Blank Canvas – Part 2

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Andrea’s Story

Kelly and I watched the woman walk out of the salon and across the street before we dared say anything.

‘You should’ve seen her expression when I mentioned her toyboy’s name’ I said. ‘She didn’t think I knew about him.’

‘Yeah, well. He didn’t say it was a secret or anything’ Kelly replied.

‘I’d love to have been there when they discussed all that’ I continued.

‘Fair play to her for getting herself a toyboy.’

‘She’s not that old.’

‘Older than him. Quite a bit older than him if you think about it’ Kelly replied.

‘I only hope that I’ve still got what it takes by the time I’m that old.’

‘I’m not saying she’s old, she’s just older than us. And him’ she emphasised.

‘It seems a strange way to start a relationship. Asking random women on the street about whether they find bald men attractive.’

‘She must’ve said yes’ I replied.

‘He was though, wasn’t he? Better bald, I mean.’

‘If you like that sort of thing.’

‘Don’t you?’

‘My Tony’s got a full head of hair’ I replied.

‘So’s Gary. But you know, wouldn’t you like to see what they’d look like without their hair?’

‘I’m not sure that Tony’d be up for that. Do you think Gary would?’

‘If I asked him, he might.’

‘Would you really want him to though?’

‘After seeing how that guy went from a “maybe” to a “definitely” once you’d shaved him, I think I would, yeah.’

‘Well, just let me know if he wants to’ I said light-heartedly, realising that I couldn’t stand round all day gossiping with the reception staff.

‘Andrea?’ one of the others piped up.

That was it, playtime over, back to work.

I wasn’t in a mood to be talkative to the clients for the rest of the day. I was reflective, I suppose you’d call it. I kept thinking about those two clients in particular, how she’d made an appointment for him to shave off a perfectly respectable head of hair. How he then made an appointment for her to have a cut and she’d let me clipper off most of her own hair. God, I’d taken her right down to the wood. I wasn’t sure about doing it at first, but there was something about her, some sort of adventurous side. Kelly was right, the guy was a bit young for her. Hopefully he made up in enthusiasm what he lacked in experience.

It had been a week or so since that day and I’d thought about them a few times since then, but nothing like in the detail that was coming back to me now.

It was Kelly’s curiosity that had piqued my own interest. I’ve never had a bald boyfriend. I’ve never attracted one, so I haven’t really given it much thought. She was right about that guy looking good once I’d shaved him, but maybe that was just him. I’d been attracted to Tony with hair, so I’d never considered a big change for him and now, well, things weren’t great between us, so details like that don’t matter so much.

I change my own style from time to time, something that he never comments on. I think that he just views it as being a part of the job. You’re a hairdresser, surrounded by hairdressers, so what do they do when it’s quiet? Play with each other’s hair, obviously. I don’t see it quite like that, but I do like to go for a change of look every now and again. Even with the last change, when I went from long and dark to shorter and blonde, Tony just accepted it. It’s grown a good bit since then, so who knows what’s next? I know what it won’t be – anything near as drastic as that guy’s lady-friend. I couldn’t sit there and let someone do that to me, much as I’d enjoyed doing it to someone else.

At breaktime, my quiet cup of tea was interrupted by Kelly coming in.

‘Hiya’ she said, heading for the fridge.

‘Alright’ I replied, sneaking a glance at her while she had her back turned. She still had the bob that I cut for her last month, although she’d got one of the other girls to colour it for her since. Out with the blonde, in with the vibrant red. It seemed that we shared a taste for mixing things up.

‘I asked him’ she said, heading for a seat opposite mine.

It took a moment for the penny to drop. She was talking about her boyfriend and her new-found obsession.

‘And?’ I pressed.

‘Didn’t seem overly keen. Never say never, that sort of thing. He said that you’re welcome to have a go at persuading him, if you want.’

‘And why would I do that?’

She took a long drink from her can.

‘Because I want you to.’

‘What? That’s a job for you and your ample charms’ I replied.

‘Tried that. Didn’t work.’

‘So why do you think he’ll do it if I ask him?’

‘He’s always had a soft spot for you, you know that.’

‘As long as it stays soft’ I chuckled.

We chatted for a little longer, but then it was time to go back to the treadmill.

‘I’m going to put him in the book, is that okay?’ she asked as I reached the door.

‘Fine. Just another head to me’ I said dismissively, walking out of the room.

Nothing more was said until the next day, when Kelly sidled up to me while I was clearing up after a client.

‘I booked him tomorrow. He said he doesn’t want to come in if I’m here watching’ she explained.

‘Are you day off?’

‘Yeah. He said he’ll come in on his way home. The bugger’s chosen the one night this week that I’m going out, so I won’t see it until late.’

‘You’re assuming that he’ll do it, even if he turns up’ I said, turning back to my floor sweeping.

Fast forward to the following day, a day mercifully free of Kelly and her latest obsession. I’d actually forgotten about Gary coming in and it wasn’t until everyone else started to leave for the night that I was reminded by the receptionist that I had someone due in.

‘Sorry, I forgot to say that he rang and said he’s running a few minutes late. He said you wouldn’t mind’ the receptionist for the day told me, much too late for my liking. No wonder I struggled to remember her name.

‘Do you want me to stay?’ she asked.

‘No, it’s fine. He’s Kelly’s other-half.’

‘Oh. I’ll be off then’ she said.

She went, leaving me alone in the salon, not overly impressed. Not that it mattered really. Tony wouldn’t be home until late and would be too well-oiled for me to want to see him. The beauty of a disciplined sporting regime combined with a failing relationship. Why go home when you can go to the pub?

I heard a bang at the door. The sort of bang that’s only made when someone tries to get in through a locked door, not realising that it’s locked. That was a real elbow jarrer!

I went to let him in, pausing to smile at him through the glass.

‘Shit’ he said, rubbing his elbow dramatically.

‘It would’ve been open if you’d been here when you were supposed to be’ I said, unnecessarily bitchily.

‘Sorry Andy, got stuck in traffic. I’m here now’ he said as I closed the door and drew the blind behind him.

I don’t like being called “Andy”, but he insists on doing it, regardless of my occasional objections. Despite that, I quite like him. In his mid-twenties, the same as Kelly, but several years younger than me. He’s some sort of manager for a building supplies company, doing quite well for himself, Kelly always says. It takes him a while to tone down the “blokeiness” whenever I see him and Kelly socially; he’s actually quite well-educated, but thinks it helpful to play the role of a tradesman and play down the educated part. He followed me in to the salon.

‘Where is everyone?’ he asked, looking around.

‘Home, where I should be’ I replied. I wasn’t sure why I was being so catty with him.

‘Me too. It’s just that Kell wanted me to come and see you.’

“Kell”. I hated him calling her that, too.

‘Well, if you just take a seat, we can both be on our way soon enough’ I said, summoning up a professional smile for him.

‘That’s just it. I don’t know if I’m stopping. Kell said you wanted to persuade me to shave my head, or something.’

