Blessing in disguise. Chapter 2

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Claudia couldn’t believe how great the cool wind felt on her freshly shaved head. It was a new sensation, a new area of skin exposed to the elements for the first time. Kind of like jumping into light warm weather clothes for the first time after long winter, but much better. From time to time stray gust of wind found its way underneath her t-shirt as well, remembering her that she was braless as well. Damn, she felt fine. And of course her bald scalp turned many heads. She quickly grew accustomed to the little sensation she was causing. Confidence was the key. She strutted along with bounce in her step and with a focused look and little smirk on her lips. People stared, some in shock, some in awe, but nobody dared to ridicule her. Walking to the college was never this fun before!

When Claudia entered the lecture hall, most people thought she was either lost student from another faculty or a new girl that just joined their class. Few made the connection with the pretty, but otherwise unremarkable blonde. Before long she was surrounded by her classmates who all wanted to hear what was the reason for her dramatic makeover.

“I just fancied a change.” Claudia replied. She didn’t feel like explaining it all but she realized it wasn’t entirely a lie. She really loved her new look and the confidence it gave her.

“Well, you are crazy for doing something like this… but you somehow pull it off.”

“I wish I had courage to go for a drastic change like you… though I wouldn’t cut all my hair off, I love it too much. Though maybe I should try a bob…”

“I wouldn’t have guessed you had it in you…”

“It certainly looks… interesting and if it works for you, then more power to you, I guess.”

Those were some of the replies she got. As the lecture was about to start people started to get to their places, but every once in a while people kept stealing looks at her. She didn’t mind. Being a center of attention felt nice.

“Killer T-shirt!” It was two hours later and Claudia was eating lunch alone at the canteen. She looked up to see Jack sitting at her table. “Though I love the new haircut even more.” He added, smiling.

Jack was a bit of mystery. Good looking, with tattooed arms and always grabbing attention of her female classmates, he generally preferred to keep to himself. Not that he was unfriendly, he was always ready to help when asked, but he didn’t form any closer relationships in the college. Claudia was totally surprised he approached her.

“I guess you came to make fun of me? I guess it had to happen sooner or later.” She replied.

“No I am dead serious.” Jack said looking into her eyes. Either he was a really good actor or he was actually honest. “It really suits you. Elevates you from just pretty to… sublime.”

“Well, thank you… for a double compliment.” Said Claudia, feeling she started to blush. “To be frank, I’m somewhat surprised you approached me. You always seemed happy with keeping to yourself.”

“Ha ha, I usually am. Until someone piques my attention, as you certainly did today. I cannot resist the exquisite.”

“So I am exquisite now? Why is that so?” Replied Claudia, still blushing, but with some perkiness returning.

“The way you reinvented yourself and your style. The confidence that radiates from you and… Eh, what the hell, I definitely have a thing for bald chicks. I think they are extremely sexy and you pull that look off exceptionally well. Actually… would you mind if I sit next to you? For the rest of today’s classes at least?”

By the time the lectures ended, Jack became a little bit less of a mystery for Claudia. They spent much time engaged in small talk that flowed smoothly and effortlessly. She told him about the situation with her mother and in turn learned that he was a vocalist in a rock band.  In fact they were playing a gig that night at a local music club and he invited her to come. He offered to drive her home and she gladly accepted.


“So you gonna keep it?” Asked Jack. “The haircut, I mean.” They were walking across the college parking lot.

“I think so. At least for a while.” Replied Claudia.

“Nice. Though in your place, I’d keep it for good. Here we are. That’s my ride.” He gestured towards a pristine blue ’72 Corvette.

“Wow! She’s gorgeous.”  She felt her jaw drop slightly in awe upon seeing the car.

“That makes the two of you. Hop in.”

The engine roared as they drove off the parking lot.

“And she’s a coupe, right? You just have the targa top off.”

“Nice! You know your cars. I usually have the top off. It’s nice to feel wind in your hair.” He winked to her.

“Wind on a bald head is great too. I learned that earlier today.” Claudia said smiling back at Jack slightly seductively.

“Speaking of which,  do you want to take your look further?”

“What do you mean? It’s not like I can get much balder. I could shave off my eyebrows but I don’t want to do it. I like the contrast they provide with my scalp.”

“Definitely, keep them for sure. That’s not what I had in mind anyway. I was thinking about piercings… and maybe tattoos”.

“Never really thought about that… I mean, sure, there are some piercings that I find cool or cute or sexy, but I never considered getting them seriously. Mom would kill me”

“What kind of piercings do you find sexy?”

