Blue Room Barbershop (True Story)

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The owner is a very large black woman, always well coiffed and dressed. She wears a side snapped barber tunic, her massive breasts (apparently in a support bra) look so inviting. She was very gentle and did excellent face shaves.

I love large breasted women of any age, especially if their outfit “flaunts it.” She was a proud big beautiful woman. I was in my late 20s at the time and she would tell me I was handsome. I’m guessing she was in her 50s. I had learned that more mature barberettes were going to do a better shave than a young one. In all modesty I think she got a buzz from having me her in her chair. I would make subtle sounds as she performed her service, soft cooing sounds and moans, some deep and long breaths. It was my way of letting her now I was enjoying the experience.

After a shave one day, she took my hand and said “I like shaving your face. Did it feel good?” I said “yes.” She said “is there anything else I can do for you?” There was a woman sitting in one of the waiting chairs. I said “well you have another customer waiting.” She repied ” that’s allright, she’s my friend, she keeps me company and she likes to watch.” The thought of 2 mature woman enjoying watching me was a bit exciting. I said to the barberette “my favorite part of the shave is the hot lather and hot towels.” She asked “Would you like more lather and towels? I can do that for you, I aim to please, you just lay back and relax and I’ll take care of you.” She must have lathered and toweled me 10X. I thought I died and went to barber shop heaven. When she was done, she raised the back of the chair and removed the cape she said “Now you come back and visit me soon, okay honey?” I smiled and gave her a big tip.

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