‘That’s her job, not mine. If you’re here to have your head shaved, I can do that for you. Otherwise, we can do something different’ I suggested.

‘I like the sound of doing something different with you’ he said with a smirk.

Oh, dear!

‘Something different with your hair, I meant. This isn’t the works canteen, you know’ I chided.

‘Sorry, I spend too much time with people who should know better’ he said, his accent and diction shifting slightly closer to the civilised end of the spectrum.

‘So what are we doing?’ I asked, slipping a gown off the rack.

‘Do you fancy going for a drink instead?’ he said out of the blue.

‘I’m not sure Tony would approve’ I replied, raising an eyebrow.

‘Sorry, Kell said…’ he started before appearing to think better of it.

‘Kelly said what?’

He looked at me, apparently realising that he was no match for my powers of inquisition.

‘She said you and Tony were splitting up’ he said sheepishly.

‘I don’t know where she got that from’ I replied with suitable indignation.

‘Maybe that’s not exactly what she said. Maybe it was just that you weren’t getting on.’

‘I’ll have to have a word with her about that’ I said, flicking the gown demonstrably.

It was true, but I hadn’t confided in Kelly. Well, not in any detail. I had a suspicion that he was seeing someone else, but hadn’t got enough to confront him just yet. The very fact that he was playing football and then going for a drink with the lads afterwards, when he never used to do that, was one more niggle. In better times, he played football and then came home. He never went drinking. Now, everything had changed. I couldn’t tell you the last time we made love.


‘That’s about the fifth time you’ve said sorry since you came in’ I said.

‘Sorry’ he replied.

We both laughed.

‘Look, Gary. Let’s just cut your hair, if that’s what you want to do’ I said, trying not to sound exasperated.

I watched him look around the salon.

‘I saw a film about this. After hours, in a hairdresser’s.’

‘Does Kelly know?’

‘I hope not’ he said. ‘It got a bit filthy.’

‘Best I don’t say anything, then.’

‘I was just thinking on the way here, that’s the only way I’d let someone shave my head.’

‘How?’ I pressed.

‘If it was a sexy hairdresser, without too many clothes on, if you know what I mean.’

I looked at him.

‘You know you just said that out loud, don’t you?’ I said.

‘You wouldn’t know otherwise.’

‘So you think I’m just going to strip off for you?’

‘I’d get my kit off too’ he said, as if that was going to make a difference.

‘Look, Gary. This probably wasn’t a good idea. Let’s just call it quits, eh?’

‘Kell’ll be disappointed if I don’t do it’ he said.

‘I’ll leave you to explain why it didn’t happen, or do you want me to tell her tomorrow?’

‘Shit, don’t do that’ he said, with a hint of panic.

‘Okay, this is how it is. You’re going to sit down and I’m going to cut your hair. My clothes are staying on. All of them. Your hair is coming off. All of it. That’s the only way you’re still going to have a girlfriend this time tomorrow. How does that sound?’

‘Apart from the bit about your kit staying on and my hair coming off, it sounds perfect’ he said with a smile.

That smile was what the word “disarming” had been invented for. I reached out to touch his forearm as a conciliatory gesture.

‘Sit down and let’s get it done’ I said, trying to portray my more friendly side.

‘Don’t you think this is just too good an opportunity to miss?’ he asked, looking around him dramatically.

‘I just want to get you home to your beloved’ I said, with a hint of exasperation.

‘She’s out having fun’ he replied.

‘So she is’ I replied, waving the gown like a matador.

‘Just sit down and let’s get it over with’ I repeated.

Thankfully, he did as he was told. Unless I was mistaken, there was a bulge in his trousers that had no place in a public setting. I tried to ignore it and swirled the gown around him to remove it from my sight.

The clippers were on a hook at the side of the styling station. I was aware of his gaze following my hand as I reached for them and then flicked them into life. I took a quick look at his brownish, unremarkable hair and positioned them at his forehead. Before it registered with him, I’d drawn the guardless blades across the top of his head. The reflected expression on his face was a picture.

‘You weren’t meant to do that, you stupid cow!’ he said with a raised voice, torn between staring at his reflection and shouting at me.

The outburst shocked me slightly.

‘I thought that’s what you were here for’ I protested meekly.

‘What am I going to tell Kell?’

‘You came here to shave your head, I shaved it. Simple’ I said, regaining my composure.

‘Fuck! You weren’t meant to actually do it’ he protested.

‘Sorry. You should’ve said.’

‘Shit!’ he said, eloquently voicing his surprise once more.

‘Shall I continue?’ I asked.

‘I haven’t got much choice now, have I?’ he huffed.

I flicked the switch on the clippers again. I could get used to this. I’d enjoyed shaving the guy who’d sparked this session, enjoyed buzzing his lady-friend, and now, here I was again, taking pleasure in someone’s transformation.

‘Aren’t you just a little bit excited by seeing what you look like as a baldie?’ I asked, relieved that he seemed to have calmed down a little.

‘Never crossed my mind until Kell mentioned it. Even then, I didn’t think she was serious.’

‘She sounded pretty serious when she asked me about booking you in.’

I could see him watching his familiar image of himself becoming something completely foreign to him.

‘She wouldn’t really tell me what brought this on’ he commented.

‘I’m sure she’ll tell you now.’

‘Can’t you tell me?’

‘I could, I suppose, but she knows more about it than me. It was all to do with a couple of clients who booked each other in for cuts. The woman asked us to shave her boyfriend’s head. She was curious, I suppose. Same as Kelly.’

‘Couldn’t she just have got one of those things they use in films?’

‘A bald cap, you mean?’

‘Yeah, that’s it.’

‘She could, but it’s not as much fun as this’ I replied, brushing a clump of hair off his shoulder.

‘At least I wouldn’t have everybody at work staring at me.’

‘Maybe they’ll just be telling themselves how good you look, all streamlined and sleek’ I said.

I did actually think that he was looking pretty good without hair. There was still a bit to go, but I’d taken off enough already to have a good idea what he’d look like completely bald. I wondered whether the tent in his trousers had weathered the storm. I stroked away the final patch of hair on the side of his head, sliding the palm of my other hand across his scalp. It felt good. Good to touch him, good to touch a man, knowing that it was appreciated. I envied Kelly.

‘That’s better already’ I said.

‘So you do like bald guys then?’

‘That’s not what I meant. The way you wore your hair didn’t do anything for you. You should’ve come here before, rather than wherever you were going to get it cut.’

He was staring at himself in the mirror, trying to retrieve his hand from beneath the gown so that he could feel his scalp.

‘I’m not finished yet, so stay covered up’ I instructed.

‘You can’t get it shorter than this with those’ he observed.

‘True, but that’s not what I’m going to use’ I replied, hanging the clippers back on their hook. I’d clean them when he’d gone.

There were his eyes again, searching. Looking for clues. They found one, in the shape of a can of shaving foam.

‘Smooth? Fuck!’ he objected.


‘Sorry’ he said, the word merging with the sound of the first squirt of foam.

