Blessing in disguise. Chapter 1

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Claudia tried to be quiet. She took off her heels, took them in her hand and started tiptoeing. She slowly turned the key In the lock and opened the door. Gingerly pushing the door ajar she hoped she succeeded, but then the light in kitchen turned on. Claudia knew she was in trouble. She opened the door the rest of the way to see her mother awake, clearly waiting for her and visibly pissed off.

“Do you know what time is it?” Claudia’s mother asked. The only reason she wasn’t yelling was that she didn’t want to disturb the neighbors in the middle of the night, but it would be better if she was yelling. “It is almost 3 in the morning, where have you been?!”

“Sorry Mom” Claudia replied “I…”

“Save it, it is obvious you were partying again and you didn’t even bother to tell me that you are going out! As you often do nowadays.”

“Well, maybe it is because you always take an issue when I want to go out!” Claudia snapped. She wasn’t exactly sober and her tongue probably looser than normally. “What is wrong with me wanting to unwind a little?”

“A little?! You’ve been going out constantly and you are slipping young lady!”

“Oh, here we go again…”

“Well, but am I wrong? First year of college, straight As! Now? A constant stream of Bs, some Cs, very rarely any As! If this continues, you are not going to graduate!”

“It is perfectly normal there are subjects that I’m naturally better at, that interest me more and I get better grades in them, while…”

“That means you should apply yourself more! Just that the subject doesn’t interests you or is boring doesn’t mean it is not important!”

“Do we have to do this now? I just want to wash my face and go to bed. I am going to college tomorrow after all. As I do every day!” Claudia stormed through her mother and went to the bathroom.

“Yes we have to! You are going to college, bravo! With how hungover you are going to be you may just as well not bother, I doubt anything will get to that dumb skull of yours!”

“Well, try me! Besides there’s more to life than just studying!” Claudia barked back at her mother while standing in front of the mirror and starting to remove her makeup.

“Oh, really? Do you know how much I had to sacrifice to be able to pay for your education? And now you are squandering it…”

“Save it already! You keep saying that! You keep working double shifts to afford, yadda, yadda, yadda!  Maybe if you loosened up a little, let yourself go and had some fun, lived a little, you wouldn’t be so damn annoying and unbearable right now! You are paying for my school that’s great, but that seems everything you, everything your life amounts for! That’s pathetic! Maybe that’s why I keep going out, to not see you, because I know that at the end of the path you have so graciously prepared for me, all I have to look forward to is turning into another version of you and that scares me like hell! I’m not surprised that father left you!”

“You entitled little brat!” Claudia felt a pang of satisfaction hearing her mother finally snap. “I think you need some help getting your priorities sorted!”

Still facing the bathroom mirror and focusing on washing her face it took the girl a moment to realize what is happening. Before she could react, a loud buzzing sound started and her mother plunged hair clippers straight through the middle of Claudia’s head. They left only shortest possible fuzz when only moments before long blonde hair used to be. Frozen in shock, the girl could only watch as her mother continued to shave her head. Before long she finished leaving her daughter with a rough buzzcut.

“Now, this should keep your mind off parties and other time wasting things for some time. Now you can go to bed.” Claudia’s mother said, leaving the bathroom.


When Claudia woke up next morning, her mother had already left for work. Her classes started at 10 am that day so she could allow herself a little of longer sleep after yesterday’s party. She reached up to her head but instead of her long hair, she could only feel velvety buzz. “Damn” she thought “it wasn’t a weird dream after all”. Claudia got up and went to the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror she couldn’t deny her hair looked terrible. Not just it was incredibly short, but it was uneven. Some longer strands escaped the clippers yesterday, and there were longer and shorter patches everywhere. It was a mess and there was no way she could go out like this.

“Well, no reason crying about it. Not like it will make my hair magically grow back” Claudia thought. She was strangely calm and at peace with what happened. Maybe if she could find the clippers, she could try using them to even the buzzcut at least a bit? But the clippers were nowhere to be found. While searching the bathroom, Claudia managed to find a pack of disposable woman’s razors and a can of shaving foam, however. She looked closely at her reflection in the mirror. She never thought about it, but her head seemed to have a nice shape. “Why the hell not.” She thought. “Not like it can be worse than this”.

