Boarding School

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Back when I was a teenager I was always getting into trouble and I ended up being sent away to boarding school. The school was holding some kind of hair donation charity event. Before it began me and my best friend were wandering around the school. We saw one of our favourite teachers so walked over to say hello. We began talking and eventually the topic of the event came up in conversation. He told us to turn around so we did, he then said both have such long healthy hair and asked why don’t we donate some. We both adored our gorgeous long hair, neither of us would ever cut it. The whole school filled the hall. On the stage there was around 5 barber chairs set up all in a row, each had a hairdresser and their tool cart behind. The event began and they started calling up the donators. Me and my best friend watched as some girl in our class who we didn’t really like had her whole pony tail cut off at the base. They then pulled out some clippers and gave her a short stacked bob. We gossiped among each other about how ugly it was. More hair hacking continued then all of a sudden they called our names. This must be a mistake we said but they refused to listen and dragged us up on stage. We were both seated and held in a barbers chair, they then capped us, we both got tied our hair into a low ponytail and then they started counting down. I began to cry, I was about to have all my waist length hair forcefully cut off in front of my whole school. I looked over towards my best friend and she was crying too. I then felt the scissors start hacking into my hair and I started crying even more. It took the hairdresser a good minute to cut through all my hair as it was very thick and once she did she held up my ponytail as if it was some kind of trophy. This was so humiliating. Meanwhile my best friend had the same thing happen. We were both given the same short stacked bob that we laughed at that girl getting earlier. The clippers running up my nape felt so weird. We both then ran off to our dorm and cried for hours. Turns out the teacher we were talking to earlier had nominated us, he thought our hair was too long and the rest off the staff agreed so they were all in on it. Eventually both our hair grew back out.

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