I looked at him in the mirror. He knew that he was beaten.

‘Cheer up! Just think how many Brownie points this’ll get you at home’ I said, trying to lift the gloomy expression on his face.

‘It better!’ he replied.

He closed his eyes and let me work.

I thought back to the first time I’d done this. The guy had been understandably nervous, but he’d seemed excited about it. He was certainly excited to go and meet his lady-friend afterwards and had seemed slightly annoyed that I’d been running late. Nothing that I could do about that though, because Mrs Hurst had been so excited about her new grandchild and had insisted on showing everyone in the salon the picture she’d got. Looked like a baby to me, nothing to get too excited about. Anyway, she’d made me late starting and I didn’t want to rush. He ended up being a few minutes late, but no harm done. It had given me a thrill to see him so excited, to know that he’d be on a promise now that he’d done what she wanted. I’d been part of their foreplay, in a way.

Now that I was thinking along those lines, I was aware of my enjoyment in a different way. Interesting. Was it the act of shaving Gary’s head that was doing it, or the earlier sight of the bulge in his trousers? Food for thought as I stroked away with the safety razor.

‘That’s you, Kojak’ I said when I was satisfied that I’d stripped away everything that he’d come in with. I was going to use the word “handsome”, but didn’t want him getting ideas.

We did a quick repeat of the expletive / admonishment thing, but then he was just quiet.

‘You’ll get used to it’ I told him, patting the top of his head.

I saw the hint of a wince in his expression.

‘Get used to it, sunshine!’ I told him, unfastening the gown. He leant in towards the mirror, running a newly-freed hand over his scalp.

‘Is that really me?’

‘Oh yes. That’s what’s been lurking beneath all these years.’

He got up and looked at me. I could tell that he was about to hug me.

‘No need to thank me. Now you’d better go and get yourself ready for when Kelly comes home. I’ve a feeling that she’s going to jump your bones when she sees you.’

‘As long as she doesn’t laugh, I’ll be okay.’

‘I don’t think there’s any danger of that’ I replied, trying to sound confident.

‘Are you sure you don’t fancy a quickie?’

‘Gary! Go!’ I urged, not sure if he was being serious or not.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t have minded, just not with someone who happens to be the partner of one of my colleagues. There was little chance of getting it at home now.

Kelly came in the following day looking like the cat that got the cream.

‘No point asking what you did last night’ I said when we could get a quiet moment together. She beamed.

‘You’ll have to tell me all about it later’ she urged. ‘One thing though. It’s bit delicate. He said you screwed him. Tell me that’s not true?’

I looked at her.

‘Your man has a vivid imagination. Might be worth restricting his online privileges’ I said, trying not to show my irritation that she’d even asked.

‘Sorry. I had to ask. Sometimes he actually tells the truth.’

‘Yeah, well. Not this time’ I said, turning to busy myself with checking supplies.

I dwelt on that little conversation for the next two clients. She’d irritated me. Gary had irritated me. I’d cut his hair – for her benefit, I might add – in my own time and didn’t even get a tip. I know, I could’ve had his tip if I’d said the word, but that’s not what I mean.

I tried to think of other things, just so that I didn’t obsess about it. I considered her a friend and that wasn’t really something that a friend would ask. Anyway, I wouldn’t have admitted it, even if I had. That led me to thinking about Tony and the fact that we needed to do something. We’re not doing each other any good by pretending. We may as well get it over and done with and move on.

I accompanied a client to reception to point out a conditioner that I’d suggested to her. I’d been in “sales mode” and completely forgotten that it would take me deep inside “Kelly territory”, where I didn’t really want to be at present. As it turned out, the client balked at the price and left without buying anything. So much for my sales skills!

‘Andy, have you got a minute’ Kelly half-whispered as the client was walking to the door.

I turned to look at her.

‘I just wanted to say I’m sorry. For asking. I should’ve known. I’ll cut his balls off when I get home.’

I looked at her.

‘Don’t be like that’ she urged.

‘Like what?’


I looked at her.

‘Come on, Andrea. I’m sorry, alright. I’ll make it up to you’ she pleaded.

I raised my eyebrows.

‘I will, you know I will.’

‘Okay’ I said.

I reached across the desk and tapped my finger on the appointment book. (I know – we’re old-fashioned, but we like it that way).

‘Put yourself in there. Say for straight after closing today.’

‘What for?’ she asked.

‘To make it up to me.’


‘Well, we’re only half-way through recreating that little scenario. We’ve done the guy part, now we do the part with his lady-friend.’

‘You’re not serious?’

‘It’s only fair. Gary did his bit.’

‘I know, but that’s all it was. Just him.’

‘Why should one of you have all the fun?’

‘I don’t know. I couldn’t. I’ve always said I’d never bleach my hair.’

I recalled the image of the woman leaving the salon, her hair buzzed to nearly nothing and then bleached white. I’d kicked myself for not taking pictures of the whole process. Careers are made on less!

‘I’ll do the cut tonight and then we can colour it tomorrow.’

It was her turn to look intently at me.

‘I couldn’t do that.’

‘Think about it. Think about that woman walking out of here. That’s what an apology looks like’ I said, turning away before she could respond.

My next client suffered for that little exchange. I wasn’t concentrating, wasn’t thinking about what I was doing. Thankfully she wasn’t one of my regulars and based on the cut she got, she probably wouldn’t become one, either. I hadn’t meant to be that hard on Kelly. In her shoes, I’d probably have asked the same question. After all, she’s come to the right conclusion about Tony and I. She’d assume that I’m gagging for it (she wouldn’t be wrong there) and she obviously knows that Gary tries his luck whenever the opportunity arises. It wasn’t a massive leap to believe that I’d give in to his charms while alone with him in the salon.

I’d talk to her. Sort it out. Then a walk-in appeared and was allocated to me. That didn’t help my mood. Had she done that deliberately?

I was still going when the other two had packed up and gone for the evening. I heard Kelly send them on their way with her customary cheery “Good night!”. I finished up. Again, not one of my most engaged efforts, but better than the previous one. I’d have to start offering discounts at this rate. I sent the woman on her way, leaving her to make the walk to reception on her own. I got the brush to clear up, hoping that Kelly would go and do something upstairs so that I could leave without talking to her.

I became conscious of a presence behind me while I was crouching down with the dustpan. I looked round. Kelly. Who else?

‘Can we talk?’ she asked nervously.

‘I’m all ears’ I replied. I was still firmly in “bitch” territory.

‘I’ll wait until you’re finished.’

‘I’m finished’ I replied, getting up. I emptied the dustpan in the bin, actually getting most of the contents in.

‘I’m sorry’ she said.

‘So you’ve said.’

‘Don’t be like this.’

‘I’m tired Kelly and I want to go home’ I said.

‘I thought you were going to…’

‘I was just messing’ I replied.

I watched her expression change. It wasn’t relief. It looked like disappointment.


‘I thought you were going to cut my hair?’

‘I told you, I was just messing.’

