the salon where she got her long hair chopped off last year. She hoped Pete would still be working there. When he personally answered the phone, her heart jumped. Part with joy and excitement and part with fear.

“Uhm,” she started nervously, “I’m not sure if you remember, but you gave me a surprise haircut a year ago, based on my boyfriend’s instructions, cutting my long hair into a very short bob with an undercut with matching short bangs…it was his birthday gift.”

“Yes, I remember…” Pete replied. “I didn’t really expect to hear from you again.”

“Uhm… well…,” she struggled with her nervousness, “neither have I expected to seek you out again after that haircut but here I am.”

“How can I help you, then?”

“I would like to make an appointment for a haircut. It is Jan’s birthday again and I would like to give a surprise to him this time.”

“Oh, that’s sweet from you! The same haircut?”

“I’m not sure yet… maybe shorter.”

“Oh, wow, nice! I am looking forward to see you again. When would you like to come?”

“Would it be possible on the next Saturday morning? It’s his birthday.”

“I don’t usually work on weekends, but I will make an exception for you. You will have the whole salon just for yourself.”

“Thank you very much, that’s very generous from you and I’m really grateful.”

“You deserve it. See you next Saturday!”

Not a single day would pass without her sparing a thought to her nearing haircut. She couldn’t decide how she should get her hair cut. Whether to get the same haircut like last year or to try something even shorter or if perhaps she should bring Jan with hair and let him decide. Eventually, on the eve of Jan’s birthday, she still didn’t know so she decided to sort of gamble. She would ask Jan if he wants to go with her to pick up his present. If he does, he gets to choose her style. If he doesn’t, she will leave it on Pete. Either way, she would have no control which excited her. There was no doubt fear, too, but the excitement was much stronger. She has been looking forward to this for many months. Soon after her surprise makeover she realized that the haircut wasn’t a turn on only for Jan but also for herself. She spent many lone evenings remembering her haircut and the feeling she experienced when Pete was cutting her hair and she had no clue how it would look and few months after the haircut she started to plan another haircut for Jan’s next birthday. That’s why she decided to give up the right of choice and let her hair in the hands of others.

Finally the day has come. She woke Jan up with a kiss and wished him happy birthday.

“I have a special gift for you but I need to pick it up, yet. Would you like to join me after the breakfast or would you rather stay home and chill out?”

“Hmm… I think I will stay at home and play some game for a while and let you surprise me,” he smiles at Veronika and kisses her.

He stays in the bed a little longer and lets Veronika serve him the birthday breakfast. They share it together and then Veronika dresses up, puts on her pretty face and heads out to get the special gift, or so Jan thinks.

Veronika arrives at the salon and walks in. Pete looks up from his magazine and smiles broadly.

“Welcome back! I’m glad to see you again. I really didn’t think you would ever want to come back after I acted so cold and reserved.”

“I took it as part of the game, don’t worry. I liked the result so I thought it would be fitting to get my next big haircut here again.”

“I see you let your hair grow out again… what about the undercut?”

“I let it grow out, too, after few months, when I started to plan this”

“You have been planning this for so long?” He asks with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah, since few months after the haircut. Jan was all over the moon and I also quite enjoyed it, I have to admit, so the idea about another big chop for Jan’s next birthday soon started to creep on my mind,” Veronika smiles.

“I see… so have you already decided what haircut are you going to surprise Jan with?”

“Can we set up some a camera first so Jan can watch the whole process again? I’ve brought one.”

“Sure. I should have one somewhere, too.”

After they set up both cameras and turn them on Veronika walks to the chair which they point at and sits down with a smile on her face. Pete clips her hair up and covers her with a cape before releasing her hair again.

“So what are we going today, miss?” he asks with a cool face, mimicking his role of a ruthless cool stylist from the last year.

“Surprise me,” Veronika replies with a devilish grin and spins the chair with her legs so as not to face the mirror.

“Are you sure?” Pete asks surprised and gets out of his role for a moment.

“Absolutely sure,” she confirms. “Just don’t shave my head.”

“Sure,” Pete replies flatly, back in his role.

Veronika sat with her eyes closed and her heart beating fast from the excitement while Pete was sectioning her hair. Finally he was done and she felt him comb down the nape section. She could almost feel the clippers running up her nape again but instead the felt the cold steel of the scissors touch her neck and heard the blades close around her hair. They were high on her neck but nowhere near as high as last time when she got that short, short bob. She quickly realized she felt a bit disappointed. She was hoping for a surprise short haircut which would give both her and Jan a lot of thrill and now it looked like it could just turn out to be a major trim. Little did she know Pete was just teasing her and getting rid of the excessive length.

