Bouffant Salon: Chapter I

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This story  is dedicated to the authors Hairscribe, f35h and Classic Cut, I hope you enjoy it. As always give me your feedback, suggestions and I’m open to do collabs.

Chapter 1: “Meet the New Owner”


“Hi mom, how is it going?”

“Not much news sweetie, I was going over to the salon to finish the deal with the new owner”

“I still can’t believe that you sold the salon mom, I mean that place has been with us since long I can remember”

“I know Lib, but I had no choice, with most of the staff gone and without you to help me part time, I just couldn’t keep it running”

“I’m so sorry mom, but the school curriculum is just too heavy to make trips each weekend to help out”

“Don’t worry honey, your academic responsibilities come first, you worked too hard for that scholarship for it to go to waste cutting hair”

“Are you going to accept her other offer?”

“You mean working under her? I’m not sure yet, don’t get me wrong, it is tempting for the salary, but maybe I shouldn’t get greedy, with the money that comes with selling the place is enough to make a living for both of us”

“But you could keep being a stylist, you love your profession mom, I don’t want you to lose it”

“I don’t know, it would be weird being there, the constant reminder that I could not kept my own salon at flout, maybe Miss Bouffant offered it out of pity”

“Do not say that mom, you are extremely talented and professional, I know she was impressed with your work. Mom I have to go to my next class, but promise me you will think about it”

“All right Lib, I will, good luck with school, I love you”

“Love you too Mom, I’ll call you later, bye”

Kate was really proud of her daughter, after years of balancing her studies with working with her at the salon, she finally got to study in the college of her dreams, the only issue was that is located off state. She didn’t want to hold her back, so she allow her to move into the school’s residency, but the truth was that Kate missed her very much; after all it was only the two of them for years, raising her as a single mom.

The empty nest effect did not took too long to take an impact on Kate, the following months she started to be distracted at work, taking each time less shifts, the staff took notice of her lack of effort and started leaving some time after. Finally two years later, she did not have enough personal to help her out and the clients stopped coming, the salon was going out of business.

Fortunately, a buyer was interested in the salon, it was a middle age woman named Rose Bouffant, a successful business woman who had managed a salon overseas and want it to try her luck now as an owner.

The offer was more than generous, Kate took it right away, but she also made her another proposition, she wanted it to have a second in command, someone that could manage the salon as head stylist as a right hand. This is the part that Kate was hesitant about, the money could be real good and she loved her job, but she didn’t had the passion with her anymore, it was as if her spark had left alongside her daughter. But she promised Lib to give it some serious thought, and was on her way to give her final answer to Miss Bouffant.

As Kate arrived, she started to observe the effect of the renovation on the place, new coats of paint, mostly pink and white, new hair stations, with chairs, products and water sinks. But what most got her attention were the new hair dryers, they looked retro, as if they were from a 60s film with big hoods.

“Checking out the new equipment dear?” A voice said coming from the back room.

“Good morning Miss Bouffant, just giving a look to the place, looks fantastic after the renovation”

“Thanks, I putted much effort in the design and didn’t hold any expenses”

“Well it makes happy to know that the salon it is in safe hands”

“Of course dear, but let me tell you, I hope this are not the only hands taking care of this place, have you thought about my preposition?”

“I’m really flattered by your offer Miss Bouffant, but I don’t want to be of any trouble for you, you already have done so much for me, and after all I am the one who led the salon to being out of business” said Kate with a tone of shame in her voice

“Don’t be silly, you kept this place running for more than a decade, you know how hard it is to pull that off in this day and age? Besides you are a splendid hairdresser, I have seen your work, very impressive and you know this area and the people in the neighborhood.” Miss Bouffant was giving a very convincing argument with a determined voice.

“Well I don’t know what to say, to be honest with you, I thought you offered me the job out of pity”

“Oh nonsense, I would never insult your talent by doing that, you are special dear, and I know it”

Kate was speechless and flattered with red cheeks, it had been too long since she receive such kind words

“I tell you what, allow me to give you a special treat, you will be the first client of the new salon, I’ll give a deluxe makeover, without charge of course, and after we are done you let me know your final answer, what do you say?”