‘I’ve told Gary’ she said, with that hint of disappointment in her voice.


‘I think he likes the idea of me going really short.’

‘Misery loves company’ I replied.

‘Maybe. I’ve been thinking about it all afternoon.’

I raised my eyebrows.

‘So you want to do it?’

‘It’s not that. There’s something about you doing it. As a punishment.’

‘Whoa, girl, hold your horses there’ I said quickly.

She blushed.

‘Are you going to make me apologise again’ she said, with just the hint of a smile.

‘I’m not going to make you apologise. You’re a workmate, a friend.’

‘I’m not so sure after this afternoon.’

‘Whatever, you’re still a workmate. That’s why I didn’t fuck your boyfriend.’

‘But you weren’t really going to cut my hair?’

‘Like I said, I was messing with you. Now I just want to go home.’

She looked at me briefly and then lowered her gaze before walking away. That didn’t seem to have improved the situation.

‘Kelly?’ I called after her.

‘What?’ she asked, turning round.

‘Sit down’ I said, brushing a bit of stray hair off the chair. I wouldn’t have missed that if my mind had been on what I was doing.

Kelly rested a hand on the back of the chair and looked at me.

‘Are you going to do it as short as that woman?’

‘Is that what you want?’ I asked.

‘I’m not sure.’

‘I can do it so that you don’t need to bleach it’ I suggested.

‘So I stay red? I’ll look like a match if it’s that short’ she joked

‘I’ll just do it so you don’t need colour.’

‘That sounds easier’ she replied.

I nodded and indicated that she should sit down. She folded her hands in her lap and waited for me to put the gown over her. I looked down at her, looked at her reflection in the mirror, trying to decide whether I was actually going to do what I’d been thinking of.

I’d tried my hardest to recall the cuts with the man and the woman. Not the cuts as such, but what I felt while I was doing them. There had been something more about the scenarios than just haircuts. Even the first one, the guy, even though I hadn’t known the background, there was something about him when he sat down. There was an expectation, an excitement that wasn’t usually there for what most people see as a mundane chore. With his lady-friend, I’d known some of the back-story from Kelly. She was nervous, but there was something there daring me to go shorter than she’d expected, even after I’d given her the initial nudge.

The nervousness was here with Kelly now. She would have the image in her head of the super-short clipper cut that I did on that woman. She’d talked to Gary about it. She said he wanted her to do it, but was that just so that he wasn’t the centre of attention, now that I’d shaved his head? Did she really want to do it? Well, she’d sat down in the chair and was now waiting expectantly.

I fastened the gown around her neck. What would the salon owner say? The other stylists? What would Kelly herself say?

I plucked the clippers off their hook and made a big show of brushing the blades. They didn’t need cleaning, but I wanted to give her time to realise that this was getting very real. She glanced towards them, but then looked away.

‘I can sharpen your bob up, if you’d prefer’ I said. ‘You’d look cute if I took it up a couple of inches, somewhere around cheek level. I could clipper the back. It’d be really hot’

She took a deep breath.

‘He’s expecting something a bit more drastic than that’ she replied.

I sensed the tension between us reducing.

‘So what? What do you want to do?’

‘I just want to sit here and let you do your thing.’

‘And what if you don’t like “my thing”?’

‘I know you won’t do anything to me that you wouldn’t do yourself.’

‘Really? What makes you say that?’

‘You wouldn’t, though, would you?’

The clippers responded on my behalf, clicking quietly to life.

‘Last chance’ I offered.

She shook her head with something that fell short of conviction. I watched her eyes close and positioned the clippers at her forehead.

‘Aren’t you going to watch?’ I asked.

Her eyes opened and she watched the almost painfully slow path of the clippers across the top of her head. I was very aware of being rather turned on by doing it that slowly, that deliberately.

‘You’re shaving it completely?’ she observed, unable to mask her surprise. It was a reasonable conclusion, given the hairless strip that had appeared across the top of her head in the wake of the clippers.

‘You didn’t want to bleach it’ I replied, as if shaving her head was the only alternative.

‘What’s Kirsty going to say?’

‘She’s hardly likely to fire you, is she?’

‘Oh my God! I can’tbelieve you’ve done it, straight off’ she said, prevented by the gown from holding a hand to her mouth for effect. I was in no hurry to continue. The single path of the clippers had condemned her to baldness, so it didn’t matter to me how long the remainder took. I could already tell myself that I’d notched up another reluctant baldie, which seemed to be taking on a greater importance for me.

‘Fuck’ she said, still unable to accept that I’d done what I’d done. ‘I thought I was getting a crewcut like that woman.’

‘This’ll suit you better. Besides, it’ll be easier to maintain. Just run the razor over it every couple of days and you’re done.’

‘But what’ll people say?’

‘Pretty much what they’d have said if you’d got a crewcut.’

‘Do you want me to take a picture’ I asked, eager to change the direction of the conversation.

‘I probably look stupid’ she observed. I couldn’t disagree at that moment.

‘Shall I just finish it then?’ I asked, just as I’d done with Gary.

‘Well, I’m not going out like this’ she replied, turning towards me.

‘You’ll be fine’ I said, trying to console her a little.

The clippers woke, I paused while I enjoyed a little tremor somewhere rather pleasant and then ran them up the side of her head, taking a slice of red bob as they went. The chunk of hair caressed the back of my hand as it tumbled to the ground.

‘I’m going to have to wear a wig.’

‘You can’t.’

‘Why not?’

‘There’s no point doing it and then covering it up. You’re making a statement, you can’t cover it up.’

‘The only statement I’m making is that I’m gullible.’

‘You’re telling the world that you’re adventurous.’

‘What if Gary hates it? What if he dumps me?’ she asked, changing focus.

‘Then I can fuck him without feeling guilty about it’ I joked, easing in to my rhythm with the clippers.

She didn’t seem to find the comment funny.

Kelly’s hair was sliding off her scalp as if it knew that it didn’t belong anymore. The look of uncertainty on her face only served to increase my excitement at what I was doing. I wanted her bald, wanted to take away the familiar image she had of herself. Why did I find it so exciting?

‘I look like a man’ Kelly said as the last remnant of her bob tumbled to her shoulder and then on to the floor.

‘No, you don’t. You look like a supermodel’ I told her.

‘In my dreams!’

‘No, really. You’re not the ordinary-looking girl who works in the hairdresser’s anymore. You’re different. A real head-turner.’

‘Is that what I am? “Ordinary-looking”?’

‘Sorry, that was a poor choice of words. You were lovely with hair, but you’re so much more striking without it’ I told her, putting the clippers down.

Kelly was still staring at herself with an intensity that was borderline scary.

‘I don’t know what Gary’ll say when he sees me.’

‘You’ll be fine. By the time you get home, you’ll be used to it, bold, confident…’

‘He’s picking me up from work’ she said, interrupting me. ‘When I told him I was staying late to get my hair cut, he said he’d pick me up and we’d go for dinner.’

‘Oh! I’d better hurry up then’ I replied.