Claudia lathered her head generously with the shaving foam and left it for a few minutes. Then she started shaving.  The feeling of sharp blades gliding across her head was surprisingly pleasurable. She took her time, going slowly and deliberately, reveling in this new sensation and making sure she didn’t nick herself. Pass after pass she methodically removed any stubble that remained on her head, leaving only smooth skin in its place. Finally, when she was sure that no hair escaped this time, unlike when her mom used the clippers last night, she washed the remains of the shaving foam from her head and dared to look at her reflection again.

The girl that looked back at Claudia from the mirror looked strangely different. Her head was completely bald and smooth, but it somehow suited her: her eyes seemed larger and more intense shade of brown, her eyebrows surprisingly well defined and nicely shaped, her eyelashes long and feathery, her lips fuller and slowly bending into a smile. Her entire face radiating confidence with just a dash of irony.

“Damn. I look good.” It wasn’t a thought, Claudia said it out loud. Her hands raced to touch  her head. “So smooth!” She added, feeling slightly aroused.”Not that I need it really, but it only makes sense to make sure the rest matches”.

She quickly undressed and started shaving her legs, her bikini area… even her arms for good measure. She had shaved recently and felt she was still smooth, but she wanted to be perfectly hairless, just like her head. When she finished, her pussy was noticeably wet and she was turned on by the experience. Looking back in the mirror she again said loudly.

“I’m a damn sexy bald babe.”

She played with the erect nipples on top of her large breasts a little before stepping into a shower.

Claudia finished her shower routine with a quick blast of icy cold water. It made her skin feel wonderful, tight and supple. She quickly rinsed herself and applied body lotion. Claudia felt ready to tackle the day with her new look and she was looking forward to it. She prepared her favorite underwear a set of cute black bra with a little lace and a matching panties. When she was putting it on, she happily noticed, her nipples were still erect. Now, with the lingerie in place, she started thinking about the outfit for today.

She could always fall back on her usual jeans and t-shirts but she felt like her new look called for something more special. She would really like a pair of denim shorts, but she didn’t have anything matching that description. After rummaging in her wardrobe, she produced a pair of slightly used, bleached and worn jeans. Grabbing scissors, she cut the legs off and ended up with a pair of short daisy dukes, with a ragged bottom edge and some loose threads hanging.

Fishnet stocking would pair nicely with them but she didn’t have any either. She did, however, have a pair of classic black pantyhose, ideal for formal occasions… Well, not anymore! She put them on and once again used the scissors to put cuts and nicks into them, resulting in a prefect torn, punk look. They looked great with the shorts.

”Now for the top.” Claudia thought. Then she remembered her Iron Maiden T-shirt. It was old, slightly oversized and washed out. Her mom would never have let her leave the house in it. It was perfect. As for shoes, she didn’t have anything as edgy  as she would have liked, but her platform pumps would easily do in a pinch. Would be better if they were studded, but that can be fixed at a later date.

Claudia sit in front of the mirror and started doing her makeup. Her usual style was never going to cut it, she needed something bolder. She started with a dark eyeshadow, applying much more than normally, creating a dramatic smokey eye effect. She paired it with black eyeliner and mascara, greatly enhancing her eyelashes. As she didn’t have much hair left so it only made sense to put emphasis on them. Her eyebrows were naturally dark and had nice shape so they only needed a little touch.

Finally, she capped the look with a carmine red lipstick. She also put a pair of large hoop earrings on. Claudia was very happy with the effect. Normally makeup like that would make sense for a formal evening, but with her bald head a bold look like that was just right. She felt sexy… actually way sexier than when she was a pretty blonde with a long hair.

“I could get used to looking like this… May not end up growing my hair back… immediately, that is”. Something wasn’t quite right, however. More instinctively than actually thinking about it, she reached underneath her t-shirt and unfastened her bra. Removing it, she immediately felt less restricted and freer. Her erect nipples immediately become noticeable through her top. It looked right, it felt right. Claudia smiled once again, ran her hands over her bald head, grabbed her little leather backpack and left for college.


Hello. This is my first story. The idea is quite old and it kept bumping about in my head, growing, changing, polishing. I finally decided I should try writing it down. I hope you’ll find it to your liking. It should be pretty obvious from the text itself, but all characters are of legal age, the main character Claudia is supposed to be 21. It is also intended as a first part of a longer story, if it continues, it is expected to include body modifications (piercings, tattoos), toplessness and most likely nudity as well as some form of sex scenes. Comments and suggestions greatly appreciated.

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