When he got rid if the length at the nape he put down his scissors and picked up his hair-cutting razor. He would pick a small vertical section and trim it with the razor giving it a layered look. As he moved higher in he left more and more hair but if you looked from behind, you could clearly tell, he wasn’t shaping a bob. Veronika, however, still believed he was just layering the bottom of the bob as she couldn’t tell how much he was razoring off. All she felt was a slight tugging at her hair as the razor sliced through it.

When he got about midway up the back of her head, Pete moved to the side and released the hair there. He picked up a rather thick lock of hair, grinned into the camera and began slicing it off at about mid-ear length. Only now Veronika could tell that she wasn’t getting any sort of bob. She clearly heard the scraping sound right by her ear, giving no mistake that her hair was being cut fairly short there. A rush of thrill run through her body as she sharply inhaled. “Yes,” she thought.

After getting rid of the length again, Pete started to shape the style, leaving a longish sideburn but pretty much exposing Veronika’s ear. When he was done with this side, he returned to the back and released the rest of the hair there and carried on by connecting the side with the back. After she felt her side being cut short, Veronika could now start to guess and feel better what was going on. She had a vague idea of how her hair was being shaped but still had no clue about how long or short it actually was and she was very much enjoying every stroke of the razor, despite the slight tugging. Pete left the upper part in the back rather long and moved to the other side. He basically repeated the process from the first side but he shaped the hair a bit differently. Finally he put down the razor and released the hair on the top. This time he picked up his scissors and began shaping a long pixie. He kept the length at the crown about the same length as the top of the back and gradually left it longer towards the front with the very front shaped as a long side-swept fringe ending by the ear of the longer second side.

“All done, take a look,” he announces when he is content with the haircut. Veronika smiles and rotates the chair back to face the mirror. Her grin grows even wider as soon as she sees her reflection for the first time. “Wow, this is so awesome!” she looks at Pete still with a bright smile on her face. He just smiles back in a silent reply. He lets Veronika explore her hair haircut for a moment and then starts to take the cape off. “We can go shorter next time,” he whispers into her ear, while untying the cape. “Sure,” she replies with a smile. She gets up and blows a kiss to one of the cameras before turning them off. Then they quickly merge and cut the videos from the two cameras to make a single movie for Jan to look at. Finally, she pays Pete for his great service and goes home to surprise Jan, beaming with happiness.

When she gets home, she secretly drops the flash disk with the video into the post box and goes to hide and call Jan. “I left something for you in the post box. Pick it up and look at it. I will come in a while but you are not allowed to touch me until I say otherwise, do you understand? Its part of the gift.” She hangs up and waits, watching the post box from her safe secret spot. She sees as Jan opens the box and picks up the flash disk. He looks at it quizzically and then locks the box again and goes back in. After a moment, Veronika puts on a hat and a hoodie and heads home. She peeks through the window to see if Jan already started the video. She saw the telly on with a picture of her with long hair just reaching the peaks of her breasts with the bangs freshly trimmed at her brows. She smiled and kept watching.

She decided to add a small intro to the video of her haircut, consisting of several pictures and short videos from the time they were together, first to make it look like a sort of memorial video and second to show the process of her hair growth and cutting before surprising Jan with the brand new video from today’s haircut. She missed the beginning from the times when they met and her hair was just above her breasts. Now she watched as her hair got longer and longer, until suddenly it turned into a super short bob with baby bangs and an undercut. She wandered whether Jan already got suspicious. It was time to go in.

She came right on time. She saw Jan hypnotizing the screen as she approached the styling chair. He heard her and looked up, seeing her hair covered under the hat and hoodie. “You cut your hair?!” he half asked, half announced. “Watch and see,” she smiles and walks to sit on the other half of their L-shaped sofa, “and don’t forget – don’t try to take off my hoodie!” Jan focuses back on the video as Veronica is being caped.

“So what are we going today, miss?” Pete asks with a cool face, mimicking his role of a ruthless cool stylist from the last year.

“Surprise me,” Veronika replies with a devilish grin and spins the chair with her legs so as not to face the mirror.

Jan shots a shocked glance at Veronika, who just grins and rises her shoulders, nodding towards the TV.

“Are you sure?” Pete asks meanwhile in the video.

“Absolutely sure,” she confirms. “Just don’t shave my head.”

“Sure,” Pete replies flatly, back in his role while Pete glances at Veronika again, shock and confusion written on his face so blatantly, that even a blind man could recognize them. “Watch,” Veronika mouths silently and Jan returns his attention back to the TV. She must smile when she notices the bulge in his pants.