Even though Kelly knew what was coming, I could see a hint of trepidation when the can of shaving foam and the safety razor made their appearance. There was a sharp intake of breath, cut short by the sound of the first squirt.

I spread the foam over her head, trying to keep contact to a sensuous minimum. I flashed back to the woman I’d clippered, wishing that I’d shaved her. I’m sure she would’ve gone for it without too much persuasion. That would be my goal from now on, but I didn’t really understand where it had come from. I’ve been cutting hair ever since I left school, have worked briefly in a barbershop, but now I’ve really developed a taste for it. Maybe it had been triggered by the unusual story of that couple, the fact that there was more to it than two people getting tidied up. It wasn’t a chore that had to be done, there was more to it than that for them and now, for me too.

The head of the razor made contact and slid through the last traces of Kelly’s hair. I felt another little tremor at the sight of the first truly hairless strip of her scalp. It was annoying that Gary would be here at any moment to spoil the vibe. The languid razor strokes that I’d planned had to be more purposeful. This was the point where I wanted to convince her of the pleasure that she could have without the burden of her hair. The sensation had to do the convincing, because I couldn’t actually stand there with hair to my shoulders and tell her how wonderful it was to be bald, could I?

Her eyes were closed. That was a good sign. She angled her head when I needed her to, all the while allowing me to gaze at her and savour the transformation.

Listen to me! It sounds like I’m going all dikey on you! Just because I can appreciate something beautiful doesn’t mean that I’m a rug-muncher, not that I have anything against rug-munchers. I just can’t imagine doing it myself.

There was a rap at the door. Hopefully a customer who couldn’t read the word “Closed”, rather than the Thought Police!

‘That’ll be Gary’ Kelly said, bringing me back to the moment.

‘I’m nearly done.’

‘You can’t leave him standing there.’

‘Right, yes, I’ll let him in’ I said, grabbing a towel to wipe my hands.

I walked down the salon, slightly flustered.

‘Hi Gary, we’re almost done’ I said, opening the door, but not standing aside. I hoped that he’d get the message.

‘Can I come in?’ he asked, surprised at the less than warm welcome.

‘Sorry, yes, come in’ I said, trying not to stare at him. He was so different without hair. Better.

‘She told me to prepare myself’ he said, watching me lock the door.

‘Good advice’ I said, leading the way to his transformed girlfriend. I tried to think of something to say to prepare him properly, but he’d spotted her while I was still perfecting my turn of phrase.

‘Fucking hell, Kell’ he uttered.

‘Snap!’ she said, appearing to put a brave face on it.

‘You said you were going short, not fucking bald!’ he said, trying to take in another seismic shift in his life, so soon after the first.

‘Why should you be the only one to have some fun?’ she said, surprising me. I’d half expected finger pointing and accusations, but she’d mellowed during the brief interlude.

‘We could’ve talked about it first.’

‘And what would you have said?’

‘It doesn’t matter now, does it?’

‘You were too pre-occupied thinking about me shaving your bits once Andrea had gone, weren’t you.’

I looked at Kelly and then at Gary and then at the floor. I looked back up in time to see him looking daggers at her. I held my hands up in surrender.

‘You’re consenting adults. I’ll be out of here in a couple of minutes and leave you two to it’ I said, feeling more than a little awkward.

There was a pause.

‘You’re alreay tooled-up there, Andy. Go on, you can do it for me’ Gary ventured.

‘Gary!’ Kelly chastised.

It was his turn for the pacifying gesture.

‘Just a thought’ he said. ‘I’ll be over here if you change your mind’ he added with a wink.

‘Sorry about that’ Kelly said.

‘Could’ve been worse.’

I picked up the razor and carried on where I’d left off.

‘He’ll wait until you’re gone and then he’ll tell me what he really thinks.’

‘He’s not going to shout at you, is he?’

‘He wouldn’t dare if I’m shaving his pubes off at the time’ she chuckled.

‘Are you really going to do that?’

‘It was something he said when he came out of the showerlast night. I think it was a joke, but then he warmed to the idea.’

‘I could understand him wanting you to do it…’ I said, before realising that we were straying into intimate territory.

‘He’s never actually seen me with a bush’ she replied with a candid smile.

I nodded, not too sure what to say in response. I tried to banish the images that started to go through my mind.

‘You can do it for him, if you want. I won’t mind’ she said.

‘After what you said? I thought you were going to scratch my eyes out.’

‘Yeah, sorry. Maybe I’ve moved on a bit since then.’

‘It was only this morning’ I observed.

‘Well, I’ve beein doing some thinking. Maybe you could see it as a bit of compensation for your over-enthusiasm with me’ she added, pointing to her head.

‘Shouldn’t you be asking whether I’d mind?’

‘Would you?’

I’d already started playing things through my head. The situation with Tony. My drought. Being turned on by shaving Kelly’s head. With her there, Gary wouldn’t dare try anything. It might be fun, I thought. I smiled, but didn’t reply. I tried to focus on not nicking her for the last few strokes.

‘Let’s get you rinsed off, shall we?’ I said, my job done.

It took only moments at the basin to wash away the last traces of shaving foam. My downward gaze was met with an unexpected beaming smile.


‘I was just thinking about all the reactions I’ll get when people walk in for a trim and they see me, bald as a coot’ Kelly chuckled.

I patted her head with a towel, giving her a final rub before she got up.

‘Better go and see what your man thinks’ I urged.

I watched Kelly walk away, watched Gary’s eyes assess his “new look” woman. He held his hand out to her. That was a good sign. I walked back to the styling station and picked the clippers up. I looked at the blades, a few clippings from Kelly still lodged in there. I blew on them to chase the bits out.

‘Am I putting these away or..?’ I asked invitingly.

Kelly looked round at me and then stood to one side. I had a direct line of sight to Gary. He stood up. He looked at Kelly.

‘It’s a bit late to be shy. You did ask her’ she told him.

Gary looked at me. My gaze dared him to put his money where his mouth is. He unfastened his belt. It was happening.

In moments, I was looking at what was only hinted at when he was in the chair yesterday. What I’d give to be alone with it for half an hour! I had to get rid of Tony and get me one of those! I wondered whether his semi was a recent development or whether the sight of me shaving Kelly had done it. I looked at her.

‘Are you sure you want me to do this?’ I asked her.

‘Can’t wait’ she replied, a hand exploring her bare scalp.

Gary looked at me. I looked at him.

‘I’m just trying to work out the best way to do this’ I said, trying to remain professional. After all, hair is hair.

He sat down, easing himself to the edge of the chair, half-reclining. Which his cock definitely wasn’t. It was now taking more interest in what was going on. Kelly was at my side and both of us were looking down at Gary.

‘I can’t take you anywhere, can I?’ she said with a giggle.

‘How do you want it?’ I asked to neither of them in particular.

‘All off’ Kelly replied enthusiastically.

I changed the clippers for a smaller set, more suited to the task.

