Bouffant Salon, Chapter III

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Chapter 3: “Red”

“Ready for your first day at work Pam?” asked Jane

“Yeah, I’m sure it all will go down smoothly” responded Pam with confidence

Pam was being driven by her partner Jane to her first day as new hairstylist in the about to open Bouffant Salon. After three years in her previous job as a hair care product seller, she was excited to have secured a more stable position in order to help her girlfriend in the home expenses; she was doing an ok amount of payment as an programmer for a computer company, but Pam always thought they could do much better if both were able to have a full time job.

“Have you met any of your co-workers?”

“Not yet, I just spoke with the head stylist on the phone, but apparently the staff is still a bit short, I’ll be only the third hairdresser employed”

“Huh kind of weird, I thought the place was big from the photos on Google Maps”

“It is, but Miss Park told me that the owner wanted to get much acquainted with the stylists before hiring more people, according to her, they are most important workers” said Pam with pride.

“Well, that is true, sounds like the owner will be expecting a lot though”

“Maybe I’ll meet her today”

“Really? On your first day? Isn’t that kind of a big deal? Aren’t you nervous?”

“Nah, don’t worry, I’ll be all right, after all, if she hired me it was because she trusts my abilities, wanting to meet me should be her standard MO” responded a chilled Pam

“Guess you are right”


“Who knows? Now that you will be working at a salon this could be your opportunity to change your cut…” insinuated Jane as she moved her eyebrows

“You’re not going to let that go huh?” said Pam with a mocking tone

“Come on babe, I just think that you would rock it with short hair” said Jane enthusiastically, after all her own hair was cut in a longish pixie cut. She was a fan short hairstyles; she has been begging Pam to cut her long red hair for months now.

“I’m not sure; I think that part of my redhead charm comes from the long silky hair you know? Besides you’re the tomboyish one of the two” said Pam teasing

“Except when it comes to cooking…” whispered Jane

“You said something?” Pam interrogated her with a scary stare

“Nothing dear” answered a fearful Jane

“That’s what I thought” Pam showed a satisfied grin in her face

“Well here we are my love, but at least ask your coworkers what they think of how you would look, maybe they’ll give you expert insight information” Jane insisted a last time

“All right, all right little miss beggar, I’ll let them know” Pam gave Jane a goodbye kiss, as she stepped down the car and entered the salon.

Jane was right, the place was very spacious, and it had a good variety of equipment and furniture.

“Seems they went for the vintage design” thought Pam as she continued to explore the shop.

“Good morning darling” said a happy voice

Pam turned around, as a lady approach her. She was wearing a pink salon uniform dress, low heeled open shoes that showed her fresh pedicure that matched the color of her fingernails, lipstick and dress. What really surprised Pam though, was the hairstyle she was sporting, a short, tight and curly raven colored perm. Pam could not avoid staring into the lady’s hairdo; it reminded her of the old fashion models on the magazines that her grandma used to collect.

As the woman extended her arm, Pam came back from her train of thought.

“Hello, my name is Pamela Quinn, nice to meet you”

“And I’m Claire Richards, pleased to meet you as well”

“Sorry for staring, is just that is the first time that I’ve seen your hairstyle up close” said a fascinated Pam, who could still not get her eyes out of Claire’s hair.

“Not a problem at all dear, is quite flattering to be honest, I got this gorgeous do not so long ago, and guess is kind out of fashion as of right now, but I assure that will be the next trending style” Claire stated as her hands gave a delicate touch to her immovable curls.

“Well I think it suits you really well” said Pam with honesty

“Oh, thank you dear, I think everyone will like you, I know I already do” Claire winked at her.

“Seems that our new girl is already here” a singing voice said

“Oh it is Katie, and she is quite lovely if I say so myself” said Claire

“That’s splendid, hello dear, we spoke on the phone, I’m Kate Park, but you can call me Katie” she said with excitement in her voice.

Pam was astonished by Katie’s look, not only she was wearing the exact same dress and makeup that Claire, but also the same perm, the only thing that could tell them apart was Katie’s blonde hair.

“Wonder if the hair is also part of the dress code?” thought Pam as she exchanged pleasantries with Katie.

“Nice to meet you in person Miss Katie, I was just telling Miss Claire of how surprised I was to see that style of hairdo, but you both pull it off great” Again Pam was being completely sincere; she always had found the 60s hair fashion interesting, spending much of her youth with her grandmother and reading those magazines for hours is in part what inspired her to pursue a career in the hair business.

“Thank you for your compliments dear, there are very accepted and fully noted” said Katie as she smiled and patted her perm.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how do you guys got your hair done? Pam questioned them with curiosity.

“These marvelous hairdos were a present dear” said Katie with gratitude

“Indeed sweetie, there are the beautiful result of Miss Bouffant superb skills” pointed out Claire with admiration

“Wow, then I guess Miss Bouffant is a really skilled stylist?” said Pam

“She is just the best darling, she has taught us so much” said Katie, while Claire assented with her head.

“Wonder I she’ll give me a present too ha-ha” said Pam joking

“Oh, you would look fantastic dear!!!” Claire raised her voice out of excitement

“Indeed Clare, who knows maybe Pamela will be next to, joins us in the curly bliss…” implied Katie

“Well, not sure about that, although my girlfriend has been begging me for some time now to have my hair cut short”

“Perhaps you could give her a surprise dear” said a calm voice approaching from the back.

Pam figures this must be Miss Bouffant, by looking how she matched Katie’s and Claire’s attires, and, with not so much surprise by now, she was also sporting the hairdresser’s signature perm with a brunette variation.

“Rose Bouffant, owner of this humble establishment, and you my dear must be Pamela” asked Miss Bouffant as she introduced herself.

