Both daughter haircut at barbershop

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Aishwarya and Ananya were sisters from Chennai, living with their traditional family. Aishwarya, a college student, had hip-length hair, and her sister Ananya, who was in 12th grade, also had long hair. The summer was particularly harsh this year, and their mother had grown concerned about Ananya’s distraction with her hair over her studies.

One hot Saturday morning, their mother asked Ananya to get ready. Ananya reluctantly complied, not knowing the day’s plan. They headed to a nearby barbershop. Upon their return, Aishwarya was shocked to see Ananya with a short bob cut over her ears and a baby fringe close to her forehead. Ananya explained how their mother had insisted on the drastic cut to keep her focused on her studies. Aishwarya comforted her sister, assuring her it would grow back.

Two days later, their mother instructed both sisters to come home early. That evening, Ananya, with her bob still fresh, was studying diligently. Their mother asked if anyone at school commented on her new haircut, and Ananya admitted everyone was surprised but some thought it was cute. Their mother reassured her, saying it was for the best.

A month passed, and Ananya’s hair had grown slightly, but their mother decided it was time for another trim. She took Ananya to the barbershop again, where the barber gave her a high bob cut, even shorter than before, with a bowl cut and a fringe close to her forehead. Ananya looked like a small school kid, but her mother seemed satisfied.

Later that day, Aishwarya returned home complaining of a headache. Her mother, attributing it to her long wet hair, decided it was time for Aishwarya to get a haircut as well. She took Aishwarya to the same barbershop. Aishwarya was nervous, especially since her brother Rahul was also there and insisted they cut her hair immediately.

Aishwarya’s heart pounded as the barber removed her hairband and sprayed her hair with water. Without much consultation, Rahul instructed the barber to chop her hair to a shoulder-length bob. Aishwarya’s hip-length hair fell to the floor in thick heaps, and tears welled in her eyes. Rahul held her chin, telling her to stop crying. The barber evened out her hair into a long bob and blow-dried it. Aishwarya thought it was over, but Rahul and the barber had other plans.

Her mother arrived and inspected the haircut. She decided it wasn’t short enough, instructing the barber to give Aishwarya a chin-length bob. Aishwarya’s mother held her head tightly as the barber cut her hair higher and higher in the back, creating a dramatic stacked bob. The barber then asked about bangs, and her mother agreed. The barber combed Aishwarya’s front hair forward, snipping it to the middle of her forehead. Aishwarya started crying again, feeling humiliated and exposed.

But it wasn’t over. Her mother, noticing the sweat on Aishwarya’s forehead, suggested an even shorter cut to keep her cool for the summer. The barber then took the clippers and gave her a pixie cut, almost shaving the sides and back. Aishwarya’s tears flowed freely as the barber continued cutting, reducing her hair to a mere fuzz on the sides and a short, spiky top.

When the barber finished, he showed Aishwarya her new look. She looked like a different person, almost unrecognizable. Her mother rubbed her head, saying, “This will keep you cool for the summer, sweetheart.” Aishwarya was devastated, but her mother assured her it would grow back quickly.

The next day at school, Ananya’s teachers were shocked to see her with such a short haircut. Some even commented positively, saying it would help her concentrate better. Despite the initial shock and tears, both sisters adapted to their new looks over time. Ananya focused on her studies, and Aishwarya eventually came to terms with her short hair, finding it easier to manage in the scorching summer heat.

Their mother had successfully implemented her strict measures, hoping it would yield better results in their academic performance and daily routines.



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