I looked at her and flicked the clippers on. I wondered how to do the deed without actually touching him, before deciding that it wasn’t possible. I bent forward and grasped the nettle, so to speak, introducing the clippers to his tangled pubes. I mowed a strip from the top down to the root of his cock, or whatever you call the bit where it joins his belly. His cock twitched in my hand. I went across the top, from one side to the other, deciding that that was the quickest way to see results.

I paused and looked at Kelly. He’d reached for my leg, letting his fingers roam at the hem of my tunic. She shrugged. Not the response I’d expected.

‘Just remember that I’ve got your best friend by the throat here, young Gary’ I chided.

‘Exactly. It’s only right that I get to play too’ he countered.

I looked at Kelly to see what she thought. Her response surprised me again. She reached across and eased the hem upwards a couple of inches. The material was taut because I was bending over and there was little give. Her hand ran up the back of my thigh and on to the curve of my backside, caressing it with the palm of her hand. This was the same woman who appeared outraged at the thought of me with her boyfriend. I tried to focus on the job in hand, although that task appeared to be growing by the minute. He was rock hard now.

Her hand left my backside and progressed up the small of my back. She shifted position slightly and it took a second for me to register what she was doing. The hand that had moved up was now moving back down, bringing my zipper with it. I let go of Gary and stood up.

‘Hang on a minute’ I said, conscious that my tunic was flapping open at the back.

‘Isn’t that more comfortable?’ Kelly asked, appearing to think that I wouldn’t notice her trying to ease it off my shoulder. I looked at her.

‘I thought I was just doing this and then going?’ I said, not quite sure what to say.

‘It’ll make it more interesting for Gary’ she replied, turning her attention to my other shoulder.

I watched her expression while she was helping my dress down. She wasn’t the slightly uncertain receptionist any longer. She was bolder, more confident already, even as her hair lay unswept on the floor. Gary watched my bra being exposed, then my midriff and we were at the grand unveiling of my knickers. I don’t wear tights to work, so I was standing there in light blue bra and knickers, grateful that I’d worn a decent set for the day.

‘All your Christmases come at once, eh Gary?’ I commented, trying to divert attention away from myself. I had a sudden thought, wondering how my gusset was taking the recent assault that had been made on it.

I squatted down to resume my task, but also to preserve my modesty. Gary definitely liked what he saw.

His undercarriage was next and I was wary of cutting him. Why did they have to make it so wrinkly down there? I went slowly, resisting the instinctive movement when I felt fingers at the clasp on my bra.

‘Jeez, Kelly, can’t you see I’m busy here!’ I said.

‘Yeah, Kell. I don’t want her cutting my balls off’ Gary objected.

‘It’d save me the trouble’ Kelly laughed, manipulating my bra off each arm in turn.

I guided the clippers gingerly around the ever-changing landscape, hoping that no-one could see through a gap in the shutters. I struggled to believe that I was squatting in front of a colleague’s boyfriend, shaving his pubes while topless. I was vaguely conscious that my boobs aren’t as big as Kelly’s. Not that Gary seemed to mind. I decided that I’d done as much as I could with those clippers and switched them off, instinctively blowing bits of severed hair away from his upper thigh.

‘Steady on girl!’ Gary said.

‘I take it we’re doing it properly’ I asked neither of them in particular. Gary’s nod was all that I needed before spraying shaving foam around his pole.

Kelly helpfully handed me a fresh razor and I went in for round two, positioning his joystick as necessary. I was even more nervous about shaving his sack this time around, but the foam slid away without a trace of blood. I really liked the look, telling myself that I’d have to press for any future bedmate to shave himself for me. It seemed that guys these days all expected their ladies to undergo at least a good cropping down there, if not the full Monty. Kelly had just told me that she gets rid of the lot, so now the two of them matched. I shaved where it mattered, but for the rest, I stuck with a good trim and a “bit off the sides”. Maybe I’d be a bit more radical next time, just to see what I look like with nothing at all down there.

I knelt down to make a final inspection when I felt a hand on the back of my head. Gary’s were draped over the side of the chair, so it wasn’t him! Gentle pressure eased my head forward towards the only possible destination. I was considering an objection, but instinctively opened my mouth in readiness. She pressed my head forward and I tried to relax as quickly as I could to ease its passage. I hadn’t expected to check my work at such close quarters, but I’d done a good job. I wouldn’t be getting stubble burn from doing this.

Kelly’s hand was still on the back of my head and when she’d made sure that contact between face and her boyfriend was at its closest, she pulled my head back, my hair twisted in her grip. Change of grip, face heading for groin and repeat. I’m not afraid to say that it was a struggle. Gary’s a big boy and I’ve certainly not had much practise in recent times. I persevered, titillated by Kelly’s involvement. If you believe what you see online, we all enjoy threesomes on a regular basis, of one combination or another. I never have, so this assisted blowjob was as close as I’ve ever come to that scenario. Gary’s hand joined Kelly’s on my head. Okay, people, I’ve got the idea!

One of the hands went away. The sounds of a zip being undone told me that it was Kelly, entering in to the spirit of the evening. In my peripheral vision, I could see her stepping out of her tunic. I felt less exposed, now that she’d joined me, but since Gary saw her like that on a daily basis, there was still a premium for me being down to my knickers. Gary’s hand demanded that my attention be focussed on him. I decided that it would be rude not to. My back was being stroked. Again, it’s not anatomically possible for it to be Gary, so it had to be Kelly. The same hands made their way round to cup my boobs. Make that “squeeze” my boobs. Okay, okay, you’ve made your point, I thought, perched on that boundary between pleasure and pain. Little minx!

The groping and boob kneading became a sort of tug backwards, almost as if she wanted to wrestle me off her boyfriend. It’s a bit late now, dear, I thought. Gary was looking up at her, a little put out that service had been interrupted. I rested a hand on his thigh, but Kelly was urging me to turn towards her. When I say “her”, I mean that my face was level with where her knickers should’ve been. I hadn’t been aware of her taking them off, although I may have been distracted, but it was likely that she’d not been wearing any to start with. Slut!

Up until then, I’d always thought that she may have had a little help from magic undergarments to look so trim in her clothes. Now I knew the truth. The lucky bitch had a perfectly flat stomach that needed no help whatsoever. Taut belly gave way to a prominent mound. I think that I look pretty good naked, but she was showing me a reason to be getting back to regular gym sessions.

Her hands were at the back of my head again, drawing me in to her. My face was being drawn closer to the curve of her mound, the indent of her slit, her prominent pussy lips making themselves known. I was about to be introduced to a new world, without so much as a handshake. I was aware that Gary’s disappointment had become curiosity. He didn’t have to worry about image quality or the film buffering at just the wrong moment. This was “girl on girl” action within touching distance. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I stuck my tongue out to show willing. Kelly widened her stance, did her best to hold me at the optimum distance. The tip of my tongue was getting to grips with its first unadulterated taste of woman. It didn’t mind. It was curious. It delved deeper. Gary would probably have welcomed some popcorn while he watched.