“Yes ma’am, I quite excited to be working with all of you” said Pam as she shakes her hands

“She has quite good taste ma’am” said Katie

“She just pointed out how good our hairstyles looked on us” remarked Claire

“Well I can’t discuss with that, maybe we can do something with your own lovely hair dear” said Miss Bouffant as she stroke Pam’s long hair

“You think? Well my girlfriend really wants something short, but I haven’t indulge her”

“Then perhaps we can figure out something together, come on hop into the chair and I’ll personally give you the bouffant deluxe treatment” Miss Bouffant guided Pam towards the styling chair, all while Katie and Claire were preparing the nearby equipment

“Wow, how nice of you Miss Bouffant, but are you sure? I don’t want to be a bother” said Pam, as she was starting the get a bit uneasy.

Miss Bouffant placed a pink cape on Pam and started to very gently brushing her hair.

“It’s ok dear; I like to treat my new gals so that we can start bonding, isn’t that right girls?”

“Yes ma’am” both Katie and Claire responded in unison.

“Come on sweetie, I’ll give these gorgeous locks a god wash” Miss Bouffant started to use her special pink goo shampoo to massage Pam’s head, as she was getting more and more relaxed.

“Dear you seem like such a confident and easy going young woman, why then are you so hesitant to have your hair cut?”

“I think is because I don’t want to follow stereotypes, my girlfriend Jane is already kind of tomboyish and has a pixie cut, guess I don’t want to give people the impression that we both have short hair because we’re gay” Pam was spilling everything out as if she has been subjected to a truth serum.

“Don’t you worry about what silly people might think in their numbskulls, I’m sure you know that your orientation has nothing to do with your hair’s length” Said Miss Bouffant as she started to apply a little bit of strength in her fingers.

“Yes I do, is just that I had such a hard time when I came out as a teen, I felt that my parents weren’t thrilled about it and only my grandma accepted it and truly loved me for who I was. Even now I still have some issues with the way I dress, I usually were girly clothing but not something overly feminine, because Jane is kind of the tomboy of the two, and that is another stereotype I don’t want to give into” said Pam as she went deep into the trance.

“I see, seems like you’re quite concerned with the perception others might have due to your past experience, but you tell me that your grandmother accepted you unconditionally right?”

“Yeah she did, I spent a lot of time with her during my adolescence, I remembered we use to collect these vintage fashion magazines from the 50’s and 60’s, a lot of this salon brings me memories of her, especially your hairdos, they look exactly like the ones in the magazines, that is why  I’m so fascinated by them…” Pam was starting to get lost in the pleasurable sensations generated by Miss Bouffant massage.

“That is such a touching story Pamy, I know you’ve been through a lot of tribulation in your life, but know that things have changed with the time, now you have a partner that loves you and accepts you just like your grandmother did” said Miss Bouffant comforting her

“I love Jane very much; I’m lucky to have her aren’t I?”

“Yes you are dear; wouldn’t you like her to make her happy as gratitude for all her love?”

“What I have to do?”

“Quite simple sweetie, cut your hair as a sign of your love for her, but I think we can also make something to also carry out the love of your dear grandmother”


“Well, let us have you permed…”said Miss Bouffant in a convincing and soft tone

“It’ll be the perfect way to make Jane happy and also you can now have your grandmother closer to your heart, as you look yourself in the mirror and feel the nostalgia, it’ll be as you’re contemplating those magazine pictures live” Miss Bouffant was seducing Pam with her words

“I assure you that with these curls you’ll feel more feminine than ever, as you will portray grace, elegance and style as you will always keep them in perfect shape. You’ll feel so beautiful, and you will no longer concern yourself with antique social misconceptions, you’ll be reborn…” Miss Bouffant pressed Pam sensible points with her nails making sure she would be very suggestible.

“Miss Bouffant is right Pamela, ever since we got it done we’ve been happier than ever, the perm opened a new realm of beauty for us” said Claire

“Joins us Pam, as we are about to give birth to a new age of fashion, you’ll be one of the great designers of the curly movement” Katie said, as she and Claire took pleasure in feeling each other’s perms.

Pam was in ecstasy, she couldn’t ignore the words of the hairdressers, she wants to be part of their vision, she wanted to declare her love for both Jane and her grandmother, and she wanted to feel liberated from the chains she carried for so many years. And the first step was to get the signature bouffant salon hairstyle.

“I am ready…” said a decided Pam, as Miss Bouffant was cutting her red hair, while Katie and Claire were bringing the curlers.

“Excellent, it is as I always say, is in it girls, the best head is…”

“A permed head” answer with passion the Katie and Claire.

“A permed head…” repeated it Pam


Later that night…

“Sorry I couldn’t pick you up Pam, I had to worked overtime again” said Jane as she arrived home.

“Don’t you worry dear, my first day was quite marvelous, in fact I have a surprise for you…” Pam’s playful voice came from the bedroom

“Really? What is it?” asked Jane

“Remember this morning when you said that I should asked the others at the salon their opinion on me with short hair?”

Jane couldn’t believe it, had Pam actually got her hair cut short, she wondered as she raced towards the bedroom. She went through the door and immediately dropped her jaw as she saw Pam, dressed in a beautiful pink salon uniform dress, that match with her shinning madi and pedi and sensual lipstick. And her gorgeous red hair was short alright, but most importantly it was permed; lots of tight and precise curls covered her head in a sphere.

“They thought I could also use some curls” Pam said sporting a seducing smile as she approach Jane, hugging her and guiding her hand towards her perm.

“So, how does the new Pamie looks?”

“Beautiful…” said an astounded Jane

“That’s what I thought” she responded as she gave Jane’s lips a long and passionate kiss.

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