Together they watch as Pete sections out her hair and picks up the scissors and comb. Jan looks at Veronika, who smiles back and then they watch the first locks tumble down the cape. “It’s real, you really did it,” Jan says as his hand disappears in his pants. “Of course I did,” she smiles and gets up. “Don’t touch my head!” she says firmly as she approaches Jan. She places hands on his knees and leans to kiss him. Finally they separate and she kneels down as Pete starts razoring the back of her head on the TV screen. She pulls down the pants to relief Jan’s tension and starts to give him a head while he continues to watch her haircut on the TV. Jan is very much tempted to pull down the hood but doesn’t dare to. Watching Veronika getting her shoulder length hair cut to a longish pixie is too much for him and shoots his load even before the top gets released. Veronika then pauses the video. “How do you enjoy yourself so far?” she asks with a grin, really proud about this whole idea. “I want to see you now,” Jan replies. “Go get yourself cleaned and then let’s see what we can do about that.

When Jan leaves the room, she quickly disrobes and uses her T-shirt instead of a towel to cover her hair. Just a moment later she hears Jan’s footsteps and she turns towards the door, all naked except for the T-shirt covering her hair, with a big smile on her face. Pete stops dead in his tracks when he enters the room again and see her naked girlfriend with just a T-shirt on her head, covering her new cropped hair. She seductively walks towards him, looking into his eyes, and takes the shirt off just before him to reveal her new short haircut.

“Wow,” Jan mouthed silently, as he stared at her. “You look beautiful,” he added out loud. “Do you like it?” Veronika smiled at him. “I love it,” he replied, hugged her and kissed her on her lips. “It could be shorter, though,” he added teasingly with a grin. “Then you should arrange and appointment with Pete,” she winks at him. “Are you serious?” he stares at her, surprised. “I am,” she smiles.

Less than hour later she is sitting back at Pete’s chair, caped and awaiting her yet another haircut. She is staring at the blank wall in front of her, wandering whether they will use clippers on her. She sort of wishes they would. Meanwhile, Jan and Pete are discussing the options in the back room.

She looks over her shoulder as she hears them come back and smiles at them. “Are you ready?” Pete smiles back. “As ready as I am likely to get,” she retains her smile, “just don’t shave my head, please,” she adds. “No worries, dear, but I won’t be holding back either,” he replies and turns her head back to the blank wall. Pete turns on a camera and nods at Jan.

Jan produces a comb and scissors from his pocket and combs through Veronika’s hair briefly. Then he lifts the hair on her forehead, holds it between his fingers and chops it to about three inches. He quickly continues across the top all the way back to the crown, reducing the whole top to about three inches, perhaps less towards the sides. Veronika sees the hair tumble into her lap and while she can’t tell how much is being left, she can see that quite a lot is being chopped off – surely more than half of her already quite short hair. Then the cutting stops of a moment as she hears some rattle behind her. Suddenly the rattle is substituted by a click and a humming sound. Clippers, she realizes, as a rush of adrenaline runs through her body followed by a chill of scare. All those are, however, replaced by excitement and even pleasure when the clippers touch her neck and start moving up the back of her head all the way up to the crown. She sighs in mix of horror and pleasure when she realizes all the back is going to be buzzed.

She closes her eyes and focuses on the movement of the vibrating clippers on her head as Jan continues to buzz the back and then the side to an uncertain length. She feels that he is leaving more than just a stubble, but she is well aware of the fact that the clippers can only leave so much hair. One inch at the most.

Pete is meanwhile watching with delight and capturing it all on a video.

Then the clippers are switched off and replaced by the comb and scissors again and Jan blends the top to the buzzed sides and trims a bit more off of it as he shapes the final style. Then he takes the clippers again and runs them up the sides and back of Veronika’s head once again with a smaller guard, tapering them shorter towards the bottom. Then they are switched off and a silence spreads across the salon.

Veronika feels as Jan starts turning the chair to face the mirror. “You can open your eyes, Veronika.” She does that and sees herself for the first time in her new and very short haircut.

The rest is left for your imagination 🙂

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  1. Hi Pixie,

    Loved reading both parts of your story. I think it is great to read a story about a couple where one gets a haircut to surprise the other.

    I also really liked the pictures that went with the story.

    1. Thanks, Sam, it’s always nice to hear a positive feedback!

      By the way, I have just also corrected couple of typos in the names in the middle part of the story, where I mixed up Jan and Pete. It should be much less confusing now 🙂

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