Both of her hands were in my hair, gripping tightly, twisting my hair in her fingers. She’d got me onto that pleasure/pain boundary again, teetering between the two. I wondered where she’d learned to do it. I was vaguely aware of Gary changing his position.

Kelly’s grip eased. She probably knew now that I was eager to learn and wasn’t going to pull away. I stuck to the task, my tongue exploring curves and softness, tasting her excitement. It wasn’t the most comfortable position to be in and I was thankful for the cushioning effect of a tunic on my knees; mine or hers, I wasn’t sure. I was trying to get my tongue deeper between her pussy lips when I felt someone stroking my head. My senses were too overloaded with the exotic delicacy in front of me to register the sound.

It must’ve been Gary’s hand that pulled my head back to break contact with Kelly’s nether regions. The tug was urging me to look up at her. She brought her hands to where I could see them. The right hand gripped a set of clippers, the left held a hank of long blonde hair. My inquisitiveness fell away as I arrived at the obvious conclusion.

‘You haven’t?’ was the best thing that I could come up with. My hand went to my head, but my normally tamed hair was all messed up by the rough treatment that it had received earlier. It was more of a puzzle than it should’ve been. Kelly flicked the severed hair at each of my nipples in turn and then dropped it dismissively to the floor.

‘Please?’ I said, desperately.

‘Welcome to the club’ Kelly said, with rather more relish than was friendly. ‘It’s too late, so you may as well enjoy it’ she said, waving the clippers at me.

I wasn’t sure what I felt. I was more turned on than I could ever remember; I’d shaved a woman’s head, shaved her boyfriend’s pubes. I’d given a guy most of a blow job in front of his girlfriend and licked her pussy while he watched. Now it looked like I was about to have my own head shaved. I was shocked at the thought of being bald, but was it really that bad? It might take some explaining when both of us showed up for work without a hair between us, but what was the worst that could happen? I’d grow a fresh, healthy head of hair. If I wanted to, of course. Maybe I’d enjoy being bald. Kelly was determined to show me, wielding the clippers confidently for one who hadn’t ever been to hairdressing college. Maybe she was going to come out from behind the reception desk and join me in the salon.

Was I going to stay here though? That was the question that exercised me while I was watching hanks of my hair tumble around me. Was I brave enough to set up on my own, open a salon that specialised in short hair. I really couldn’t face doing “wedding hair” ever again, but it would be a big step. Fancy planning a major life change while having your head shaved during an impromptu orgy!

I wanted to see what was going on, but had to content myself with staring at Kelly’s mid-section. I was actually getting used to the idea of being friendly with another woman’s bits and was coming to appreciate the intricacies of the design, whereas up to now, I’d not paid any real attention to my own, let alone someone else’s. I really wanted to be somewhere comfortable though, where she and I could stretch out, really spread out, if you like. Gary was welcome to tag along.

First though, there was the matter of what the clippers were doing to my hair. She’d picked them up as I’d left them, guardless, the outcome was pre-defined. Would she razor shave me?

The answer was “yes”.

She kept me kneeling on the floor, regardless of the consequences for my joints. I lowered my head to look at the blonde hair strewn around me, but then realised how submissive I must look, head bowed in front of her.

‘Can’t you do that after, Kell?’ Gary asked impatiently while she was mid-foam application.

‘It won’t take long’ she said, fingers still smearing foam over my scalp.

‘I haven’t got long’ he replied, referring to the obvious pressure that he was feeling.

She paused.

‘Do you want to stretch your legs before I do the razor thing?’ Kelly asked.

‘I think my knees might have seized up’ I said, grateful for the respite. She held out a hand to help me up, which let me catch a glimpse of a topless woman in the mirror, a white helmet on her head. It was so strange not to see myself with hair. That was me, whether I liked it or not, a strange vision of a woman who’d abandoned all that she’d previously stood for. Her hair was cast off, along with her clothes and her inhibitions. I turned to look at Kelly, trying to get the circulation in my legs flowing again. She smiled at me.

‘I think he’s got something he wants to do’ Kelly said, reaching to touch her fingertip to each of my nipples in turn. I braced myself for the tweaks that she was about to administer and wasn’t disappointed.

Gary had moved close behind me and was positioning me to face the counter top. Kelly patted the work surface with her hand.

‘I think it’s time for you to get fucked’ she said with a twinkle in her eye.

‘Kelly?’ I said, as Gary’s hand on my shoulders completed the message. Was I really going to let him do this in front of her?

I bent forward at the waist, braced against the cold surface. I looked round at Kelly just as inquisitive fingers split my lips.

‘Somebody’s been looking forward to this’ Gary said, his fingers stirring my honey pot.

‘Wait, haven’t you got something?’ I asked.

The end of my question coincided with contact between his lower belly and my backside. I gasped. He was in me up to the hilt. Kelly was trying to find the best way to continue playing with my boobs, but that was inconsequential compared with what Gary was doing. He was certainly making more of an impression than Tony had, in the days when we did this sort of thing. My furrow was getting ploughed deeper than it ever had and that did much to dispel the embarrassment that I’d felt about getting fucked with an audience. Did she count as an audience member or a participant? I wasn’t sure. I wanted to play with her, but my hands were the only support that I had against the buffeting that was coming my way.

Kelly crouched down so that her face was level with mine.

‘Do you like that? Gary fucking you? He’s big, isn’t he?’ she said.

She moved away, but then was back again. I was concentrating on Gary’s rhythm, determined to enjoy it to the full.

‘What’s that?’ I heard him ask.

‘Shampoo’ she replied, while I was still trying to work out what it was that he was querying.

Why would she be doing anything with shampoo? I understood when I felt liquid running down my backside and my leg.

‘Do you like that?’ she asked, sliding her finger through the shampoo.

It had certainly surprised me. It surprised me that she’d even think of doing it.

‘Think of me as easing the way’ she said.

An inquisitive finger was one thing, but I was struggling to cope with Gary where he was meant to be, let alone with the prospect of where he definitely shouldn’t be. I was still wondering about the possibility of a new experience, when possibility became reality.

‘Just breathe deeply’ Kelly instructed.

‘Oh my God!’ I said, afraid that I would split.

‘Breathe’ she instructed again.

I angled my head so that she could see the pained expression on my face, although the surprise was starting to subside into something more pleasant. I glanced in the mirror, thinking that I should retain the image of myself with a white foam helmet, bent in front of a buff younger guy, who was currently going where no man had gone before! The day hadn’t turned out as I’d expected by a long way!

Thankfully, Gary was patient and gentle.

‘You’ve trained him well’ I said to Kelly, feeling better now that I’d relaxed.

‘It’s an occasional treat for him’ she smiled, giving my boob a firm squeeze for good measure.

I felt hands on my hips.

‘Here we go, I think’ Kelly said, obviously familiar with the tell-tale signs.

I closed my eyes and held on tight for what was becoming a real knee-trembler. I’d thought that he was close to the finishing line, but he’d obviously struck for home when still quite a distance out. I don’t remember the last time when I was wishing a guy to get on with it, but this was one of them. I really didn’t think that my arms could take it, but then the floodgates opened. With a couple of thrusts as an afterthought, Gary was done and I could stand up.