“I mean, I, I, I…”

“It is decided then, come take a seat and let me grab my tools and we’ll get started”

Kate seated in the middle chair of the salon, in front of the big mirror, started to look at her mid length honey blonde hair, it was beautifully healthy but a bit unkempt in terms of style

“Al right dear, I’m all set” said Miss Bouffant with lots of excitement

She was wearing a pink salon uniform tunic, cat eye glasses hanging from a strap on her neck, but without doubt her most distinct feature was her hair, a perfectly round brunette perm, formed by very tight curls that covered all of her head, including a perfectly curly fringe, very reminiscent of the traditional styles of the 60s.

Miss Bouffant put a pink gown over Kate’s neck and started to brush her hair with extreme delicacy and care.

“So, what do we have in mind?”

“I honestly do not have a clue, this was so unexpected” said Kate with a nervous chuckle

“You’re right, it was my idea after all, well maybe we give it a little wash and then we’ll see where it takes us form there, sounds good?”


“Let’s take you to the sink then”

Miss Bouffant started washing Kate’s hair with such technique and precision; it felt extremely relaxing and pleasant. She then added it a special shampoo, it was a pink goo with a particular intoxicating smell, Kate was really in heaven, Miss Bouffant was using her well-kept manicured nails to massage specific sensible areas of Kate’s head, making her feel almost in an hypnotic trance.

“So tell me darling, why you are so hesitant to accept the job position?”

“There are a lot of things, I’m afraid I will let you down in the same manner I let myself down with this place, but I think that what really it is bothering me is that I miss my daughter so much, ever since she left for collage feels like I lost a part of myself and I can’t get my head in order” It was the first time that Kate had shared this out loud, she said it without hesitation or holding back, as if the massage was having a curious effect on her.

“Now I understand, It is quite difficult to accept that our kids are growing up and starting a life of their own, but let me assure you that your daughter loves you very much, and she would want you to be happy doing the job you were meant to do, and that is being hairdresser here, with me” said Miss Bouffant with a very soft and persuasive voice.

“Yes, Lib told she wanted me to take the job” said Kate vey sheepishly

“You see? She wants what is best for you; I guarantee that if you take my offer, you’ll be so happy, you will regain that passion that has been missing for so long and you will be so fulfilled by your profession, how does that sound?”

“Wonderful…” said Kate still in the trance

“It will be, you and I we will be an incredible hairtastic duo, but first there is something that we must take care of”

“What is that?”

“Well your makeover of course silly, when I’m done with you, you will be a whole new person, aren’t you excited?”

“Very…” a spark of joy could be noted in Kate’s voice

“Excellent, now I have a pretty good idea what to do with your nails and make up, but the most important part of your new look will be your hair”

“My hair…”

“Yes, let me ask you, what do you think of mine?”

“It is very curly, and tight, but also so…”

“Stylish? Unique? Gorgeous?”

“Yeah, all of those, it is so pretty…”

“Well thank you dear, this style is very special to me, I had it for years now, a style so perfect that it transcends time and fashion, I felt in love with it the second it was given to me. It is so easy to keep, the curls always stay in their place, perfectly in shape and yet so soft, it is truly magnificent”

“Sounds delightful…” Kate was now in very susceptible state of mind

“This hairstyle can change your life, you’ll love it more and more every day, your mind will be as sharp as this curls and you will want nothing more than to keep it forever perfectly styled”

Miss Bouffant massaged with such strength Kate’s scalp, her pleasure was beyond this world, she interiorized all of the hairdresser words into her psyche, configuring a new set of ideas and sensations.


“Excellent my dear, now come with me back to the station”

Kate could barely walk after such an experience, but manage to take a seat once again in the stylist chair.

“Now, what the lady will be having done today?” asked mischievously Miss Bouffant, but she already knew the answer.

“I want a tight, curly, permed head of hair, just like yours” said Kate with a mix of satisfaction, delight and pleasure, such that didn’t even notice the conviction present in her own words, or the big broad smile on which were said.

“Coming right up, after all is like I always say, the best head is a perm head”



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