Bitch In A Box

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The stage was all white, except for the black box at the center. Everyone in the audience buzzed with excitement. When the Master came out, wearing a heavy black apron bristling with tools, the audience fell suddenly silent. The slave followed him, three steps behind, her waist length black hair covering her nude body. She didn’t dare look at the audience that came to see her humiliation. When they were by the box, the Master gathered the slave’s hair in hands and pulled it tight to show off its impressive thickness and length to the excited audience. He pulled so tight that tears formed at the corners of the slave’s eyes. Once he showed off her hair, he knelt her down, still holding her hair, and walked her into the box. Then he locked her in, with only her head sticking out.

Still holding her hair, he said, “Such a pretty girl! But you’re not here to be a pretty girl. You’re here to be a bitch in a box. And, to be that, you must lose your beauty.”

Then he pulled a pair of heavy shears from his apron. As the slave screamed and cried, even though she knew what tortures were coming, he cut through her thick ponytail, severing it from her scalp. Only a ragged mess remained. Once it was off, he held it in the air as the audience cheered. The wig maker then came on stage. She handed the Master a wad of bills. In exchange, he handed her the slave’s lost ponytail. The slave watched in despair as the other woman walked off stage, holding hair that was once on her head.

Ignoring the slave’s tears, he put away his shears and took out his clippers. To maximize the humiliation of the girl, he swiped off her thick black eyebrows first. Then he went to buzzing down the mess left on her head. Within minutes, she just had faint black stubble left. He, however, wasn’t even going to allow her that much hair. He pulled out a can of shaving cream. After he lathered up her scalp and eyebrows, he carefully shaved her smooth with a straight razor. Her bald head, humiliatingly white against the rest of her tanned face, looked so small sticking out from the box.

The Master stoked her bald head lovingly. “From waist length to total cueball in less than ten minutes? What a fall from grace! You’re still a little too pretty though. Let’s see if we can destroy what little beauty you have left.”

With that, he pulled out a pair of tweezers. With them, he plucked out the slave’s lush thick eyelashes. He, however, wasn’t finished with his work. From his apron, which carried so many tools, he pulled out a dental spreader, which he popped into the slave’s waiting mouth. After a quick prick of a needle, giving her enough pain killer that she wouldn’t pass out during the procedure, he proceeded to removed every single one of her perfect white teeth and dropped them in a jar. A collector came on stage when he finished to take the prize, leaving behind a envelope full of cash.

The audience remained riveted throughout. As he removed the dental spreader, presenting his now bald, toothless slave, they cheered. Especially since he announced that the bitch in the box would now be giving blowjobs, five dollars pop.

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