“I don’t know.” Claudia stopped to think for a second and said the first idea that came into her mind. “I always found nose piercings very hot.”

“Which ones? Seputms, the ones that kinda look like, sorry for this comparison, a bull ring? Or perhaps nostrils, the ones that go on the side of your nose?”

“They do look like bull rings!” Replied Claudia, laughing. “God no, not these. Definitely nostrils, especially when the jewelry is a hoop rather than stud. I think they look kinda edgy, but super sexy  at the same time.”

“I agree. Good choice. Nostril ring is one of the sexiest piercings in my opinion. So, how about we make a slight deviation, and get your nose pierced today? My friend runs a parlor nearby, I’m sure he’ll be able to squeeze you in.”

“Are you serious?” Claudia’s eyes lit up. “I would love to… but I can’t, I cannot afford it right now.”

“Relax, it’s on me.”

“You are serious… Well, thanks. I’ll find some way to repay you.”

“I’m sure we can come up with something.” Jack stopped at a red light and looked at Claudia, winking. They kept looking at each other and then spontaneously launched into a kiss.

“Mmmh, gween.” Mumbled Claudia, gesturing with her eyes to the traffic lights, just as cars behind started honking at them.

Jack got the Corvette going again, and took a quick peek at the girl. Few seconds later they were both laughing heartily.


Hearing the doorbell of his tattoo and piercing parlor ring, Matt looked up from behind of the front desk, seeing his friend Jack enter. However, it was the girl who accompanied him that grabbed all the attention. Early twenties with long legs (in jeans shorts, ripped pantyhose and platform pumps), nice figure (though somewhat obscured by the oversized Iron Maiden T-shirt she was wearing… without a bra as it seemed) and absolutely beautiful face skillfully enhanced by heavy makeup. But by far the most striking thing about the girl was the fact she was completely bald. Her head was as smooth as a baby’s bottom, like no hair ever grew there. Definitely an unique, alternative look, but sexy as hell, especially with that playful smile on her face.

“Jack, my man!” He said, recognizing his friend. “And who is your lovely companion?”

“Claudia, this is Matt. Matt – Claudia.”

“Enchanted. What brings you to my humble place?”

“We would like to spice up Claudia’s look a bit”.

“Yeah.” Said the girl. “I’d love a ring right here.” She pointed, giggling, to the left nostril of her cute, slightly upturned nose.

“That shouldn’t be a problem, as you see I’m free right now. Hop on the chair.” Claudia did so and Matt started preparing everything. “You want the left side, right? What kind of jewelry? It is usually recommended to start with a stud, but you said specifically a ring, so I assume you would like a hoop?”

“Yes, I would very much prefer a hoop over a stud. Why is it recommended start with a stud?”

“Mainly because of the healing process. For the first few weeks while the piercing heals, it’s very important to not disturb the wound. Studs are just much less likely to catch on things. But if you really want, I can do it with a hoop no problem, I’ve done in that way before. You’ll just have to be extra careful with it while it heals.”

“That would be great. I think hoop will look much better on me.”

“Oh, definitely.  I’ll give you a simple surgical steel ring. When the piercing is healed, you can begin  trying out different styles if you like, for example bead closure rings or circular barbells. So, shall we start?”


Not much later, Claudia was looking at herself in the salon’s mirror wall. A shiny silver hoop now adorned the left side of her nose. She smiled, loving how it looked.

“That looks hot.” She said. “What do you think, Jack?”

“It’s awesome, babe. Really focuses attention on your pretty face. So, how much do I owe you Matt?”

“I’d say it is on the house, but I know you wouldn’t have it. It’s 20 bucks for you.”

“Here you go man. I knew I could count on you. Well, we got to go, but I’m sure we will be seeing you soon.”

“Anytime. It’s always a pleasure to work with such a beauty as Claudia.”

They said their goodbyes and left the parlor. The girl kept thinking and finally asked when they reached the Corvette.

“What did you mean when you said we will be seeing Matt soon?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Jack smiled mischievously. “It’s not like you’ll be stopping with just a single piercing… am I right?” He winked.

Claudia felt slightly baffled, but at the same time she felt a smile creeping up on her face.


Hello. Here’s part 2. A bit different this time, sorry there’s no actual haircutting here, it is more focused on Claudia’s initial experiences as a bald girl. Some important people also get introduced and she gets her first piercing. It initially included a bit more text, but I felt it was rushed so I decided to rework it and more it into Chapter 3, to improve flow.

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