‘I’m not sure that I’ll be able to look you in the eye ever again after that’ I said breathlessly.

Kelly smiled.

‘Think of it as a peace offering’ she said.

‘From you or from me?’

‘Does it matter?’ she asked, picking up the razor.

I sat down, still trying to process what had just happened. Gary wandered off, presumably in search of the bathroom.

‘Will Tony mind?’ she asked once we were alone.

‘I think you know that Tony isn’t an issue anymore. If there was any doubt, the two of you have knocked it out of me. Tony’s history.’

‘Probably for the best’ she agreed, making the first pass with the razor.

I could actually see myself in the mirror properly, without the distraction of a virile young man hanging out of the back of me. I’d looked at Kelly without her hair and appreciated how striking she looked; now I had to do the same with myself. I definitely looked different. I wasn’t sure yet whether I liked it, but I was determined that I would.

‘This may be a bit daft, it may be the result of having my brain scrambled by your boyfriend, but what would you say if I told you that I was thinking of opening my own salon? One that emphasises short hair.’

‘I suppose there’s plenty of empty units these days’ she replied.

‘There’s something about clippering and shaving that is a bit of a thrill.’

‘Maybe you could open somewhere and call it a barbershop?’ Kelly replied.

‘Don’t be facetious. I don’t mean a barbershop. I want somewhere that women would feel comfortable too. Somewhere that they could experiment, try something more daring than they usually would.’

‘Sounds interesting’ she agreed.

‘I’d need a receptionist. She’d have to have short hair. Or no hair’ I said.

‘If the stylist had short hair or no hair, maybe I know just the person’ she agreed.

‘What would Gary think about you working with someone who’s licked your pussy?’ I asked, surprising myself at voicing the question.

‘I think it would depend on whether I’d returned the favour’ she replied.

‘My, my, listen to you two’ Gary said, returning from wherever he’d been.

‘If you go and find us something to drink, maybe we’ll let you watch and you might learn something’ Kelly replied.

‘Have you done this sort of thing before?’ I asked.

‘Shaved my head, shaved somebody else’s head or been a bit slutty?’

‘All three.’

‘No, no and absolutely’ she replied.

‘I’ve obviously lived a sheltered life’ I replied, impressed with the progress that she’d made with shaving my head.
When she’d finished the shaving, she gave me a quick wipe to get rid of the obvious bits of stray foam. Then she ushered me to the basin.

I got in position on the reclining shampoo lounger, that was like a short sunbed, and with Kellys help, I lowered my neck onto the neck rest. I knew that I should be embarrassed about lying there like that, legs apart, feet on the floor, either side of the short bed. I was on full display and I really didn’t care. She played the water over my scalp, guiding it with her hand to rinse my whole head.

‘Don’t go away’ she said.

We must be out of fresh towels, because I sensed her moving away from the basin.

She didn’t go far. The hand on my knee told me where she’d gone. Any doubt slipped away as soon as the tip of her tongue trailed the length of my pussy lips. It made a couple of passes and then it was nuzzling me, darting between my lips, seeking out my not-so secret place. I gripped the sides of the chair, annoyed at myself for wasting so much time with Tony. I didn’t want her to stop. She was giving me so much more than my tentative effort with her. I almost felt sorry for her: I’d monopolised her man and now she was being so much more generous than I had been. I’d have to put in more effort, throw off any remaining inhibitions, although I didn’t think that I was doing badly for one evening. Got my head shaved, got fucked where the sun doesn’t shine and crossed the divide that I’d always respected. I’d definitely go home happy, although the walk there might be a little less comfortable than usual.

I lifted my head up from the neck support when I felt a change in Kelly’s approach. It made perfect sense once I saw that Gary had reloaded and was taking advantage of his kneeling girlfriend. The investment in the new reclining shampoo loungers was worth every penny at that moment, although the owner probably hadn’t envisaged them being used like this. Kelly appeared determined to continue with her task, despite the distraction that Gary was creating behind her. I looked at him, watched him smile in return. I watched her generous boobs react to each thrust, fascinated by their ripeness, the way that her nipples were so erect. In a work setting, her tunic couldn’t conceal the fact that she’d got a good pair, but seeing them unfettered like this was almost hypnotic.

‘See Gary, being bald does have its advantages’ I said, reaching forward to stroke Kelly’s freshly-smooth scalp with one hand and to feel the weight of a boob with the other.

There was no more conversation for a while. Each of us communicated their pleasure at various times, in varying degrees, but words had no place for the time being. I felt no shame at being first to finish and promptly got up to let Kelly adopt a more comfortable position: on her back, knees bent, feet on the floor like I’d been. I looked down at her, reaching for the memory of the immaculately coiffed, perfectly turned-out receptionist that I was used to. I’d never thought that I’d see her like this, generous boobs spread by gravity, wobbling with each thrust as her boyfriend plunged into her. In common parlance, she was getting nailed.

I put into practise some of my learning from the evening, watching her expression change when I squeezed her boobs just that bit harder than I would like mine squeezed, pinching her nipples harder than I should. She looked at me, challenging me, daring me. I looked at her bald head. It was too inviting. Gary paused when he realised what I was intending to do. I looked into his eyes as I bent forward to kiss him and stroke his bald head. I think that the most surprising thing for him was that I was only leaning forward to kiss him because I’d just straddled his girlfriend’s face. The idea of sitting on her shaven head was just too enticing not to put into action. I suppose it was what used to be known as a “69”, although I wasn’t able to fulfil my part of the bargain, because he was in the way. The only option that I had was to kiss him. That was, until I leaned back so that he could see his girlfriend’s bald head trapped between my thighs. It was my turn to close my eyes.

I dismounted in time for Gary’s dash for the finish line for a second time. I was transfixed by the sight of the pair of them in a tangle of familiarity, unable to resist the urge to comfort myself with a couple of fingers. They gasped, time froze for them. Then they laughed. Kelly slapped Gary’s backside and told him to get off her.

She sat on the side of the chair and smiled at me.

‘We should do that more often’ she chuckled.

I kissed each of them on the top of their head.

‘It’s good to share’ I said as I stood up. ‘Now, I for one, need to get cleaned up.’

‘Me too’ Kelly said, shamelessly opening her legs to show me her boyfriend’s appreciation starting to seep out.

‘There’s an image that I won’t get rid of in a hurry’ I told her as we walked towards the bathroom.

It’s hard to believe, but after fifteen minutes or so, the salon was looking as it should. Kelly and I were looking close to the way that we should. Gary looked like a guy on his way home after a hard day.

‘See you tomorrow’ I said as we locked the door. I gave them both a wave and turned towards where my car was parked.

My mind was buzzing as I walked. I couldn’t believe everything that had happened. I wanted a long soak in the bath. Then I’d think about tomorrow and what the future would hold.

To be continued?


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